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Thank You for Your Time and Visiting My Smart Blog Networks Review. I wrote Full Review of Smart Blog Networks app to get the Full Picture of it, its features, how does it work and how it will help you to build powerful blog network.

Smart Blog Networks Review

Smart Blog Networks Overview:

Authors: Richard Fairbairn & Simon Warner
Release Date: Thursday, January 8th 2015
Market: SEO
Discount: 20% Off – Use Coupon Code: smartblogdiscount
Bonuses: See My Exclusive $2814 Bonuses
Skill Level Needed: Beginners and Advanced
Recommended: Yes

First, People Behind Smart Blog Networks

People Behind Smart Blog NetworksRichard Fairbairn & Simon Warner are the creators of Smart Blog Networks. Richard has achieved big success in the field of internet marketing stretching back 17 years while Simon has created many successful software and products in online marketing industry such as Keyword Curator Pro, WP Authority Links PRO, Keyword Digger Pro, Video Alchemy and other software.

The Main Idea Behind Smart Blog Networks

If you are working in online marketing industry then, you know that building your own powerful private blog network leads to enhancing the search rankings of your money sites and getting more traffic as well, but to build your PBN, it takes a lot of time, money and efforts and here comes Smart Blog Networks

What Is Smart Blog Networks?

Smart Blog Networks is an app that will give you the ability to build your own powerful PBN while being able to build, index & ping content, build silo structure for your sites and more.

What Are Smart Blog Networks Features?

  • You will be able to manage different websites from easy to use dashboard.
  • You can easily build and control your network websites ” you will not need to login to WordPress every time you want to control the sites”.
  • You can track Back Links, Page Rank, Page Authority, and Domain Authority while having the updates for them as well.
  • You can instantly find content, keywords and related keywords for your network websites.
  • You can instantly spin and post your content in a very short time.
  • Smart Blog Networks is a web application so that you will not need to install or download any software.
  • All your data will be totally secure.
  • And More.

How Smart Blog Networks App Works?

There are 4 different taps inside of Smart Blog Networks app: smart silo, smart domain finder, Smart Content Finder and Smart Network Tracking.

 Smart Network Tracking 

With Smart Network Tracking, you will be able to completely track:

  • Domain Keywords
  • Domain Categories
  • Scheduled Posting
  • Backlinks -shown via graph Posting
  • Page Rank
  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority
 Smart Content Finder 

Smart Content Finder will automatically:

  • Search and automatically find content based on your chosen keywords also, it will find related keywords to your main keyword.
  • Instantly spin your content to build articles and post these articles to your website.
  • Instantly ping and index your articles.
  • You can drip feed “Schedule “your sites with content.
 Smart Domain Finder 
  • With Smart Domain Finder, you will have the ability to Search specifically for keyword rich domains that are low competitive and have good amount of searches while being able to instantly discover and buy the available domains. All you will have to do is simple input your keywords inside of Smart Domain Finder.
 Smart Silo Builder 
  • Smart Silo Builder will enable you to search for silo keywords and content or for keywords and content to match your main silo post.

There are 4 simple steps:

Step 1

  • Input your targeted keywords and Smart Silo Builder will automatically the best content related to your chosen keywords for your main post.

Step 2

  • Find both of relevant keywords to the keywords in step one and content for all of these relevant keywords.

Step 3

  • Instantly set as many articles as you would like that will be linked to your main post “most important post in your site”.

Step 4

  • You will have the ability to schedule your posts as well.      
  • You will have an additional advantage to find and build your silo theme.

Smart Blog Networks OTO’S


Smart Blog Networks Pro :Onetime Payment of $27.76

  • With Smart Blog Networks Pro, you can take your investment to an entirely new level. You already know that you could build powerful blog networks with the smart blog networks app, but how would you like to connect your domains to Richard and Simon own networks.
  • You will get complete network and hosting building, so you will not have to worry about hosting networks or all the expense that comes with it.
  • You will be able to connect your smart blog networks with Richard and Simon backend hosting that has industry strength servers.
  • Your sites will be set to the exact requirements for the best SEO and you can also manage your sites directly inside the application.
  • With the addition of getting a brand new plugin every month to make your sites even better, with the first month, you will get simon and Richard own Smart optin plugin that will help you to collect high amount of subscribers and build your email lists with ease as it takes the visitor through the two step optin that makes them more engaged which makes them pay more attention to your offers.


Instant Domain Sniper X:Onetime Payment of $28.23

  • Instant Domain Sniper X is the #1 domain sniping tool that let’s you find profitable domains in a very short time, it is completely compatible with PC and MAC. You will get ideas of how valuable the domain is that will help you make a good decision about the domain.
  • Instant keyword optimization
  • Traffic Tracker
  • In depth analysis
  • Built in suggestion tool
  • Finding domains fast.
  • The two new features: Trademark sniper and appraiser sniper

What Is My Opinion About Smart Blog Networks?

Building strong blog network is not an easy thing to do, it takes time, money and efforts, but with Smart Blog Networks app, it will be easier for you to build and manage your own powerful PBN.

You will not need to:

  • Login Every Single Site Admin Separately.
  • Spend a lot of time to find high quality content for your sites.
  • Spin the content with yourself to make it unique.
  • Manually Post Content to each of your sites network.
  • Track every site.
  • Manually Search For A Theme for Your Silos.

Smart Blog Networks Bonus

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