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VidSting Review Plus Best VidSting Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed VidSting Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of VidSting Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, VidSting OTO details and how this new Video Sting Creator Will enable you to Create Eye-Catching Intros, Outros, Video Animations PLUS More In 3 Easy Steps!


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VidSting Review

VidSting Overview:

Creator: Andrew Darius

Date Of Launch: 2019-01-08
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of VidSting?

Andrew Darius is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing software such as StopMotionCreator, SalesVideoCreator and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind VidSting?

Videos are one of the most popular content on the internet today both on web search and social media.

Virtually all search engines such as Google, Bing, and YouTube are prioritizing video contents.

Video contents are of different types and one of the latest and hottest craze at the moment is the video stings. Check These Important Tips To Create A Perfect Video Content Strategy

This style of video animation has become more popular in the recent past and for all the good reasons.

These animations are not only eye-catching, but they also help to pass intended messages in an attractive way.

Video stings instantly capture visitors’ attention and can help you get traffic and leads.

However, the problem is that videos like these cost a lot of money and time to create because of the editing work needed.

Not to mention that you will need to hire a video animator to do the work.

But now things have been simplified thanks to a specialized video animation software called VidSting…..

This software let you create great video animations in seconds thereby helping you to save money and time.

With VidSting tool, you can create powerful and eye-catching video animations in just 3 easy steps whereby you only need to choose animation, add your logo and preferred audio, and then generate your video.

To help you learn more about this software, we have compiled everything you need to know in our detailed VidSting review. Read on to learn more.

So, What Is VidSting?

VidSting is desktop software that contains different templates to help you make outros and intros for your videos. These templates help you to create PRO marketing videos that have a great background, music, motion, and smooth transition.

Unlike many software, this software runs on desktops and thus is only compatible with PC and Mac; it is not a cloud-based software.

All the templates offered are easy to modify, and you can export your intros.

This software was created by Andrew Darius, a renowned name in affiliate marketing.

Andrew has created many other programs including VidMazon, FlickGraph, EmailEngage, and many others.

These are the software that have been praised by many users.

VidSting, unlike other heavy video editing software, is easy to use and will help you create catchy and beautiful animated videos that impress your audience.

==> See The Power Of VidSting (VidSting Review Video)<==

How Does VidSting Software Work?

==> VidSting Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

VidSting Features:

[+] Create stunning logo stings, intros, and outros animations:

  • This software helps you make social animations that drive more shares, retweets, and likes.
  • The best thing is that these video animations have been proven to increase engagement, boost sales, and also generate more leads.

[+] It comes with a commercial license:

  • With this license, you can create many video animations and also sell them.
  • And the best thing is that you keep all the profits.
  • Imagine making video animations in seconds and selling them at a couple of hundreds of dollars on popular sites such as, UpWork, and Fiverr? This can be a good avenue to make extra bucks.

Some of the assets you will find included in this software include;

[+] 50 DFY templates:

  • These templates are fully customizable, and you can add your logo, background, audio, animation speed choice, foreground, and much more.

[+] 100 music tracks:

  • Animated videos need music tracks to make them more appealing and touching, and you will find 100 impactful and copyright-free music tracks to use in your videos.

[+] 100 HD background:

  • To help make your animation videos richer, you are provided with 100 full HD background videos.

[+] 100 transparent video overlays:

  • These help to make your animation more appealing and catchy.

VidSting FAQ:

Q1: Is this a cloud-based or desktop software?

  • VidSting is desktop software and only works when downloaded on a PC or Mac.
  • You need to download it to your computer and launch it.
  • This being a desktop-based software means you don’t have to worry about slow internet.

Q2: Are there updates and will they cost any money?

  • VidSting is regularly updated, and you will be getting future applications for free.

Q3: Are there guarantees?

  • Yes. VidSting comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.
  • This period helps you decide if the software is right for you or not.
  • If you find it not worthy, you can ask a refund, and it will be sent to you. This makes VidSting a risk-free investment.

Q4: Are there monthly charges involved?

  • Currently, you only need to pay a one-off payment.
  • However, future customers might be forced to incur recurring membership.
  • Therefore, take advantage of the current offer before it becomes payments becomes recurrent.

Q5: How many videos can one create with VidSting?

  • There are no limits to the number of videos you can create with this software.

Q6: Are there instructional videos?

  • Yes. There are detailed tutorial videos you will find to help you get the most out of this software.

VidSting Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About VidSting & The creator’s others tools:

Andrew is a GENIUS! Any tool he creates is well thought out, and super useful.
Can’t wait for this one!
Cheryl El
Great software to create Intros, Outros and Animations de Logos, necessary to make your videos look professional!
Alfredo Zucchi
Ever since Viddyoze changed its pricing structure I’ve been looking for something to supplement it. VidSting looks like the perfect package to grab eyeballs and create more excitement in my videos.
Bud Stolker
Great new designs to make videos unique and personalized to a project or business. Looks very easy to use as well! 🙂
Nardo Kuitert
Sounds amazing, eager to get my hands on it….Could a BIG game changer…Seems it has cut above the rest. Finally a one stop “time saver & money gainer for me. yayieeeeeee…!
Kanta Raghunath
This looks like something I am going to share with all my fellow video creators.
Adrian Lee
“OUCH!” This will be the cry of the competition when they get STUNG! A simple tool to quickly set your vids head and shoulders above the rest. You guys have done it again. Can’t wait to add this to my toolbox. Thanks!
Dan Hollister
We’ve been looking for a creator such as this one for branding, but this even goes a bit further! Great work….looking forward to VidSting!
Nevada Website-Design
Looks great, as all of your products are. Looking forward to using this one!
Paul Klein
Wow, visually stunning. I would really like to get my hands on this software….
Toine Fennis
VidSting… New and different eye-catching intros/outros/logo stings/CTA video graphics! This is sure to attract a much wider audience and leave them, or should say, gain them with memorable impressions.
The Email Entrepreneur
When you are not an animation expert like I am, this app really appeals to me. I am excited to explore the many potential uses. After purchasing Explaindio and being very satisfied with it, I look forward to seeing what VidSting can do.
Colz Gee
WOW – Vidsting looks really amazing – definitely software that every marketer should buy!!
R Wilson Cowden
Interesting piece of software. Lots of compitition out there and this just may have a unique edge.
Wes McIntyre
Hello 🙂 this is totally amazing software. it would be very helpful for creating animations
Iqra Chaudhry
Your video preparation app so far has cut down the time needed to prepare my videos. Really hope this one can live up to it’s predecessor reputation.
Philip Yusenda
Hi AD, looks like another winner from your stable. Simply love the simplicity with which to put together truly great features. Looking forward to working with it!
Andy Meyer
VidSting looks fantastic, lighten Online Marketers work to spend so much time and effort to create one video, it’s simple, drag and drop. Bingo! video done! Moreover no more sub out to Fiverr.
Nellie Savoy
looks very exciting as it has a very modern very 2019 look and feel about it. Cannot wait to try this out.
Tracy Gum
It seems we are yet to see what Andrew Darius and his crew has for the IM creative world. But for a start this seems to hit the high for the beginning of 2019. Great and much needed.
Zakariyya Spain
At last a program to help internet marketers with Recognition logo and self Designs, and looks like it will be a top want it program off 2019
Ian William Jackson
Video is a requirement not an option these days. This will help streamline the process of creating video segments.
Evelyn Townsend
VidSting looks like a great way to create eye-catching and attention-getting intros and outros, along with calls to action. Looking forward to the public release!
Don McNulty
I was really impressed with the short demo. It seemed so easy to import the logo, add some music and “automatically” get a rendered animation of that video. If what I am seeing is really what the program does, it is the easiest to use program of its kind that I have seen. Looking forward to the launch. Thanks.
Ralph Bressler
I have about 10 of Andrew Darius’s products, they are all top notch. This one looks like it will be larger that them all. I can’t wait to buy this one to add to my collection. Great job Andrew !
Bernard Hirsch
I have bought a couple of similar logo animation softwares in the past year….but THIS looks to be even BETTER! Make sure I am not missing the launch….please!!
Helge Normann
Fantastic- Add two additional functions it will complete an idea I have been working on that every brand in the world will need and want.
Steve Cee
I can’t believe how creative you can get with vidsting! I’ve never seen a software where you can render a logo sting with a transparent background that blows me away. Vidsting truly is a must have for anyone who does video marketing. I have other software’s that can create intros and outros which are good but vidsting takes the cake. I can’t believe some of the animations this thing can put out. It really is one of the coolest software’s on the planet.
Lee Knapp
This is an amazing software. It would make a great addition to the video software I already have. This really is a no brainier vidsting is a must have for anyone that creates videos. I knew it was awesome about a week and a half ago when I saw the first demo. It truly is amazing.
Jimmy Knapp
This looks like another top notch video software, and it will create plenty of engagement – which is the key to successful video marketing 🙂
William Wyman
Love it 🥰! Andrew Darius develops some of the very best video software – I know because I have been a customer for years now and use frequently to make 👁 catching videos… get in early!
Carved Gold Leaf Signs
This is a straight and easy app to create logo sting, intro, outro and call to action without learning any complecated software. Great one from Explaindio team as usual!
Abiodun Onipede
Wow! I like what I see. It looks ‘newbie friendly’ & easy to use.The two things I really look for in any new app/software, is simplicity and how fast I can get the task done. This looks like it covers both. Good job.
Sonia Walsh
VidSting looks like it might be a cheaper alternative to Viddyoze which quite frankly has become a very expensive commodity.
Deborah Lake

VidSting OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: VidSting Agency

You can make video animations for clients without you having to make the videos yourself.

With this upgrade, you can become a middle person and outsource the entire process of making videos; your work is to find client and VidSting will make the videos for you.

With an agency license, you can become a professional video animation expert and create HD animations in just a few steps….

Here is what you will get;

[+] 4K HD video render:

  • With a standard commercial license, you only have an opportunity to create 1080 HD videos which might not suit professional agencies who normally need studio and TV broadcast quality.
  • With an agency license, you can present your video animations to various online business in ultra 4K high definition quality.

[+] Advanced customization mode:

  • Although the standard license helps to create jaw-dropping animation, top paying clients may require more customizations which the standard version doesn’t allow.
  • Agency version allows one to make unique customization on templates such as playing animation at different 3D angles, turning on surrounding lighting, and selecting different lighting color.

[+] 2D and 3D blend:

  • You can decide to play 3D animation on full screen or selected part of a screen.
  • You can also choose playback on one part of the screen.

[+] Create animations with ease:

  • With this upgrade, you will be able to create animation videos in different styles.
  • This is an upgrade you need if you want to be serious with video animation business.

OTO#2: VidSting Club

Take your VidSting to a whole new level with this Club.

With VidSting Club, you will open up a wide variety of new videos you can create and sell.

Inside this upgrade, you will find;

  • Over 170 fascinating video animation templates. This is an upgrade from 50.
  • 500 impactful music tracks to use in your videos. This is an upgrade from 100.
  • 1000 unique video overlays. This is an upgrade from 100 offered in the standard version.
  • 1000 enriching animated video backgrounds.
  • In short, you will be getting extra features to help take your video animation to a whole new level.

OTO#3: ClipDramatizer

With this upgrade, you can turn dull images and videos into eye-catching blockbusters that bring in more viewers and generate more leads….
  • This software will enable you to create animated videos with fascinating effects to help you stand out from the rest.
  • If your videos do not have intense stimulation, you will end up losing them. And that’s why ClipDramatizer enables you to skyrocket your engagement by giving you great effects for your video.
  • With ClipDramatizer, you will get 270 intense effects, video filters, and subtle effects.
  • This will help you create amazing videos that people will find attractive.
  • By having attractive videos, you will reduce your advertising cost with higher click-through rates.
  • This is not a cloud-based software, and thus you can have all the freedom you need to use it on your computer.
  • Join tens of thousands of marketers, creators, businesses, and entrepreneurs who are already using this software.

OTO#4: Storyxy

This is new revolutionary software that is designed to help you create eye-catching 3D animated videos easily……
  • You don’t any experience or technical skills to use this software, and with it, you can make an unlimited number of videos.
  • This software is loaded with 3D characters to help you create realistic effects.
  • It also has 3d backgrounds to give your projects a variety.
  • This software offers 6-9 camera angles to help you capture the exact expression of a character.
  • It is desktop based and thus should be downloaded in your PC or Mac.
  • Get this software today to take your animation game to the next level.

OTO#5: Stop Motion Creator

OTO#6: ScriptVocalizer

VidSting Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of VidSting?

In summary, VidSting comes with all that you need to get started in creating attention-grabbing and jaw-dropping video animations in a few clicks.

There is no restriction on the number of videos one can create, and you don’t need any technical skills or experience to use this software.

You can make video animations to sell to your clients and start profiting from your creative work or even use your videos to engage leads and make sales.

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