VidScribe AI Review + BEST BONUS + Discount- Rank on Local Language SERPs And Get FREE Video Traffic Worldwide By Creating + Selling 100s of Local Language Versions of Any Video!

VidScribe AI Review Plus Best VidScribe AI Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed VidScribe AI Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of VidScribe AI platform to discover everything about it, It’s features, VidScribe AI OTO details and how this powerful AI based software Will enable you to Rank on Local Language SERPs With Subtitled & Redubbed Videos in 100s of Languages (All With A Click!)


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VidScribe AI Review

VidScribe AI Overview:

Creators: Cyril Jeet
Date Of Launch: 2019-09-21
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of VidScribe AI?

Cyril Jeet is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing software such as Tuberank Jeet 4, Livecaster, ConvertProof and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind VidScribe AI?

A vast number of people do not speak English. In the US alone, there are 65million people who use another language every day.

This is a big number of people that very few are targeting.

Imagine having exclusive access to such individuals that virtually everyone has ignored. Imagine ranking for videos in other languages. This is possible if you do everything right.

The truth is that paid traffic has become as competitive as organic traffic since everyone is trying to target the scarce ad inventories.

Every business you know is aiming to drive sales- most of them do not know about organic traffic and thus are throwing money at paid traffic.

This makes paid traffic a competitive way of growing your business sales and brand.

If you go the organic traffic way and create content, you will slowly rank higher in search engines and outrank others. This way, you build authority and traffic will keep coming for a long time.

This is the best way to get traffic and remain at the top of the ranking. However, because of the competitiveness of organic traffic, you need a backdoor to rank. And that is ranking for another language and using videos.

When you combine these two, you will rank high easily and fast because very few people are targeting people speaking in another language.

With videos ranking high on search results and low competition in other languages, you have a perfect combination in these two.

However, for you to convert videos in other languages, it takes a lot of work:

  • You have to get your videos transcribed to an original language, and then the transcript translated into a new language, then get an audio recording for your new transcript. After that, you get an editor to combine the redubbed audio on your video.
  • This is a lot of work and involves a lot of money, which is why one marketer thought of creating software that can do all this in a matter of minutes and at a zero cost.

The software is called VidScribe AI……….

it helps you transcribe, translate, and redub videos in any language that you want.

Read on our VidScribe AI review to learn more.

So, What Is VidScribe AI?

VidScribe AI is a cloud-based software that allows you to transcribe, translate, and redub your videos in minutes and with a few clicks.

You can fit it any video or YouTube URL, and it will automatically download the video, transcribe, translate, and redub it.

This software uses advanced AI to give you the most accurate translations around. You also get natural-sounding speech in different languages using similar technology that Amazon’s Alexa uses.

With VidScribe AI, you will target more people and have low competition.

This means more visitors and better conversions. And all it takes is a few hours to convert and upload different videos.

Using VidScribe AI is very easy;

Step 1- Feed It:

  • Feed VidScribe AI videos from your PC or YouTube.

Step 2- Upload It:

  • Upload the videos you have converted.

Step 3- Reap It:

  • Watch as the traffic flow in from other sources you didn’t know.
  • As you can see it, using VidScribe AI is very easy.

==> See The Power Of VidScribeAI (VidScribe AI Review Video)<==

How Does VidScribe AI Software Work?

=>VidScribe AI Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<=


VidScribe AI Features:

[+] It accepts both YouTube URLs and uploaded videos:

  • VidScribe AI allows you to use any video uploaded to YouTube.
  • Also, you can upload any video from your PC to VidScribeAI to be transcribed, translated, and redubbed.

[+] Automatic transcribing:

  • You can easily get a transcript of your video in your desired language complete with time code.
  • Also, you can modify anything and change whatever you want.

[+] Automatic translation:

  • VidScribe AI makes it possible for one to convert the transcript of any video into any language you want.
  • Within a few seconds, you can have your video transcript translated accurately.

[+] Overlay subtitles:

  • You can use your translated text as subtitles and also modify colors as well as backgrounds to create an impactful visual.

[+] Redub audio:

  • Your translated transcript turns into redubbing, and this software also matches the dialog pace to ensure the viewer gets the closest audio to clip transition.
  • VidScribe AI will give you the best quality redub on 100% autopilot.

[+] Upload in several online platforms:

  • You can send your video to YouTube or Facebook or even use Dropbox link to republish it on Snapchat or Instagram. All this is done for you.

[+] Video marketing tools:

  • You can also get powerful video marketing training that shows you how to use different languages for a greater impact. Therefore, use this software, learn how to target audience in other languages, and increase results

[+] Commercial rights:

  • Marketers and blog owners are looking for new avenues to increase their traffic and sales, and you can help them reach out to a new audience by using VidScribe AI.
  • VidScribeAI commercial license authorizes you to translate and transcribe videos for your clients. You can charge them for this service.

[+] YouTube Marketing App:

  • This app will help you find effective keywords for the video you have translated to help them rank high.
  • It translates the keywords you find in English to the language your video is using.
  • You will get these and many more features once you get the VidScribe AI software.

VidScribe AI FAQ:

Q1: Does this software run on PC?

  • No. Being a window-based app, this software can only run on Mac if you are using an emulator like crossover, parallels, or Bootcamp.

Q2: How long will it take for me to see fresh traffic?

  • Once you upload your redubbed videos, you will see fresh traffic coming your way very fast.
  • As soon as Google indexes your new videos, you will start appearing in SERPs.

Q3: Can I sell VidScribe AI as a service?

  • Yes. The commercial license provided allows you to sell the video you have transcribed and redubbed using this software to other clients.

Q4: Can I make more videos in a day?

  • Sure. You can get the PRO upgrade and process unlimited videos every day.

Q5: Is there support?

  • Yes. There is a 24/7 chat support that is available in case you have a problem.

Q6: Is there a guarantee offered?

  • Yes. VidScribe AI creators want you to be 100% satisfied with this software.
  • If you feel that you are not satisfied with VidScribeAI, you can request a refund, and it will be given to you. However, this is provided for only within the 30-days period after your purchase.

VidScribe AI Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About VidScribe AI & The creator’s others tools:

VidScribe AI Reviews

Unbeleivable. Vidscibe wil be of an immense helpful tool to youtubers like me. With this tool one can reach the whole world . irrespective of their language. An Asset to affliate marketers, bloggers, etc. Hats off to the vendors
Anna Malai
I just reviewed this software and it’s an amazing tool for those who want more than just one local market. This can give anybody the ability to go “global” for real. A lot of people think that english is the global language and, yes, it’s almost there, but there are millions of people around the world, if not more, that actually cannot understand English and would rather have a way to communicate in their own language. This software opens that door, one just have to walk through it! I’m excited!
Hermann Bock London
This is a no brainer I am going to definitely use in reaching out to my local markets across multiple language platforms.
This has been long overdue and Cyril of chase always has marketers and his customers in mind and how to help them and this, is yet a game changing proof of that and his wonderful abilities and expertise in helping us be ahead of the game working smarter and not harder.
Thanks 🙏 Cyril
Lexy Dady
It will assist us all as uploaders to bring our videos closer with everyone through subs and translations and individuals who check these videos, as it will be in their own language, and in the event of tutorial videos they can comprehend every step.
Yousaf Bhutta
I am from Mexico, I do not speak English, but it is very important to be with technology that allows us to reach and advance, in other countries, this application will help me too much. I have already bought other teknikforce products and I still use them, I trust products and I trust I would love to receive an account, thanks for making internet business easier, greetings from Mexico
Cherryss Icr

VidScribe AI Results:

VidScribe AI Results

VidScribe AI OTO OR Upsells:

=>Check VidScribe AI OTO Links Here<=


OTO#1: Vidscribe AI Pro

In the basic VidScribeAI version, there are certain limitations on the number of videos one can create in a day and other cappings.

You can remove all the capping and scale your business by getting the VidScribe AI Pro…
  • With the Pro version, you can add and upload to as many YouTube channels as you want. It is advisable that you create new channels for different languages.
  • Avoid putting all your videos of every language on one channel.

Other killer features that VidScribe AI Pro packs include;

[+] Process unlimited videos:

  • With the wide market of audiences that speak other languages, why should you limit yourself?
  • You can grab this opportunity and generate traffic from different sources by creating as many videos as you want.
  • VidScribe AI Pro enables you to transcribe, translate, and redub as many videos as you desire.

[+] Support for unlimited YouTube and Facebook Pages:

  • If you want to get more traffic, you will need to develop dedicated pages for each language you target.
  • If you put all the videos on one YouTube channel, you will not rank for the language you have targeted more.
  • By creating a YouTube channel and Facebook page for that specific language, you will rank higher.
  • You can add and upload as many channels as you want with VidScribe AI Pro.

[+] Get unlimited local language keywords:

  • With the basic license, you will be able to create videos with different local languages. But how will you be able to target such an audience?
  • This built-in keyword finder app helps you translate keywords from your local language to the language you are targeting.
  • There are many more features the pro version offers. Upgrade to enjoy all these features.

OTO#2: Vidscribe AI Agency

You can make money without having to create any videos or having a YouTube channel.

In fact, you can drive sales within the next few hours.

This upgrade offers you an opportunity to own software and sell it as your own. The same way you liked this software is the same way other marketers will like it….
  • Why not sell it to them and earn a profit.
  • And the best thing is that you get to keep 100% of all the profits.
  • You can sell at any price that you wish or even charge monthly fees. It is all up to you.
  • Your customers will get access to all the training information provided here, and you can also use the sales page of VidScribe AI software.
  • This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss out on.

OTO#3: ViralReach Pro

OTO#4: Traffic Jeet 4 Pro

VidScribe AI Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of VidScribe AI?

Ranking on organic search has become very competitive, and thus, you have to look for other ways to rank high.

VidScribe AI offers you an easier route to the top of SERPs by helping you translate and rank YouTube videos so as to rank in other languages.

Many people don’t speak English, which makes it wise to target them, as many marketers are not targeting such an audience. Therefore, get this software today and start ranking for other languages.

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How to Claim My VidScribe AI Bonus?

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5- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

Thanks a lot For Reading My VidScribe AI Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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