TrafficCrush Review + BEST BONUS + Discount- Create, Rank And Blast Unlimited Viral Videos To YouTube, Instagram & Twitter For 100% FREE Traffic In Minutes!

TrafficCrush REAL User Review Plus Best TrafficCrush Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed TrafficCrush Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of TrafficCrush Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, TrafficCrush OTO details & Premium BONUSES and how This Brand New Cloud Traffic Software Will enable you to Create, Rank And Blast Unlimited Viral Videos To YouTube, Instagram & Twitter For 100% FREE Traffic In Minutes!


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TrafficCrush Review

TrafficCrush Overview:

Creators: Mike Mckay & Radu Hahaianu
Date Of Launch: 2021-01-22
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of TrafficCrush?

Mike Mckay & Radu Hahaianu are well-known names in the field of online marketing who have created many successful marketing tools such as ProfitSuite, Profit Enigma, ProfitMeet and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind TrafficCrush?

Only a small percentage of companies are doing viral videos, despite them having great potential when it comes to generating traffic.
The reason behind this is because creating videos is hard. It can take hours or days to perfect a video.
Not to mention that outsourcing the work of creating videos is expensive.
This explains why very few businesses can afford to create videos now and then, despite it being the preferred method of consuming content by the online audiences.
But now, you can become a video marketer thanks to TrafficCrush, a software that creates viral videos with just a few clicks…………………
Are you interested in learning more about this software?
Keep reading our TrafficCrush review.

So, What Is TrafficCrush?

We can term TrafficCrush as a cloud-based software that creates viral videos and ranks them high on YouTube so that you can enjoy organic traffic. 
In addition, this software makes it easier for one to share videos on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook.
In other words, we can term it as a traffic-generating software since it creates viral videos that generate traffic for your site, offers, etc.
What’s more?
This software is 10% newbie-friendly, and you don’t have to have prior experience to use it.
In fact, it just takes three steps for you to create a video using this software;

=> Step 1:

  • Login to your cloud-based software to access your dashboard.

=> Step 2:

  • Create your viral video with just a few clicks.
  • You just need to enter a keyword, and a DFY video will automatically be created for you with your affiliate link or link to your website attached.

=> Step 3:

  • Relax as you watch TrafficCrush share your video to 1000s of platforms with millions of buyers.
  • In other words, you will be earning commissions or generating traffic on autopilot.

=>See The Power Of TrafficCrush (TrafficCrush Review Video)<=

How Does TrafficCrush Software Work?

=>TrafficCrush Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<=


(Step-By-Step) How To Create, Rank And

Blast Unlimited Viral Videos To YouTube,

Instagram & Twitter With TrafficCrush:


How TrafficCrush Software Works


Enter TrafficCrush Login Details


Inside The Dashboard Of TrafficCrush


Create Viral Videos With TrafficCrush





TrafficCrush Built-In Distribution Platform



TrafficCrush Social Media LeadFinder



TrafficCrush Built In Image Editor






Get Twitter Followers With TrafficCrush








Get Instagram Followers With TrafficCrush


TrafficCrush Built-In Autoresponder



TrafficCrush Support Section




TrafficCrush Features + What’s Included: 

[+] Newbie-friendly video maker:

  • TrafficCrush has a user-friendly dashboard. In fact, it was created with newbies in mind.
  • Just enter one keyword, and this software will automatically create a viral video for you.
  • You can have 100s of viral videos in minutes, and all of them look professionally-created.

[+] Inbuilt share buttons and ranking:

  • After creating your videos, you don’t have to manually share them to YouTube, and social media sites as this software automatically do this for you.
  • What’s more? It also takes care of your ranking on YouTube. Literally, TrafficCrush does all the work for you.

[+] Lead Finder:

  • TrafficCrush finds millions of highly-targeted leads from social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram that you can add to your list.
  • Simply insert a keyword into LeadFinder, and this software will use its built-in algorithm to find people who are interested in your niche.
  • With a huge list of targeted leads, you can bulk-message them and turn a significant number into customers.

[+] Link Blaster:

  • This feature allows you to share your link (video, offer, or website) to 1000s of sites with just a click.
  • You can generate viral traffic by sharing your video on social media platforms as well as forums.

[+] DFY affiliate offers:

  • Are you beginning your journey to affiliate marketing and don’t know where to start? Well, there are DFY affiliate products you can add to your videos and generate commissions.

[+] Social media manager:

  • With this feature, you can schedule posts on Instagram and Twitter so that they can be posted when your audience is online.
  • This social media manager allows you to automate processes for you.

[+] In-depth training:

  • There is step-by-step training on how to run profitable campaigns using viral videos.
  • And so much more.

TrafficCrush Training Videos

TrafficCrush FAQ’S:

Q1: Will I need to download or install anything?
  • No. TrafficCrush is a cloud-based app, and thus doesn’t require one to download or install anything.
  • You just need to log in from a browser on your PC, Mac, or Mobile.

Q2: Will I need technical skills or experience?

  • No. TrafficCrush was created with beginners in mind.

Q3: Will I need to pay monthly fees?

  • Normally, there are monthly fees, but during this launch period, you can just TrafficCrush for a one-time fee.

Q4: Is support and training provided?

  • Yes. There is an extensive training video, and support is available 24/7.

TrafficCrush Reviews + Real Results:

See What People Are Saying About TrafficCrush:

TrafficCrush Reviews

TrafficCrush Results


TrafficCrush OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: TrafficCrush PRO (Unlimited) Edition ($36.93 Onetime Payment – There is A Downsell Selling At $26.93)

With this upgrade, you get premium features, software, or a commercial license…..
Here is everything you get with this software;
[+] No restrictions:
  • The PRO upgrade removes all the limitations that were put in the basic license.
  • And now, you can create unlimited videos, send unlimited messages, add backlinks, and posts, and do much more.

[+] Commercial and developer license:

  • With these licenses, you can now create and sell videos to your clients and also provide traffic services.
  • Another way you can earn from TrafficCrush is by selling Instagram and SEO followers you have gained from publishing viral videos.

[+] DFY image editor:

  • You can now edit images and make them look professional by removing background colors and adding effects. This is a service you sell.

[+] Link builder and cloaking software:

  • Social media doesn’t allow affiliate links, but with this upgrade, you can cloak the links to hide them from getting flagged by social media bots.

[+] Advanced analytics:

  • With these reports, you can track what is working and what is not working.

OTO#2: TrafficCrush Enterprise ($46.93 Onetime Payment – There is A Downsell Selling At $36.93)

By getting this enterprise version, you unleash better features that can skyrocket your sales without investing more effort……
Here is what you get with enterprise upgrade;
[+] DFY campaigns:
  • From image posts you can use on IG to tweets for your Twitter account, you will get DFY campaigns.
  • All you need is to copy and paste them, then add your affiliate link.

[+] DFY content planner and scheduler:

  • You also get a content planner and scheduler to take care of publishing content on your social media pages.

[+] Instant post rewriter:

  • This allows you to create unique articles, social media posts, and YouTube descriptions.
  • You can also sell unique articles to clients.

[+] Case studies done by influencers:

  • This gives you tips on how to run profitable campaigns.

[+] Outsourcer license:

  • Open sub-accounts for your virtual assistants so they can help you as you do certain tasks as you relax or look for more clients.

[+] Other features:

  • In-depth training and coaching
  • 1-on-1 personal support
  • Mobile-first approach
  • And much more

OTO#3: TrafficCrush DFY ($26.93 Onetime Payment – There is A Downsell Selling At $19.93)

It’s true that TrafficCrush is helping you get free traffic, but what are you doing with the traffic? Generating Amazon commissions? Sending it to another site or offer? Or just wasting it?
With this upgrade, you can turn the traffic you get with TrafficCrush into software sales…..
  • Yes. This upgrade gives you commercial rights to 5 in-demand software apps as well as in-depth affiliate marketing training.
  • You also get DFY product reviews that you can add your affiliate links to and generate commissions.
This is a game-changer upgrade, and you should get it.

OTO#4: TrafficCrush Reseller ($97 Onetime Payment – There is A Downsell Selling At $47)

Would you like to get into the software business?
This is your chance.
With Reseller rights, you can sell access to TrafficCrush as your own and keep all the profits for yourself……
  • Many marketers are in need of traffic, and now you can help them get free traffic by giving them access to TrafficCrush.
  • To help you promote TrafficCrush to other people, this upgrade gives you permission to use all the TrafficCrush marketing pages, sales copies, and videos.
  • And the best part, TrafficCrush team takes care of support services.

OTO#5: IMX Bundle ($39 Onetime Payment – There is A Downsell Selling At $29)

If you want to make serious money online, you have to sell your own products, and now with this upgrade, you will get access to all the great products that are linked to TrafficCrush.
  • You will get reseller rights to use these products all at a one-time price…..
Here are some of the best-selling products you will get;
  • ContentPress to help you create 100% unique, readable articles and eBooks
  • AgencyPress to help you find businesses that need SEO services, website design services, content, and much more
  • TrafficMate. This software generates targeted traffic in any niche.
  • SnatchIt to help you hijack traffic on any website and promote your offers to them
  • These are some of the main products you will own once you get this upgrade. What are you waiting for?
This is your chance.
Get the upgrade today!

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TrafficCrush Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of TrafficCrush?

Every business needs traffic- without traffic, you will not be making a profit. 

If you have done any online business, you understand that generating traffic is an expensive task. 
And now TrafficCrush is making things easier for you as it makes viral videos that can generate massive traffic for you.
What’s more?
This software shares the viral videos to 1000s of platforms so that you can earn commissions or generate traffic from the link you have inserted in the video.
Get it today!

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TrafficCrush Bonus
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Thanks a lot For Reading My TrafficCrush Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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