(Launched) Source Phoenix Review & Bonus – How To Reach 7 Figure SEO Level?

If you are searching for a honest Source Phoenix Review, keep reading as I wrote a detailed Review of Source Phoenix SEO training course that was created by Alex Becker to know all information about it and how you can reach 7 Figure SEO Level from applying the SEO techniques you will learn from this course.


Source Phoenix Overview:

Creator         : Alex Becker
Release Date: 2014 -11-3
Release Time: 11:00 EDT
Niche             : SEO & Affiliate Marketing & SEO client
Price              :
$997 One Tome Payment
Refund          :
60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support        :
Very Good Support Team.
Official site:
Bonuses      : My Very Special $2814 Bonuses.
Recommended      :
Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed:
All Levels

What Is Source Phoenix Training Course?

  • Source Phoenix is the newest SEO training course that has been created by Alex Becker that will show you step by step how to start making money with search engine optimization.
  • You will learn from 3 SEO experts how they succeeded to build their SEO business and make more than $300.000 every single month by applying SEO strategies such as creating and ranking affiliate websites, running SEO services, getting SEO clients who pay them on autopilot and other techniques.
  • With Source Phoenix training course, you will get access to SEO Nova plugin .

What You Will Learn With Source Phoenix Training Course?

MODULE 1: The Ropes

This module is created for all beginners who don’t know information about search engine optimization, this module covers all details about SEO such as:

  • The Definition of SEO.
  • How Does It Work?
  • How to choose the most profitable niches.
  • How to start the process of creating your own well optimized website, setting it up and getting high quality backlinks to it.
MODULE 2: Advanced Affiliate SEO

This module covers:

  • What is the meaning of Affiliate SEO?
  • How does it work?
  • How you can succeed in earning money on autopilot from Affiliate SEO?
  • How to choose the most profitable and high converting affiliate products to promote?
  • How to choose buyers keywords?
  • How to create your affiliate website that converts well for your promoted products.
  • How to safely rank your site from building web 2.0 sites that have high authority.
  • The two types of SEO: On Page and off Page strategies.
  • How to outsource affiliate SEO and get an employee.
  • Niches for Foreign SEO.
  • How to succeed in managing link fluctuations and Handling the new changes in SEO.
  • The most effective and easiest ways to buy and build your own PBNS (private blog network websites).
  • How you can use Anchor text safely to rank your website for high competitive keywords so that you will not be penalized by Google.
MODULE 3: Module 3: Client SEO

In this module, Alex Becker and Jake Tanner will cover:

  • What is the meaning of Client SEO?
  • How to rank clients websites fast?
  • How to easily and quickly get clients and convert them into customers and make monthly income from them.
  • How to use Facebook to get clients.
  • Advanced strategies you can apply to enable you to grow your client based business, rank your client site and outrank all your competitors as well so that you can get the most possible number of clients to your site.
Module 4: Quick Cash and SEO Services

Alex Cass will cover:

  • How you can use SEO services that are considered as one of the hottest niches these days to be a seller in with places and services like renting websites, building and ranking websites, renting links, renting pages and other SEO services that are people searching for and ready to pay you for them.
  • How to start creating a profitable SEO based business without needing to rank any websites like buying old websites and then selling them for higher price.
  • How you succeed in making a 5-10x figure monthly with Source Phoenix training course from renting out sites and building quick and easy to run high profitable seo services.
  • Launch jacking
  • Webinar jacking
  •    Private Blog networks builder.
  • High end niche method
  • And More

What You Will Get With Source Phoenix Training?

The Four Main modules.
  • 2 months of group webinars that will cover all your asked questions about search engine optimization with their detailed answers and also personal coaching from SEO experts who are already making more than $10k monthly from applying SEO techniques that you will learn.
The SEO Nova Software.

So, What Is SEO Nova?

  • SEO Nova is a WordPress Plugin that will give you the ability to generate high quality unique content for your own websites, build free backlinks for your content, apply all techniques that will help your website on search engines and manage your paid backlink.
You will get access to source catalyst software

What is source catalyst software?

  • This software will give you the ability to get backlinks for your own website and rank it safely and for free from trading high authority links so that you will not need building PBN and waste your money.
  • With source catalyst software, you will get all needed details about the websites that you want to trade links with such as the number of Referring Domains, Backlinks, Aherfs Domain Rank, URL rank, page rank and other information.

Review conclusion:

Lastly, why I highly recommend you to get your membership at Source Phoenix?

If you are searching for the guaranteed way to start earning money online and building your long term online business, SEO will be that way. Source Phoenix is the complete SEO training course that will teach you step by step how to succeed in making monthly income from applying SEO techniques the right way such as affiliate marketing, SEO services, SEO clients and more while enhancing, growing your level in SEO until reaching expert level.

Source Phoenix Training Course

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