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 In case you are looking for a detailed SMSBot Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of SMSBot Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, SMSBot OTO details and how This brand new SMS Autoresponder & Bot will Enable You To GENERATE LOADS Of Mobile Traffic & HOT BUYER LEADS Without Needing To Have Service, Content, Site & Previous SEO Experience!


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SMSBot Review

SMSBot Overview:

Creator: Gaurab Borah
Date Of Launch: 2018-10-12
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of SMSBot?

Gaurab Borah is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing software such as Buyers List Blueprint, Newcommerce Suite and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind SMSBot?

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, eCom marketer, product owner or any business owner, you can skyrocket your sales and profits on complete auto-pilot without getting burned on your advertising budget just by adding one piece of code to your existing website or marketing campaigns.

A 95 percent open rate in three minutes….It’s almost unbelievable but it’s true.

A 95 percent open rate within three minutes of sending the message, that’s which you can get today when you do SMS marketing.

If you want to see a radical new way of building a list…nurturing it and making money from it, listen up; email marketing typically gets you about 5 to 35 percent open rate, but what if your promos had a 95 percent open rate, wouldn’t that be nice?

Right now, most marketers are struggling big time with monetizing their lists.

Email lists are having a slow and painful death and marketers are just not getting the opens and clicks like they used to….as a result, their profits have been in the dumps and many have even considered quitting marketing altogether, but a 95 percent open rate can be possible and with it, an increase in profits!! You’ll learn exactly how in the next few minutes.

Do you know that texting could put some cold hard cash in your pockets?

You see; texting used to be something that you did with friends and family only.

In the early 2000s, and even earlier in this decade, texting was strictly a private thing but today; businesses that leverage text messages can do some phenomenal things so if you’re struggling with low sales….low response rates, listen up; you’re going to discover just how easy list building can be when you think differently about what kind of lists you’re trying to build and how you’re building it.

How would you like to leverage the hottest buyers traffic on the planet?

I’m talking about mobile traffic Of course

Guess what’s one of the best sources of mobile traffic? You guessed it; texting

Here’s some stats according to and

Stat #1:

  • Texting has an open rate of 98%….that’s huge!

Stat #2:

  • 85%- 95% of texts will be read within three minutes of being sent…..Talk about urgency!

Stat #3:

  • Average response time for a text is 90 seconds, how often do you ever get an email reply back?

Stat #4:

  • 75 percent of people like offers sent via text not messenger not emails but, if that’s not enough to convince you, 78% of people want to have a text conversation with a business…
Imagine what if you can send SMS messages to tens or hundreds or thousands of hot prospects with just one click, automate the entire conversation and selling using The creator’s intelligent SMS logic BOTS? Imagine the kind of profits you can make?

The hardest part in building a sustainable residual income has always been “how do I generate myself a buyer’s list that loves me?”

It’s getting more and more difficult to cut through the noise.

With so much competition, people are now avoiding email opt-in forms because they know what’s coming….A mountain of emails they don’t want to see.

Every email provider…every spam filter…. every person now has built-in walls that are preventing them from receiving email notifications…. even those that are genuinely interested and wished to opt in are gonna avoid that email form….I’m sure you know that feeling and as a result, email marketing is dying and it’s drowning business owners who have no idea what a dangerous cat-and-mouse game they’re playing….Their business could die.

Luckily; there’s another better way to achieve this seemingly impossible task of building an awesome engaged list, forget about email marketing as you know it for a second….

Imagine a future where your emails never bounce, imagine a future where your emails produce profits within minutes not days, imagine a future where your emails automatically help you to learn more about your customer instead of begging them to take one simple action like click a link or buy something?

Well, that future is now and you’re looking right at it.

You might actually be holding it in your hands this very second… it’s called “your cell phone”

Did you know that 95% of texts get read within three minutes of being sent.

I mean, you can’t say that about emails, now can you? and this drives marketers nuts!

They wish it was the 90s all over again where a few hundred emails could quickly generate an easy few hundred bucks, but the world has moved on and the times have changed and that’s no longer the case.

We’re no longer glued to our email inbox anymore…now, we’re glued to our texting inbox!

When The creators first experienced this problem of declining email response rates, they knew they had to do a better job of engaging with total strangers who want to check out their business as well as their existing clients, those who already have an ongoing relationship with the creators and if you’re doing email marketing, it would behoove you to jump into text messages as well

Think about it; any marketing strategy could be much more effective when SMS marketing is included in conjunction with email…for example; adding your phone number or shortcode to an email campaign is going to be a proven way to entice a customer to interact with you.

You can also send a brief mass text message to encourage your customers to sign up for an email newsletter that’s tied to their specific interest or to check out a link or to watch a quick video….the options are literally endless.

Email is good but with the big problem of declining open rate, The creators knew there had to be something much better and then, they found it and mapped it out and then they built it and started making money with it and then, they shared it with their friends and they also started making money with it so now, The creators are releasing it to their friends of friends through the online marketing community on jvzoo network

Here Comes SMSBot Software…..

Listen up, SMS stands for short message service. It’s been around for decades but it wasn’t until this year that it became socially acceptable in the mainstream to send and receive text messages about business.

In the next 7 and 1/2 minutes, you’ll see how you can tap into the power of SMS messages and make more money than you do too with SMSBot.

You will see proof that this works… no matter what niche you are in or what kind of business you run or wish to start running, research shows that we now spend more time on our cell phones than our laptops and desktops.

The smartphone revolution has changed the way people communicate…. What that means is that if you are not the first one in line to grab the attention of your customer, someone else will swoop in and get the sale not you.

In year 2019 and beyond, people will receive more business texts than ever in recorded history!

Doctor’s appointments, events, reminders, invoices, receipts and bank deposit notifications…we get so many text messages these days so there has never been a better time to jump in on the action and build your own list of mobile phone numbers and that’s where SMSBot comes into play. SMSBot comes jam-packed with features that will let you do exactly that

Here’s the deal; everyone and their grandmother has a cell phone these days…

In fact, we spend over 24 billion dollars a year on mobile; that’s why every business owner, online marketer, entrepreneur and salesperson out there needs SMSBot.

So, What Is SMSBot?

SMSBot is an automated texting attendant that generates and nurtures on complete auto-pilot 24/7 without you lifting a finger.

Here’s what’s going to happen after you Get SMSBot:

  • You’ll be taken to your members area….inside, you’ll find that SMSBot is very easy to set up. once you get it going, you might get upset that there’s nothing else for you to do because SMSBot is fully automated, it works for you 24/7 and generates you leads and sales and you don’t have to do a thing.
  • You don’t need to log into SMSBot every day…you just set it and forget it and give it some time to start generating and nurturing leads for you on complete auto-pilot.
  • with SMSBot, you’re gonna be in full control of the conversation from the moment you set it up
  • It’s highly customisable, all training is included inside. you will see The creator’s over the shoulder videos that will demonstrate how to set everything up

==> See The Power Of SMSBot (SMSBot Review Video)<==

How Does SMSBot Software Work?

==> SMSBot Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

And here’s how SMSBot works:

  • A website visitor will click on a link on your site or inside your email and they will enter their mobile number.
  • Immediately They, will receive a Text message with a predefined question “you will set this up on the back end” then, SMSBot will continue asking questions and helping you to engage the visitor….This happens automatically even when you’re asleep!
  • Also, you can take over conversations any time so you don’t have to worry that the bot will go haywire and make someone angry at you.
  • People can unsubscribe at any time by texting back the word stop so you’re in full compliance with GDPR and other privacy laws

SMSBot Features:

With SMSBot, you will be able to start generating more leads and closing more sales in less time than you ever thought was possible….that’s a guarantee even if you’re just starting your business and have no sales at all, this is how you’re going to WoW your first dozen clients and if you don’t like phone calls, no problem…you will never have to make a phone call with SMSBot unless you want to actually pick up the phone and call.

SMSBot Features

SMSBot Results:

SMSBot Results

SMSBot Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About SMSBot & The creator’s others tools:

Gaurab always creates quality software.. I’m especially looking forward to this one! I’ve been looking for a great chatbot.. and combining it with an autoresponder just makes it better for engagement with my customers!
George Copsey
Great tool! SMSbot is the missing link my online business needed to go from making some money to making money every single day. This will be a real game changer for me. SMSbot can save a lot of time communicating with customers,collecting referalls,sending notifications and creating better engagement. Can not wait to get it!
Andy Dubiel
SMSBot looks amazing being that most of the closing calls are on the phone smsbot will help tremendously.
Christian Escobedo
Always trust the products you are behind…No Refunds for me 🙂 Fully expecting this.
Kingsley Ugochukwu

People read SMS more than they read e-mails so this is one of the best ways to get your product out to potential buyers.
Kathleen Wallace
It’s a big struggle to build my list but reading this makes me excited that this could be just what I am looking for so I am waiting patiently for this to launch
Bill Bach


WOW SMSBot application is a tool that can help me in my strategy how to do business online by simplifying online customer processes. I can’t just send notifications to my customers but also collect referrals! Thank you! Gaurah, to make this amazing application for us online marketers. I recommend 100% if you are in business via the Internet this is the simplest solution to reach your customers directly, don’t wait any longer
Obed Pratama

SMSBot OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: SMSBot PRO ($67)

If you’d like to boost your traffic and earnings instantly, you should know this: The creator’s users saw 400% higher traffic PLUS sales after they upgraded to SMSBot pro Version.

Let me briefly explain how you’re going to expand the power of SMSBot with your own pro upgrade:

You see….many people love shopping online because they never have to talk to anyone, but you’ve never seen a major company online that doesn’t offer a 1-800 number that people can call…right?

That’s because some people prefer to talk to someone before they buy however, most people simply enjoy knowing that the company they’re buying from has a number they could call if they wanted to.

  • With this phone calling system, you could become one of those companies today.
  • This phone calling system lets you accept business calls 24/7 even when you’re asleep. It’s just like email….but for phone calls.
  • It gives you a toll-free number to go with your business. When people call, they will be greeted with your custom greeting.
  • This phone calling system is loaded with cutting-edge features that you’ll love just like SMSBot, it’s extremely flexible and can do whatever you like it to do.
  • For instance; you can put your toll-free number on your website, your email signature, your social media page and everywhere else and give people the opportunity to connect. When they call you, you are in control of whether you want to speak with them or not…If not, you can just send it to voicemail so you can call people back on your own time and only to those that you wants to talk to.
  • This phone calling system will screen your leads for you, it’s being used by doctors, lawyers, small businesses, Realtors and of course online marketers, ecommerce store owners, offline consultants and many others.


SMSBot Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of SMSBot?

According to research by nextmo and franchise help; with texting, response rates from texting are 209 percent higher and positive.

Yes, responses to questions are 295 percent higher than phone calls and 200 percent higher than email.
The bottom line is; if you want A quick and an easy way to build a list that’s even better than email marketing, this is it.

We live in the world of push notifications, live streaming and instant messaging so if your business is not yet tapping into the smartphone revolution then, you need SMSBot.

SMSBot is available now for a limited time discounted price. You don’t want to miss the boat on this because the price you see now is the lowest price you will ever see.

We’re also throwing in some awesome bonuses that will help you build your list fast valued at over $400 yours absolutely free when you get SMSBot now.

With The creator’s free bonuses, you will get their 25 secret done-for-you campaigns which are proven to convert, They also have a live training webinar with a Q & A session on best practices and they have a free 10x upgrade; you will get storage space for 10,000 contacts instead of 1,000 like the regular version when you get during this launch period…all these will be yours When you lock in that crazy low-price that you see down below.

SMSBot software development team has worked very hard on making this bot ready for public and after They saw tremendous success with local business owners as well as online marketers on the web, They knew the moment was ripe for a grand release so during this launch, you’ll receive full access to this software with the ability to build a list of up to 10,000 subscribers!

The creators also have an upgrade offer available inside the member’s area if you wish to add more.

All training is included so you will know exactly how to set everything up.

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