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 In case you are looking for a detailed VideoTik Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of VideoTik Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, VideoTik OTO details and how This World First & Only TikTok™ Automation Software Will enable you to Create & Schedule Years’ Worth Of TikTok™ Videos In Under 60-Seconds!


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VideoTik Review

VideoTik Overview:

Creators: Neil Napier & Abhi Dwivedi
Date Of Launch: 2020-05-27
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of VideoTik?

Neil Napier & Abhi Dwivedi are well-known names in the field of online marketing who have created many successful marketing software such as Meetvio, Mailvio, Curation Lab and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind VideoTik?

There are two sets of people- those who discover a social media site and create an account to become consumers of content, and those who sees an opportunity behind the newest social trend.

The former set (marketers) becomes creators and with the right tools, they start making profit out of it.
It is true that market do all they can to grab an opportunity, but some opportunities do pass.

It is likely that you missed out on Facebook train and also Instagram train, but you should never miss out on another opportunity.

Today, you should not miss out on another opportunity that is presenting itself.

Very few marketers are taking this advantage and you can be on the forefront and grab this opportunity to get yourself a new source of traffic, leads, and customers.

This traffic source has helped many affiliate marketers make recurring commissions, all by recommending products that the people who are on the platform like.

Why is this traffic source a gold mine?

Well, there are over 800 million users on the platform.

Also, there is a hungry market there who are willing to buy digital products and eCom products.
51% of the population on this platform are people aged 25 and below.

The traffic source we are talking about here is TikTok.
Many people may disregard TikTok but it can be a real goldmine if you learn how to use it right and the products to recommend.

There are plenty of people who are selling information products and physical products on the platform and you too can become one of them.

In other words, TikTok is an underrated giant in the marketing world. However, it is not very easy to generate traffic and get leads from TikTok, and the only sure way to get a following there and make money is by making videos.

But many people don’t like being on the camera, but you can now copy the same system that other marketers are using to get free traffic,

and this is where VideoTik Software comes into play………

This first TikTok automation tool present you with DFY videos that will attract TikTok users to your account.

You can then recommend products or services to them.

Want to learn more about it?

Keep reading our VideoTik review.

So, What Is VideoTik?

This is an automation software that allows you to create videos that TikTok users will find impressive and schedule them to be published on the platform when your audience is ready.

With VideoTik, you can:
  • Get access to an untapped traffic source of over 800 million active leads and buyers
  • Get massive views within minutes of posting your video
  • Get access to instant video builder that allows you not to be on the camera
  • Create viral videos that are similar to those you see getting massive views and leads
  • Gain a following by putting your website, lead magnets, social channels, and offers in front of your buyers
  • Save money on paid traffic since you will gain access to real buyers
What’s more, you gain fast and simple results as VideoTik works in three simple steps, including;

Step 1- login:
  • You login to your software from any place in the world since it is cloud-based.
Step 2- Click a few buttons:
  • to create your videos and schedule them for publishing on this platform
Step 3- publish:
  • Tap once on your mobile phone when you receiving a notification to publish a video on TikTok
  • As you can see, it is all simple and even camera-shy markets can do it and tap into this massive database of audiences.
VideoTik automatically allows you to find hot content in a legal way that you can use and turn it to TikTok videos.

==>See The Power Of VideoTik (Video Tik Review Video)<==

How Does VideoTik Software Work?

==>VideoTik Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==


VideoTik Features:

[+] Schedule multiple TikTok videos using this scheduling app:

  • VideoTik has an inbuilt scheduling feature that allows you to schedule videos that can be pushed into your cloud server awaiting publishing.
  • You don’t need to pay for any hosting.
  • What’s more, any video that you create with VideoTik can be scheduled and published on your TikTok account at a set time and date.
  • You can schedule unlimited video, even the ones you have not created using this software.
  • That’s right, you can also upload existing videos to TikTok using this software.
  • With VideoTik, you can schedule years of worth of videos for your clients TikTok account, and dominate TikTok platform.

[+] Create TikTok Videos without camera:

  • VideoTik is a great software that can help you create different types of videos based on your niche.
  • There are a specific type of videos that can go viral easily on TikTok and generate massive buyer’s attention, and this software allows you to specifically create this type of video.
  • Just enter your keyword and let this software create videos for you.
  • Some of the best videos you can create for TikTok include best of the week gardening tips, top 10 fails clips for games, funny GIFs, Quotes GIFS, etc.
  • And as you begin to use VideoTik more, you will realize that there are also other video types that you can create at a push of a button.

[+] Works for any niche and language:

  • With VideoTik, you just create, publish, and profit in any niche.
  • VideoTik will help you create videos that are compatible with any niche and any location.
  • Most of the TikTok users are currently from India, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Turkey, and Mexico.
  • You can send evergreen videos to pay in these countries at a push of a button.
  • This software gives you unlimited traffic of people that can take action.
  • Just drop your desired keyword and this software will do its magic and give you traffic-pulling videos.

[+] Legal content Curation:

  • With VideoTik, you will be able to spin content and create content from other people’s videos in a legal way.
  • This means you can leverage other people’s content and explode your number of views.

[+] Endless floods of monetization:

  • In a few minutes, you can start monetizing the traffic you are get through different ways such as affiliate commissions whereby you promote other people’s products/services. You just have to add a link in the description.
  • Also, you can turn TikTok followers into YouTube subscribers and make money through YouTube.
  • You can also sell your own products and also send it to any CPA you like.
  • There are plenty of ways this software allows you to monetize your TikTok videos.

Video Tik FAQ:

Q1: Are there monthly charges?

  • Answer: No, if you purchase this software today, you will only pay a one-time price.
  • You will not be charged again. However, if you do not purchase this software today, you will not get this offer.

Q2: Are there tutorials?

  • Answer: Ye. Inside VideoTik, you will find video tutorials that teach you how to use this software.

Q3: Is this a loophole?

  • Answer: No. TikTok is an upcoming platform and you can benefit optimally by using videos.
  • VideoTik allows you to automate marketing on TikTok.

Q4: Are there additional costs?

  • Answer: Yes. There are no additional costs you need.
  • You don’t need hosting, domains, or anything else.

Q5: Is it easy to use?

  • Answer: VideoTik is 100 newbie-friendly and thus is designed to be simple to use.
  • Simply enter your desired keyword and this app will build a viral video for you in minutes.
  • You can use the built-in scheduler to schedule your video.

VideoTik Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About VideoTik:

VideoTik Reviews

I think this App has tremendous potential to reach hundreds of thousands of prospective customers. I plan on building my list and providing massive value to anyone who subscribes to my list. Tik Tok is the social media hotspot now and the future.Well done Neil and crew!
Jim Masiello
If the right message reaches the right person with a particular need at just the right time then you have a customer. With such a
tremendous audience and the ability to schedule the message therefore multiplying the ability to reach out, you have developed a
winner. This is going to be good. Way to go Team!
Randy Shepperd
This is great! It combines the best of several apps I’ve gotten and puts them all-in-one. Such a time saver. I love the feature of
creating in advance and scheduling them. It gives me much more flexibility and allows me to plan a detailed, logical social media
rollout. I can’t wait to use this for my upcoming webinars!
Christina Kuepper
What do I think of VideoTik? Wow! Wow! Wow!
I was not interested in using TikTok as part of my Social Media Marketing. But I see how my older (with discretionary income) neighbor
loves watching TikTok…It made me start thinking…How can I use TikTok but not investing a lot of time, energy or dollars into it?
Bada Bing! Bada Boom! VideoTik! I cannot wait to use VideoTik in my marketing so NOW I can incorporate TikTok as part of my and my
client’s Social Media Marketing. VideoTik looks simple to use and implement. I will use a simple schedule of creating multiple Quote,
Gif and Viral Videos to upload to my TikTok account to build a following. And following a marketing plan…make my offers to this
growing Social Lead Source.
I look forward to the webinar to learn more about VideoTik.
Maurice DiMino
This is a new platform and many of us are not familiar with how it works or how to best use it. This could provide the means to get
traffic from TikTok and open up a new source for much needed traffic.
Mary Petty
This is a fantastic software,it can’t get better than this,am in love with it already. As a matter of fact,I will use this video tik
to build my list,sell my wonderful product and as well as marketing my affiliate offer with selling of my courses online. Can’t wait
to lay my hands on it. Looking forward to the webinar.
Harmyd Hardeywarley Gharnew
I can’t wait to have access to this incredible tool. It will make it much easier to create content and publish it. I look forward and
anxious. Hugs!
Djakson Santana
My first use of videoTik is to put my website, lead magnets and offers in front of engaged buyers that i would not have been able to
reach out to with my current traffic sources.
Victor Isijola
I have been looking for an unsaturated media format to market my ebooks, websites and written/kindle books. This is it!
Jessica Jones
Building an affinity list that is self perpetuating is an illusive approach to the majority of marketers out there! Can VideoTik
implement this goal? I’m betting VideoTik can!
Skip Nusbaum
I am new to this internet stuff and just getting laid off I have nothing but time but I would use Video Tik to promote affiliate
products to start with and then build from there and thank you for the opportunity
Dennis Beatrice
I will use it to get exposure for my music in short videos and find fan leads or license song tracks to others who want to use them in
their videos.
Cheryl Ostor
I would use VideoTik to get my brand name out.
Bart De Wolf
tiktok is great platform and you need a way to post to the tiktok platform from a pc or mac since on a phone or tablet can be a task
in it self this will be the real game changer to open to the new market platform as 800 million users are using it good place to tap
Wayne Faulkenberry
This a true game changer as it is not just a scheduler/autoposter but has been made into a complete business in a box that with the
right knowledge is enough firepower to crush affiliate and other type of sales. Genius stuff.
Andrea Rhinoheart Bindi
VideoTik looks powerful! 💪 It looks like it saves time ⏱ and time is money 💰! Plus, I spotted that on the scheduler, it also posts
to Instagram! Posts to TikTok and Insta?? What??? That’s amazing!!! 💃
I have clients that I am constantly juggling and they all want me to work miracles for them. It’s impossible.
I am always looking for tools 🛠 that save me time, increase reach, and build lists! This is perfect! I would use this everyday for my
clients! Heck, maybe I could even free up enough time to use it for myself. That would be a godsend! 🎁 💝
Especially when my clients want to be on TikTok but doesn’t want to do videos! I actually had one say that. I was like, uhhhh, what???
🤪🧐😫Now I can be the hero and say, problem solved. You’re on TikTok. You don’t have to do videos. Sweet😎😎
I would love this. Especially now since C-virus 🤢 and my clients are more desperate than ever to get new leads. They’re killing me.
This looks awesome!
Mindy Koch
First of all, I’m out of the 800 million heads. Because I haven’t still much known about tik tok. But what I’m interested is traffic.
I’m pretty sure that VideoTik will boost the market with its simple to use templates, since this is the only tool of its kind.
Clarance Fernando
Tik Tok is still more or less unknown to many. That’s why I would love to open up this new market with this software. Since I have
three children and therefore too little time, the software would save me an unbelievable amount of time and with one or two additional
earnings I could make my family happy again.
Bianca Ridoutt Rodriguez
This is a perfect solution to inform people quickly about your product without loosing their attention, so they can make up their mind on your offer right away.
Also, no hard work is necessary to make a fancy landing page or website. All what your potential clients look for is here and now with this genious piece of software!
Jean-Louis Pare
VideoTik looks like a huge time saver! This is going to help me, big time! TikTok is hot right now, let’s make some money!
Daryl Heffernan
I’ve been sitting on the edges of TikTok recently, just observing but it’s become very apparent that it’s gone off the scale during this pandemic and I myself have got lost in it’s content which has provided me with many laughs and a feeling of connection and togetherness. Until now, I’d never considered it as a platform for selling, but as a marketer, this software is pure gold! Tapping into millions of people who don’t even know they want your product or service until it’s right there staring them in the face! BOOM! As someone who is not too comfortable yet on camera (I’m working on it!), the fact you can use videos that aren’t even yours is awesome and I love the scheduling feature too – so productive! I wear a few different hats when it comes to my work, so I would jump feet first into VideoTik, using it to promote my well being coaching business (love the quote video search feature) as well as my freelance marketing skills! In the words of Color Me Bad, ‘ To the TikTok you don’t stop!’
Jo Smith
I’m “all in” on this offer. I’m looking to jump start a social media marketing business and VideoTik looks so easy-to-use with endless possibilities. I’m excited to learn more about how VideoTik and how the Agency option will help me promote my business and all of my future customers.
Steve Matthews
By using VideoTik to create disruptive, entertaining, engaging videos that grabs them by the eyeballs; TikTok can become the start of my new funnels. My goal is to get the viewer to watch, then follow the link to a page with more engagement. A great tool to have in the list building toolbox.
Danny Edwards
Watched the Demo by Abhi. Very easy to create and use VideoTik. Liked the three features: Quote, Gif and Viral videos. Curating different videos to one video is an awesome feature. Same video can be sized to Tiktok or other social media platform is easy. Also sharing to different social media platforms with just one click saves a lot of time. Lastly, scheduling the videos and push notification is an awesome feature. Easy to create and send. Excited for the launch.
Chandra Rao
After 10 weeks since I closed my dental office due to NYS Pause response to CoronaVirus Pandemic, I am preparing to reopen and looking forward to using VideoTik to create Tik ToK Buzz about all the additional High Tech I’ve added to the office to keep my Patients and Staff safe from the virus, while they get caught up on their overdue dental care from the Stay-at-Home orders.
Simon W Rosenberg
Great tool for those of us who are camera shy but willing to be creative on the other side of the camera. Awesome potential and I’m eager to explore all the ways this can be leveraged and magnetized to pull in the right traffic to the products and services that people are genuinely interested in. Very intriguing.
David Colwell
Hiya, To date I have bought many of your products (that’s both of you) and they are always TOP NOTCH!! so I have no doubt this will be the same so I for one really really hope you pick me as I can see this is another great product too. Looking forward to trying out this awesome VIDEOTIK…… cheers 🙂
Debra Mains
VideoTik is the perfect service to compliment tools I already use in my agency where I will be promoting/teaching how to get maximum Exposure through digital marketing. VideoTik is one of the “must-have tools” for digital marketers, not only for themselves, but to use for their clients. Using VideoTik will reduce the time to create (social/viral) videos and simplifies the process from creation to publishing. What is most interesting about VideoTik is that the process is fun too!
Charles Bosworth
I’m so happy and amazed about all the possibilities just seeing VideoTik’s Dashboard in this video!
I was stressed just thinking about how to approach TiKTok.
What a RELIEF to see the editing features, etc so I can compete with all the wonderful creativity on TikTok!
You’ve created an awesome ‘timing’ opportunity with VideoTik… Thank you!!!
Elaine Frances
Wow! Incredible software. As a software enthusiast and applied business software developer, I have not explored social media video marketing because of not being keen on camera, but with the potential of VideoTok, I am already envisaging a huge spike of targeted leads to finally end my nightmare of marketing online and getting the sales so desired! Thanks for sharing this software with me.
Remy K Nangura
This sounds amazing to me! 🙂 I just started growing TikTok for my business about a month ago, but I struggling with time and moments I can make good short videos, because I have 3 kids, husband and dog in the house! 😀 This software would save me! I am into affiliate marketing for several years and TikTok is definitely the bomb for the free traffic at the moment! VideoTik would help me drive free traffic to my offers to a very special way!
I really love all features we get with VideoTik! Looking Forward to webinar to hear more about it!
Alex Kay
This marketing launch of your unique software today is as epic as the first American astronauts lifting off from USA in a USA rocket in many years. Cannot wait to see and use your software to be part of this epic marketing launch!! Best of luck!
JRick Bolufe
This sounds amazing..Seeing the tons of free traffic I can get from Tiktok. Sure I will be using this to promote products both digital and physical. I will mainly use this for affiliate marketing!
Martyn McDonagh
Omg! This is what I’ve been looking for. Viral videos creation in five minutes or less.. This is a never seen before app that even comes with task scheduler.. This app is indeed recommended for marketers who want to dominate the various ever-growing video sharing platforms. I can’t wait to lay my hands on it and start unlocking massive opportunities.. Thanks to the team behind VideoTik
Akpan F. Emmanuel
I am a newbie marketer. This automated app will definitely generate huge number of leads/buyers for a starter like me and for veteran marketer as well. Saves lots of money from paid ads. Since this is automated, you can also save a lot of time from launching each campaign…you can do all your campaigns in one time, and release the campaigns per your target release dates. Saves you money and time, and yet multiplies the output in terms of leads/buyers exponentially.
Johnly Narag
TikTok is an incredible traffic source and right now who can’t use some free traffic? Super app to help everybody start using this virtually untapped traffic.
Steven Vd Peijl
This is just incredible and its only brief you said. Loved it like anything. The best part is the User Interface is so friendly that anyone newbie can handle and I got some cool multi dollar ideas to go on with this.
Preserving Memories
For both my businesses. One is in the training and coaching arena. The other is in affiliate marketing. Looks like it would help me promote both without spending lots of money.
Josie Hastings
As a trend watcher I see winners. And TikTok is one of them in the Social Arena. The reason why entrepreneurs get out of business is because they stop innovating. TikTok is there for any niche. Jump on the surfboard and catch the early wave.
Levien Eelman
I am going to use this software while Tiktok is still fairly new. It will help to get leads for my affiliate marketing business. Now is the prime time to take advantage of low competition on Tiktok. This team always makes good software!
Jay McGinnis
Looks like a fun, easy way to post (mostly DFY) quick engaging TicTok videos, the creation platform (dashboard) is fun looking, colorful and very easy to navigate. I will be using this to post encouraging quotes for all aspects of living. AND… in case you don’t know, NEIL NAPIER and his Team always release great products. Total No Brainer… Get it.
Wow! I’ve been struggling trying to figure out how to take advantage of TicTok. Now I’ll be able to rocket! Can’t wait.🧑‍🚀
Julian Parks
It is very simple to get from idea to finalization! TikTok can get you lost in a million filters / options. One can schedule in 1h Monday the whole TikTok daily content for a week. And with a little insights one can know much better when it’s best to schedule each daily post for max viewership… with this tool it’s much easier to get a One Creative Hour than finding a few inspired minutes every day, ending up skipping days and losing focus…
Jalo Set
This is a tool that will dramatically enhance any marketers business 🙌
Tiktok is huge and now is the time to be using it in conjunction with other social media platforms 💯
Easily build a following and generate huge amounts of leads 🔥🎯
Sounds like a phenomenal tool and I know this will help you grow any business from the foundations up!! ⤴️
Even the experienced marketer is going to love this one 🤓 BOOM!!! LET’S GO!!! 🎥📷📲
David Moore
Thank you for that excellent video Neil Napier, like many others I have noticed TikToc on my phone for the last couple of years…and no bloody idea how it can be monetized… recently here in the UK we are now seeing Ticok ads on TV- which means it has now achieved critical mass .. and now is the time to tap into the traffic… but the most important thing will be the ability to find the nuggets of gold- the magic touch to make our content tap into the riches…looking forward to seeing how Video Tik works, how easy the software is to actually use- how it could be used for affiliate marketing, eCommerce or even blogs etc ,and crucially, what steps, if any you are taking to optimize the TikTok Videos for maximum impact and coverage.
Dennis Champion
I love comedy and great quotes and intend to spread humour and at the same time earn from sharing my expertise in the field I work. I work from home and will teach others on how to do same!!!!!
Dennis Rocke
Neil, you are awesome! This new Tik Tok tool looks like Content Gorilla on steroids. You’ve taken all the complexity out of the process and designed an app that fully automates and lays out all the steps you need to implement to ensure your videos go viral on this untapped platform. You’ve systematized the process so all we have to do is follow a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), and bam! I don’t even have a Tik Tok account and already see how I can use this tool to tap into this market. I can’t wait – I’m all in.
Sandy England

VideoTik OTO OR Upsells:


=>Check VideoTik OTO Links Here<=


OTO#1: VideoTik Unlimited ($67 Lifetime Price)

VideoTik basic license has some limitations to prevent some users from overexploiting the available resources and now you can remove these limitations by getting this upgrade…..
With VideoTik Unlimited, you will be able to;

[+] Create unlimited videos:

  • You can create as many videos as you like. In other words, there is no monthly or weekly limit.
  • This is a great upgrade for people who would want to optimally use their commercial license to create videos for their TikTok platform and others.
  • You can create unlimited quotes videos every day, unlike current version that has a capping on the number of videos one can create. Plus, there is no limit on the number of GIFY videos one can create in a day.

[+] Make unlimited publishing:

  • You can schedule and publish as many videos as you like as this upgrade removes all limitations.
  • On TikTok, the more video content you create, the higher number of followers you get and the more leads you get. Therefore, if you would like to dominate TikTok, this is the strategy to use.
  • You can line up video content to be posted on your TikTok platform for months to come.
  • What’s more, you can share and schedule videos on Instagram as well.

[+] Link to unlimited social channels:

  • VideoTik also allows you to publish content on YouTube and Facebook, and even on Instagram.
  • This means you can build a large following on different platforms.
  • On Facebook, you can link VideoTik to as many Facebook accounts as you want as well as fan pages. For YouTube, VideoTik gives you an option to schedule your videos on YouTube.

[+] Priority support:

  • When you get VideoTik Unlimited, you will get a dedicated support agent that will ensure your issues are solved as fast as possible.
  • In other words, VideoTik removes restrictions in terms of creating and publishing more videos.

If you would like to make more money by creating videos for others, then this is the upgrade to get.

OTO#2: Video Tik Site Builder ($197 Lifetime Price)

With VideoTik Site Builder, you can create TikTok viral traffic video blogs at a push of a button……
  • These video blogs are great as you can post your affiliate products there and then direct the buyers-traffic you get from TikTok to.
  • With VideoTik Site Builder, you can create highly customizable video sites in different niches.
  • What’s more, you don’t need to have prior experience or be an internet guru to use this site builder.

Here is are some features you will find inside VideoTik Site Builder;

[+] Create unlimited TikTok video websites every day:
  • There are no limitations on the number of websites the
  • VideoTik Site Builder allows you to create .You can create as many sites as you can so that you can scale your business.

[+] Automatically create video websites:

  • To monetize traffic you get on TikTok, you have to direct it to your offerings. That’s why you need TikTok-based video websites that allows you to create 100s of video websites in a few minutes.
  • You can send your TikTok traffic to these sites so as to profit from your efforts on TikTok.
  • What’s more, the sites you create can have your own domain and branding features. Also, you get free web-hosting.

[+] Massive collection of video website designs:

  • You don’t have to create boring websites that lack appeal.
  • This upgrade offers over 100 attractive designs that you can customize to suit your needs.

You get these and much more.

OTO#3: VideoTik Agency ($67 Lifetime Price)

You can now build your TikTok powered agency and attract more clients. With this upgrade, you will look professional…..
Here is what this upgrade comes with;

[+] Ready-made agency website:

  • To make it easier and faster for you to set up your professional video creation and marketing business, this upgrade gives you a professional agency business together with pricing table, about-us page, features pages, contact-us page, as well as professional PayPal checkout page.

[+] DFY client contracts:

  • Since you will be selling video creating and marketing to clients, you will have to look professional, and this upgrade offers client contracts so that you can sell videos to your local clients in a professional, legit manner.

[+] Step-by-step video selling:

  • With VideoTik Unlimited version, you get access to video training that show you how to find clients and convince them to buy your services.

[+] Clients access account features:

  • You can create a section where your clients can view videos that you have created.
  • They can also view the videos you are creating for them.

You will get these and many features once you get this upgrade.

VideoTik Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of VideoTik?

TikTok is the new kid on the block and you can now take advantage of its rising popularity to create videos and earn from it.
VideoTik is one-of-the-kind software that can help you dominate TikTok by creating viral videos easily and also monetize them.
In other words, you will get a video creator to help you create A.I. powered video that are primed to engage your audience.
It also come with a video scheduler that that helps you to schedule videos you can publish for a whole year.
The software was made it simple for anyone, and thus can be used by anyone who don’t have tech skills.
With VideoTik, you have everything you need to get great results on TikTok.
Therefore, get this software today!

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Buy VideoTik




1- Ensure that you clear cookies in your web browsers before clicking on JohnnReviews bonus link to access all your bonuses.
2- Make sure that you see 214267 code in the checkout page “at the bottom”.
3- Always send [Your Name as well as your JVZOO Receipt ID] to my FB Messenger in a message to my FB Messenger at: or Send a message to
4- You will get all the available bonuses within 24 hours.


=>=>Here Are All Bonuses<=<=

VideoTik BONUS

VideoTik Coupon Code
Get $30 OFF For The Commercial Package : 30off

How to Claim My Video Tik Bonus?

1- Ensure that you clear cookies in your web browsers

2- Grab Your Copy of VideoTik By Using This Special Bonus Link

3- Make sure that you see 214267 code in the checkout page “at the bottom”.

4- Always send [Your Name as well as your JVZOO Receipt ID] to my FB Messenger in a message to my FB Messenger at: or Send a message to

5- You will get all the available bonuses within 24 hours.

Thanks a lot For Reading My VideoTik Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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