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SurveyChimp Review

SurveyChimp Overview:

Creators: Martin Crumlish & Karthik Ramani
Date Of Launch: 2020-10-05
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of SurveyChimp?

The Creators Of SurveyChimp

Martin Crumlish & Karthik Ramani are well-known names in the field of online marketing who have created many successful marketing tools such as zSuite, Mockzign, GifPublishr, MarketPresso and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Survey Chimp?

When it comes to online business, you don’t rely on your intuition or guesswork. This is because online audience is never patient. If you miss out to convince them at your first shot on them, you lose them to your competitors.
That’s why you should know exactly what they need and what their problem is and tailor what you are offering to meet their needs or solve their problem.
One way of knowing the problems they face that your product can solve is to carry out surveys.
Surveys, if done well, can give you an insight into what your customers thinks about your product/service, which benefits of your offering appeals to them the most, and much more.
However, it is never easy to do surveys. This is because majority of the online audiences are not willing to invest their time to help you carry out your unpaid surveys. But if you make things easier for them, many can take their time to answer most, if not all, of your question.

And this is where SurveyChimp comes into play……………
This software uses artificial intelligence to help you create user-friendly surveys that can help you generate laser-targeted leads and improve your product or service.
We have prepared a detailed SurveyChimp review to help you learn more about this software and also to help you make an informed decision regarding whether to buy it or not.

So, What Is SurveyChimp?

This is a software that is designed to help you capture leads by creating interesting surveys that divert people to relevant offers or pages based on their response.
The software uses artificial intelligence to predict what a person want based on how they responded to questions posed.
The good thing about this software is that it allows you to insert YouTube videos into your surveys to explain things better, and thus skyrocket engagement.
What’s more, it is not restricted on text-based survey questions only; you can create voice-based surveys where your respondents listen to questions and give verbal responses.
You can generate sales and profits in four easy steps;
=> Step 1:
  • Identify the right audience to send the surveys to.
=> Step 2:
  • Interact with them through an intelligent survey created by SurveyChimp.
  • This software then uses its A.I. to tell you the needs of your leads.
=> Step 3:
  • Direct them to the right offers
=> Step 4:
  • Rinse and repeat
That’s it! A simple way of generating leads and making profits.

=>See The Power Of Survey Chimp (SurveyChimp Review Video)<=

How Does Survey Chimp Software Work?

=>SurveyChimp Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<=

How To Step-By-Step Create – Run – Sell UNLIMITED Surveys With SurveyChimp:

SurveyChimp Features

Create Surveys With SurveyChimp

SurveyChimp Coupon

SurveyChimp Integrations

SurveyChimp Features + What’s Included:

[+] Very easy to use:

  • With SurveyChimp, you don’t have to create survey questions from scratch as there are DFY templates as well as pre-written questions you can choose from.
  • Irrespective of the niche you are in, you will find relevant questions you can edit and post in your surveys. Within minutes, you should have your survey up and running.

[+] Easy to setup:

  • Simply paste a line of code on your site or just share a URL to instantly add this software to any site and run surveys easily from there.

[+] Set up pre-sales and post-sales feedback:

  • You can set up two surveys- one to help you find out what your leads wants and another to help you know if they liked the offer you presented to them.

[+] AI technology:

  • SurveyChimp utilizes the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence. For instance, it makes use of voice surveys, sentiment analysis, and also allows you to run surveys inside the Facebook Messenger. No other survey-creating app can come this close.
  • What’s more, the A.I. power of this survey analysis your traffic and send offers or redirect respondents to offers matching their interests.
  • This means that you can have better engagement and conversion rate by using this software in your sales page, especially when you are offering different products

[+] Global reach:

  • SurveyChimp allows you to target customers and leads in non-English speaking regions.
  • You can translate your surveys with just a click

[+] Create and run unlimited surveys:

  • With SurveyChimp, you can run and sell unlimited surveys without having to upgrade to remove the limits.
  • You can run regular surveys, schedule surveys, voice surveys, social media surveys, and much more.

[+] DFY survey templates and questions:

  • You can create gorgeous-looking surveys in just a few minutes.
  • The DFY templates as well as pre-written question bank offered means that you don’t need to invest a lot of thoughts in coming up with questions and creating a sequence in which they flow as this software takes care of this.
  • In other words, even people with no copywriting or technical skills can use this tool.

[+] Opt-in bonuses:

  • You can use SurveyChimp to create and segment lists. How? This software can deliver customized bonuses to anyone who interacts with your survey and encourage them to opt in to your list based on their responses.
  • You can, therefore, generate laser-targeted leads and segment them into list based on the bonus they choose to activate.

[+] Sell unlimited surveys:

  • If you purchase SurveyChimp during this launch period, you will be given the commercial license.
  • This allows you to create surveys meant to capture leads for clients and charge them whatever amount you want.
  • You can even charge extra money to segment the list for them.

[+] Create mobile-optimized surveys using your smartphones:

  • It is true that a large number of people use their mobile phones to surf the web. That’s why SurveyChimp was not only made to be mobile-friendly but can also create mobile-optimized surveys.
  • This means that you can use SurveyChimp to create surveys and your audience can complete the survey questions using their mobile phones.

[+] Run surveys with your own branding:

  • In addition to helping you run and sell unlimited surveys, you can create a name for your business by customizing the surveys with your branding without SurveyChimp logos and watermarks.

[+] Schedule surveys:

  • SurveyChimp also allows you to plan and schedule your surveys in advance.
  • You can run surveys whenever you want.

[+] Voice surveys:

  • Do you hate typing? You can now create voice surveys and save time.
  • The good thing about these surveys is that you can allow your respondents to complete your surveys verbally. Cater to everyone’s interests.

[+] Clone surveys:

  • If you create the first survey and it becomes successful, you can save it for future use in just a click.
  • You can use the same one on any platform or for another client.

[+] IP blocking enabled:

  • There is no point of running surveys if someone can skew your results, that’s why SurveyChimp allows you to block an IP once it has been used to fill in survey questions.
  • This means that you will get a true reflection of your products or brand.

SurveyChimp Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About SurveyChimp:

SurveyChimp Reviews

At last! Surveychimp – a highly engaging conversation tool with access to 1.3 billion via FB messenger potentials. Perfect for newbie and professional marketers.
Amien Jacobs
Anything that can get your targeted prospect/clients pain points is invaluable
Jeff Yoe
Will definetely invest in the White-label for IM Buyers Club. Already requested by several members and will increase the value of the membership.
Karl G Olson
Surveys can be a great entre or upgrade to a social media campaign. This will be a real plus for agencies in supporting and expanding their client base.
David M. O’Neill
Surveys are a great way to encourage engagement. Integration with FB Messenger is a real advantage.
Timothy Hackler
Finally be able to get into the list building without competing -everything will be unique – sounds great
Daniel Rodgers
I would purchase and use SurveyChimp for several things but one specific would be to determine why people may abandon a shopping cart purchase or sales page. I would provide some form of a high-value content offer in exchange for the reason(s) they did not purchase to identify the problem(s) that need to be fixed or adjusted to increase the purchase rate. Blessings!
Frank Lugenheim
Surveys are under the radar method to get feedback/intelligence data for your business, so you can then create a specific response based on survey results. You can create a custom product, custom service that you may not have thought of if you ask the right open ended questions like how can we make this product better? What would you like to see added to this product? Then you can create the product, report, checklist, etc based on the survey!!!
Robert Reuter
Being able to do high engagement survey within FB Messenger is a game-changer. Marketers who have SurveyChimp have the advantage.Having this resource to use for our Clients helps us deliver leads that are higher quality to get better conversion rates.
Matthew Maginley
Integrating FB Messenger and utilizing AI to help analyze responses are first to market and the developers are a few of my go-to, most-trusted out there. I’m ready to deploy!
Miles Austin
First, I’m a huge fan of both Martin and Karthik, and love their tools and support! Second, as a team focused on chatbot marketing, adding in the ability to let our clients do more within Messenger is huge, and will let Domino’s Pizza gather more data for our marketing, and our resort clients can learn more about their timeshare owners and resort visitors! Count me in!
Ross Brezovar


SurveyChimp OTO OR Upsells:



OTO#1: SurveyChimp Pro ($87 OR $97 Onetime Payment – There Is A downsell selling For $67)

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

You can now unlock more features and exclusive assets that allows you to maximize the profits you get with SurveyChimp…….
Here are the features you will unlock once you purchase SurveyChimp Pro;

[+] Advanced list segmentation:

  • With PRO upgrade, you will have the ability to segment your leads based on their responses.
  • This way, you will be sending relevant emails to them, and thus have better conversion.

[+] Survey quota:

  • You can now put a limit to the number of people who can take up a survey and charge your clients more if they would want more people to take up these surveys.

[+] Pop-up surveys:

  • Ensure your surveys pop up on a page when a certain action is triggered.
  • For instance, you can display a survey on load, when a person tries to exit a page, or when they click on a page.

[+] Smart widget surveys:

  • Run surveys from the widget of your website to ensure that your user-experience is not compromised.

[+] Time-based surveys:

  • Insert a timer inside your surveys to create urgency.

[+] Other features:

  • More types of premium questions to choose from
  • Conduct survey based on Geolocation

This is an upgrade for people who would like to take surveys to a whole new level.

OTO#2: Survey Chimp Agency ($147 OR $197 Onetime Payment – There Is A downsell selling For $67)

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

Now that SurveyChimp comes with a commercial license that allows you to run lead-generation surveys, you need to look like an agency if you want to land well-paying clients, and this is what SurveyChimp Agency offers…….
  • With the Agency upgrade, you will get a DFY website that comes loaded with content, which you can customize.
  • With a website, you will look professional and your clients are more likely to trust you that you will generate sensible leads for them.
  • In addition to this, this upgrade allows you to create accounts for clients so that they can use SurveyChimp to run their own campaigns.
So, for people who would like to earn more from SurveyChimp, this is the upgrade to get.


OTO#3: Survey Chimp DFY Package & Template Club ($49 OR $77 Onetime Payment – There Is A downsell selling For $37)

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

If you want to run many surveys, you will need to use different set of questions to keep things fresh, and this upgrade is here to make this easier for you…..
  • With DFY Package and Template Club, you will unlock survey templates that have questions based on market trends.
  • The templates gives your respondents a better experience since they have been designed by talented experts.
  • What’s more, in addition to the 10 DFY survey campaigns templates you will get, you will also be given 3 templates every month.
  • The good thing about these upgrade is that it comes with a commercial license, which means that you will be allowed to commercialize these templates.
Upgrade now to get access to these templates.

OTO#4: SurveyChimp White Label ($297 For 50 Licenses  OR $397 For 100 Licenses)

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

Would you want to own a software without having to create one from scratch?
Well, this is your chance.
SurveyChimp White Label rights gives you permission to rebrand SurveyChimp so that you can sell it as your own……
  • You can now rebrand SurveyChimp using your own logo and colors so that it can look like your creation.
  • What’s more, you are also given permission to use the sales material on the SurveyChimp official website as your own to promote your software.
  • This is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you should not miss out on.
Get White Label rights for SurveyChimp and own a software.

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SurveyChimp Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Survey Chimp?

Surveys remain to be a popular way of engaging customers and allowing them to feel valued.

This is especially great for local businesses such as restaurants, dentist, opticians, and many other offline business.
Formulating questions such as how was our service?
What would you want us to improve? Was the service satisfactory? Etc. are popular with offline business.
You can choose to run these surveys on behalf of local businesses and submit answers to them using SurveyChimp.
What’s more, you can use survey questions to generate leads for local business.
For instance, if you send out survey questions to group of people in a certain area about teeth problems, everyone who responds is a lead you can sell to a local dentist clinic.
There are many ways you can benefit from SurveyChimp.
Get this software today!

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Thanks a lot For Reading My SurveyChimp Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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