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WP Video Profits Review Plus Best WP Video Profits Bonus Offer

Now Add The Power of VIDEO ACTIONS to All Your Videos & Get Unlimited Leads, Sales & Commissions on 100% Autopilot (without ever having to create your own videos)….

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WP Video Profits Review
WP Video Profits Overview:

Creator: Ankur Shukla
Date Of Launch: 2016-10-05
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site: http://wpvideoprofits.com/
Bonuses: Yes, Special $4872 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of WP Video Profits?

Ankur Shukla is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created a lot of successful software and training courses such as WP Freshstart 2.0, BackupBeast, Zero Bounce WP Plugin, StealMyBusiness, What’s My Rank Video WP Plugin, WP Fan Machine 2.0, Paydrill, WP Content Machine, WP Commission Machine, WP Coursify and others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind WP Video Profits?

If you use video on your website or blog then chances are you have been doing it all wrong!

But you are not alone – 99% of bloggers, marketers & website owners have been using video the wrong way all these years.

The problem – just sticking a video in a blog post does not do anything for you:

[x] It does NOT get you more leads.

[x] It does NOT get you more sales.

[x] And it most certainly does NOT get you more affiliate commissions automatically.

People will just visit your website, see the video and move on.


You can change all that.

There is a SOLUTION :

  • Starting today you can turn your website or blog into a profit machine using your own videos or even OTHER PEOPLES videos (and you can profit from them).

Here comes WP Video Profits….

Let me ask you:

  • Do you want to find out how to make free videos skyrocket your income?
  • Want to know how you can profit from video without ever making one of your own? (yes – you will never need to create your own video, just copy, paste & profit).
  • Want to build up a huge list using just trending videos & viral videos?

YES you can do all that (and more) on complete Autopilot using a new wordpress software that we made for you…

So, What Is WP Video Profits?

Super Charge Videos on Your WordPress Site to Get More Leads, More Sales & More Commissions on Complete Autopilot.

  • Money-Making Plugin
  • 100% Newbie-Friendly
  • Does All The Work For You
  • Real People. Real Results

WP Video Profits plugin lets you add Unlimited Call to Actions, Optin Forms and any kind of HTML elements on TOP of your videos forcing visitors to take action and convert them into leads, sales and commissions for you.
Every single video on your site is waiting for this power to be added to it and 2X or even 3X your results from your website.This is a software that everyone with a WP site needs.

=> See The Power Of WP Video Profits<=

How Does WP Video Profits Work?

==> WP Video Profits Demo WalkThrough Video<==

100% Newbie Friendly Super Simple! Using WP Video Profits is as EASY as 1-2-3:

It takes less than 2 minutes to get started, once you download WP Video Profits, all you have to do is:

Step #1:

  • Add a Video from YouTube into WP Video Profits added to your site.

Step #2:

  • Select a Video Action for your video & save your settings to get your video code.

Step #3:

  • Add the Super Charged Video to your site & start getting more leads, sales & commissions.
=> Watch This Short Preview Video & See All The Actions That You Can Add to Your Videos in Seconds <=

FINALLY : Turn Every Single Video on Your Site into a Profit Machine:

[+] Imagine being able to turn 100s of site visitors into customers.

[+] Imagine having the power to add lead magnets and optin forms inside any video you want and converting them into customers.

[+] Imagine being able to grab any video from Youtube and turn it into a Lead Generating Machine for yourself.

[+] Imagine turning every video on your site profitable and earning you commissions every single day.

[+] Imagine spending just minutes (instead of HOURS) adding new video actions to your videos & making money from them.

[+] What would it feel like to have sales and commission every day from free videos flowing in every single day from your site without having to do hard work?

[+] Think of getting more commissions, more sales & leads from all your sites.

[+] Imagine making more and more money from every single video you add to your wordpress sites every single month.

STOP Leaving Money on the Table – Your Videos Can Be 3X More Profitable For You:

[+] No more having empty looking online sales & affiliate accounts.

[+] No more spending days, weeks & months making videos that lose money.

[+] No more having sites that don’t make you a single dime.

[+] Never again will you have to waste hours and making video content for your sites.

[+] No more wasting time in efforts that do not result in any sales or commissions.

[+] No life-draining tech skills required in making this work for you.

Add These Powerful VIDEO ACTIONS to Your Sites to Skyrocket Your Results (stop leaving money on the table):

[+] Add These Social Share Actions to Videos & Get More Traffic:

  • Social Shares will drive a lot of traffic back to your site. Floating call to actions like these will make viewers take action immediately. Get traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

[+] Grow Your FB Fans, Likes & Twitter Followers easily:

  • You can pause or even lock videos until viewer takes action. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ followers will grow like crazy when you add this to your video site.

[+] Insert Unlimited Optin Forms Inside Any Video & Grow Your List for Free:

  • *favorite feature.

[+] Add Any Number of Call to Action Buttons Inside Videos at any time in the Video & Get More Sales:

  • Perfect for affiliates, bloggers and anyone who wants to make money from review videos. Just add a call to action with an affiliate link and visitors will jump on the opportunity & buy.

[+] Add Unlimited Banner Ads Inside Videos:

  • Run Affiliate Offers, CPA offers or any kind of promos you want!

[+] Click to Tweet Banners:

  • The 1-Click Tweets from within Videos will increase your followers & traffic!

[+] Show & Hide Content + Links Under the Videos at the Right Time:

  • This is Perfect for Webinar Replays, Sales Videos & marketing videos.

[+] Add Unlimited Floating Annotations – Clickable Boxes + Call to Actions:

  • These are fully clickable boxes that can turn visitors into buyers at any point in the video.

WP Video Profits Successful Case Studies:

==> Case Study #1 Results : Niche Site Makes REAL SALES into their Paypal Account using this Software <==

WP Video Profits Bonus

==> Case Study #2 Results : New Site Goes from 0 to 483 New Leads in just 2 weeks<==
WP Video Profits OTO
==> More Results <==

WP Video Profits Discount

What Will You Get By Adding These Video Actions to Your Videos?

=> Get 200% More Leads, More Sales and Commissions:

  • Most of our beta customers have reported getting an increase of anywhere between 30% to 200% in the number of leads, sales and commissions. It of course differs from site to site but you can definitely expect an increase from your current numbers.

=> Get MORE Traffic – Social & Viral Traffic:

  • The social share actions will get you more social exposure and traffic with every new visitor on your site.
  • These actions are designed to create a viral effect and this will increase your site traffic with every new video you add to your site.

=> Stand Out from All Your Competitors:

  • WP Video Profits adds amazing video actions that no one else among your competitors will be using so your site will stand out for your audience and convert more visitors into customers every single day.

Who can benefit from using WP Video Profits?

  • AFFILIATE Marketers
  • NETWORK Marketers
  • CPA Marketers
  • VIDEO Marketers
  • Amazon Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • FACEBOOK Marketers
  • Beginners
  • Bloggers
  • Product Reviewers
  • Online Marketers
  • Offline Marketers

=>Special WP Video Profits Fast Action Bonuses<=

FAB#1: Video Profits Strategy Video (Value $99):

  • Video Profits plugin can help you immensely by getting you more leads, more sales and commissions but you need to know the right strategy. This is why we will share with you the perfect strategy to use this plugin to make your site more profitable with videos.

FAB#2: WP FotoFinder Plugin (Value $49):

  • Finding the right images for your content is always a huge problem, that is why we are also giving you the FotoFinder plugin that lets you find over 2 million images from across the internet & the top photo sharing sites so you can use these on your site.

WP Video Profits Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: How many sites can I build with this plugin?

  • Answer: If you pick up the 50 sites license, you can install this plugin on 50 sites that you own. This is a personal license and only applies to you. The PRO upgrade allows adding the plugin to unlimited sites and unlimited number of videos can be added.
  • If you want to install this plugin on client sites you should also get the developers license that will be offered as an upgrade after you pick this up.

Q2: How many videos can I add these actions to?

  • Answer: You can add these actions to 500 videos per site. That is still a LOT of videos to have on a site – most sites have far less. The PRO upgrade allows unlimited videos.

Q3: Can I add the video actions to multiple videos on the same page or post?

  • Answer: Yes you can add the video action to all the videos on the same post or page.

Q4: How many Video actions can be added to each video?

  • Answer:You can add one video action per video and add them at any time in the video, begining/middle or end. If you get the PRO upgrade you can add multiple actions PER video which makes it all the more interesting.

WP Video Profits OTO:

OTO#1: WP Video Profits PRO:

You can choose from 2 licenses the license that suits you:

[+] Single-Site License: Onetime Payment Of $35
[+] Unlimited Sites License: Onetime Payment Of $37

Add 10 Extremely Powerful Actions That Can 10X Your Income & Results + Get The Unlimited Videos + Unlimited Sites License…

Here’s what you get with the WP Video Profits PRO Upgrade:

[+] Add Unlimited Actions to Unlimited Videos on Unlimited Sites – no limits on anything:

  • With the PRO version, you have no limits, you can create Unlimited Traffic campaigns to drive more traffic to your site across any number of posts or pages you want.

[+] Run Your Own Video Ads Before, After or in the mid of Your Videos (just like Youtube does):

  • Want to get more traffic to each of your posts from multiple niches? No problem. The PRO Version allows you to promote posts/pages across multiple niche campaigns at the same time so you get double or even triple targeting & traffic.

[+] Add ANY HTML Content on Top of Your Videos – new feature:

  • Want to drive traffic from custom sources like specific fanpages on Facebook? The PRO version lets you add any fanpage as a source so you can post, engage and promote content and drive traffic from that specific fanpage instantly.

[+] Built-In Amazon Module :

  • Promote & Sell Amazon Affiliate Products right INSIDE your Videos! (with a product slider too)
  • Add Click to Call for Phone & Skype inside your Videos.
  • Add SURVEYS inside Your Videos.
  • GotoWebinar + AutoResponder Integration – automatically add your leads to Webinars & Email Marketing Lists.
  • Clip Your Videos to The Side For Continuous Play
  • Redirect Viewers to Another Page after X seconds.
  • Show Your Video in 15+ Amazing Video Frames & Video Skins Make Your Sites STAND OUT from Everyone Else & many more amazing frames+skins in the PRO Version!
=>Special WP Video Profits PRO Fast Action Bonuses<=

FAB#1: WP AmaSlide Pro Plugin (Value $97):

  • Create attention grabbing Amazon slider offers on your site to convert your traffic in amazon commissions very easily. These popup slides are very good in converting visitors into buyers.

FAB#2: WP Ultimate Sales Page Plugin (Value $97):

  • With this badass, stunning sales page builder plugin you can create amazing sales pages quickly and turn your traffic into BUYERS who will buy products from you instantly. This is the perfect product for making high converting offers for you.

OTO#2: WP Video Profits AUTO IMPORTER:

You can choose from 2 packages the package that suits you:

[+] Single-Site License: Onetime Payment Of $35

[+] WP Video Profits AUTO IMPORTER Unlimited Campaigns Unlimited Sites License: Onetime Payment Of $37

Want to Press ONE Button & Build Yourself FULLY AUTOPILOT Video Sites That Keep Growing & Get You More Leads, Sales & Commissions?

Here’s what you get with the WP Video Profits AUTO IMPORTER:

[+] 1-Click & Import UNLIMITED Youtube Videos into Your Site:

  • With the AUTO IMPORTER – you can import videos based on any keyword from youtube and populate your site with 100s and 1000s of videos in just a few seconds. No manual work or boring copy paste needed.

[+] Set & Forget – Grow Your Site on 100% AUTOPILOT without any manual work on your part:

  • Want to build huge video sites without lifting a finger? You can do that with the AUTO IMPORTER, every single day you will have new videos added to your site on exactly the topics and keywords you specify. These videos can get you more sales and commissions from your site every day.

[+] Unlimited Video Campaigns that Run in PARALLEL – add videos to any number of categories:

  • You can create unlimited video campaigns that add videos every hour of every day of every week into your site and each campaign can have different keywords, channels and categories to fetch videos.

[+] Automatically add Video Actions to ALL YOUR VIDEOS as soon as they are imported:

  • THIS IS THE BEST FEATURE – you can not only build video sites with YouTube videos but EVERY single video will have video actions built in to them so every video you fetch from YouTube will get you more leads and sales & commissions on autopilot.

[+] Build Unlimited Video Sites that Generate LEADS & Sales:

  • Now if you had ONE site growing automatically that gets you more money, more sales and commissions every single day – would you like another one, and another one? YES – you can create unlimited auto importer sites that multiply your results instantly.

[+] Built-in Powerful FILTERS to fetch the right content videos:

  • You can not only import videos based on keywords but you can also specify Negative keywords during importing. You can define video duration & length, video quality and video publishing date for all your video campaigns so you get higher quality content automatically on each of your video sites.

[+] Import Trending Videos, Keyword based Videos, Complete Video Channels or Videos by Country:

  • The Auto importer has a number of options for you to fetch videos and you can get the best video in any category, most popular ones and even go by country.

[+] Import Video Description, Images & Tags automatically (even spin the text if you want):

  • Having text content along with your video is very important for SEO so the AUTO IMPORTER is intelligent enough to automatically fetch the video description as your POST content, import images and set as featured, import the video tags and make them your post tags and also SpinRewriter module lets you automatically SPIN all the text content.

WP Video Profits Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of WP Video Profits?

If you are searching for all-in-one Plugin that will enable you to Add The Power of VIDEO ACTIONS to All Your Videos & Get Unlimited Leads, Sales & Commissions on 100% Autopilot without ever having to create your own videos, then WP Video Profits will be your highly recommended choice.

There are many plugins in the market out there, but nothing comes close to WP Video Profits’s unique features including:

=> Super Charge your videos by adding Video Actions.

=> 100% Autopilot, More Leads, more sales & commissions!

=> Newbie Friendly – setup & ready to go in under 2 mins.

=> Instantly Add Clickable Banners, HTML Content & Optin Forms inside Videos.

=> 100% Set & Forget Software.

==>WP Video Profits Special BONUS LINK<==

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4- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

First, What Are My Customers Saying About My Bonuses And My Support From Previous Reviews?

=>=>Here Are All Bonuses<=<=

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How to Claim My WP Video Profits Bonuses?

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4- After completing your order , send [Your name, JVZoo receipt id and date of purchase] in message to my FB Account at: https://www.facebook.com/JohnnZakaria or PM me here in WarriorForum or Send message to Johnmason188@gmail.com
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