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If you are looking for a complete VidNeos review, keep reading as I wrote a detailed Review of VidNeos software to know all details about it, its creators, features, how does it work and how it will enable you to create and rank videos.
Vidneos Review

VidNeos Overview:

Authors: Ben Murray ,Todd Gross, Anthony& Abhi Bwivedi
Release Date: Thursday, January 22nd 2015
Market: Video Marketing & Software
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Skill Level Needed: Beginners and Advanced
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The Main Idea Behind VidNeos

We all know the internet is a sea of opportunity, but it is also an extremely competitive arena for anyone seeking to launch a successful online business today. It has long been established that in today’s, visually focused world the very best way to market your site, product or service is to use video.

However this is often a major stumbling block, creating and using video correctly, and understand why they succeed and fail, has up to know been a technical process that few understood well enough to master. To remedy this somewhat, the creators of VidNeos have created a product that claims to help you plan, create and track videos and their effectiveness without any prior expertise in the area. This obviously represents a significant development in the world of internet marketing, so, I put the product to the test and came up with this VidNeos review.

The creators of VidNeos

The creators of VidNeos

VidNeos was created by Todd Gross, Abhi Bwivedi and Ben Murray, successful internet marketers with a string of highly successful product launches behind them. Products such as easy Web Video, Explaindio and Article Buddy have helped thousands of new entrepreneurs on the journey to online success, and with a focus on great value and highly effective, easy to use software, they are a solid team whose reputation means that this VidNeos review is getting off to a good start. I like products whose creators have a good track record, and this is certainly one of those.

The VidNeos Software


So, what is VidNeos? It’s an “all in one” business solution for media marketing. The tool is an all-inclusive software platform that will concentrate all analytical, production, marketing and optimization of media content for any type of media product campaign. Even if this sounds a bit complicated, it’s not. In other words what the software does is help your videos rank higher on the two most popular sites in the world: YouTube and Google.

It does this by allowing you access to information. If you have a product, you need to promote it and this is what VidNeos does. It allows you to have it be seen by millions of people, all the time. Since internet advertisement has the ability to have a very acute target audience, your product will reach your target audience with greater frequency. It will help you conduct research, analysis, as well as rank and track your progress. The VidNeos will also help you create videos.

How does VidNeos Software Work?


The software uses an M8 Algorithm to conduct its research. This proprietary software algorithm will analyze and display specific data pertaining internet optimization research. And again, let’s bring this down a notch, what it means is that the software knows what is “hot” or “trending” on line, it knows what your competition is doing to rank high on Google and YouTube, it knows what words are being searched on line. The only thing you need to do to take advantage of it is ask. It’s like this, if you ask VidNeos something like how many people are looking for the word “votive candles” on line it will give you specific data concerning how many active searches are being made. What can you do with this information? Well a lot.

The software and its algorithm seem to be fast and accurate in its research. Specially compared to other software that does similar searches. Although, I must confess that it was a problematic to use many different programs to do the thing that VidNeos does.

So, if you are making your campaign about “votive candles” then you can research how hard it is for you to rank first, it also gives you the opportunity to know what type of words are being search that would likely give your customer your add as a result. It will also display what your competition is doing so you can capitalize on their strategies.

VidNeos Features

Software of this kind will either live or die by their interface. So, I took a detailed look at its features and its intuitiveness to see if it passed muster. From what I saw, it does do what it’s supposed to in a natural and intuitive way that will NOT make you wonder: “who designed this stuff”. The menus are nice and flow naturally, everything is organized in a logical way. You will always find things where you think they are supposed to be. So, without further ado, let’s get to VidNeos features:

  • Keywords tab

 This is where you type your keyword, a relevant word or what your product is or does. It allows you to see how many people are searching for it. It gives you the opportunity to switch between Google and YouTube. It displays the number of searches which will tell you what kind of demand there is for said keyword.

  •  Trending tab

 This will display what trends are developing and what are the ones that look like they might go viral. You can plan ahead with this information, and white hat SEOs know that a good response video to a trending topic is a very good way to add traffic to your site or in this case it will help you get more views for your media.

  •  Video creation platform

 A very intuitive tool to create slide style video. So you’ll be able to add pictures for backgrounds over which you can write text and include other graphs or pictures. VidNeos allows you to record your own voice so that the video will have narration. All of this is accomplished with a few clicks and your video is ready to upload. It is very easy and if you want you’ll have a video done in only a few minutes.

  •  Competition section

 This section allows you to keep an eye on your competition. Well more than that really, it actually allows you to see what type of keywords your competitors is using. It is all organized by colors so it’s easy to find your way around the data. It will tell you how hard it is to go into this niche. But, since you know what your competition is doing, it will be easier to plan a campaign.

  •  Niche Analysis

 This feature will tell you how much of a demand does your key word have. It will help you make decisions about the usefulness or profit potential of your keywords. It also has a Google and YouTube tabs so you can switch between data.

  •  Rank suggestion

 It lets you try out combination of tags, titles and other optimization and will deliver an estimation on how high you can rank in percentage form. So, you can tailor suit your strategy and words to make your video rank the highest. It also has a rank spy tab, which lets you see what your competition is doing.

  •  Back link section

 It will give you a list of suggested sites where you can apply for back links. The list will contain blogs, org sites and others to insure you can engage them to build a back link list which will deliver those sought after “organic links” It will then allow you to build your back link list without the danger of being targeted and penalized. And if you are in a hurry, you can actually automate the back link process.

  •  Rank tracking

 The last feature gives you the opportunity to track your campaign. How high are you ranked, how far are you from number 1? This type of feedback will help anyone change and optimize a campaign. It allows you to know instantly if what you are doing is being profitable or not.

 Who’s VidNeos tool for?

 I see this product being used by at least 3 types of individuals.

  • The first type is the lone ranger type of marketer. The type that wants things done by himself or herself without interference.There is no need to hire outside personnel when you have everything for a successful campaign at your fingertips. This software in a lot of ways feels specially designed for this type of individual.
  • Then there are the seasoned marketers that will appreciate how compact everything is. There is no need to have many different software, all with many different costs that in the end will only put too much strain on marketing budget.
  • The starting entrepreneur; this type of individual has a product they want to promote through video media and doesn’t want to take the long years to learn how to predict the economic weather on the internet.

 VidNeos Review Conclusion

 So, after going through the processes to find if my imagined “votive candle” project could get off the ground I found that the software is superb. I liked its features that will give me what is most precious on the internet: Information. Information on the internet is key because it will give you foresight. The design of a good advertisement campaign relies heavily on how well you know your audience and what they want or need. With VidNeos you don’t need to know your audience since it knows it for you.

 I see this software being used by many types of individuals which will benefit from their myriad of features. On the topic of features, the one that actually surprise me the most was the spy tabs. I was pleasantly surprised because it allowed me at demystifying their tactics. When I saw those results I knew what they were doing and could plan for it.

 Another very useful feature was the ranking. I can try out different combination of tags, long tail tags, titles descriptions. How does the algorithm do it? I couldn’t honestly care less, it makes it simple and takes the guess work out of the equation.  

 I really like VidNeos software and will encourage others that have an interest on getting your products know to check it out.

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