(Launched) Tee Profits Recipe Review – A New T-Shirt Marketing Blueprint

Thank You for Your Time and Visiting My Tee Profits Recipe review. I wrote Full Review of Tee Profits Recipe Blueprint to get the Full Picture of it, it’s author ,

what you will find inside members area and will you succeed to achieve success from this new T-Shirt Marketing blueprint.

Tee Profits Recipe Review

Tee Profits Recipe Overview:

Creator          : Demian Caceres.
Launch Date : 2014-09-4

Closed Date  : 2014-09-8
Launch Time: 11:00 AM EST
Niche             : T-Shirt Marketing
Price              :
Refund          : 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Support        :
Very Good and Fast Response.
Bonuses: Yes, Special Bonuses worth
Delivery: Instantly after purchase process you will redirect to members area.
Recommended       :
Skill Level Needed : All Levels

First, who is the Author of Tee Profits Recipe?

Tee Profits Recipe review

Demian Caceres is the man behind Tee Profits Recipe.

In 2012, He started working in internet marketing industry focusing on FB Marketing.

He achieved big success which gave him the opportunity to partner with the great Don Wilson in FB Ads Cracked 1.0 in September 2013.

What Is Tee Profits Recipe?

Tee Profits Recipe is an easy and a proven new T-Shirt Marketing Blueprint which will teach you step by step how to start your T-Shirt Marketing business.

What Is Tee Profits Recipe Entire System About?

Tee Profits recipe entire system  is about:

*How to find most profitable niches with money to spend on tees.

*You will discover amazing design ideas which people are proud to wear and ready to buy.

*How to get paid more than one time for a single design.

*How you can hire professionals designers so that you will save your time for launching more campaign while making more profits.

*How you can use interest targeting to increase your earnings with Facebook ads.

*How to setup your ads to start getting high amount of viral traffic.

*You will learn in details your campaign biding & budgeting to be able to make the most available profits of paid ads.

*You will know the best time to launch profitable campaign so that you will avoid launching money losing campaign.

*How to increase your earnings by tracking your audience segments buying shirts.

*How to create viral traffic by targeting certain demographic.

*With Tee Profits Recipe ,You will learn the most effective tactics to make your fans engage with your fan page so that you will get more shares for your fan page while making more sales.

What you will find inside Tee Profits Recipe Members area?

 Tee profits Recipe PDF 

Where you will get access to important recipes:

The first PDF blueprint “you have to study first” which will give you an overview of what it is all about and in details how it works.

 17 Tee Profits Recipe videos 

These videos will walk you through specific things which deserve more details about T-Shirt Marketing from:

Tee Profits Recipe Video 1 :Niche selection

  • You will get access to an under used resource which will give you the ability to find thousands of niches by just typing one word.
  • How to find find niches that produce profitable campaign every time.
  • How to  be able to control any niche without knowing anything about it.

Video 2 : success leaves clues

  • How to be able to make 50 times the money with one design by using “why didn’t i think about that?” method.
  • You will learn how to “think like a customer” so that you will discover hidden interests and keywords.
  • With the ultimate in t-shirt research software , you will be able to save hours in research time.

 Video 3 : Hiring A Designer

  • You will get access to the only hiring checklist to hire a professional designer at a great price.
  • You will discover the one sure way to fail at t-shirt marketing industry.

 Video 4 : T-Shirt Campaign Set Up

  • With using tracking tricks, you will be able to know which ads are making you the most money and which ones lose you money.
  • You will get access to the easy and proven formula to use for t-shirt marketing campaign at any niche you choose. You can check How to make money selling t-shirts on teespring.

Video 5 : Facebook Ads Set Up

  • You will know How to get higher click-through-rates , more sales and social shares by using specific ad post type.
  • You will know what is the proven Facebook Ad  copy Formula  that guarantees you will make profits with it in any niche.
  • How to choose the right one between dedicated tee store or Niche fan page  to match your marketing goals.

Tee Profits Recipe Video 6 : Creating Ads With Facebook Ad Manager

You will know

  • The disadvantages of of “Dark Posts”
  • The Fan Page checklist you have to own to create trust from your audience.
  • The mistake many people do with paid traffic and how to avoid it.
  • Why it is important to create different posts for multiple interest groups.

Tee Profits Recipe Video 7: Targeting

  • You will find out the most profitable sub-niches only your audience knows about.
  • You will know how to  drive your audience and get more shares and clicks .
  • You will get access to a free tool which will enable you to find more interests and reach a bigger target audience.

Tee Profits Recipe Video 8.A: Budgets & Bidding

  • How to know if your campaign will be Viable before spending any money.
  • Why you have to spend $20 on each campaign.

Tee Profits Recipe Video 8.B: Split-Testing Cautions

  • How to keep a way from Facebook burning  through your whole campaign budget on a single ad.
  • You will know the 2 proven ways that work to split test your ads.

Video 9: Scaling/Killing Campaigns

  • You will learn what to do and when to do to keep your campaign running.
  • You will discover how to reduce your ad spend by knowing who is actually buying your shirts.
  • You will know The reason to keep  your ads running to  specific groups even if they aren’t making you a penny.

Video 10: Targeting Wrap-Up

Video 11: Scaling Up Winning Campaigns

  • You will know The 2 scaling methods and the pros and cons of each one.
  • You will know the ideal number of days to run your t-shirt campaigns.
  • You will know the real key to earning  money with t-shirt marketing industry.

Video 12: Combating Ad Blindness

  • How to avoid making your ads re approved  first by Facebook  “by changing your ad copy to include scarcity mid-campaign”.
  • You will know how to avoid losing social proof when editing  your ads.

Video 13: Ad Optimization

  • How to optimize your ads .
  • How to go into your ads and know which demographics are actually converting .
  • Why you have to run ads to a particular group of non-buyers.

Video 14: Viral Contests

  • Why it is important to give away shirts for free.
  • How to Set up a viral contest  that makes people commit and buy a shirt while  avoid paying for ads.

Video 15: Re-engagement

  • How to succeed in turning likes and shares into shirt sales  .
  • How to turn your fans into real buyers.
  • You will learn the fastest and easiest 3 fan re-engagement tactics.

Video 16: Retargeting Strategies

  • You will know how,why and when to launch retargeting campaigns so that you will avoid leaving money on the table.
  • For retargeting campaigns, why you have to use Facebook’s Power Editor instead of Ad Manager.
  • How to re target only people who didn’t but t shirts yet and get the most amount of money.

Video 17: Relaunching Campaigns

  • How to use the power of social proof “likes and shares”of your original t- shirt ad to sell sell more shirts for a long time.
  • How to be able to previous customers to buy copies of your shirt when you relaunch new campaign.
  • How to be able to Become a tee vendor and keep more money for you.
  •  You will get access to 400 VAS and 400 designers which have been selected on oDesk using Demian’s hiring criteria so that you will save your time searching for right designers.
  • You will get access to Tee Ad KIT which is 4 templates with all deigns you will use to create your ads.
  • You will get access to image page post ads, viral contest ads and retargeting ads.
  • 4 training videos which will show you how to outsource your entire T-Shirt Marketing business.
  • Designer training video in which you will learn how to choose right designers.
  •  Where Demian will go though case studies about the results of his successful students.

Videos and Case Studies Videos

Will Tee Profits Recipe Work?

You can see the next results of some students who achieved to build a big profit from using Tee Profits blueprint in the last 2 – 3 months.

Tee Profits Recipe Pricing

(Huge Discount For The First 2 Days)

$77.00 One Time Payment For the first 2 days of the launch Date

$87.00 One Time payment after 48 hours of the launch Date

$97.00 One Time payment after another 48 hours

$97.00 One Time payment on 8Th

Tee Profits Recipe Review conclusion:

In the end, why I highly recommend you to get your membership at Tee Profits Recipe?

Because it is a complete training course which will teach you step by step how to start your online business using T-Shirt Marketing.

Which give you a guarantee you will succeed with Tee Profits Recipe are the results which have been achieved by students who applied what they have learned from this blueprint.

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