Sonority Review + BEST BONUS + Discount- World’s FIRST EVER Software Turns Your Scripts Into Synthetic Human Voice-Overs & Creates Studio Quality Music-Beats For All Your Videos In 3 Simple Steps!

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Sonority REAL User Review Plus Best Sonority Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Sonority Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Sonority Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Sonority OTO details & Premium BONUSES and how This Ultimate Audio Track Software Powered By A.I Will Turn Your Scripts Into Synthetic Human Voice-Overs & Creates Studio Quality Music-Beats For All Your Videos In 3 Simple Steps!


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Sonority Review

Sonority Overview:

Creators: Abhi Dwivedi
Date Of Launch: 2021-06-24
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of Sonority?

Abhi Dwivedi is a well-known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing tools such as bCast, AIWA, VideoReel and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Sonority?

Many marketers get their videos pulled down from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video hosting platforms because of using unlicensed audio tracks.

This forces them to buy royalty-free music tracks from voice over artists or fellow marketers, thereby making their video creating process expensive.

But now, Sonority has come to change that narrative………..

With just a one-time payment, you can gain access to Sonority software and be able to create audio tracks and voiceovers for your video projects and those of your clients.

Keep reading our detailed Sonority review to learn more about this revolutionary software.

So, What Is Sonority?

Sonority can be termed as a 3-in-1 software that allows you to create audio tracks, voiceovers, and videos.

In other words, we can term it as the ultimate audio track and voiceover creating software that uses the power of A.1.

Creating audio tracks for your video projects and those of your clients with Sonority is easy;

=> Step 1:
  • Create a voice by inserting your script or text and picking a voice from the 15 different voiceover artists provided and download.
=> Step 2:
  • Create music that is copyright-free and unique using the A.I. powered software.
=> Step 3:
  • Mix and match multiple voice overs and audios to come up with unique audio track.
It’s that simple.

==>See The Power Of Sonority (Sonority Review Video)<==



How Does Sonority Software Work?

==>Sonority Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==



Sonority Features + What’s Included:

[+] Voiceover creator:

  • Sonority uses advanced voiceover technologies to create uniquely-sounding voiceovers that you can use in your videos and those of your clients.
  • Experience quality-sounding voiceovers with this next-gen speech technology that offers 15 unique voice artists.
  • And the good thing is that you can create voiceovers in 10 different languages.

[+] Music track creator:

  • In videos, musical tracks help to create a mood, which is why you need to include music tracks in your videos.
  • Sonority allows you to create unique music tracks to suit different moods, genres, and styles. All the music you create using this software are unique and copyright-free.

[+] Audio clips create:

  • Using the inbuilt voiceover creator and music track synthesizer, you can create full audio-tracks for you podcast or videos.
  • Also, you can join multiple music tracks or voiceovers to create longer audio tracks to suit your lengthy videos.

[+] Turn audios to videos:

  • Sonority also allows you to create videos from audio tracks with ease. Make great sounding videos with just a few clicks.

[+] Over 50 sound effects:

  • To make your audio tracks more appealing and put emphasis on some parts, Sonority gives you different types of sound effects.
  • From human sound effects, transportation sounds, and communication sounds, to button sounds, background sounds, and nature sounds – you will have it all with Sonority.

[+] Create lengthier voice-overs:

  • Sonority also helps you to create longer voiceovers for your longer videos without the need to buy more credits or upgrade.

[+] Create lengthier music tracks:

  • Longer videos require longer, interesting audio tracks playing in the background, and now Sonority allows you to create and add audio tracks that are up to 3 minutes long.

[+] Cloud storage:

  • You don’t need to download and store your audios and voiceover in your local drive as Sonority gives you ample cloud storage space.
  • With cloud storage, you can access all your work from whenever you are as long as you have internet connection and a browser.

[+] Compatibility with major video software:

  • Sonority integrates with major video software including, StoryReel, CourseReel, LiveReel, ScriptReel, Adobe After Effects, and much more.

[+] Other features include:

  • Detailed training in both video and PDF.
  • Dedicated support.
  • Commercial license.

Sonority FAQ’S:


Q1: How easy is it to use Sonority?
  • Sonority was made with newbie-marketers in mind.
  • All you need is to point-n-click to create audio tracks and voiceovers. You don’t need to have any special skills or experience.
Q2: Is there a money-back guarantee?
  • Yes. Sonority is backed by a 14-days money-back guarantee. If you don’t enjoy using Sonority, you can request to get your investment back.
Q3: Is this Windows and Mac compatible?
  • Yes. Sonority is a cloud-based software, which means it is compatible with any operating system.
Q4: Are there any monthly fees?
  • There are no monthly fees for people who will purchase this software during the launch period. However, future customers will have to pay monthly fees.

Sonority Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Sonority:

Sonority Reviews
What People Are Saying About Sonority

Sonority OTO OR Upsells:


OTO#1: Sonority Unlimited ($67 Per Year)

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

There were some restriction imposed on the basic license due to issues with bandwidth, but now you can remove these restrictions by going unlimited.
  • With unlimited ability, you can generate massive profits with ease.
Here are the features you will enjoy in Sonority Unlimited;

[+] Create unlimited voicovers, audio tracks, music tracks, and waveform videos:
  • The basic license had a capping of only 50 voiceovers and music tracks, but now with Sonority, you can create as many voiceover, audio tracks, waveform, and music tracks in a day as you can. In addition, there is no limit to the number of edits one can make on the voiceover tracks you create.
[+] Unlimited characters:
  • Basic license restricted users to only 1000 characters per voiceover but now you can create voiceovers with unlimited characters.
  • Unlimited audio file storage on Sonority cloud.
  • Enjoy priority support.
If you are a serious marketer, this is a no-brainer upgrade.

OTO#2: Sonority Professional ($67 Onetime Payment)

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

This upgrade is for people who would like to take advantage of the commercial license….
  • It gives you access to 40 more voiceover artists as well as pro features such as voiceover script rewriter and a lot more.
Here are features to expect in Sonority Professional;

[+] 40 more premium voices and voice styles:
  • In addition to the 15 voiceover artists given in the basic license, you also get 40 more to give you variety.
  • With more variety, you will be able to create voiceovers for different clients in different niches.
[+] Voiceover script rewrite:
  • This allows you to rewrite article or script in seconds to create a new, unique script.
[+] Upload and transcript:
  • If you want to repurpose videos, you don’t have to start from scratch. Simply upload any audio file or video and create transcribe.
  • You will have the original script, which you can then rewrite to create a new script.
[+] Commercial license for the 40 premium voices:
  • This allows you to use the voiceovers for clients’ projects.
Get the Sonority Professional upgrade today!

OTO#3: Sonority Agency ($59 Onetime Payment)

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

Sonority Agency upgrade is for marketers who want to start a professional voiceover and music agency……
  • This upgrade unlocks agency features and reseller panel to allow you create and sell 50 Sonority accounts to your clients for a profit.
Here are the reasons to get Sonority Agency upgrade;
  • Allows you to create and sell Sonority accounts. You get a chance to sell access to Sonority software to 50 clients. You can choose to give access for a monthly fee or for a one-time price, and you get to keep all the profits. The choice is yours.
  • To get access to BusinessFinder App that allows you to find local businesses from all over the world.
  • Agency client review accounts where your clients can see voiceover and audio tracks you are creating.
  • Virtual and team accounts to allow you to outsource work.
  • Get DFY client contracts for professionalism.
  • Get access to lead magnets to help you land more clients.
  • Get DFY agency website to help you sell your services.
  • And many other features.
Get Sonority Agency today!

OTO#4: CourseReel ($67 Onetime Payment)

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

CourseReel is a video course creator that allows you to create courses with ease. If you would like to create videos and courses, this is the upgrade to get…..
  • With CourseReel, you can create videos up to 20 minutes long. In addition, it has text-to-speech technology that allows you to create texts from audios.
  • It also gives you access to some of the best stock image sites so that you can create image videos with ease.
  • This is the software you need if you would like to start selling courses.
Get CourseReel today!

OTO#5: PlayerNeos ($47 Onetime Payment)

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Sonority Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Sonority?

You don’t have to hire voiceover artists to create voiceovers for your videos or pay for audio tracks again as Sonority has got you covered.

This software suits;
  • Local marketers looking to create videos to showcase their gyms, restaurants, etc.
  • Newbie marketers who are targeting YouTube audience. You can create background music and voiceover for your video course or video for YouTube.
  • YouTubers and Bloggers who want to create quick videos and podcasts for their audience.
Get Sonority today for a one-time price!

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Thanks a lot For Reading My Sonority Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂