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Vidello Review Plus Best Vidello Bonus Offer


In case you are looking for a detailed Vidello Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Vidello software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Vidello OTO details and how This video hosting and marketing Platform will enable you to Turn your videos into powerful marketing Machines on your websites.


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Vidello Review

Vidello Overview:

Creator: Josh Ratta
Date Of Launch: 2017-06-13
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6214 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Vidello ?

Josh Ratta is a well known name in the field of online marketing who have created a lot of successful software and training courses such as iGloo Reloaded, Vidgeos, MoonPixlar, Click Animate, Video Motion Pro RELOADED, VidInfusion, eVideo Rocket and others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Vidello?

Take a look at every top selling vendor on Jvzoo, click bank or the warrior forum and you’ll notice their primary marketing tool they all use is, “dun da-da-da” ‘video’ of course.

Though video has progressed over the past few years, video hosting & streaming for digital marketing hasn’t.

What I mean by that is…

With most, if not all mainstream video hosting platforms, you have slow loading & streaming along with virtually no ‘marketing specific’ features to really help grow your business.


You have to pay $99 – $299 per month just to use them.

Though most people just make do with what’s out there, we decided to step up the game and create a platform that was made for marketing.

Here comes Vidello …..

So, What Is Vidello ?

A premium video hosting solution designed to increase your online growth through the power of the most powerful marketing tool – video!

With vidello you will:

  • Increase your conversions with split-tests and advanced analytics.
  • Maximise profits & boost opt-ins with smart marketing apps.
  • Brand your business as experts with lower thirds & pro style options.

=>See The Power Of Vidello (Vidello Review Video)<=

How Does Vidello Work?

=>Vidello Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<=

Meet vidello Where video meets marketing:

  • premium video hosting
  • modern adaptable video player
  • fastest video streaming online
  • video a/b split testing
  • brand with your own logo
  • mobile responsive player
  • advanced analytics
  • conversion tracking
  • marketing call to actions
  • and much more

The Power Packed Features That Make Vidello So Essential for All Marketers:

All the customisation & marketing options you could ever dream of inside this little beauty.

[+] More checkouts & sales with CTA slides:

  • Just giving a call to action in your videos won’t create as much traction as when you actually place the call-to-action inside your video. With clickable links & CTA buttons and slides, expect higher clicks throughs and more checkouts than ever before.

[+] Build your list with email sign ups:

  • They say the money is in the list, it’s true! Now you can turn your average video into a lead generating machine utilising timed email signup forms and build that list you’ve always wanted.

[+] Incentive customers through discount coupons:

  • Sometimes all it takes is a slight discount to push a potential customer over the line. Use triggered time based coupon slides to appear in your video at certain times to ensure maximum conversions.

Use vidello to optimise your marketing campaigns:

=> eCommerce sites:

  • Use vidello to take payments directly inside your eCommerce sites with review videos.

=> Landing pages:

  • Ensure optimal conversions with split-testing, analytics & pro branding.

=> Membership sites:

Vidello Bonus

  • Secure your membership content with fully protected video hosting.

=> Review Blogs:

  • Content marketing that results in leads is what vidello will help you with.

=> Meet your next best friend ‘Note box’:

  • Ever created a video, edited and rendered it and then found you forgot to say something important or you left out some key information? In the pats you would have to re create the video. With note box, there’s no need! Simply, select a note box, add in your important info and set the start time for it to animate on. Case solved!

=> Lower third animations:

  • Brand your videos with professional lower third animations. Simply select the style you like change the text and images and set the start time for the animation. That’s it.

=> Video split-testing made simple:

  • Want to test which video converts best? You’ll never know until you split-test. With Vidello, split-testing videos is as simple as selecting two videos and generating an embed code. We take care of all the complicated work!

Advanced analytics, conversion tracking & more at your finger-tips With Vidello:

Vidello Discount

We tell you what’s working & what’s not!

We like you, know that unless you can view how your video is performing, you won’t be able to make changes necessary to see higher conversions & better results.

That’s why we made sure to add in the most crucial analytics to give you the details you need to rock your video marketing campaigns!

FREE hosting is COSTING you…

If you are planning on using YouTube hosted videos on your sales pages and funnels or even membership sites, you may be in for a surprise.

Many people invest thousands of dollars in ad spend or set up a product launch and get affiliates to drive traffic to their sales page, but with YouTube hosted videos, you are killing your conversions!

Wait, what did you say?

Check it… When a potential customer lands on your sales page, you want them to FULLY engage in what you have to sell with 100% of their attention. Problem is with using YouTube hosted videos, people click on the YouTube logo and get sent back to YouTube, only to get lost and distracted in the wonderful world of YouTube entertainment.

That money you spent on ads to get traffic to your offer, is now being focused on other things, loosing you important sales.

As a business owner, you want all traffic to engage in what you are selling and to take action, NOT to click away and lose attention on other sites. That’s why it’s essential to use professional video hosting in your business!

Take vidello for a ride completely RISK-FREE!

Right now we’re doing something CRAZY… Yep, we’re taking on all the risk ourselves and even the costs of hosting and giving you a free 14 day trial!

If for any reason over the next 14 days you decide vidello isn’t right for you, just simply shoot us through an email at and we’ll refund you 100% of your money, no questions asked just a thanks for giving it a shot!

How vidello stacks up with the rest:

Vidello OTO

Vidello Pricing:

You can choose from 3 Plans the plan that suits you:

[+] Vidello Basic: $20/Month

  • 100 GB monthly

[+] Vidello Pro: $40/Month

  • 500 GB monthly

Vidello Pricing FAQ:

Q1: Which plan is suitable for me?

  • Answer: It varies between person to person and all depends on how much traffic you are getting to your website and how many plays your video’s are getting. For 90% of people the standard plan or pro plan should be more than sufficient. To break it down, we’ve set up three different categories and a quick explanation for each plan to help you choose the right one. Please note, you can always upgrade or downgrade from month to month.

Q2: Is the standard plan right for me?

  • Answer: If you run a small online business, run sales funnels and generate a decent amount of traffic this plan should be suitable for your needs.

Q3: Is the pro plan right for me?

  • Answer: If you run sales funnels, product launches and membership sites, this plan should be suitable for your needs.

Q4: Is the corporate plan right for me?

  • Answer: If you generate a lot of traffic and run numerous sites where video is key to your marketing strategy, then this plan is right for you! A massive 1TB in bandwidth should be sufficient for most traffic heavy websites.

Q5: Can I upgrade or downgrade?

  • Answer: Yes, if you are in need of more bandwidth or don’t require as much as you thought, you can always change your plan and also cancel your plan at anytime.

Q6: How does vidello compare to Wistia?

  • Answer: The Wistia standard plan comes with 200GB bandwidth, a limit of 10 video uploads per/month and costs $99/mo.
    Vidello’s standard plan comes with 200GB bandwidth, no video upload limit and costs just $27/mo, with a 20% discount you can get it now for just $21.60/mo.

Q7: How does vidello compare with Vimeo?

  • Answer: The vimeo pro plan comes with just 80GB of bandwidth per/month and costs $18/mo.
  • Vimeo’s hosting is quite slow and lacks marketing specific applications and features.
  • The vidello standard plan comes with instant video streaming, 200GB bandwidth, unlimited video uploads and advanced marketing and design applications, starting at just $21.60 during our launch special.

Vidello Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Do you offer any guarantee with my purchase today?

  • Answer: Of course, with your purchase we offer a full 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Just shoot us a quick email via our support desk and we’ll get it processed within 24 hours.

Q2: What happens if I exceed my monthly limit?

  • Answer: If your account is nearing it’s limit we will send you a notification email letting you know about your current use-age. Don’t worry if you run over your limit we won’t shut your account down. If you exceed your monthly limit, we will contact you again and discuss how we can better cater for your hosting needs and whether you need to upgrade to a more suitable plan.

Q3: Why use paid hosting when I can use YouTube?

  • Answer: If you are using YouTube hosted videos on your sales and landing pages and in your funnels, you are losing a lot of traffic. Many people now click on the YouTube logo, which sends them directly back to YouTube and away from your website, leading to them getting distracted in the entertainment provided on YouTube.
  • Also if you are running membership sites, you need secure hosting as people can just watch your videos for free on YouTube.

Q4: Do you have a support desk I can contact if I get stuck?

  • Answer: Yes, we have a full-time support desk. If you would like to get in touch with one of our friendly support staff, simply submit a ticket to our support desk at

Vidello OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: AUDIOSTORM: Onetime Payment Of $37

INCREASE your viewer-engagement with the BEST audio tracks & sounds developed by professional sound artists.

CREATE videos? Make them BETTER without breaking the BANK…

While creating the vidello platform we got thinking, “How can we help our users to create better quality videos?”

With many great video creation applications now available, we decided to focus on one KEY ingredient in viewer engagement, that being audio.

It may seem like a small thing, but having professional modern backing tracks on your explainer videos, talking head videos or training videos for membership sites, really does make your videos more engaging and helps to keep viewers watching.

Think about when you hear a catchy tune, it gets stuck in your head and if it sounds good you naturally want to continue listening to it. The same works with marketing videos and is a BIG reason why we always find the best tracks to use in our videos.

Although audio tracks are essential, they are also EXPENSIVE. In the past I have literally spent hundreds of dollars on tracks and if you’re looking to purchase just 1 track from popular audio marketplaces, you’re looking at spending at least $19 -$39 for just ONE track! And even then you are limited with what you can do with your licenses.

Instead of always spending loads on audio tracks and being limited with your use-age, we’ve made a better way. After hiring a professional sound artist, we developed over 100 premium quality audio tracks you can use completely royalty FREE in all of your videos! Have a listen to the immense quality of the tracks below!

Introducing AudioStorm:

  • PREMIUM audio tracks & tools for PROFESSIONAL video creation

Listen to just a few of the 100+ incredible tracks included inside of audiostorm:

=> Dance/Electric:

  • Want to add a fresh & live sound to your videos? Dance tracks always liven up the atmosphere and uplift your viewers with a positive feel!

=> Ukelele:

  • Want a light hearted & uplifting feel to your video? There’s no more happy & relaxing sound than of a Ukelele! Add these tracks to give a positive message to your audience in your videos!

=> Cinematic:

  • Looking to create an emotional connection with your audience? Cinematic tracks are powerful when used in teaser styled videos or promotional & even sales videos.

=> Corporate:

  • Creating videos for corporate clients or just want to add a more business feel to your video, select from a wide range of modern corporate tracks.

=> Upload & store all your tracks in one SIMPLE dashboard:

  • Keep all of your voiceovers and audio tracks in one easy to manage dashboard.

=> Complete DEVELOPER license:

  • All of the tracks inside of audiostorm are completely ROYALTY-FREE and you can even use them on unlimited client projects. No restrictions!

OTO#2: LEADMAGNETIC: Onetime Payment Of $97

How would you like to SHORT-CUT product creation & USE our PRODUCTS, lead magnets & bonuses as your own?! QUICK-step your way into sales & LEAD Generation… WITHOUT the hassle, & High costs…

Take a look at our MASSIVE bundle you can get access to for literally PENNY’s to what it’s worth:

[+] RocketPoint (20 PPT pack):

  • Every corporate business is in need of fresh new PowerPoint designs to display their companies data and even make videos. Use our pack of 20 premium designed powerpoint templates to land business leads!

[+] MotionDocs PRO Signups:

  • Every freelancer needs sign up documents to land clients and to present themselves as professionals when working with potential clients. Use this highly valuable kit as a compelling lead magnet to add more subscribers quickly to your email lists!

[+] 1400 Premium Stock Image Pack:

  • Bloggers, online & offline business owners are always in need of high quality, royalty-FREE stock images. Incentivise them in your videos by giving them FREE access to over 1400 pro stock images they can use on their websites or social media accounts! It’s also a great bonus to use on your bridge pages as well!

[+] Deliciously Flat ICON pack:

  • Every needs icons. Sales pages, explainer videos & to just liven up your web pages. Give away this incredible pack of icons for bonuses to affiliate offers or as a lead magnet to build your list! We got this icon pack specifically designed by a seasoned graphic designer.

White-label rights to THREE incredible WordPress Plugins:

[+] Clickanimate:

  • Every WordPress website owner will love this neat little plugin. It enables you to add animations to any web page and even sound effects using a simple WYSIWYG editor.

[+] Zapengage:

  • Monetising your blogs & generating affiliate commissions is made easy with Zapengage. Create attention grabbing custom banner ad images in any size for your blog posts and review sites and start engaging your web traffic in a zap!

[+] Conversiontimer:

  • Countdown timers are proven to increase conversions, and are a great way to get your traffic to take action. ConversionTimer enables you to create custom countdown timers for evergreen or date & time based specials.

[+] PLR Rights to 8 LEAD MAGNET eBooks:

  • Start building your list RIGHT AWAY with these high-quality PDF reports and eBooks. Great lead magnets for providing quality content for your new subscribers.

[+] PLUS! Sell 500 Licenses of audiostorm:

  • keep 100% of the profits selling this premium audio platform.

TWO pre-made membership sites with PROVEN strategy’s on traffic Generation & Making money online:

[+] UdemyKickstart:

  • UdemyKickstart is a proven strategy I have been using to generate over $10,000 on auto-pilot form the Udemy platform. This is an excellent detailed training program teaching how to do what I did on Udemy! Perfect as a lead magnet or even to sell!

[+] How To Get Over 100,000 Views On Youtube:

  • Everyone wants to generate traffic from youtube back to their websites. This video training course details the step by step process I used to get over 170,000 views to one video on YouTube. A great LEAD-magnet or course to sell as your own!

[+] Gain Access to source files to rebrand for your own business needs:

  • For each product will also receive the sales or landing pages in both HTML & as an iGloo template you can fully customise. As well as related PSD’s, JPEG & relative file types.

[+] FULL & EXCLUSIVE Rights to sell or give-away:

  • Can be given away & rebranded for FREE
  • Can be rebranded & sold for any price or used as a FREE bonus for any paid affiliate offer.
  • Can be sold or given away & rebranded for FREE
  • Can be rebranded & sold for any price or used as a FREE bonus for any paid affiliate offer.
  • Can be given away & rebranded for FREE
  • Can be sold or given away & rebranded for FREE
  • Can be given away & rebranded for FREE
  • Can be SOLD up to 500 licenses

Vidello Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Vidello ?

If you are searching for The FASTEST & most cost-effective PREMIUM video hosting platform for marketers that will enable you to Turn your videos into CONVERSION rocking MACHINES, then Vidello will be your highly recommended choice.

Vidello is a video hosting and marketing Platform with more advanced marketing features Than any other hosting platform yet more cost-effective Than Wistia and even Vimeo!

With vidello you can do some pretty neat Things such as:

[+] Instant video streaming (No loading time, unlike Vimeo…)

[+] Add lower third animations .

[+] Add note boxes .

[+] Split-test your videos to find what converts best!

[+] Advanced analytics to view what is working and what’s not.

[+] eCommerce marketing CTA’s.

[+] Coupons, buy buttons, email forms, add affiliate links and more.

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Thanks a lot For Reading My  Vidello Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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