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WP Master Control 2 Review

WP Master Control 2 Bonus

WP Master Control 2 Overview:

Creators: Chris Hitman
Date Of Launch: 2016-10-01
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Niche: General
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site: http://wpmastercontrol.com/
Bonuses: Yes, Special $4872 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of WP Master Control 2?

Chris Hitman is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created a lot of successful software and training courses such as PC Masterclass, WP Localhost, SEO Commander 2.0, WP Link Shield, Traffic Shield, Save My List, WP Site Guardian and others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind WP Master Control 2?

=> Backing Up, Securing, Updating, Installing Plugins/Themes On Each Site Takes Hours Routine & Essential WP Tasks Make You Less Profitable:

WP Master Control 2 OTO

Like it or not we all have to do routine tasks on our WordPress sites. We have to install Themes & Plugins both from the WP repository & from our own PC’s, We have to install & configure a respectable security/firewall & backup solution.

We have to update all our plugins regularly to avoid getting hacked. We have to delete default WP content & settings even before we start using a site… Just doing this on one site takes hours… When you run multiple WP sites it becomes a huge time killer.

=> Configuring Backup on Every Site is a Time Killer Failing to Back up Leads to Disaster:

Lets face it … nobody likes setting up backup jobs, learning new software, going through settings …. then testing to see if it all works as it should.

And don’t rely on your host to do this for you… They have disclaimers in their T’s & C’s that say that this is your responsibility.

Running regular backups is a necessary task which will innevitably save your site from disaster. This is something every webmaster should do to every site you own.

=> Lack of Security & Firewall Leaves You Wide Open These are Essential Tasks Which You Can’t Ignore:

At the very least you should be running basic site security…

There are many ways hackers can take over your site but by far the easiest way is to leave your site running old versions of WordPress & out of date plugins.

Leaving a bare WP site running no WP security or Firewall allows hackers to snoop & launch attacks.

So setting up security/regular updates is another task that webmasters can’t ignore.

=> Constantly Updating Every Site is an Ongoing Job:

Many webmasters still fail to do regular updates on their sites leaving their sites wide open to hacking attacks. All it takes is one out of date plugin & your site is hacked.

This problem becomes worse as you have more & sites to manage.

Spending time on updating sites means creating a job for yourself… and the more time you spend on this task… the less profit you make.

Now that’s hardly a sensible way to operate a business.

=> Installing All Your Themes & Plugins Takes Ages:

One of the regular tasks we all have to do when setting up our websites is installing themes & plugins.

Now most of us use a combination of WP repository plugins/themes & our own themes/plugins… so whichever way we do it, we end up doing work.

To date there has been no software that allows you to install both your own themes/plugins as well as ones from the repository.

Webmasters waste many hours needlessly doing these very tasks.

=> Removing WordPress Default Content & Settings Wastes Time:

Default WP Installations come with a whole host of default settings, pages & posts which we all have to get rid of.

These include changing permalinlk structures, adding your own pages / categories, deleting hello dolly plugin, disabling user registration, deleting default WP themes.

These are all tasks we have to do before we even start using our sites …

This is yet another needless time killer which all WP webmaster have to do.

Here comes WP Master Control 2…

So, What Is WP Master Control 2?

With WP Master Control you can Set-up, Back up, Secure & Update Multiple Sites At Once With Less Than 60 Seconds Work.

Saves Hours By Automating All Essential WP Tasks “Install It ~ Select Your Settings ~ Forget It”:

  • It Installs & Configures WordFence Security
  • It Installs & Configures Updraft Backup
  • It Installs & Configures Automated Updates
  • It Installs & Activates WP Repository Plugins
  • It Installs & Activates Your Own Plugins
  • It Installs Any WP Repository Theme
  • It Installs Any Theme You Own
  • It Removes Default WP Content & Settings
  • It Batch Processes Multiple Sites
  • It Works on Both New & Existing Sites

=> See The Power Of WP Master Control 2<=

How Does WP Master Control 2 Work?

==> WP Master Control 2 Walk Through Demo Video <==


WP Master Control 2 EXCLUSIVE features:

[+] Uses Powerful, Proven & Respected WP Plugins For Best Compatibility & Maximum Performance:

  • WP Master Control 2 use the most trusted & long established plugins such as Wordfence & Updraft to insure maximum compatibility across all your sites & hosting configurations.
  • It checks for pre existing installations & uses proven automated scripts excecute all tasks.
  • Needless to say all the plugins & scripts used are secure and have little impact on your site performance.

[+] Works on All Good Hosts & All WP Configurations “Get Instant Automatic Updates for Total Peace of Mind”:

  • WP Master Control 2 has been writtent & tested across multiple popular hosting platforms.
  • This is the 2nd version of this best seller which has been extensively tested by both our clients & 100’s of customers.
  • The software is automatically updated any time a new WP update comes out – this makes sure you are always running the very latest version.

Who can benefit from using WP Master Control 2?

  • AFFILIATE Marketers
  • NETWORK Marketers
  • CPA Marketers
  • VIDEO Marketers
  • Amazon Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • FACEBOOK Marketers
  • Beginners
  • Bloggers
  • Product Reviewers
  • Online Marketers
  • Offline Marketers

WP Master Control 2 OTO (Upsells):

OTO#1WP Master Control 2 PRO:

Get 5 PC License, Developers Rights & Even More Time Saving Features..

[+] Upgrade 1 – 5 PC License For You & Your VAs

[+] Upgrade 2 – Developers License – Use on Client Sites:

  • The Pro version comes with the developers license which means you can use the product on both your own sites & on client sites.
  • This is an easy wasy to make money on servicing client sites and get paid for very little effort.
  • This makes it perfect for people with WP clients. You can easily charge recurring fees for maintaining & updating WP websites for others.

[+] Upgrade 3 – Install WordPress Remotely on Hosts with CPanel:

  • WP Master Control Pro allows you to install WordPress remotely on any host that runs the current version of Cpanel. All you need to do is input the Cpanel login details & the sofware will install WordPress for you on without you having to login – another cool time saving feature.

[+] Upgrade 4 – Export Sites for Rapid DDOS Protection Under Cloudflare:

  • If You want to add further protection on all your sites against DDOS attacks (floods of bad traffic which overwhelm your server). This cannot be dealt with by security plugins alone.
  • The next offer you’ll see Trafficshield, will show you how to protect your sites under Cloudflare…
  • WP Master Control Pro has an export function for Trafficshield which allows you to configure all your sites under Cloudflare hands free – saving you even more time.
  • With Master Conntrol Pro you can do all this in just one click, giving you total security control of all your websites.

OTO#2: Traffic Shield:

You Will Have 3 Options:

[+] 5 Sites License: Onetime Payment Of $37

[+] 25 Sites License: Onetime Payment Of $43

[+] Unlimited Sites License: Onetime Payment Of $47

  • Block Bad Traffic
  • Speed Up Sites
  • Auto Configures All Settings
  • Automated Updates
  • Use On Unlimited Sites You Own

Implement The Most Effective DDoS Defence In Minutes…Protect All Your Sites With The Most Powerful Global Security Network

~ Boost SEO Rankings, Double Your Site Speed & Cut Bandwidth Costs ~

The Problem.. Is the Growing Volume Of Attacks By Malicious Bots, Scrapers & Other Nasties:

Like it or not, on every site you own, over half your bandwidth is wasted on a non-stop barrage of garbage traffic.

Not only does this cost you in bandwidth bills, but it results in slow, unresponsive sites for your visitors.

Most webmasters simply accept this daily nuisance which until now, they have had little or no power to stop.

This traffic has three negative effects:

1. It slows down your site for genuine visitors.

2. Massively increases the risk of your site breaking.

3. It costs you significantly as your site grows.

FACT: Google Penalises you for Slow Load Speeds

  • Ask any SEO and they will tell you how important site speed is for SEO rankings.
  • Slow loading sites will almost certainly not be able to get top rankings, as Google prioritizes quality and user experience.
  • The more load your site is under, the slower it runs.
  • All that unwanted traffic therefore has a significant impact on your rankings.

Too Many Similar Sites = Google Penalty

  • Ask any SEO and they will tell you, that if you bulk build affiliate sites and host them all on the same server… You’re up for a manual review by Google.
  • As soon as Google know what you’re up to, they’ll immediately penalize all your sites. They do this without warning, costing your all your income overnight.
  • Recovery from this is next to impossible and all you can really do is pray.

Solution: Protect Your Sites With Cloudflare & Filter Out Scumbags, Scrapers & Bots Instantly….

Over 500,000 sites have switched to CloudFlare to take advantage of the huge security and performance benefits it provides.

It’s like having your own private security army and defence walls protecting your site 24 x 7.

However, most site owners struggle to make sense of the vast configuration options that must be set up to properly secure their sites.

Because of this, the service has mainly been used by geeks and large corporations.. leaving small business owners trying to fend off the hordes of bots.

But It Requires Knowledge, Time & Complicated Settings:

Country blocking? Caching? DNS? Protection Level? Crypto? SSL? ScrapeShield? Page Rules? HTTP Strict Transport Security? Response Buffering?

Only a geek would know what all this nonsense is all about! It’s just too hard…

Get just one setting wrong, and at best, you’re unprotected, at worst, your sites doesn’t work anymore.

Even experienced webmasters struggle trying to comprehend all this jargon and overly techy stuff.

In reality, who has the time to learn this on top of building your business and running your sites.

Traffic Shield Sets Up All Your Sites On CloudFlare For You Using The Best Settings..
  • With Time Tested Rules Developed On 2,000 Sites For Over Two Years…Traffic Shield uses time tested rules and configuration that gives your site the best performance and security.
  • Traffic Shield is auto configured to block and challenge the biggest pest countries by default.
  • Traffic Shield also applies a blocklist of known traffic hogs and pests so you don’t need to do anything. Your sites will run faster and use less site resources in the process.
  • All this translates to faster load speeds for your visitors, higher Google rankings and more secure sites.

=> Save Hours, Technical Headaches & Protect All Your Sites At Once In Just A Few Clicks:

  • Whether you’ve got one site or one hundred – Traffic Shield can configure them all for you in one click. Simply input all your sites, click “Create Accounts”, then update your domain registrar once it’s all finished.
  • No downtime ever while switching over to Traffic Shield. Your sites will be instantly protected. Every required setting that would hours to do by hand is automatically configured for you on all your sites.

=>Auto Blocks Bad Traffic & Bots:

  • Traffic Shield automatically sets up “Bad Traffic” blocking.
  • Whilest your sites are under CloudFlare, you will get unparalleled protection from known and new pests.
  • The service automatically monitors behaviour and blocks or challenges suspect visitors.
  • Traffic Shield has an additional list of known culprets and traffic hogs which are also excluded for you automatically.

=>Instantly Speed Up Your Sites By Up To 100% & Boost Your Google Rankings:

  • Traffic Shield configured a powerful feature in CloudFlare that automatically distributes copies of your website all around the world.
  • This serves as a major benefit because when your site is accessed, it is delivered from the closest possible datacenter, massively cutting down the load time.
  • As an additional benefit, Traffic Shield reduces your processor and database load, instantly delivering a ready version of your pages.

Google favors faster loading sites, so any speed increase to your site will improve your rankings.

Traffic Shield Does All The Hard Work For You:

  • Blocks scrapers, bots & DDoS Attacks
  • Boost SEO score via improved site speed
  • DNS redundancy for Maximum Uptime
  • Avoid Google Reverse DNS Penalties
  • Speed up your sites by up to 100%
  • Reduce your server loads by up to 80%
  • Autoblock & challenge bad countries
  • Supports Win XP,7,8,10 (MAC on Parallels)
Traffic Shield Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Will my site go down when I switch to CloudFlare?

  • Answer: No. Not even for a second… the changeover is seamless. CloudFlare takes care of the process.

Q2: What about software clashes?

  • Answer: No software is installed on your website of server… We use a PC software to talk to Cloudflare… unlike conventional security there is no risk of site/server software clashes…

Q3: What happens to genuine visitors from blocked countries?

  • Answer: All traffic from blocked countries is presented with a challenge like captcha … genuine visitors will pass the challenge and are able to visit your site unhindered.

Q4: How Reliable is it?

  • Answer: The service has been running since 2009 & has grown currently operates on 37 data centres… short of a mass terror attack or a global extinction event … the service cannot go down. The service now has over 500,000 users including Nasdaq, Cisco, & the Whitehouse & is growing by 5000 sites per day.

Q5: What about big DDOS attacks on Cloudflare?

  • Answer: Unlike a conventional datacentre/hosting who have limited hardware to deal with big DDOS… Cloudflare can disperse these attacks via multiple data centres & weather big data storms. Our OTO will help you deal with these even better.

Q6: What if hackers want to DDoS my site?

  • Answer: In the unlikely event that you actually annoy a hacker or your site is deliberately being sabotaged – we have an upsell product which allows your site/s to run in “defensive mode” until the attack is over…

Q7: What if Traffic Shield stops working?

  • Answer: We have built & supported software for over 10 years… in the unlikely event we drop dead & software stops working … you can still login to Cloudflare using your login & control all your sites from there.

Q8: Does Traffic Shield need to be running for my sites to be protected?

  • Answer: No. You only need to use Traffic Shield to configure your sites under CloudFlare. Once this is completed the software can be turned off.

OTO#3: WP Site Guardian:

You Will Have 3 Options:

[+] Single Site License: Onetime Payment Of $27

[+] 10 Site License: Onetime Payment Of $37

[+] 100 Site License: Onetime Payment Of $47

  • Use on All Sites You Own
  • Easy 2 Step Install
  • Works with WordPress 4.x
  • Full Tutorial Videos
  • Instant Download
  • 1 Year Free Support & Updates
  • Use on 100 Sites
  • Less Than 40c Per Site!

You Are Already Paying for Other People’s Coding Mistakes 1000’s of New Vulnerabilities Each Year Allow Hackers To Break In:

Like it or not you are already paying for other people’s mistakes… Vulnerabilities are programming mistakes that allow hackers to break into a website. So the main reason why security is such a big issue today is human error… It’s the reason for most accidents & the reason for 98%+ of hacker attacks.

Hackers Don’t Even Break a Sweat… Download Exploit… Copy… Paste… Hacked!

10,000’s of Exploits are Available To Download For Free Right Now

There are literally 100’s of sites offering exploits allegedly for “ethical reasons”. These sites are like a free locksmith’s store with bump keys for any website. The reality is anyone can download an exploit & deploy it – this could be a hacker, someone you’ve upset or even a bad competitor.

1 Million+ Sites Were Hacked or Defaced by Exploits And That’s Just in the last 12 Months:

In The last 12 months over a million sites were hacked or defaced by exploits. Just one simple plugin vulnerability allowed hackers to inject 50,000 sites with malware, defacements, phishing portals & spam.

In April 2015 over a million sites were left wide open to hackers when a vulnerability was found in a popular cache plugin.

Last month WordPress admitted that there was a major vunerability that allowed hackers to launch amplified brute force attacks leaving ALL 73 million WordPress sites totally exposed.

Exploits are now the #1 risk to any WordPress owner. The biggest problem is NO QUALITY CONTROL – many WP plugin & theme writers are not trained in secure coding practices & the code isn’t checked so your site becomes a security guinea pig.

Just 1 Bad Plugin or Update & Your Site Is Theirs… How Would Even You Know Which One?

Hackers have 1000’s of exploits at their disposal – these exploits don’t even require any skill – just COPY, PASTE, hit ENTER – HACKED!

Once a hacker discovers what vulnerability your site has it’s a simple case of Googling the “plugin name + exploit” – downloading the code & deploying it on your site.

Hackers are lazy by nature… it’s a common belief that hackers slave away trying to break into sites – nope… it’s a case of find a bad plugin in your code – download exploit & it’s all over.

Now unless you have loads of time on your hands to look through exploit sites or are a security programming genius that can find a needle in a haystack, you’ll never know how exposed you really are.

If You Keep Getting Hacked By Exploits, You’ll Get Booted By Your Host:

If you can’t pinpoint the the plugin or theme that caused you the problem, the chances are you’ll install it again & you’ll get hacked again.

Most of us don’t have the skill to work out which of our plugins/themes are vulnerable or the experise to look through millions of lines of code to find the culprit – so your choice will be pay experts or guess.

If you think your host is going to spend hours with you trying to resolve the problem – they won’t. They are in the business of making money & charging you for hosting.

So if you keep getting hacked you’ll become a problem & they will simply terminate your service

Think Your Site is Safe? Think Again…

The creator’s test showed that none of the top plugins or solutions offered any real protection against exploits.

The Following Plugins, Services & Policies FAILED the creator’s Tests:

  • WordFence Plugin
  • Sucuri Plugin
  • All-In-One Security Plugin
  • Better WP Security Plugin
  • iThemes Security Plugin
  • Acunetix Plugin
  • Bulletproof Security Plugin
  • CloudFlare
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Server Firewall
  • WP Updates
  • Secure Hosting
WP Site Guardian is a New WP Plugin Autodetects & Blocks Exploits…In Just 2 Clicks + Emails You Notifications Of Hack Attempts.
  • Automatically Blocks The Biggest Attacks “Install It ~ Activate It ~ Forget It”.
  • Massively Reduces The Risk Of Getting Hacked By CURRENT & FUTURE Exploits.
  • Auto Blocks Exploit Hack Attempts & Auto Bans Hackers.

WP Site Guardian is the 1st pro-active anti-exploit plugin that monitors & blocks hackers based on behaviour.

When any suspicious activity is detected the IP is instantly blocked & the hacker is banned. This prevents the exploit from executing & also shuts down all further hacking attempts.

By eliminating both exploit & the bad user you massively reduce the risk of site getting hacked.

This is the only plugin on the market that offers active protection against current & future exploits as it looks at visitor behaviour rather than the attack code.

Blocks Attacks Even If You Have Vulnerable Plugins… New Technology Blocks Behaviour & Emails You Hack Attempt Details:

You’ll never know if your site is at risk – currently there is no way of getting notified of any risky plugins or updates your site may already using.

With WP Site Guardian this is irrelevant as the plugin focuses on hacker activity rather than the vulnerability

While your competitors are stuck scratching their heads, trying to figure out what to do without their lists, you’ll be laughing to the bank, since you’re not promoting without competition.

Faster Website – Fewer Security Plugins Needed… Super Low Resource Payload – Protects Against 92% of Attacks:

Massively reduce your processor & memory load by eliminating resource hungry security plugins you won’t need anymore

WP Site Guardian offers unparalleled protection against exploits.

YES – you still need a reputable managed host.

YES – you should be using VPS or dedicated hosting.

YES – you should be updating plugins automatically.

Don’t Risk Your Business A Moment Longer… Use The Best Anti Intrusion Technology Today.…Tomorrow Really Could be Too Late:

  • Defensively Written WP Plugin
  • Blocks XSS, SQL, Header & Directory Expoits
  • Simple 2 Click Setup
  • Auto-Blocks Attacks by User Behaviour
  • Get Instant Hacking Alerts
  • 12 Hourly, Daily And Weekly Backups
  • Works With ALL Major Page Builder, Membership, Security & Cache Plugins / Solutions

OTO#4: WP Shields- UP:

You Will Have 2 Options:

[+] Single Site License: Onetime Payment Of $27

[+] Unlimited Site License: Onetime Payment Of $37

  • Makes WP Sites Invisible To Hackers
  • Removes Theme Version Information
  • Hide WP plugins & Themes
  • “Hides” Login Screens
  • Hides Tell Tale Signs
  • Secure Coded Plugin

Your WordPress Sites Are Literally Leaking Information To Hackers…Your Theme/Plugin Names & Versions Are Wide Open for ALL To See…

Would Bank Robbers Rob a Bank If They Found The Key To The Door & The Combination To The Safe

Like it or not your WordPress site is already broadcasing all the information a hacker needs to hack you.

Your WordPress Versions, theme/plugin names and versions are free for all to see.

With That kind of information hacker don’t even need to work hard to break into your site. They just download the exact exploit they need & in 2 seconds your site is under their control.

This is a bit like handing hackers the key to your website to hackers & a sign aoutside the door saying “hack me”…it’s crazy!

Yet that’s exactly what ALL wordpress websites do by design… the critical hacking information is totally exposed.

FBI Warns – Terrorists With No Skill Are Hacking Sites Using This Info
In April 2015 FBI Issued a warning to all WordPress owners saying that ISIL are spreading their message via hacked WP sites. The use low sophisticated methods like scanning sites for vulnerabilities & deploying basic exploits to take control.

These tricks have been used for years by “script kiddies” (a derogatory name used by hackers to dismiss any skill). It’s as easy as look through the site code – see what the site is running & then download a free script that breaks the site.

It’s hardly surprising then that terrorists are taking advantage of this to distribute propaganda & recruit followers

What’s worse is that webmasters don’t normally find out until customer notifies them

Make Your WordPress Site Invisible To Hackers… New Stealth Plugin Stops Your WP Site Broadcasting Security Loopholes:

Better Inboxing is a unique service that runs your email through a real spam filter and tells you the score.

Not only that, but it helps you write better email by telling you what reading grade your email is.

  • Block Direct access to PHP Files
  • Disable Directory Browsing
  • Remove “WP” Tell Tale” Elements
  • Move & Hide login areas
  • Hide WP plugins & Themes
  • CSS Scrub Themes, Plugins & WordPress
  • Easy One Click Enable

WP Master Control 2 Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of WP Master Control 2?

 If you are searching for all-in-one WordPress Automation Software that will save you 100’s of hours running routine Worpress Tasks…I’m talking about site set-up, backup, security, WP/ plugin updates…. the stuff that we all do to every site periodically & the tasks that keep us protected from hackers, then WP Master Control 2 will be your highly recommended choice.

Yes… this PC software will do all the routine & critical tasks for you HANDS FREE:

  • It installs & configures default WP security for you
  • It installs & configures automated backups to Dropbox / Amazon S3
  • It installs & configures a default firewall
  • It updates WordPress
  • It updates ALL your plugins
  • It removes default WP content & settings
  • It installs your preferred & plugins/themes

All the tasks that typically take an hour+ per site (if you know what you are doing)…these will be done for you automatically – that’s a huge time saving + peace of mind too…
…leaving you free to make profit rather than being bogged down with site security/maintenance.

Don’t Waste Time Managing / Setting Up Your Sites “Take Total Control of Every Site You Own”:

  • Defensively Written PC Software
  • Uses Proven Industry Plugins & Scripts
  • Batch Processes Multiple Sites
  • Automatic Error Checking
  • 12 Months Free Updates
  • Full Product Support
  • Full Training Videos & Tooltips
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4- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

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