WP FlexiWidget Review & Bonuses – A New Plugin to Create And Insert widgets

If you are searching for a honest WP FlexiWidget Review, you have come to the right place. I Made in Depth Review of WP FlexiWidget plugin to get Full Picture of it, it’s features and how this plugin will help you create as many widgets as you would like.

WP FlexiWidget Review

WP FlexiWidget Overview:

Creator         : Darren Ross
Release Date: 2014-10-13
Release Time: 00:01 EDT
Niche             : Affiliate Marketing
Price              : $7-$27
Refund          : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support        : Fast Response.
Official site: http://flexiwidget.com/
Bonuses      : Yes, Special Bonuses.
Recommended      : Yes

What Is WP FlexiWidget?

WP FlexiWidget is a new WordPress plugin that will enable you to easily and quickly create, customize and insert widgets into your pages and posts.

What Are WP FlexiWidget Features?

  • Create as many widgets as you want.
  • Insert any widget into your post content or page or sidebar at full width in any place in your site.
  • It comes with the built-in short code ( easy to understand short code) that will enable you to easily recall and move your created widgets in any post or page that you create as many times as you want.
  • It is an easy to use plugin that will be easily integrated with your WordPress installation.
  • Because of incorporating itself into the panel of your editor, you will be able to use FlexiWidget to add your created widgets to both your new pages and old posts.
  • You will be able to quickly remember what every created widget contains because each widget that you create will has a space to add a name (that you will choose) so that you it will save your wasted time because you will not need to go to your wordpress dashboard to find a specific widget.
  • FlexiWidget comes with built-in option on the editor bar that will enable you to select your widget from a drop down menu and then insert it in any place in your posts.

How Does WP FlexiWidget Work?

  • You will install the plugin.
  • The plugin will add a box to your “widgets” page.
  • You will add as many widgets as you want to that box.
  • You can choose any widget you want to insert into any post or page from a drop down selection list that you can find in the page/post editor.
  • To add your widget to your content, you will use an easy to read short code that you can copy and paste in any place in your content in as many pages or posts and as many times you want.

What Is The Price Of WP FlexiWidget?

Developer’s License: one time payment of $7

You will get access to the plugin that you can use on any website you own and client’s site.

Barebones Package: one time payment of $17

You will get access to the plugin, Resell Rights for the plugin and a sales page.

Business In A Box Package: one time payment of $27

You will get access to the plugin, Private Label Rights license for the plugin and all sales materials such as PSD source files, banner graphics, a squeeze page, email swipes, thank you pages, a sales video and 2 sales pages.

Review conclusion:

In the end, why I highly recommend you to get your copy of WP FlexiWidget?

If you want to increase the over CTRS (Click-through rate) of your posts and pages, easily create, insert and customize widgets and add them to any of you pages and posts while remembering and moving them easily, you will find that WP FlexiWidget is your best choice.

 Create widgets

WP FlexiWidget BonusInsane Traffic

Insane Traffic

How To Claim My Bonuses ?

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4- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

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