SiteBildZ Advantage Full Review – Closer Look To Joe Russell Software

Hi, Thank You For Your Time And Visiting My SiteBildZ Advantage Review. I wrote Full Review of SiteBildZ Advantage to get the Full Picture of it and to know all details about its features, pros and cons.

SiteBildZ Advantage Overview:

Creator        : Joe Russell
launch Day : on Tuesday, July 15th 2014
price             : $77/mo for Lite Plan – $117/mo For Pro Plan – $247 For Enterprise Plan
Refund         : 30 Days %100 Money Back Guarantee .
Support       : Very Good And Fast Response.
Bonuses      : Yes, Very Special Bonuses worth $2295.
Delivery      : Instantly After Purchase Process You’ll Redirect to Members Area.

What is SiteBildZ Advantage?:

Sitebildz is a complete platform to build high quality money making sites from one place with no technical experience required.

It will automated all boring and technical stuff like register your domains, setting up DNS setting, setting up your hosting (the hosting free with Sitebildz Servers!), installing WordPress template, add WP theme, Publish your content, adding affiliates products … etc

Sitebildz will provide you with all the tools needed for making money sites in one dashboard with an amazing management feature so you can manage all your sites from one place! no matter how many you have.

Sitebildz Advantage is a membership site and the software running on it So, it does not require any download or installation, It come with easy and friendly dashboard to make your daily work more easily and more faster.

What does SiteBildZ Advantage Contain?

Sitebildz comes with 12 section, each section contains many of tools and features that will enable you to make your money site(s) in just few minutes but please don’t miss understand me i am talking here about boring and technical staff (Making Great Content take a lot of time).

As many of you know this Golden Role For Any Online Business [ CONTENT IS KING] so don’t ever never forget this role as long as you are working in Online Marketing Industry.

Sitebildz Advantage sections as follow:

1- General Settings:

In this section you will enter the basic details about your affiliate marketing tools just for one time to use them later on autopilot like your affiliate networks account ids for amazon, ClickBank, ShareSale, Adsense, your domain registrars login details, your auto responders login details like Aweber, Getresponse, your content builder ( i really recommended you to get high quality content not just unique from these services) and your Google plus login details.

2- SB Wizard:

This section very useful for you that will walk you through the entire process from entering your general setting, keywords research , analysis the competition, register your domain , creating your site and monetizing it.

3- 360 Training :

In this section you’ll be able learn every thing you need to use Sitebildz though training videos and PDF, Also you will find anther marketing training PDFs about SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Keyword Search, Facebook Marketing and many more.

4- Research:

This section is really great that you ‘ll be able to use two of most trusted keyword search tools MOZ Keyword Tool and Semrush Keyword Tool for 100% free that will help you to find buyers keywords with high search volume in any niche you’ll work in and analysis the competition on these keywords to finally get low competition keywords to work with.

This section split into 6 modules, 3 for Niche Keyword Search process and 3 for analysis the competition on these keywords:

First, Niche Keyword Search:

Overview: this is where you can enter your keyword to get details about it like exact match search volume based on specific country, EPC, CPC, Competition, Number of Google search results and the top 20 results.

In the right you can see keyword trend which show you the rate of search volume on these keyword within last 12 month.

Also you’ll get phrase match report and related keywords report that will show you thousands of suggestions keywords related to your main keyword.

Niche Keywords and Related Niche Keywords:

In these sections you’ll get all important details about the rate of competition on your main keyword and other related keywords that you can easy and fast choosing good keywords to work on based on Colors System:

Red color mean Difficult Competition what i mean Don’t even think about it unless you are very professional seo specialist 🙂 , Yellow = Average Competition you can work with but take some time 3 months in most cases), Green = Easy Competition you can rank for it in short time between 4 week up to 2 month.

Second, Analysis the competition:

Second step after choosing the keywords you’ll rank for is that analysis the competition on these keywords through keyword competition, domain competition, site rank analysis.

Keyword Competition: It will show you how many other competitors domains are ranking for your keywords including their page rank. 

Domain Competition: with this tool you’ll be able to enter your desire domain name and see if it available or not, if not this tool will suggest available domain names that more closer to your desire one.

Site Rank Analysis: it will analysis your competitors sites and the top keywords they already are ranking for with search volume for these keyword and their positions on page 1.

5- Website Builder:

All you need to build your money making site found in this amazing section, It will save a lot of time, efforts and  you will be able to do your work faster and more easier. Website Builder split into 8 sup -sections:

Themes: install WordPress template and setup your desire them.

Monetization: monetize your site with affiliate products from ClickBank, Amazon, Sharsale.. etc.

Seo Setting: setup On page SEO for your site, As for the Off page SEO (Backlinks) they offer you buy SEnuke XCr (Backlinks Software) but i highly recommended you to make your backlinks manually in the first then after take good experience with link building use SEnuke XCr.

Opt-in Templates: many different good optin forms to build your list.

Display Ad Builder: contain many of ready ads with different sizes that you can edit them as you like with friendly interface.

Headers: great headers with different colors that suit many niches sites.

Website Custom Setting + Website Page/Post: every WordPress dashboard setting ( Media -Pages – Posts – Plugins – Tools …etc) is founded in this two sections so you don’t need after that to login your WordPress dashboard.

6- E-commerce Builder:

This section very smiler to Website Builder section but specific for Ecommerce sites So, If you’ll build shopping site, paid services sites …etc then E-commerce will help you to make great site in short time.

7- WebSite Promotion:

you’ll be able to connect your social media accounts with this section and publish your new posts directrly to your social media networks immediately or scheduling them as you like.

8- Social Monitoring:

In this section you’ll be able to monitoring your specific keywords or sites that mention on all social media and know what social communities say about your site with urls to all these conversions posts to will be able to stay in touch and response to them.

Also you can drive targeted traffic from searching for keywords related to your site niche and let people know about your business by make some ads on these posts and tell them you have great info (not products 🙂 ) on your site about this particular topic.

9- Domain Manger:

you can mange your NameCheap and eNom accounts or you can add your domain from other registers domains providers like GoDaddy, Reigster, ..etc all you need is setup DNS setting in your domain provider with Sitebildz DNS sever.

You’ll be able to manage your domains and create emails for your site to receive your customers questions, Also you can get suggestion domain names for specific keyword you enter in Domain Suggestion section and register many domains in the same time with Register Bulk Domains Section.

10- Content Manager:

(CONTENT IS KING) Almost every one know this role BUT this role Change these days to be ( GREAT CONTENT IS KING) after latest Google updates, interest in the content has become very important to rank well on Google page 1 ofcourse beside other factors are very important like On SEO, Off SEO, Page load Speed and others Factors.

So, when you make your site content you must make great content that really help visitors to solve their problems or educate them something they really want.

i highly recommended you to read this source: The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing

Now with Sitebildz you 3 options to make your site content:

  • You make your own content i highly recommended you to do that , this is best option you can take 🙂 you will face some difficult in the first but after some time you’ll love write your own content.
  • Use Professional writers that they have very good experience in your niche and know On SEO factors to optimize your content to rank on Google, You can use ArticleZ and ArticleBildz from inside SitebildZ Advantage which provide you with professional writers just enter your keyword and you will get suggestions writers you can start with. As for the Iwriter you must purchase directly from their site.

I put some great places you can get very professional writers to your site (Expensive but better):

  • Last option you have is that using high quality automated content software to make your content but be smart you must check and edit these content many times to finally get really good and unique content. With Sitebildz you can start with Article Builder.

After you make your content you’ll need to check if it is unique or not with CopyScape Section, After that you can publish your content immediately or schedule them with Post/Schedule Section.

You’ll be able to import videos from YouTube to your site and embed them with Videos Section, Also you can purchase great photos from photos stock providers with Images Section and edit them with friendly and easy software doesn’t require any experience with Image Editor section.

Also you can create privacy policy page for Adsense or any privacy policy you need with Policy Generator Section.

11- SiteBidZ:

SiteBidz is a auction platform, very similar to Flippa that if you have good site and make good money every month but you haven’t time for it you can sell this site on SiteBidZ and you’ll be able to listed your for sell without any fee as long as you are SitebildZ Advantage paid member.

12- Project Manger:

This is where you can check out all your site data like your theme, keyword details (search vlume – EPC – CPC…etc), Social media read, your domain details, backup you site and Google analytic reports, all from one place inside SitebildZ Advantage.

What is SiteBildZ Advantage Features?

  • One Of Most great features is that you’ll be able to manage all your sites from one place no matter how many you have So, you don’t need to login to WordPress dashboard or your host to mange your sites any more. Also Every thing you’ll need to monitor your sites is founded in SiteBildZ Advantage.
  • All poring and technical staff to build your money sites are automated with Website Builder Section that will safe a lot of  your time and efforts to focus on other works you need to achieve it fast as you can.
  • SiteBildZ Advantage come with easy and friendly interface to will be able to done your works fast with less efforts.
  • If you are new in this business don’t worry SiteBildZ Advantage contain a lot of training videos and PDF that will help you to build your money making sites. Also SB Wizard Section will walk you through every section in SiteBildZ dashboard to understand every thing easily.
  • You’ll be able to use two of most powerful and trusted keywords search tools (MOZ Keywords tool – SEMrush Tool) For Free that if you want to use these tools outside SiteBildZ Advantage you’ll pay $168.95 every month ( $99/m Moz  – $69.95/m SEMrush) so you’ll save a lot of money.
  • With Competitions analysis tools you’ll be able to analysis the competition on your chosen keywords and analysis your competitors sites to find their strongest and weakens points to know if you can beat them or not.
  • With Sitebildz advantage Servers You’ll get free hosting to host your sites on super fast servers with the latest in security and data protection, 99.9% up time, 24/7/365 support team to monitor all sites and ensure 100% reliability and your sites data is backed up every 20 minutes. But also you can host your sites on your own host provider and keep manage them directly from the SiteBildZ dashboard.
  • With monetization feature you can add the best and high selling products from affiliate networks like ClickBank, ShareSale, Amazon or Adsense ads directly to your site and to your content too.
  • With Sitebildz advantage you’ll have great responsive themes which are SEO optimized works on any devices (Desktop – Tablet – Ipad – Smartphones) and you can edit these themes as you like to suit any niche you’ll work with.
  • Also Sitebildz advantage will updated every month with new responsive WordPress themes, HD quality niche headers and optin forms.
  • You’ll be able to monitor all social media activities on specific keywords or on your domain name to see what people say about your sites or about your targeted keywords and understand your audience needs.
  • With SiteBidz Section you’ll be able to sell or buy sites from other Sitebildz advantage Members and you can list your sites in SiteBidZ to sell them with completely free of charge and without additional costs.

It’s Your Time Now:

Now it’s your turn to take action today and get this perfect software that will save a lot of money, time and efforts and it will help to create, manage and monitor your money sites faster, easier and more dynamic. You will not find such a software in its features and potentials in anywhere else.

If you still hesitant to get Sitebildz Advantage then you have 30 Days Money Back Guarantee just in case you are not satisfied.

How To Claim My Bonuses ?

1- Clear Your cookies in your Web Browser
2- Get Your Membership Now of Sitebildz Advantage Through My Link
3- After completing your order , send the receipt to my FB Account at:
4- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

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