(Launched) Socialite Pro Review – Newest social media training Course

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I Made Full Review of Socialite Pro to get Full Picture of it , it’s levels and it’s creators Luke Maguire, Alex Becker and Alex Cass.


Socialite Pro Overview:

Creators       : Luke Maguire in cooperation with Alex Becker and Alex Cass
Launch Date: 2014-09-24
Niche             : Social Media Marketing
Price              : $49 – $69 – $79
Refund          : 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support        : Very Good and Fast Support.
Official site  : http://www.socialite-pro.com/
Bonuses: Yes, My Special Bonuses worth $2814.

Delivery: Instantly after purchase process you will redirect to members area.
Recommended       : Yes
Skill Level Needed : All Levels

First, who Are the Creators of Socialite Pro?

Socialite Pro Review

Luke Maguire, Alex Becker and Alex Cass are the men behind Socialite Pro.

Luke Maguire is a full time internet marketer specializing in social media, SEO,Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

He helps other’s businesses to grow themselves online through his company which is named Social Media Mansion.

Alex Becker is the owner of Source Wave Marketing which is one of the fastest growing successful SEO and internet marketing blogs in the United States of America.

In his blog, He helps people to get high amount of free traffic from SEO.

Alex Cass is an expert in SEO and Internet marketing fields.

He created different internet marketing training courses and he in cooperation with Alex Becker have created SEO Zen software which achieved big success in SEO industry.

What Is Socialite Pro?

Socialite Pro is a complete Done for You social media training course which will show you step by step how to make money from social media.It is video series training program that will teach you  how to create social media pages from A To Z and how to succeed in converting your new pages into money.

Some Of main key points You Will Learn With Socialite Pro

Facebook Training

Luke will teach you with video series:

Luke will share with you

  • His personal Facebook campaigns that enabled him to make more than 100k net profit per year with Socialite Pro.
  • The most effective ways to use your competitors fans for your benefits and how to make highly converting ads.
  • The best markets and niches with hot buyers to target and how to target these niches.
  • How he succeeded in making sales and profits within 24 hours starting from scratch.
  • How to Automate what you do from your content getting, messaging fans from competitors’ pages, your ads and inviting people to your new Facebook pages or groups.
  • How to create Facebook Dark posts “the most effective way to market on Facebook “while tracking your results.
Instagram Money Making

Automated Posting

  • You will learn how to easily automate your Instagram updates.

Luke will show you

  • How he spends only 2 hours per month per his Instagram account to set up content to be presented different times daily so that you will be able to engage and connect with your chosen niche effectively.

Fan Interaction Optimization

  • How to create your accounts to automatically like & comment on multiple peoples profiles on hot niche markets so that you will not waste time to sit all the day clicking on different peoples profiles to comment and like” it is a very important thing you will learn with Socialite Pro “.
  • How to get hundreds of real likes and followers on your profiles and images every day.

Content Getting

  • You will learn how to get thousands of images that you can upload to your account without wasting time.

Instagram Money Making

  • You will learn all the ways about how to start making money on Instagram.
YouTube Marketing
  • You will learn how to choose the best keywords to rank your created videos for while getting as many views as possible.
  • You will learn how to rank videos for keywords with high search volume.
  • How to outrank your competitor videos by uploading your videos the right way.
  • How to get high quality shares, comments, likes and views to your videos.
Elite Website Creation series
  • You will learn how to create your own website from scratch in within 2 hours so that you will have the best results from linking your site with your social media profiles.

Socialite Pro Bonuses

Bonus 1 – Socialite Eye SOFTWARE

With this software, you will be able to get thousands of local leads in any niche you choose and in any location so that you will not waste your time searching for local clients while increasing your earnings.

Bonus 2 – Youtube Celebrity Recording Masterclass

Luke will show you with basic tools how to record highly engaging, professional, videos and become a YouTube celebrity.

Bonus 3 – Four Instagram Accounts, 7 Days Case Study.

This case study will show you how you can succeed in increasing your lead getting in any niche.

Bonus 4 – Logo/Cover Photo/Display Picture Design Module

You will learn how to create highly converting, beautiful and engaging images for free so that you will save you money hiring other people to create your logos.

Bonus 5 – My Special $2814 Bonuses

You will find them all below.

How Does Socialite Pro work?

Here is a video  Walkthrough 

Socialite Pro Levels & Prices

There are three levels :

Socialite Pro Status, Socialite Pro Elite and Socialite Pro Celeb.

Socialite Pro Status ($49):

In this level:

  • You will learn step by step how to run your business on the most relevant social media channels and how to get fans who are interested in your niche market to your page.
  • How to create your money making social media profiles on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram by following detailed easy videos.
  • You will learn all basic principles of social media starting from creating your new account, learning the layout, uploading. All basic principles are covered.
  • How to drive high amount of targeted traffic outside of SEO.
  • How to reach highly targeted niches by using Facebook Ads Manager the right way.
  • You will learn how to understand the analytics of your different social media streams and how to use them to your advantages.
  • You will be introduced to time saving auto pilot tools that will enable you to enhance your social media practices.
  • How to be prepared with a skill set that will enable you to start local marketing for local businesses.
  • You will see the Do’s and Don’ts of some of the best social media marketer in the industry to enhance your overall social media business.


Socialite Pro Elite ($69):

You will get all the Socialite Pro Status Training plus Socialite Pro Elite.

Socialite Pro Elite will show you the proof and starting cases from scratch that succeeded not only to get high amount of targeted fast growing fan pages but also convert them into money.

With Socialite Pro Elite, you will be provided with:

  • Different Facebook money making case study tutorials.
  • Advanced facebook ads tutorials for Mega niche targeting.
  • Different Instagram Money making case study tutorials.
  • YouTube Ranking tutorials.
  • Complete Website creation series:

You will learn step by step how to create your website starting from choosing domain name, Hosting, installing wordpress, themes, plugins, link cloaking and more.

  • Retargeting campaigns:

You will learn how to get the most amounts of customers all over the internet.

  • Dark Post Walkthrough Campaigns:

Dark Post is one of the most trending topics in social media marketing today.

  • Power Editor Tutorials
  • Affiliate, local & Personal product sale tutorials and case studies:

You will learn how to use them to increase your earnings.

  • Advanced techniques & Tools:

These tools will help you control your social media marketing while saving you a lot of time.

  • Social media outsourcing:

How to hire other people to do your work for a minimal cost so that you will be able to spend your time on more effective things.


Socialite Pro Celeb ($79):

You will get all the Socialite Pro Status Training plus Socialite Pro Elite and Socialite Pro Celeb.

This Level includes:

  • Social Media Domination campaigns:

You will get access to easy to follow video series that include step by step how to setup campaigns in the most profitable niches.

  • 100k+ per year SINGLE campaign breakdown:

You will get access to easy to follow series that will show you the most effective strategies to setup these powerful campaigns and how to repeat & rinse these strategies to setup more than one powerful campaign.

  • Outsourcing Series:

You will learn how to outsource and create actually any product you can think of and how you can turn this product into a profitable autopilot campaign.

  • Top online market niches defined:

In addition, you will learn how to reach this market.

  • Money Making Power Campaigns:

You will get access to real time social media campaigns that will show you the whole process of setting up Power Campaigns from creation to moneymaking power pages.

  • Local marketing series:

You will learn how to use the power of local marketing by setting up “can’t say no” local campaign.

  • Secret Tool tutorials:

These tools will enable you to have an unfair competitive advantage over your competition.

  • Walkthroughs of Luke Maguire’s most profitable online social media pages & campaigns.
  • Tee spring Revealed course:

Tee spring is one of the most trending topics today so you will learn how to create profitable Tee spring campaigns.

  • Trial tactics series:

You will get access to the latest ideas, software, programs, techniques and tips which will give you the ability to enhance your social media marketing.

  • List Building Series:

You will learn how to use the power of email marketing by building email lists using social media while getting more leads.

Socialite Pro Review conclusion:

In the end, why I highly recommend you to get your membership at Socialite Pro?

 Because Socialite Pro will show you from A To Z how to start your social media online business .

From creating your social media channels of extremely niche market followers ,turning your followers into customers.

Socialite Pro will not only teach you how to make money from social media marketing, but also all basics about Website creation,list building , local marketing and case studies as well.

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