Snapify Review + BEST BONUS + Discount- Revolutionary Hotspot Technology Generated $31,673 Revenue in 15 Days Using Simple Social Images!

Snapify Review Plus Best Snapify Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Snapify Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Snapify App to discover everything about it, It’s features, Snapify OTO details and how This World’s Smartest Hotspot Technology will unlock the power of shoppable social network images & Galleries…


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Snapify Review

Snapify Overview:

Creator: Chris Jenkins
Date Of Launch: 2018-03-06

Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Snapify?

Chris Jenkins is the Creator of Snapify. He is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful internet marketing products and software such as Discount Pop, SociHub, Bulletproof PBN and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Man Idea Behind Snapify?

These Big Multi-Million Dollar Brands Are Leveraging The Power Of HotSpot Technology With Social Images….

Snapify Hotspot Technology

Did you know that over 98% of business have at least 4 images on social media?

The fact is:

  • Images capture the attention of your visitors
  • Consumers who find the visual content engaging are 80% more likely to buy the product

But here’s the biggest problem that social media has never fixed:

  • 99% of these social content is not interactive enough to generate sales in business and almost 100% of these social content are dead after a few weeks of posting.

That’s why team of veteran entrepreneurs and ace developers decided to fix this problem for every business in online space….solutions which millions of business owners want and will open the new sales channel along with traffic source for every smart marketer using revolutionary hotspot technology.

Imagine your social media images selling your products or services in one click on complete auto-pilot even while you sleep?

Here Comes Snapify APP…..

This is one smart visual marketing app which quickly implements hotspot on any image in one click.

Who would want to monetize dead social media images in one click to get extra 20% sales in business?

So, What Is Snapify?

Snapify is world’s smartest app which turns dead boring social media images into shoppable sales machines in easy 3 steps step.


  • Set and forget system
  • 310% more engagement
  • 2x sales in business with just one click with this powerful new technology

=> Now, you can turn your social images into shoppable interactive hotspots sales machine in under a minute that is impossible to ignore

You can leverage power of Snapify to make sales and traffic via click to redirect

Click to email to generate traffic and sales even from your Facebook tab integration

Snapify works with WordPress, clickfunnels, leadpages, Shopify, WooCommerce and all major platforms works in any niche

Set up to go in two minutes

Newbie friendly with proven results

Fully tested and no tech skills needed

  • Imagine being able to monetize your social images in just 10 seconds?
  • Imagine getting real buyers from any offer you want on 100% autopilot?
  • Imagine getting hundreds of new sales every day with one strategy of hotspot shoppable images thinking of getting more sales, more profits and more clicks to every offer you post?
  • What would it feel like to be able to add one more monetizable traffic source in business?

=> You will be able to convert images on social media to profit pulling machine in three simple steps.

=> It lets you embed shoppable content galleries throughout your website, any type of landing page on any platform.

=> It also comes as a wordpress plugin and very soon our Shopify app will allow ECOM store owners to leverage all of the Snapify features without logging into the Snapify dashboard.

=> You’ll get complete step-by-step video training for Snapify along with our 24/7 winning support and regular weekly webinars.

=> Those big multi-millionaire dollar brands invested 10S of 1000S of dollars with basic simple feature to make social images shoppable and you are getting best hotspot app in the world here in 1/1000TH of a price.

Snapify will turn social media images into sales channel worldwide and you can get your hands on this at the early bird price today.

==> See The Power Of Snapify (Snapify Review Video)<==

How Does Snapify App Work?

==> Snapify Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Using this new app Is Easy:

Step #1: import all images from your social media accounts (FB, Instagram etc.)

Step #2:
Click anywhere on images or galleries to add hotspots which redirect to connected products

Step #3: Promote & Sell your products on complete Autopilot

Snapify Features:
Snapify Features

[+] Snapify & HotSpot Smart Media Works For:

  • Ecommerce Store Owners
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Website Owners
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Bloggers
  • Local Businesses

[+] It Integrates with Popular Apps for 10X Growth Via Automation:

Different Ways to Leverage Power Of Snapify:

  • Product Information
  • CTA Campaign
  • Optin
  • Custom HTML
  • Video

Snapify vs Competitors:

=> Competition:

[+] User Interface is not user friendly and need bit learning curve to understand how to add / edit tags. Very basic way to present information on hotspot, annoying sound of clicks

[+] 2 Types of Hotspots:

  • 1.Email / Phone
  • 2.Product Links

[+] Image Should be uploaded or imported from Design Pro 2 or YouZign

[+] Single Image for creation of hotspots, no support for gallery

[+] Image Editor Provided

[+] Animation and Voice Effects

[+] Brochures Integration

[+] Single Image Presentation

[+] No Layout Support

[+] Can be used as:

  • 1.Single Image
  • 2.Brochure
  • 3.Magazine

[+] No RSS Support

[+] No Analytics

[+] Integration With any website

[+] No Support

[+] Monthly Recurring

=> Snapify:

[+] Simple Interface no Learning curve needed, color pickers and other functions added so no need to change screens to get exact information on hotspots, carefully designed User Interface for matching with most of responsive website designs

[+] 5 Types of Hotspots:

  • Product Information
  • CTA Campaign
  • Optin
  • Custom HTML
  • Video

[+] Images can be uploaded or Imported from 7 Different Social Networks

[+] Gallery Support with Multiple Images

[+] No Image Editor Provided. As Most of social media images uploaded by users are already edited and corrected

[+] Not provided

[+] Same function with different name Photo Wall

[+] Multiple images with photo gallery with multiple hotspots on individual image

[+] Multiple Layout Support, Image Collage:

  • 1.Image Slider
  • 2.Image Gallery

[+] Can be used as:

  • 1.Homepage Slider
  • 2.Product Page Slider
  • 3.Lookbook Gallery
  • 4.Half-Page Gallery
  • 5.Shop Instagram Page Gallery
  • 6.Press Page Gallery
  • 7.Highlight Gallery
  • 8.Grid Layout
  • 9.Social Network Content galleries
  • 10.product detail pages
  • 11.contest page
  • 12.testimonial page
  • 13.Newsletter
  • 14.Advertisements

[+] schedule the posts from RSS Feed manually or publish all automatically

[+] Analytics -:

  • Individual analytics for posts, integration of Google Analytics account

[+] Integration With any website

[+] Amazon / Ebay RSS Feed integration with Social Network integration which will auto post selected products.

Low One Time Fee (Introductory Launch Week)

Snapify Pricning:

You Will Have 2 Options:

[+] Standard Plan: Onetime Payment Of $27

[+] Agency Plan: Onetime Payment Of $47

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Client Sites
  • Make $5000-$10000 this month by installing it on client sites only with Agency License

Snapify OTO:

OTO#1: Snapify Pro ($37)

Optimize Your Shopable Hotspots Campaigns & Grow Your Sales INSTANTLY For 5 Times The Profits With The Pro…

Snapify Pro EXCLUSIVE Features:

[+] Schedule Hotspot Social Shoppable content to All 13 Social Networks:

  • Imagine the power of blasting hotspot social content to multiple profiles connected to these 13 social networks.
  • You will be able to use the Pro version with no limits set for you.

[+] Ability to connect your 15 Personal Websites & 15 sites Each for Unlimited Clients:

  • Manage Unlimited Clients campaigns from your own dashboard and charge them a high monthly recurring fee to make easy $5000+ every week

[+] Four Type of High Converting Shoppable Hotspot Galleries Layouts:

  • Make Unlimited Campaigns Of Full , Slider, Collage & Minimized Layout which generate us extra 20% profits

Galleries layout engage more than the single image so we have Four Type of Galleries Layouts for Pro Users

  • 1. Full Layout to create an embed-able wall of your social content with fixed responsive layout
  • 2. Slider Layout to convert make hotspot added social content into a pluggable slider for your website
  • 3. Collage Layout to showcase multiple social contents into one hotspot added image
  • 4. Minimized Layout to display multiple columns of hot-spotted social content into one row.
  • Engage them in the storyline and make them take actions via appealing galleries layout of hotspots
  • This feature was highly demanded by our beta testers & we added it.

[+] Five Types of Converting Hotspots:

  • Imagine being able to kinda hypnotize visitors to take actions using smart hotspot strategies via multiple channels.
  • 1. Product Information Hotspot: Configure product into a hotspot for direct purchase from your social content
  • 2. Optin Hotspot: Convert hotspot into lead generation from social network content
  • 3. CTA Hotspot -: Call to Action Traffic generator which pushes user to take action on hotspot click
  • 4. Video hotspot -: Imagine being able to convert people from hotpot on social media video
  • 5. Custom HTML Hotspot: Want specific functionality behavior from Hotspot? Embed your own HTML code to get maximum interactivity

[+] Five Best Social Networks to Import Feeds in 1 Click:

  • Snapify supports Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and Vimeo. to bring all social content in the dashboard and converts it to hotspot social shoppable content which you can schedule via 13 social networks right inside dashboard in 1 click.

[+] Five New High Converting Hotspot Animations:

  • Make it impossible for the viewer to ignore appeal them with illustrious pulsating effect to take action.
  • This feature was highly demanded by our beta testers & we added it.
  • Proven to bring you results for beta users have got good results with extra bright, new hotspot animation effects.

[+] Pro Full Screen Hotspots:

  • Which give enough dedicated screen size to properly format content to entice actions on hotspots with full attention without scrollbars.

[+] Social Hotspots:

  • Used especially to open post or conversations happening on fb or twitter about a specific product
  • It shows twitter or facebook icon over the hotspot and upon click on this social hotspot.
  • The visitor will be able to view all the comments or content posted on these 2 social channels regarding the product.

[+] Popover Hotspots:

  • No Click required. Special kind of hotspot which does not require you to click.
  • The popover hotspots will display all content on mouse over or touch event on touch devices which eventually increases engagement and interactivity.

OTO#2: Snapify Ninja ($47)

[+] XML Feed Sharing Using Scheduler:

  • Allows you to schedule created engaging hotspot galleries or your own website or RSS feed of products to social media channels right from your own website.
  • Imagine being able to have Amazon, eBay, Shopify eCom site content on your website automatically which can be auto or manual scheduled later on autopilot.
  • The user can configure his/her website XML feed / RSS Feeds into scheduler to schedule a post, so he/she can schedule created a gallery or his website or RSS feed of products from his her own website.
  • These feed settings are enabled on Amazon and eBay or any e-commerce website who provide products with XML feed so they can use it with an auto schedule or manual schedule functions.

[+] Unlimited Websites Integration:

  • You can integrate unlimited website of your own and unlimited websites of unlimited clients.
  • Charge them high monthly recurring fees, making money with absolutely No Limits.

[+] Create Unlimited Hotpots Of 5 Types:

  • Product Information for direct purchase from social content, Optin Hotspot for lead generation from social media, CTA Hotspot for Call to Action Traffic generator, Video Hotspot to convert people of social media and Custom HTML Hotspot in case you want specific custom functionality behavior.
  • Hypnotize them Using smart hotspot strategies via multiple channels.

[+] Premium Galleries Hotspot Layout:

  • These 5 plans are most engaging and result inducing which helped our clients make 6 fig. profits in short time.
  • Slideshow
  • Masonry
  • List Layout
  • Magazine
  • Image Wall

[+] 10 New Hotspot Animations:

  • Shooting stars like shining bright animations which literally push the viewer to Click

[+] Import Feeds From 7 Social Networks:

  • Namely Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and Vimeo. Within Click, You will be able to fetch images and videos from these networks

[+] Storytelling Hotspot Campaign:

  • Convert simple images into the story using hotspots.
  • With every hotspot on this main image will link to another image in form of a story. Different image with content and information will load with every hotspot Storytelling campaigns are a thing of future and only multi-million dollar brands were doing it till now to convert static boring images into interactive images.

[+] 360 Image Hotspots:

  • Select different products images and combine-o-convert them into a single 360-degree image with interactive hotspots, includes logo branding and texts, facebook acceptable output. Embedded hotspot campaign on the website to reap benefits of 360-degree campaigns.

[+] Intro Builder:

  • A Feature of future which is ideal to create Walkthrough creation using 360-degree images and hotspots. Ideal for business who want the website visitor to see the view of eCom Store, Real Estate, Shopping Center etc. Online
  • Let other’s struggle with social media monetization and sales while you use leverage powerful hotspot technology to excel.
  • You can see our real proof. These Numbers don’t lie.
  • Guaranteed Priority Support In 24 Hours Only For Snapify Ninja Users

OTO#3: Snapify Agency Licence ($197)

How you can actually make $5000 to $10000 this week with Snapify in the easiest way possible?

=> Reseller rights to Snapify allowes you to make Snapify accounts for your clients which means you can charge the monthly, yearly or one-time high fee for just reselling them accounts of most needed software and business.

=> Clients will easily pay $50 to $100 to $500 for their account in world’s number one hotspot social sales channel suite.

Who would want to monetize dead social media images in one click to get extra 20% sales in business?

=> Another reason why they’ll buy from you and not from us directly is that we are going monthly reoccurring after this special launch for good high price means you can offer high profit for you not just that your customers will have access to the advanced too – which makes this a very easy sell to anyone.

  • Imagine how easy it is to sell world’s first and most powerful hotspot technology app and make quick money from it every week?

=> There is no competition and market to Snapify advanced hotspot technology features set which are great chance for you to make most sales selling accounts of this powerful app in open market.

=> Get just ten clients a week and you’re easily earning $5000+ plus and more and because Snapify Reseller is so easy to use, it’ll take you just seconds to make the account and you are done….This powerful new app sells itself once people see how powerful, easy and fresh this is and you can use our high converting marketing material too if you want.

OTO#4: Snapify WhiteLabel ($297)

Snapify Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Snapify?

If you have been looking for a Revolutionary Hotspot that will enable you to Sell Products or Services in 1 Click with Shoppable Social Network Images & Galleries, then Snapify will be your highly recommended choice.

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