ThemeMaker Review + BEST BONUS + Discount- Revolutionary Drag & Drop Wizard Lets You Easily And Quickly Build Your Own Custom WP Themes & Sites Without Needing To Have Coding Skills!

ThemeMaker Review Plus Best ThemeMaker Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed ThemeMaker Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of ThemeMaker software to discover everything about it, It’s features, ThemeMaker OTO details and how this Revolutionary Drag & Drop Wizard will let you Easily And Quickly Build Your Own Custom WP Themes & Sites Without Needing To Have Coding Skills!


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ThemeMaker Review

ThemeMaker Overview:

Creator: Mikey Formby
Date Of Launch: 2018-04-23
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of ThemeMaker?

Mikey Formby is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has Developed many successful marketing tools such as Facebook Live Mastery, Pro Styler Theme Evolution and many more successful digital product launches..

What Is The Main Idea Behind ThemeMaker?

The conventional way of building and designing a WordPress site is by buying a pre-made theme and installing it on your site.

The designs are fixed, and therefore it is not possible to change the core elements of your site without hiring a coder.

Before you know it, you will find out that you have so many coders that you need to hire for different themes on your site.

Then any time there is a new version of WP released, almost half your themes will not be working, and you will need to call your coder again.

Besides, you don’t own the copyright of any commercially released pre-made theme, and thus your competitor can use the same exact theme as you, which will jeopardize your branding.

But somebody has solved this problem by developing a new product that can help you build WordPress themes without coding in just a few minutes.

Here Comes ThemeMaker Plugin….

So, What Is ThemeMaker?

ThemeMaker lets you easily and quickly build unique WP themes without having to code.

You can build anything from full blow custom membership sites to blogs, eCommerce stores and more.

With ThemeMaker, you can build anything that you can imagine without hiring a coder.

Don’t waste your time using WordPress themes, now you can create your own without ever coding:

  • Now You Can design any website you can imagine
  • Build it in minutes with Ready Blocks
  • Build it from ready made themes
  • Or even build it from a PSD graphic
  • Total control over mobile & tablet views
  • Without any heavy pagebuilder code so it loads like lightening!

over 30,000 websites use Mikey’s products and over 150 customers have given him a five-star review and these reviews with some customers who have been using Mikey’s products for over three years.

Mikey listens to his customers and constantly innovates, updates and supports his products.

Mikey is not not just interested in giving you a tool, he wants to be with you every single step of the way.

Mikey has got a tailor-made training for every skill level so no matter where you are, whether you’re completely new to WordPress or whether you’re an advanced user that wants to make custom themes from the PSD without coding, he has tailor-made training to do just that. He even has a handy optional skill test that will tell you the best place to jump in and start creating your themes with ThemeMaker.

There is nothing on the market that comes even close to the power and flexibility of ThemeMaker.

Stop wasting money on buying themes..don’t worry about having to pay a coder to make changes on your website and instead of building sites for your clients using the same thing that every other designer is using, start building custom sites leveraging the power of ThemeMaker.

==> See The Power Of ThemeMaker (ThemeMaker Review Video)<==

How Does ThemeMaker Theme Work?

==> ThemeMaker Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==


[+] It Has a Theme Template Creator:

  • With ThemeMaker, you can make any page or post as per your imagination and creativity without any restrictions.
  • With a conventional WordPress theme, the only few options you can have is to create a page and select a theme template for it.
  • Also, you may have a few options to adjust the styling of your page.
  • But ThemeMaker template creator has completely revolutionized that as you can create completely unique custom templates and use them on posts and pages that you want.
  • It also allows you to style them to perfection.
  • Anything you can imagine, you can create it with ThemeMaker.

[+] Content Blocks:

  • These ready-made content sections enable you to save a lot of time as you can install them on your site.
  • With pre-made WordPress page builders and themes, you can either have to create your content blocks or try to modify the content areas developers have created.
  • But with ThemeMaker content blocks, one can promptly add pre-made content sections to your site easily and quickly as all you need to do is to customize how you want them to appear.
  • If you want a row showing your team, you can drop in a content block row containing all of the elements, and customize them.
ThemeMaker Theme

[+] Element Builder:

  • Besides having stunning pre-made page elements, with ThemeMaker, you can make your own page elements. With a WordPress page builder, the only thing you get are a pre-made selection of elements to use, and that’s all.
  • But with ThemeMaker, you can create your own completely unique and customized elements made up of your preferred core element that you can re-use time after time when creating your page design. You can do this with a few clicks of the mouse.

[+] Options Panel:

  • You can set up your default color schemes, sidebars, social media, and typography with the ThemeMaker options panel.
  • When creating a custom design, you will need to set up a few basics to use as default before you jump in.
  • This includes the color you want to use so that you can easily select them quickly while building, the default size of a font, your logo, and more.
  • With ThemeMaker options panel, you can execute all these tasks, so you jump straight in and start creating your designs without having to recall the color codes or font size you used.
  • This will save you from having to carry out repetitive tasks now and then.

[+] Page Wizard:

  • There is a drag and drop wizard that allows you to visually structure your posts, templates, and pages precisely the way you would want them to appear.
  • With conventional WordPress themes, you will need to import the demo and then navigate through the sections you like in order to delete the ones you don’t want so you can get the basics of your page.
  • However, with ThemeMaker page wizard feature, you can instantly create your pages precisely the way you want them to look by dragging the sections you like to have to your page.
  • Once you are happy with how your page looks like, just click and generate.

See Some Sites Examples Created With ThemeMaker (Video Blogs , Business Sites, eCom Stores):

ThemeMaker Sites Examples

ThemeMaker VS Others:

ThemeMaker VS Others

ThemeMaker Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About ThemeMaker & The creator’s others tools:

One Theme Rises Above All: Mikey Formby’s ✪PROSTYLER REVELATION
I’ve been building w/ WP commercially for years & have spent $1000’s on themes until….PROSTYLER. It is simply the most powerful and infinitely configurable theme builder available. AND, it gets better with the Template Club featuring niche specific and cutting edge ready built templates to save you work and time when you’re not feeling creative. AND IF THAT’S NOT ENOUGH, Word Press Master Magician Mikey Formby is quick to provide individualized & personal support. Oh, you want a SPECIFIC reason why ProStyler Revelation is better than sliced bread, the cotton gin, canned beer, and the integrated circuit chip? How about THREE: (1) Page Embed BOOM!! Mind Blowing!! Like the movie Inception where you can make a page and put it inside another one. HUUUUGE time saver! Like the movie, you’ll have a hard time figuring this one out and then when you realize the power, your life will be set free because like Dom Cobb’s totem–a spinning tractricoid top, it will never stop spinning! A lifeling dream! (2) MOBILE PREVIEW!! Whaaat?? Yep! one click toggle button lets you see how your site’s page will look on a mobile device and a computer screen, INSIDE the page builder WHILE you’re editing! (3) CAROUSEL– no more futzing around with special sliders that never seem to work right or are too overly complicated for 90% of the websites you’re going to need them on. No 3rd party expensive stuff because it’s all inside Prostyler AND….like Wizard Formby and Prostyler Revelation that consistently over-delivers, I’ll give you a TWO more! #4 VIDEO EMBED controls that allow you to quickly & easily add a YouTube or self-hosted video AND EASILY CONTROL ALL ASPECTS OF DISPLAY, including: autoplay, controls, size, position. And, while I could on and on about the amazing Prostyler features, #5 would be the ability to style ANYTHING through the “Styling” tab, including margins, spacings, color, backgrounds AND ON-PAGE ANIMATION. I’m currently building multiple sites nearly every day and if it wasn’t for MASTER MIKE FORMBY, my life wouldn’t be quite as easy or rewarding! What’s that? TOO good of a review? Do I sound like a paid shill? NOPE, I am NEITHER Here’s what else I’m NOT. Since going all in with ProStyler, I am no longer a customer of elegantthemes, themeforest, colorlib, or any other theme seller. Because everything you want and need is available in the ONLY theme you’ll ever need: ProStyler Revelation Disclaimer: The facts expressed above belong to everybody, the opinions to me. The distinction is yours to draw.
Kim Bustalino
I am looking forward to purchasing this product tomorrow
Thanks for creating another product. I have also been a supporter of every product that Mikey creates. There are those who are gonna complain, bitch and cry about how unfair it is. If that’s you why don’t you just leave? Take your negative attitude somewhere else and build your own website builder or try to find another software to use. I personally would love for all those who choose to complain that this little thingy doesn’t work right or it’s too much money to leave. It would provide more attention to those of us who realize that this is a tool that I want to be constantly innovated and improved upon. Even if that means that a new product must be build and sold separately. I want to be part of that product and company. I don’t complain I congratulate and applaud Mikey for having his team bring a new, faster, sexier version to us. If you are in the website building business this is what you want! If you complain about the cost than you are not really in the website building business because a hundred pounds, dollars, euros, rubies, or whatever currency you use is nothing!
Thanks again Mikey and I hope you have a great amount of sales!


I can’t wait Mikey bring it on!!
I’ve been with Prostyler from the beginning. built all my clients sites with it. it allowed me to carve a niche for my business and make money doing that. when I am asked periodically to maintain a site that was built (not by me) with another theme or page builder I realize how much I like Prostyler and how much it evolved through the years. I’ve bought almost every upgrade and offer by Mikey. He is a trustworthy guy and a great guy and if he is excited, I believe there is a reason for that.
I kind of expected this kind of an offer.
Prostyler, My Choice In WordPress Themes!
I purchased Prostyler Theme in March 2015 and I love this theme. I am very appreciative of the amount of work you put into the theme to give us a lot of value and websites we can be proud of and our clients can also be proud of. Thankyou Michael for all the hours spent looking after us all with a superior theme.
Benjamin Price


ThemeMaker OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: ThemeMaker Agency Custom Branding ($67)

With ThemeMaker, you will start creating beautiful high quality agency sites, But one of the key things ThemeMaker agency customers asks when they design websites for clients “Is it possible to rebrand ThemeMaker so that my customers don’t see what I’m using to build sites for them?”

See, when you charge a premium price for creating websites, you don’t want your customers to see which tool you use to build their sites.

With this OTO, you will have the ability to Easily Replace ThemeMaker Branding With Your own Branding……

All you will have to do is: logging into Theme Maker Agency Custom Branding member’s page, add your branding information such as your brand name, brand logo URL, Logo background color, choose whether to Lock options panel or no, options panel password.

That’s it! Now, all the sites will be built using your own branding.

OTO#2: ThemeMaker Instant Content Block Pack ($97)

With ThemeMaker, you get a great choice of ready-made content blocks. In fact, you get 40 ready-made blocks.

From thousands of existing clients, the creator found that their customers wanted to build even more elaborate designs and they wanted to build these first without creating them from scratch….

So to help you, with this upgrade:

  • You’ll get 80 more ready-made beautifully designed content blocks which you can use in the page building wizard or drop in individually onto any page.
  • The creator has created almost every possible combination so, you can quickly and easily place these inside your page and start using them.
  • When you drop them on your page, they will automatically set to the color and font you’ve selected in your theme options panel so all you have to do is replace the text and change the images.
  • Inside this pack, you get everything from Showcase, Galleries, list elements, Text & Image and more so it’s a bit like the creator sitting next to you and doing the design for you without you wasting your time, trying to figure it out and even as a pro, the creator use these when designing sites because they save him so much time.

OTO#3: ThemeMaker 4 Week LIVE VIP Masterclass ($127)

It’s always great to watch someone else do it live with you, ask questions, get answers, and learn a lot of things along the way.

The creator realized that many of his customers want to make their sites as fast as possible, Auto syndicate content to social media, setup developer environments with WordPress multi-site so that they can share their progress with their clients before the site goes live.

In fact, the creator will even show you how to use ThemeMaker to Create Your Own Webinar Platform without spending a dime on webinar platforms and he will even give you the templates to do this and many more.

ThemeMaker Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of ThemeMaker?

With ThemeMaker, you will be able to:

  • Rapidly build any template, any page, and any type of site you can dream of.
  • Create highly-responsive pages and themes. You will never again lose a mobile customer because of lack of page and website responsiveness as ThemeMaker will make your website look great on any devices irrespective of its screen size.
  • Build quality and fully blown agency business without worrying about coding.
  • Build customized Opt-In pages in a few minutes.
  • Customize anything on your site without any restriction.
  • You will be able to customize backgrounds, footers, menus, and backgrounds with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • In other words, you will be saved from incurring high costs of hiring expensive designers and coders to build custom themes for your site.

Custom themes from designers are costly and time-consuming. Besides, you will always be at their mercy in case you need any changes.

Also, pre-made themes are highly restrictive as you will be using a website design that looks like hundreds or thousands of other websites.

What is the need for creating amazing valuable content to just post it on a site that resembles all the other websites out there?

With ThemeMaker, you will eliminate the options of gambling with pre-made themes which you don’t know if they will work with plugins on your site or not.

Themes you create with ThemeMaker will function with all new plugins as it is customized fully to your site.

This means you will not have to uninstall you’re the plugins and tools for it to function seamlessly.

This is why ThemeMaker is a must-have tool for anyone with a blog or website.

It will help you rise above your competitors as you will have unique page outlooks, designs, and themes.

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