Social Jacker Review + BEST BONUS + Discount- Get REAL TARGETED EMAIL LEADS From Facebook IN ANY NICHE on 100% AUTOPILOT!

Social Jacker Review Plus Best Social Jacker Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Social Jacker Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Social Jacker software plugin to discover everything about it, It’s features, Social Jacker OTO details and how This New Facebook Technology will enable you to build your email lists on complete autopilot without a website or a landing page!


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Social Jacker Review

Social Jacker Overview:

Creator: Ankur Shukla
Date Of Launch: 2018-01-24
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Social Jacker?

Ankur Shukla is the Creator of Social Jacker. He is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful internet marketing products and software such as WP Social Contact, Tube Rank Machine, WP FRESHSTART 4.0, EmailFindr, Azon Profit Builder and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Social Jacker?

You know having an email list is the most important asset you can have in your online business and people spend hundreds and thousands of god in building their email lists, but you know they pay a lot of money for each email.

Now imagine what you could do if you would actually build a huge email list for free?

Here Comes Social Jacker Software…..

Social Jacker gets you real email leads directly from Facebook and that are highly targeted and it gets it on complete autopilot

So, What Is Social Jacker?

Social Jacker is an amazing software because it can actually help you build a huge email list without spending a dime.

Yes and you can do that even if you do not have a website yes:

  • without a website
  • without building a landing page
  • without actually having an autoresponder….You can build a huge email list.

==> See The Power Of Social Jacker (Social Jacker Review Video)<==


How Does Social Jacker Software Work?

==> Social Jacker Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<== 

Social Jacker Software

Social Jacker Features:
Social Jacker Features

Social Jacker Results:

Social Jacker Results

Social Jacker Reviews” see what users are saying about Social Jacker:

Wow,I love your creative and simple solutions for getting in front of targeted
audience. A great tool can stand alone,this seem like a Really great tool!
Jeff Gregson
I love the concept, but when I looked at some of the pages you created on a mobile phone the Social Jacker box was very small, almost to the point of being easily overlooked on my screen. With 75-80% of my market on mobile this is not a viable option for me. Hopefully this can be corrected in a future update, but for now I am going to pass.
Patrick Montgomery
Very Impressed. Looks like a real winner here. Can’t wait to get my hands on this!!
Tricia Robinson
awesome @Dan and Ankur – this is one jack of all trades + master of “fun” tool… i loved the previous releases too and am super excited about this one too.. love from india <3
Sari Grace
Wow I am going to use this with my Marketing firm, we offer many services and one is bots and this is a great way to get them in the know and collect leads we also have run a few stores which will using this to gather customers
Chris Potter
Building a mailing list is tough, time consuming and can be expensive. Social Jacker gives us all the opportunity to build a targeted email list. That means we all have the opportunity to build success through using Social Jacker. A unique piece of software, giving a unique opportunity.
You can Jack up your profits using Social Jacker. Work hard, work consistently, using Social Jacker to build a profitable mailing list. It is a “No brainer”. I will be at the front of the queue for SocialJacker. Who will be first in line? Who will be the first to Jack up their profits and build there mailing list. I am already out of the blocks. Don’t miss this opportunity.
Nic Castle
As I have been looking at launch calanders, There are products that would be great to be a part of but having a targeted list for these products is not always so easy. None of us would like to sign up to promote a product just to send bad and untargeted traffic to it. Social Jacker is a way to build targeted lists for promo’s which will benefit vendors and sellers alike. So when i get my hands on this software I will be coordinating Social Jacker with my launch calanders which will enable me to be a stronger finisher in list building and in promo’s that I choose to promote. What I like with the software is that you dont have to be a tech genius to make it work. It will work for all level’s of marketers and will make the difference in my own marketing. I am a long time customer of yours and hope to be able to get access to Social Jacker to finially help me to get the results I am looking for.
This is cool. Using it to get clients for local offline businesses will be awesome. Not only building a email list that can be remarketed to, but also charge local businesses to build their brand and products and get repeat business. Well done!
Wolfgang Wfg
Hey Dan.. Great product very interested to use it once relased. It will be very interesting to intergrate it with my other data collection tools in my aresenal. We don’t do affiliate marketing but will share the relase with our mailing list of inernet marketers..
ODonovan Murphy
My idea of how I’m going to use it is to get prospects for my mlm. Take the info from the official mlm page. and use it when there are recruitment promotions and earn more money.
I congratulate you for such an extraordinary tool.
I hope to be one of the winners.
Maria Salabarria
Dan, what a great concept. I am also using FanMarketer with great success, so if Social Jacker is as good, I will be thrilled. Keep up the great work!
Peter Francis
WOW! This is a dream come true! No more filling out opt-in forms to capture email addresses. Social Jacker is some awesome, next generation software …. so many possibilities! Thank you Ankur and Dan – you’ve created another ‘must have’ winner.
Alexandra Holling
WOW…Social Jacker is a marketers dream. The ability to cloak content, auto reply via a bot response, utilize an auto responder to further engage clients via email and run contest campaigns; trully magical. If this doesn’t enhance the sales and customer engagement process, nothing else matters. Can’t wait to profit from this awesome tool.
Eugene Maxey
I plan to use Social Jacker to build a list of dentists by emailing them a link to a how-to blog post on 3 unique ways to get new patients. My lead magnet will be a free report detailing 5 additional methods of attracting new patients.
John Lee Thomas
Hi Dan & Ankur, awesome product. I’m really excited to use in my product business where for starters, I can broker traffic from key influencers in any niche and drive them to cool incentives / products on my membership sites, there I will add more value with chat bot with products to build my authority and subscription base, then…, well the ideas and possibilities are endless.
True Products Network
Hi dan first of all great idea. Now about how I may implent this software? I have 3 ideas.
1. I have IM and MMO blog where i get 50 to 100 hits per day and most of that traffic is generated through twitter and pinterest. But I get very few optins from that traffic. I think by implementing the chat bot of social jacker on my blog could give me 5 to 10 optins everyday if get 10 to 20% optin success. That will be 150 to 300 optins in a month that is huge for a small blog like mine.
2. I also have twitter following of 1K in the same IM niche. And I can share cloaked links through this method to get some extra optins.
3. Main method to get loads of optins will be to share authority articles cloaked from my custome related domain in facebooks groups. There I ll pop up freebie material like pdf books, free reports or free videos through chat bot in way that interacts with visitor. And when I get the email, my autoresponder will immediately send them their promised material to their inbox. In this way my authority will also build among my email lists.
I think that even an averge joe like me can build a list of 1000 prospects per month with this method. I am pretty excited about this as well.
Hi Dan, Social Jacker is brilliant, I could see the endless possibilities in the list building concept and in the Internet marketing using this software!
l will use this concept in Local Business, Affiliate Marketing, CPA offers and Launch Jacking offers plus sharing posts in Authority that will give value to the readers.
I am struggling in List building where this software Social Jacker will make it easier and makes interaction conversion so much higher as well ( People Love Human interaction).
John DeVuono
Dan, you’ve created something that is truly ingenious with Social Jacker. Thank you so much. I can definitely use this in my affiliate marketing.
Bob Gruhl
This is great Dan, I will use it to reach Local Business Owners and help them grow their businesses. It looks amazing
Gila Beckermann
First, it seems you are always in front of the curve of making money online and Thank you for that. Second Bots are the hottest thing to grow a business scenes samrtphones apps, and this tool looks so amazing and powerful. I have been building bots for my clients for the last year and what Dan has done will skyrocket your leads I promise you and like all of you, I will be watching my email for the full launch!!
Thank you, Dan, this will be my 5th program form you I will use in my marketing.
Chris Potter
Without a doubt I have an amazing use for this product in the music business niche – artist need this for all releases as a way to create buzz for new music – I have access to thousands of artists so I can use and sell Social Jacker let’s talk soon
Paul K Saunders
Dan, you’ve done it again! Again.
This app takes about 2 or 3 or 4 other apps and plugins I know of (and use) and combines them into one super lead gen powerhouse. And you’re getting the premium best and most sought-after leads in the world — Facebook leads! It doesn’t get any better than that. These are the very ones that are traditionally hardest to get the “old fashioned” (traditional opt-in form) way.
Wow! Just wow. The implications (and potential uses) of this thing are mind-blowing.
Because SocialJacker works as a “stand alone” lead gen app that takes away all the resistance to opting in, people don’t have to fill in any forms. Painless! Brilliant! Genius! But with all the other uses, from “jacking” authority sites to having a 24/7 chat bot that also can serve as a marketing (and list-building) machine, you’ve truly outdone yourself here, Dan. Well done. Kudos.
I can see using this on all my sites, in addition to using the social jacking feature throughout my social media channels. For CPA-type offers, and those with a broad appeal (like the iPhone and fitness related offers you demonstrated), there’s almost no end of uses for this thing that I can think of.
If you sent some broad-based cheap traffic (say adfly) at one of these “jacked” pages with a “universal” offer, you could blow up your list in short order. I’ve done this before, but never with a single tool like SocialJacker making it so easy to implement. In fact, it will be great (and a relief) to jettison the Rube Goldberg app hack jobs I’ve had to use in the past for one simple, clean, easy to use interface!
And for those wondering whether you can trust this software, I know from personal experience that Dan and Ankur rigorously test their products, support them, continuously improve them, and are in this for the long haul — unlike so many “fly by nite” vendors out there. If you make use of it, I don’t see how you can lose with SocialJacker!
I also love the fact SocialJacker is hosted in the cloud, but can be readily integrated with WordPress, too. One way or another, I can’t wait to get my grubby mitts on this thing! Look out Internet! 😉
Web Marketing Services
I plan to use this software by sharing posts of authority sites that give value to the reader then use ‘social jacker’ to show a pop up on that content with an offer for something also of value. This is a win all around as the original site gets more visitors, the read it gets great value and I get to build an email list and become an authority in my chosen niche.
Adam Greensmith
See.. To collect email list is quite hectic nowadays. I have to create an elegant landing page with hope it will convert. I have to customize and split test the optin form
If run campaign on google adwords or fb ads, the cost is dying me! Too expensive to get 1 email list
This tool is boom! It will help me to collect email list without too much technical effort with zero cost!
I can’t wait for this tool to be available. Will wait for your next email with purchase link
Thanks for creating this tool to ease our burden in email marketing!
Shaiful Azhan Malik
My thoughts are in all honesty, if Ankur comes up with an Internet Marketing product, just BUY it and ask questions later. My opinion is especially applicable to the initial launch period, as his products are always very reasonably priced and on launch day…SUPER-affordable!!!
Remember too, Ankur always gives a great “money-back-guarantee” period, so again I say: “Just BUY IT and ask questions later”!
David Mahoney


Social Jacker OTO:

OTO#1: Social Jacker PRO ($34/Year For Social Jacker PRO for 2000 Leads + Upto 50 Campaigns + Upto 50 Sites License OR $37 For Unlimited Email Leads + Unlimited Campaigns + Unlimited Sites License)

Want 10x More Power, Unlimited Campaigns, Unlimited Email Leads, Unlimited Auto Popups, Unlimited Auto Replies & Faster Growth for UNLIMITED SITES?

Here’s what you get with the Social Jacker PRO upgrade:

[+] Unlimited Campaigns for Unlimited Sites:

  • Yes, with Social Jacker PRO, you can run unlimited campaigns for any number of websites. (in the basic version you can run max 25) One single dashboard to grow all your lists at once.

[+] Automated Bot Learning & Replies:

  • Intelligent bot can learn and reply to messages and questions for higher conversion of visitors into LEADS – get more emails, faster without any manual work.

[+] Auto POPUP with Notification Sounds to 10x Responses:

  • The PRO version makes it super easy to built bigger lists with the auto popup and notification with sounds. Attracts more attention and is hard to ignore. Not just that you can play any audio sound like a welcome message or a marketing message too.

[+] Unlimited Split TESTING for Double Results:

  • With the PRO version, you can use the autopilot software for easy automated split testing to figure out which campaign and call to action or popup is working better and then double or even triple your results with that.

[+] FULL Autoresponder Integration with Popular Services:

  • Only with the PRO version, you can directly capture email leads into the software as well as any autoresponder account you have. PRO integrates with Aweber, Getresponse, Sendlane, Mailchimp and many other popular email services.

[+] Autoplay Videos in Messages & Replies:

  • Normally the basic version allows only text and image replies but with PRO you can send VIDEOS in replies or welcome messages and also AUTOPLAY them to be way more effective.

[+] Intelligent DASHBOARD for Better Data & STATS:

  • See intelligent stats and data points for your campaigns in our smart reports and stats section and a quick view is shown on the amazing dashboard for you to see your leads growth.

[+] Growth Tracking for all Your Campaigns:

  • Want to see how your lists are growing everyday? Social Jacker PRO adds a new STATS tab to your interface and shows you a beautiful graph updated daily with data from each of your campaigns

OTO#2: Social Jacker Developers License ($37 For 10 Clients License OR $47 For UNLIMITED Clients License)


OTO#3: Social Jacker Software Bundle ($47 For Single Site License OR $57 For Unlimited Sites License)


What If You Can Get UNLIMITED FREE TRAFFIC On Complete Autopilot – 100% From Twitter + Facebook…
  • Get Access to WP 1 Click Traffic
  • Get Access to Tweet Machine 2.0
  • Get Access to Fan Marketer

OTO#4: Social Jacker Reseller License ($77 For 10 Reseller Licens OR $97 For Social Jacker + Fan Marketer UNLIMITED Reseller License)

SELL Social Jacker Software Plugin To Anyone You Want & KEEP 100% of the PROFITS for yourself…

Social Jacker Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Social Jacker?

If you are searching for A new Software that Will Bring You Unlimited Email Leads From Facebook for FREE on Complete AUTOPILOT, then Social Jacker will be your highly recommended choice.

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Thanks a lot For Reading My Social Jacker Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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      The price is: ($67 For 10 Reseller Licens OR $77 For Social Jacker + Fan Marketer UNLIMITED Reseller License), you MUST Get the FE “Basic Version” First, Then The OTO Reseller license


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