Stakk Review & Bonuses – How To Create professional looking pop-ups for any website Fast?

If you are searching for a detailed Stakk review, keep reading as I wrote a complete Review of Stakk Plugin to know all details about it, its creators and how it will enable you to Create Pop-ups Fast in a very short time.

Stakk Review

Stakk Overview:

Authors: Bobby Walker, Sam Firlay and Sean Donahoe
Release Date: Thursday, February 5th 2015
Market: Online Marketing & Software
Bonuses: See My Exclusive $2814 Bonuses
Skill Level Needed: Beginners and Advanced
Recommended: Yes

The Main Idea Behind Stakk

In the world of internet marketing we are always looking for the newest tool that would make our clients happy. There have been a lot of advances in this field and most of them do work. However, we must never forget the old ones. With all of this cult of the new regarding marketing tools one of the most underrated and underused is the old “pop-up.” A lot of internet marketers out there have declared that the pop-up is dead and nothing will bring it back. I disagree, and proof of its usefulness is a new software that promises to make the use and optimization of the humble pop-up a very easy task. Even for most who are a little technically challenged.

So, what is Stakk?

Stakk is software or more exactly a software plug-in that is designed to make it easy for anyone to produce professional looking pop-ups for any website. It combines services so that those pop-ups will be very powerful and then stacks them up for visual appeal.

Stakk  software promises to make pop-up design, implementation, and optimization easy for those with little or no training in code. If you like variety and do know code, then there are more avenues of customization available for you.

The software will create the pop-up by allowing you to fill in the relevant information. Let’s say that you want to make a simple e-mail registration form. Stakk lets you write the message, tweak the colors and fonts. It will also link your viewers to any section of your web page.

It also gives you the option of choosing between 5 different types of pop-ups. They can be used alone or they can stack together. It is at the user’s discretion what types of pop-ups he or she would like to put together.

Who created Stakk Plugin?

Sean DonahoeBobby WalkerWho created Stakk



The brains behind Stakk software are Sean Donahoe, Bobby Walker and Sam Firlay. Both Sean Donahoe and Bobby Walker are internet Marketing affiliates who have enjoyed great success in the business. Sean is a word press plug-in specialist and is the founder and owner of Rapidmailer and wp profit builder.

Both of these word press plug-ins are in great demand and have had great distribution. Bobby Walker is also a well-known marketing expert and is the owner of various internet marketing tools like Blue page, Tabfu and Product Pay.

The last person to complete this team is software developer Sam Firlay, he designed and founded the company behind Tabfu that together with Blue page is a social networking marketing tool.

How does Stakk Plugin work?

Stakk  software is developed based on the idea that pop-ups will capture the attention of your visitors quickly. Since the software will take over the whole screen, your ad, survey or email subscription service will be the focal point of your visitor’s attention. The ability of the Stakk  software to use HD video also means that the software can fully capture your viewer’s interests. So, if you have found that your would-be clients just clicked away from your site, this is a very good way to capture their attention.

Stakk Features

 The Stakk dashboard 

  • The first thing that catches your eye is the layout of the plug-in. It is very well thought out, what you think should be there, is there. That is to say, it is very intuitive in its buttons and drop down menus. If you are used to filling forms, you won’t even miss a beat coming into Stakk.
  • In order to create the pop-up, you’ll have to fill the proper fields like the name of your pop-up and select where the pop-up will appear. I found this feature very useful, you can assign the same pop-up to different pages here. Nice of the designers to include it. Stakk   also lets you choose what will trigger the pop-up. Let’s say that you want your visitor to be exposed to the stack when he or she scrolls down, you’ll choose that trigger as well as how long after the trigger has been tripped and that’s it. No coding. Here you can also find what type of animation you want the pop-up to have. And finally the appearance that the pop-up will have.
  • On the right is the basic text that you’ll put on your pop-up. But it also lets you stack them on top of one another, so you can choose from different options and put a counter on top of an offer for example.
 The timer  
  • The next feature I’m going to talk about is the timer feature. It is a countdown timer that is a great tool to create urgency for the viewer. It works very well in combination with offers. So, the Stakk plug-in lets you include your own counter in association with other pop-ups. You can customize the look of the timer and choose between a regular countdown timer and an evergreen timer (which they call “user aware” for some reason). So, one would count backwards towards a specific date and the other will refresh after the time is spent. One for the launching of a product and the other for the time left on an offer. If you are an old hand at internet marketing you’ll recognize the potential of this feature easily enough.
 The offer  
  • This is where you give your customer the option to receive a special offer. This feature is very similarly laid out to the other forms. It gives you the option to link the offer pop-up with an opt-in option. This is done so you’ll get improved, and a greater number of, email responses.
  • On the offer section Stakk  will enable you to , aside from customizing the look of the offer pop-up, add or subtract features to your offer. You’ll also have to link this with the opt-in section, and this is done with a simple fool proof check box. Now, let’s move on to the opt-in section


  • When you select the opt-in tab on the plug-in, you will be able to paste the form code that a 3rd party auto responder generates. You can also choose an auto responder that is listed in the drop down menu that is provided by the plug-in. These can also be optimized and customized to your heart’s desire.

 Going live 

  • After you have tweaked your pop-up stack you can publish it directly from the plug-in. And once you’ve done that, there is another very nice feature of Stakk wp Plugin that I liked a lot. The plug-in will give you a different set of options from which the most important are Analytics and Duplication. Duplication will help you quickly add the current pop-up to your other pages. The analytics will give you a whole bunch of relevant info, like: Views, clicks, results of your surveys, emails, sales, and if you write in your utility it will also give you your earnings per click.

What Well Known Names Are Saying About Stakk ?

Who is Stakk Plugin for?

  • I think this is a very important question to answer, since marketers are always looking for ways to make their life more productive. Is this something that marketers will like because of its features? Well the answer is yes. If you like things done effectively and quickly, then you’ll love Stakk . What about do it yourself blog owners? And again Stakk delivers the goods. You don’t need to know anything about the internet, aside from the basics to use this product.

Stakk OTO’S

There are two extremely high quality and useful OTOs as part of this package:

EZY2 Install 2

  • This is a desktop software package that is compatible with both Windows and Mac, one that is designed to help you with installing your WordPress sites quickly and easily. Whether you understand coding or not, whether you can find your way around the various backend admin systems of your chosen hosting platform or it is all a bit intimidating, this software can save you time and effort.
  • It allows you to build marketing optimized WordPress sites complete with all appropriate plug-ins on your desktop, customize the admin and security settings and perfect your design all on your desktop in the simple, easy to use interface. You can then publish it to your main or sub domain right from within the software and set it to auto update so you never have to go through the admin system again. You can even save the site as a preset for a future project, making things even quicker.
  • It deals with installation, settings and plug-ins and updates automatically. These are without question the four biggest causes of frustration and lost time when dealing with a WordPress site, and whether a novice or an old hand, it provides a new way of looking at WordPress.


  • Created by Dorahoe, Walker and Firlay, this second OTO is a self-managed autoresponder platform designed with email marketing in mind.
  • For many users the stand-out feature of Rapidmailer is that is has no monthly fees, and can indeed save people significant sums on their autoresponder outlay over time, but for me that is not doing this product justice. Yes, the savings on monthly costs are nice, but it has so many features and useful tools that focusing on that is missing the point.
  • With completely unrestricted importing and mailing (no restrictions here) providing users with complete campaign control and the ability to create complete, profitable, paid lists instantly, a unique feature for Rapidmailer, this is a serious autoresponder for any marketer. Full WordPress integration, blog broadcasts and easy editor make this feature rich product also easy to use even for the novice, and with its mobile friendly interface, you can create, run and keep track of campaigns wherever you are.
  • With a wealth of different templates and comprehensive tracking and statistical analysis all included, it has everything that any marketer could need for not only the creation and running of highly successful campaigns, but of analyzing and improving them as well. As every successful marketer knows, it is that latter activity that makes real success online happen.

Stakk  Review Conclusion

In conclusion would I recommend Stakk  Plugin ? Yes I would. It seems to be specially design for marketers. The proactive marketer that wants results with minimum of energy investment. If you don’t want to learn new terms, or skills, this is for you. If what you want is to do what you do best which is market products on line, and don’t want to get tangled and slowed down by the tech that is supposed to be working for you, well then this is also for you.

What most impressed me was the survey+offer+opt-in combo. This is something that I’ve always wanted to make easier, without the convoluted process of putting everything together yourself. Here we have one software that does it all, simply set up and be done with it. I love this feature.

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