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Sinfiltrator Review


Sinfiltrator Overview:

Creator: Greg Kononenko, Yves Kouyo and Stephen Gilbert

Date Of Launch: 2016-03-10

Time Of Launch: 09:00 EST

Niche: General

Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Support: Effective Response

Official site:

Bonuses: Yes, Special $4286 Bonuses

Recommended: 100% Recommended

Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of Sinfiltrator?


Yves Kouyo, Greg Kononenko & Stephen Gilbert are the men behind Social Traffic Alchemy. They are well known names in the field of internet marketing who are the mastermind behind a a lot of successful software and training courses such as Snap Affiliate Profits , Penny Traffic Cash Surge, Free Traffic Cash Surge, Split Social, Social Traffic Alchemy and others.

What Is The Man Idea Behind Sinfiltrator?

It’s been said that building a following on social media is the BEST way to make a consistent income for free.

But what if you could skip the fan page building all together?

Imagine getting a ton of highly targeted traffic and send it ANYWHERE all for FREE… and then do this over and over for MONTHS.

Here Comes Sinfiltrator…..

This software allows you to do just that. By hijacking ANY site you want and putting your offer on top of it, you can then share this site on FB groups and fan pages to get a ton of clicks fast.

The thing is… when you share this link on facebook, or instagram, or whatever… you legally borrow the authority of those sites. In The creator’s case studies, they used sites like CNN and FOX, and then overlayed their CPA offers and opt in forms to not only build a list, but get a ton of conversions too.

So, What Is Sinfiltrator?

Sinfiltrator is a complete Training + Software package. The Software is an advanced jacking software that allows you to place YOUR call to action over the top of ANY other page on the intranet. So you can take any website and place your optin form, button, video, scarcity bar or clickable image on that website.

After you do that you can share a special encoded link in forums, FB groups, anywhere else you want. You will provide anyone who clicks that link with valuable information contained on that webpage (such as tips, articles, top 10 lists etc).

And at the time which you specify, YOUR call to action will appear on that website. What does this mean? Well, to the visitor it will look like that call to action belongs to the destination website, however YOU will collect all clicks, optins, and commissions.

The creators are also including software tutorials, as well as the actual steps that their developer Yves has followed to make well over $3,000 in just several minutes a day sharing these links. The method is proven, with real verified results, and they have documented everything step by step.

To recap:

  • This is a clever software that hijacks web pages and places your offers on top.
  • It only takes 5 mins a day to get a campaign running.
  • You can use this for Ecomm, CPA, Tshirts, Aff. Marketing. Literally send this traffic anywhere you want. Their case study covers how to do it from scratch.
  • There’s no paying for traffic. Just clever marketing!

==> See The Power Of Sinfiltrator <==

How Does Sinfiltrator Work?

==> Sinfiltrator WalkThrough Video <==

Using Sinfiltrator is As Easy As ‘1. 2. 3:

=> Step #1:

Take any content you want.

=> Step #2: SEARCH & PICK:

Add your own opt-in box, call to action, video, etc.

=> Step #3: PROFIT:

Share your new content and get visitors to do whatever you want!

Here are the results From Just One Quick Campaign That The Creators of Sinfiltrator Have Succeeded To Achieve:

  • Fast and easy, only takes a few minutes to set it up…And one click to share and start getting traffic and results.


Sinfiltrator Is Jam-Packed With Features and Benefits To Start Making You sales 5 minutes after watching the training:

[+] Avoid The Headache Of Content Creation:

  • Sinfiltrator allows you to take any content from the web and make it your own

[+] Make Money WITHOUT a Website:

  • Never pay for hosting, because Sinfiltrator is all you need to make commissions and even build a list

[+] Tap Into Unlimited FREE Traffic:

  • Get targeted traffic in any niche without breaking the bank

[+] Instant Authority and Credibility:

  • Harness the reputation of sites like CNN, Yahoo, Fox or any other website on the web.

[+] Build a Money Machine in 60 Seconds or Less:

  • In 60 seconds or less, you can place YOUR CPA links, affiliate links, optin forms, money-making videos, affiliate banners, buy buttons, and much more over top of any website.

[+] Comprehensive Step-by-Step Training:

  • Learn how to use Sinfiltrator just like we do, to get started today and start making money instantly. You’ll never be left in the dark

Here is how Sinfiltrator will have you making money as early as Today:

Sinfiltrator will allow you to get instant traffic by sharing high quality content from OTHER people’s websites with YOUR affiliate links, CPA links, optin forms, buy buttons and more anywhere online, including social media.

=> Share the best content from any niche and harvest targeted clicks that convert:

  • Use our step by step training to find content that’s guaranteed to attract massive clicks. Then simply place your offers over the top of that content using our software. You can send this traffic ANYWHERE.
  • Follow our video training where nothing is left out, and find awesome content to make money in any niche.
  • Use our software to quickly overlay your money-making offers right over the top of that content.

=> Sinfiltrator lets you succeed without technical skills:

  • You don’t have to have a website to make money or build a list with Sinfiltrator. Our system is fully hosted on our lightning-fast servers so you can skip straight to profits.
  • All you need to do is login to our system and you will be able to start sharing monetized content instantly.
  • Never be stuck with technical issues anymore. Sinfiltrator is perfect for non-techys
  • Create beautiful money layers and calls to action that attract clicks like crazy, even if you know nothing about websites.

=> Get targeted traffic on demand and send it anywhere… FOR FREE:

  • Sinfiltrator gives you the power to place your links right in front of large buying audiences in any niche.


  • Specify which content you’d like to monetize.


  • Choose how you’d like to monetize it and where the traffic should be sent.


  • Share it with hungry eyeballs with just one click. Use our exact training to find these targeted buyers.

=> Ethically Borrow Reoutation from top websites around the World:

  • Descretely monetize any top site in the world with Sinfiltrator.
  • Integrate Sinfiltrator with all major autoresponders, including Aweber, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, MailChimp and others.
  • Imagine putting your CPA offer right on the CNN website

=> Profit in your spare time, it only takes 60 seconds to create one campaign:

  • Life is hectic. Lacking time should not keep you from accomplishing your goals online.
  • To create a fully monetized campaign, simply choose your template and fill out a few simple fields.

=> Over the shoulder training:

  • Follow along step-by-step and don’t miss anything in our extensive video training. Watching us do it live in front of your eyes makes it completely goof-proof.
  • We are personally here to give you everything you need to do to start getting traffic and sales today.

=> And many other features:

  • Fully Responsive, Looks Beautiful Everywhere.
  • Advanced Tracking and Stats.
  • 100% Web Based Technology Works on Mac and PC.
  • Top Rated 24×7 Customer Support.
  • Secure and Unstoppable.
  • No Monthly Fees During Launch Period.

Don’t forget, the Sinfiltrator software also comes with complete Training:

  • How to use Sinfiltrator to make money even if you’ve never earned $1 online before.
  • How to finally use Sinfiltrator to build an e-mail list of people who actually buy – with no product of your own, and no squeeze page. You don’t even need your own domain name.
  • The sneaky way Sinfiltrator helps make tens of thousands of pure profit on AUTOPILOT.
  • How to add new profit streams in your life with Sinfiltrator in just 60 seconds a few times a week.
  • How to do ALL OF THIS even if you have zero assets to your name: no product, no website, no connections, no list… you need NOTHING.

=>The combo Of Sinfiltrator Software + Profit Training Will Make It Impossible To Fail<=


Just look at all the incredible results beta testers are getting with Sinfiltrator Starting From Complete Scratch:


See What People Posted On FB About Sinfiltrator:


Who is Sinfiltrator Aimed At?

  • AFFILIATE Marketers
  • NETWORK Marketers
  • CPA Marketers
  • VIDEO Marketers
  • Amazon Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • FACEBOOK Marketers
  • Beginners Bloggers
  • Product Reviewers
  • Online Marketers
  • Offline Marketers

Sinfiltrator OTO’S:

OTO#1: Sinfiltrator AGENCY RIGHTS & Pro Features: Onetime Payment Of $97

Would You Like To Install Sinfiltrator On Any Domain You Want?

When you are sharing the Sinfiltrator links with the basic version, your links will be based on the generic Sinfiltrator domain.

This in itself is already very powerful and proven to bring results. But imagine how much more powerful it would be if you could use Sinfiltrator on ANY DOMAIN you want?

So if you were in the fitness niche, imagine if you could install Sinfiltrator on your fitness domain and share the links from it? But that’s not all… Why Would You Use Sinfiltrator Just For Yourself When You Can Profit By Selling It As A Service To Others?

Now that you have the power of Sinfiltrator to harness the insanely profitable nature of Sharing and Monetizing Quality Content… to build YOUR list… and to give YOU commissions… all without creating your OWN content…

You might already realize just how much more powerful it will be when you are able to sell it as a service to others… Install it on their websites… Set up and run these campaigns for anyone… And to charge money for it… Or set them up for free…

Including some beautiful templates and some amazing fast-start training and exact strategies on how to profit from Sinfiltrator.

Sinfiltrator Developer Rights & Pro Features Pack Includes:


  • Want to multiply your profits? Then instead of using Sinfiltrator on the default generic domain, you can install Sinfiltrator on any of your own domains, making it more relevant, and allowing you to diversify your link footprint. AND you can install it on your clients’ domains too…


  • You can install Sinfiltrator on your clients’ websites and charge them money for it. Or install it for FREE. This is perfect if you already have offline clients. Or it can quickly become a big revenue stream.


  • Teach others how powerful these overlaid calls to action are, create and manage their monetized links for them and charge anything you want for this in-demand service.
  • You’ll Be One Of The Few Who Use Sinfiltrator To Profit In 3 Ways Instead of Just One
  • It’s great to drive traffic, make sales and build your list using our generic domain. Sinfiltrator is already proven to work, as it has worked for us and others.

But what if you could tailor which domain appears in the link you are sharing? You can easily do that with Sinfiltrator Pro, because you can simply install this script on your own domain. On ANY domain. So you’re in control of the URL.

But that’s not all. You also get 2 MORE ways to profit with Sinfiltrator.

You can get the rights to install Sinfiltrator on YOUR CLIENTS’ sites… And charge any amount for it. It’s up to you – you can charge them monthly, or just a one-off price. Or give it to them for free.

Ever better… You can also set up new Sinfiltrator accounts on YOUR domains. So your clients can simply get an account on YOUR domain and login. You can sell Sinfiltrator as a service (no matter on whose domain the software is installed). Or give the accounts away for free – again, it’s up to you.

OTO#2: Sinfiltrator White Label Rights:

You can choose from 2 licenses the license that suits you:

[+] Basic White Label Rights: Onetime Payment Of $97:

  • Full resell rights
  • Sell only under same name
  • Sell unlimited copies
  • NO Giveaway rights
  • NO Agency license included
  • NO Sales Page included

[+] Full White Label Rights: Onetime Payment Of $147:

  • Full unlimited rebranding rights
  • Sell (no giveaway rights) unlimited copies
  • High converting sales page included
  • Full training on how to sell digital products included
  • BONUS: Agency license included, use Sinfiltrator for all of your clients ($67 retail value)

[+] Get Unlimited Rights To Sell Sinfiltrator:

  • Sell Sinfiltrator as if YOU created it, for any price: $97, $297, $47/month, or even $1. You decide – this is now YOUR software!
  • High converting sales page is INCLUDED.
  • Step-by-step digital product sales training included.
  • One time fee gets you UNLIMITED rights, never invest again!
  • Rebrand it how you wish: change the name, put your picture next to it, price whatever you want, DO WHATEVER you want.
  • Will NEVER be possible again – unique opportunity.

Remember just how powerful Sinfiltrator is Fully loaded with:

  • The raw, never-before-seen power to overlay YOUR calls to action over the top of OTHER people’s content, which will bring a tidal wave of Traffic… Meaning you and your customers will get thousands of FREE visitors in any niche…
  • You can start sharing links and getting clicks and affiliate or CPA sales TODAY… And you will be able to sell this same tool to others.

=> And you can sell ALL of that as if YOU made it:

  • Without spending a single penny on development…
  • Without worrying about how to set it all up…
  • Without ANY work and with one small investment today.

AND REMEMBER…With the Full Package you’re going to get:

  • UNLIMITED license to sell Sinfiltrator at any price
  • Done For You Sales Page so that you can save $3k on copywriting and start selling instantly.
  • Instantly become a Software Vendor – this is how the big JVZoo guys make 7-figure incomes.

OTO#3: Done For You & Case Studies: OneTime Payment Of $67:

With this OTO, you will get:

[+] 2 Tell All Case Studies:

  • EXACT Tricks the creators Use To Get Skyrocket their Results… Get inside now and nothing will be blurred out!

You’re going to get EVERYTHING you need including:

  • The NICHE the creators used to make the profit…
  • The Offer the creators used to create a great Call To Action.
  • The Product that they were promoting.
  • The messages they put out thinking behind it all…

[+] The creators will give you 10 NEW Done For You Campaigns That You Can Plug In And Start Running Yourself… Right Now:

That means in addition to 2 proven case studies, you’ll get 10 done-for-you campaigns that we have carefully chosen, researched, and suspect to be BIG winners… So you’ll get:

=> 10 Hot Niches:

  • with plenty of buzz and just the right amount of competition.

=> Best Facebook Groups:

  • 5-20 most engaged groups in each niche so your posts get real eyeballs and clicks.

=> Hottest Products:

  • 1 to 3 per niche – offers most likely to make money.

=> Niche Advice:

  • Each niche is unique so we have provided relevant tips to make most commissions.

Sinfiltrator Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Sinfiltrator?

Sinfiltrator will give you the power to leverage any piece of content that’s already online.You will be able to add your own affiliate link, opt-in form, video, call to action, etc. on directly on top.
That means that even if you have:

  • No list
  • No product
  • No website
  • No experience
  • No connections

you will finally be able to build a list and earn commissions just by sharing other people’s content.

No other software is as easy-to-use or as beautiful as Sinfiltrator.

=> Image:

  • Place any image over any content and make it clickable. Link to Affiliate Offers, CPA, anything you want.

=> Header/Footer:

  • Add your headline and a clickable link to the top or bottom of any page, send to any link you want!

=> Optin:

  • Place your own beautiful optin form with header, subheader etc over any piece of content, and redirect to any link after optin!

=> Scarcity Bar:

  • Place your scarcity bar with a call to action and timer on OTHER people’s content, and send clicks anywhere!

=> Video:

  • Embed your video on anyone’s content. Promote affiliate or CPA offers. Clickable button will send them anywhere you want!

=> Custom HTML:

  • Display any custom HTML, or any external website right over the top of other websites online and collect commissions!

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