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ShopiRater Review Plus Best ShopiRater Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed ShopiRater Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of ShopiRater App to discover everything about it, It’s features, ShopiRater OTO details and how This Industry Best eCommerceAutomated Review And Store Growth Saas will enable you to Run Incentivized Review and Perpetual Email Traffic Campaigns That grow your store on autopilot.


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ShopiRater Review

ShopiRater Overview:

Creators: Ben Murray, Rohan Chaudhari & and Harshal Jadhav
Date Of Launch: 2017-07-07
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of ShopiRater?

ShopiRater Creators

Ben Murray, Rohan Chaudhari, and Harshal Jadhav are the men behind ShopiRater. They are well known names in the field of online marketing who have created many successful internet marketing products and software such as SociVideo Jukebox, Multistore Builder, ConjureGram, WP Theme Ultima, LeadLock Pro, WpTwin, SpyStream Pro, Traffic Fresh, SharpSocial, VidCuratorFX, SyndRanker and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind ShopiRater?

In the next few minutes, I’m going to share with you a powerful tool that’s going to give you a massive advantage in the biggest money making opportunity in the next five years online which is… online ecommerce stores.

Look, I don’t need to tell you that offline retail stores are dying off and being replaced by helpful, niche ecommerce stores now.

Even the “Oracle of Omaha” Warren Buffet recently said retail is now dying at a recent Berkshire Hathaway meeting stating:“The department store is online now…” and has begun selling retail investments including 900 million dollars worth of Walmart stock.

However, there’s two BIG things that’s going to separate those entreprenerus and marketers who thrive in this revolution with profit generating, traffic pulling niche stores from those who don’t…

… and were single-handily responsible for skyrocketing’s early growth too, which are…

getting lots of authentic reviews and perpetual, cost-free traffic you can rely on quickly for your store products.

The fact is…

  • Your store will struggle to convert and grow.
  • YOU’LL GET LEFT BEHIND no matter how great the product or how much cold PPC traffic you throw at it.

You can have awesome products, great prices, and the most beautiful looking ecommerce or affiliate store in the world…

… but without lots of social proof, real reviews, deep brand engagement, and free warm traffic your store will struggle to get off the ground and grow.

I don’t need to waste your time and show you a ton of statistics to prove it.

It’s common sense, right?

Without real reviews, people engaging in your brand, and people actively sharing your products on their own…


Ask yourself:

  • would you trust a store that has no reviews and no one talking about it…?
  • Or a couple of “shady” looking reviews that could be faked or ‘farmed’ out…
  • Or would you prefer to buy from a store that is packed wall to wall with real reviews from raving customers that are growing your store for you?
ShopiRater Features

A store with NO REVIEWS is like a restaurant full of EMPTY TABLES

Without social proof and authentic looking reviews, your store looks like an empty ghost town that can’t be trusted, and won’t make sales no matter how much traffic you send to it.

Look – finding perfect product, installing fancy looking themes, and nifty pop-up tools aren’t going to cut it if you’re serious about scaling your store.

But, before you even think about building your store…
… or before you send another visitor to one of your existing stores…

… you need a plan to get as many authentic reviews and free traffic as possible to really start scaling your store and bringing your products and message to as many people as possible.

Problem is:

  • Getting a stream of continous, perpetual traffic and lots of intial reviews is HARD WORK and normally takes a LONG time to get off the ground.
  • Even on Amazon.… only 2% of customers leave a review! (They even send follow up emails begging for reviews!)

What chance do YOU have of getting a ton of sales — boosting, social-proof reviews and perpetual, cost-effective traffic you can actually profit from, especialy if you’re starting from scratch?

As of now, it will take months, maybe years, of work to get your store off the ground and producing a positive ROI.

But today, you’ll have a secret weapon that pulls real reviews, engages customers with your brand, and sends free, targeted traffic on autopilot!

Here comes ShopiRater…..

So, What Is ShopiRater?

Automatically flood your store with VIRAL EMAIL TRAFFIC and AUTHENTIC, REAL REVIEWS to gain instant authority and send your store sales through the roof:

  • ShopiRater will automatically chase down your customers for you and offer them a strong incentive to leave a review.
  • So you get more reviews, on total autopilot, and turn your store into a trusted authority and sales converting machine that puts money in your pocketlike clockwork.
  • And even better — ShopiRater automatically asks each happy reviewer to share the product with friends for an extra incentive, driving cost-free traffic to your store.
  • You get instant social proof with lots of real looking reviews, and ShopiRater app drives viral email referral traffic for more sales without having to lift a finger.

==>See The Power Of ShopiRater

(ShopiRater Review Video)<==

How Does ShopiRater Work?

==> ShopiRater Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Grow your ecommerce or affiliate store 100s of times faster today. It’s simple…:

=> Step #1:

  • Somebody buys from your store.

=> Step #2:

  • ShopiRater automatically follows up with them offering free bonus gifts, coupons, or discounts that add value in exchange for a review at the date you specify on a landing page you can create.

=> Step #3:

  • The customer completes their review and is taken to a page to get their free gift and is also asked to refer a set number of friends via email to get an additional gift (you get to approve the review, too).

=> Step #4:

  • The customer downloads their extra gifts, engages with your brand on the download page you create, and your store gets more authentic reviews, free traffic, and sales systematically.

ShopiRater app works in just 5 simple steps:

[1] First, connect ShopiRater to your store and choose to run a standard campaign, incentivized campaign that offers a reward for a review, or incentivized campaign with viral share ability that will also pull referral traffic in addition to getting reviews.

[2] Next, choose what products you want this campaign to apply to, when the email should go out after the buyer purchases, and customize your emails. Choose to add follow up reminder emails or emails for related products in your store and customize your viral share email (or the email that will ask buyers to share their review for an extra bonus/incentive).

[3] Design your incentive pages with ShopiRater drag+drop builder, DFY templates, or connect a third party page builder like LeadPages. This is where you’ll showcase your incentive for getting a review.

[4] Then, customize the download page/viral-share page that will give users their promised gift, but also ask them to refer the page via email to friends for an extra incentive using a special widget.

[5] Customize the final thank-you/download page, hit submit, and watch the reviews and traffic start to pour in on autopilot! Plus, use this final thank you page to help buyers engage more deeply with your brand as well as download their gift

Turn every review into FREE traffic as well With ShopiRater App!

And remember, once a customer submits a review, you can choose to have ShopiRater follow up with an extra bonus or incentive asking them to share the product they bought and liked with their friends via email. If they software detects they successfully shared it with others, they’ll be redirected to their gift and you’ll get more customers.

Plus, unlike normal review widgets, each review is packed with social proof including a ‘Verified Review by ShopiRater’ tag that proves the review is verified, the reviewers picture and images/videos of them using the actual product, and more!

Turn any struggling store into a sales — pumping machine.

Launch a successful, authority looking store straight out the gate.

Triple your traffic and sales without dropping your prices or devaluing your brand.

TURNING YOUR STORE into a sales and TRAFFIC—GETTING MACHINE has never been easier!

Just paste a simple line of code to connect ShopiRater app to your Shopify or WooCommerce store, set-up your campaign…


You now have everything you need to start collecting legitimate reviews, increasing social proof, and getting traffic…

…and turning any ‘me-too’ ecommerce or affiliate store into a true authority store that people trust and feel safe buying from.

ShopiRater Features:

” ShopiRater Results” ShopiRater App is already taking ‘dead’ stores and helping them pull traffic and make significant sales in just days:

ShopiRater Results

=> ShopiRater and eCom Legacy aren’t just based in ‘theory’ either like most products that come out:

  • This is backed by what works for thousands of successful stores and brands, including our own brand which did 7 figures from just ONE PayPal account here last year (and is on pace to do more this year)
ShopiRater App

FINALLY! Turn expensive paid traffic into reliable, daily sales and build a real ‘tribe’ that’s passionatly sharing your products with ShopiRater App

Just imagine having a store that’s packed with real, authentic reviews…and brand advocates that are actively sharing and referring your store thanks to the traffic features of ShopiRater?

And it all happening like clockwork, every single day!


No need to worry where the next customer is coming from, or how you’ll pay the bills next month.

With a store that’s packed full of positive reviews from real customers — you can finally turn clicks into customers, and customers into perpetual traffic.


ShopiRater gets traffic to your stores and fills them with social-proof backed reviews faster than any other solution.Unlike other review apps…

[+] ShopiRater is far less expensive:

  • You won’t pay hundreds of dollars for overcomplicated tools with pointless features and steep learning curves.
  • And you won’t pay $500, $100, or even $50 per month for access either. In fact, ShopiRater is all yours for life, for a one—time only investment today.

[+] ShopiRater is super simple and easy:

  • No complex installations.
  • No steep learning curves.

[+] ShopiRater is based on what actually works to get you more traffic and sales:

  • You can automatically incentivize customers to leave a review.
  • You can make it easy for customers to share their review and your product via email.
  • Just paste one simple line of code into your store and start automatically ramping up your reviews, providing more value to your customers, and turning their reviews into free referral traffic.
  • It has never been easier to build trust, authority, and blow your store’s sales through the roof.

Don’t have a store or even a niche idea?


Even if you’re brand new to creating ecommerce or affiliate stores, we’re going to guarnatee you have success and profit from this massive opportunity.

How? By letting you get access to our $997 eCom store training for a limited time called…

“eCom Legacy”

ShopiRater Reviews

A multi-module, STEP-BY-STEP training that walks you through how to find a profitable niche, set up your store, and profit for the long term.

And no, this isn’t another training on how to find junk products, make some quick cash, then have to move onto the next store after a week. You’ll be learning the foundations to create an amazing store, find quality products, a nd profit and grow your first store for the long term.

IN JUST A FEW MINUTES FROM NOW, you’re going to learn ecommerce and store creation secrets like:

  • What types of eCom store niches and ideas are working best right now
  • Three Tricks to creating a memorable brand like ‘McDonalds’ that drives referral traffic and ensures your saftey from the competition in the future
  • Our secret list of the best dropshipping places to find quality products to quickly sell in your store
  • Four Ways to start immediatly sending targeting, relevant traffic to your store
  • How to know with 100% certainty you have a winning store idea before you even sell one product
  • How to prototype and create your own 100% unique product with out spending your entire savings
  • Our brain-dead, easy email automation sequence that doubles sales with no work
  • How to run a simple PPC campaign that grows your store with just $5 spent per day
  • Whether dropshipping, wholesaling, or unique product creation is the best today
  • Our ‘blueocean’ strategy to make your store seem unique and stand out, even if it’s selling the same stuff as 100s of other stores
  • And FAR MORE!

And it’s comprised 9 IN-DEPTH VIDEO MODULES with exercises and PDFs INCLUDING:

Module 01 Introduction:

  • Here you’ll learn how to use the course and the strategy we’ll be taking to make sure you brand your store correctly to succeed longterm, despite competition from bigger guys and copycats.

Module 02 Finding and Evaluating Your Niche:

  • Here you’ll learn how to find a profitable niche for your store and what types of eCom stores are going to succeed in the future.

Module 03 Evaluating and Testing Product Ideas:

  • The product you sell is obvisouly going to play a crucial point in the success of your store and brand. Here, we’ll go over how to come up with proven winners evaluate potential ideas to guarnatee success.

Module 04 Defining Your Brand and ‘Blue Ocean’:

  • In this crucial module, we’ll go over high-level branding techniques to make your store stand out across the competition, even if you’re selling similar products as someone else!

Module 05 Finding the Products to Sell:

  • We’re going to go over finding A+ products to dropship, wholesale, and even how to create your own prototype and manufactor a unique product from scratch.

Module 06 Getting the Traffic Part 1:

  • We’re going to give you our best strategy to drive cheap, relevant traffic to your store as fast as possible. Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve blogging, spending a fortune on PPC ads, or SEO that takes months to work.

Module 07 Getting the Traffic Part 2:

  • You’re going to learn even more strategies on how to generate quality traffic as fast as possible to your store to guarantee success and get reviews.

Module 08 Conclusion: What if somethings not working?

  • You’ll learn how to evaluate and fix issues that come up along the way so you can continue to grow your store and know it will be profitable for years in the future.

You’re getting EVERYTHING you need to start making money and making a difference with your own ecommerce store in days from now!

With ShopiRater, you’re getting a break through piece of technology that will will TURBO—CHARGE YOUR SALES FROM DAY ONE, and suck up free viral traffic from every review that your store gets.

And if you’re quick, you’re also getting the eCom Legacy training, a STEP BY STEP GUIDE that will show you exactly how to launch a Shopify and WooCommerce store that profits long term…

… BASED ON REAL STRATEGICES AND TACTICS that successful store owners are using.


1. Keep driving unaffordable traffic and chasing down customers asking them to leave a review manually or the old way (with an annoying email followup) with no incentives that add value, wasting hours of your day struggling to get even your happiest customers to leave a review, and losing sales because your store has no credibility and no free referral traffic…

2. Paste a simple line of code into your store, and watch ShopiRater go out and grab tons of sales — boosting reviews and free viral traffic on total autopilot.


Get lifetime access to ShopiRater today, for a one-time only investment, with no monthly contracts.


There’s NO MONTHLY COSTS for a limited time only!

For a one-time investment you can finally start raking in reviews, and turn your store into a sales—getting machine, in days, not months.

The creators guarantee — ShopiRater App WILL get you tons of real reviews on autopilot and boost your store’s sales or you pay nothing:

How can we be so sure?

Because we’ve seen it happen — a store with tons of reviews and referral traffic with beat a store with little or no reviews… hands down.

And now, you can automatically scoop up free visitors and precious reviews on total autopilot …no driving unaffordable traffic… no chasing customers down all day begging for a review… just sit back and let the incentive ShopiRater campaigns go to work and traffic and reviews roll right in, hands free.

However, if within 30 days, you aren’t floored by how easy it is to get tons of reviews and free referral traffic from happy customers with ShopiRater, then we insist you contact our rapid response team for an instant, no- questions asked, FULL refund.

Or if you find another tool that does everything that ShopiRater does at an even lower price than what you’re getting it for today.
… then you are entitled to a full refund during your 30 day test-drive period.

No questions, no quibbles, no fine print.

“ShopiRater Reviews/ Testimonials” What Experts & Beta-Testers Are Saying About ShopiRater:

“ShopiRater takes the right approach at what it takes today to really grow an affiliate or ecom store and real brand. Cold traffic and great products alone, won’t grow your store fast. You need social proof and viral traffic campaigns to grow your store faster. ShopiRater provides both.
Andrew Darius
“After installing ShopiRater I quickly saw a big increase in reviews and traffic. It’s safe to say this double my business in just a week and soon all these traffic campaigns will compound for 5x-10x even more traffic. Unbelieveable stuff!”
Nazmus Sakib 

ShopiRater is one powerful app. Customers are simply too busy to drop what they are doing, leave a great review, and refer your store to all their friends. ShopiRater does this all for you, really cool.

Brad Stephens – 7 Figure Marketer


ShopiRater is an amazing product, i was looking for a product like this since a long time. When you are in ecom industry, your customers do expect to see features which they see on the giants like amazon and ebay. With Shopirater i am able to add the product reviews along with their images which makes my product page look so much more professional. The FAQ feature is again awesome, as i am able to add the answers of all the questions related to my product giving the visitors more reasons to buy from my store.

Moonis Ali Founder – .


eCom stores are definitely the biggest opportunity this year, and with the combination of eCom Legacy and the ShopiRater storegrowth software you have everything you need to start and rapidly scale a real business you can be proud of. Grab this now before the guys decide to raise the price to where it should be!

Abhi Dwivedi – Serial Entrepreneur


ShopiRater Pricing:

You can choose from 2 licenses the license that suits you:

[+] ShopiRater Lite: Onetime Payment Of $24

  • No eCom Legacy Training
  • Use on one store you own personally
  • Get 3000 Reviews

[+] ShopiRater Pro: Onetime Payment Of $27

  • Includes eCom Legacy Training
  • Use on 50 stores you own.
  • 25000 Reviews

ShopiRater Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Is ShopiRater a monthly fee app and do I get support?

  • Answer: There are no monthly fees and you’ll get access to ShopiRater 1.0 with full support for 6 months and core updates. After that, there will be an optional renewal to continue with support and updates.

Q2: How ShopiRater this different than other review apps and widgets?

  • Answer: First, there’s no other review tool or widget that allows you to run incentived based review campaigns that take users to an actual landing page (for far higher conversions) and ‘download’ pages, too. Plus, there’s no other review tool that allows you to do the viral email traffic campaigns, that make it easy for happy buyers to share your products with their friends via email for extra gifts… not even major commercial solutions that cost thousands per month and target enterpirse level store businesses.
  • Plus, there’s just far more essential features to just the review widget itself like the social proof ones that don’t come with the standard free review Shopify or WooCommerce widget.

Q3: I’ll be able to think about it then come back to this page later when I’m ready… right?

  • Answer: Sorry, but we really need to make sure we don’t lose all our profits in hosting fees since ShopiRater is a cloud-based app. This will only be offered for a little while longer and the price will be increasing every few hours as promised.

Q4: Are you providing fast customer support and updates to this? I’ve had some bad experiences with other developers not responding to my tickets and questions.

  • Answer: Yes! We’re in this for the long-haul and hope to scale ShopiRater to an 8 figure company alone. And that isn’t done with A+ customer support and happy users.

Q5: How many reviews can I get, stores I can install this on, and campaigns can I run?

  • Answer: For ShopiRater ‘Lite’ version, you can install this on one store you own personally and get 300 reviews and run 15 campaigns and the ‘Lite’ version does NOT come with eCom Legacy training. With ShopiRater ‘Pro’ version, you can install this on 50 stores you own, get 4000 reviews, and run 100 campaigns at a time and comes with the eCom Legacy training for free.

Q6: Do I have to have Shopify for it to work?

  • Answer: You can use ShopiRater for WooCommerce affiliate or ecom sites (free to get started) or Shopify sites (you can get started with a free trial and then just $9 per month with ability to sell and make money during the free trial). Yes, there’s other ‘store’ solutions out there, but after testing ourselves if you’re really going to make significant money from affiliate or ecom sites, we recommend you get one of these two with Shopify being the best one for eCommerce.

ShopiRater OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: ShopiRater Commercial Upgrade: Onetime Payment Of $57


Getting quality reviews and growing your stores just got much easier.

But, what if there was a way to speed up your results even faster…

and even make far more money from your ShopiRater purchase?

I’m talking about being able to do things like:

  • Being able to run unlimited campaigns and install ShopiRater on unlimited stores… like a serious business would need.
  • Being able to sell ShopiRater commercially as a service to other business (meaning you can sell yourself as an entire agency that works around the clock getting your customers reviews)
  • Being able to put ShopiRater on 100% autopilot by having outsources setup and split-test the campaigns for you with the Outsourcers License...and far more than that to grow your stores faster with the exact same amount of effort.

Well, now you can by putting ShopiRater on steroids with…ShopiRater Commercial.

So, you’re getting all the features of ShopiRater front-end, plus some essential features to help speed up results and allow you to profit commercially with your purchase like:

[+] ‘ShopiRater Commercial’ Rights to Sell as a Service to Other Business:

  • eCom stores are set to explode in the next five years and now you can get the top solution to help these stores get solid reviews and traffic.
  • There’s tons of ‘offline’ busineses trying to get their products online since offline retail is dying and now you can set yourself up for a six figure opportunity on the side of your own stores.
  • Plus, you’ll get a special ‘commercial’ portal your clients can access with this version.

[+] Outsourcers Rights:

  • Now you can 100% automate your ShopiRater reviews and traffic by having outsourcers set up and schedule ShopiRater review campaigns for you. Not only that, but you can even have outsourcers set up the FAQs and watch out for negative reviews all on autpilot, too.

[+] Run Unlimited Incentive-Review Campaigns and Install on Unlimited Stores Reviews:

  • With ShopiRater front end version of ShopiRater, you can only run a limited number of review campaigns and get a fixed number of reviews to your store.
  • That’s great for a newbie, but for someone serious who wants to create an ecom empire we’re included the unlimited stores and campaigns option. Now your income potential is unlimited.

[+] Access to ShopiRater Resource Collection and Training:

  • You’ll get bonus training where we show you how to sell ShopiRater as a service, plus all our high-converting swipes, videos, salesgraphics, and more to make sure you really get results.

[+] ShopiRater Super Affiliate Training:

  • Just want to run an affiliate store and not a physical products one yet? No problem. With our video training we’ll show you what it takes in 2017 to set up a winning affiliate store created us, true six figure affiliates.

[+] Access to Whitelabel Store Themes:

  • Do you have a gorgeous, high-converting theme ready to install your store and ShopiRater on? If not, you’ll literally save hundreds of dollars with three premium WooCommerce themes that work with ShopiRater.

[+] Ability to ‘Flip’ ShopiRater Sites:

  • Shopify just released a platform that lets you sell your site! Now you’ll have the license to be able to ‘flip’ your site to buyers, whether it’s Shopify or WooCommerce. When you sell it, you’ll get the rights to export all the reviews and permission to sell the txt file so the new buyer can upload them on whatever widget they are using.

Just ONE way to get clients from scratch includes:

STEP 01 Search for Shopify or new stores that don’t have a lot of reviews:

  • This can be as simple as going to Google and typing in “any keyword” to instantly locate thousands upon thousands of sites using just Shopify to sell their products.

STEP 02 Reach out to the ones that have little to no reviews:

  • Note: (There’s going to be a lot of these!) Just send a friendly, low-hype email showing the store owner a video of how you can get them new reviews with ShopiRater.
  • You can use our material or even create your own.

STEP 03 Start the conversation and close the deal:

  • If it’s a business with a big offline retail stores desperate to get online, you can charge a ton, even as a monthly service fee.
  • And those monthly service fees can add up quickly.
  • You can easily charge $197 or more for getting reviews and review management 24-7 for a company. There’s full agencies out there that charge $3000.00 just for setting up their store for them… not even getting the traffic and reviews!
ShopiRater Commercial Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Are these features, trainings, and extra licenses really essential to my ShopiRater campaigns?

  • Answer: You don’t have to have these features to still have success with ShopiRater. However, if plan on running a serious business and value extra time and want to save significant money in the long run, then these features and training are really going to help. If you think about it, all you need is one sale of an affiliate product, your own physical product, or one little client to make up the cost… so it’s really a no-brainer type decision if you’re actually going to using ShopiRater.

Q2: Can I skip the front end offer and just buy ShopiRater Commercial?

  • Answer: Sorry, but that’s not fair to the other buyers. We’ve designed it so you need to buy one of the front end offers first or your keys won’t work probably whne you go to log-in

Q3: I’ll be able to think about it then come back to this page later when I’m ready… right?

  • Answer: Sorry, but we really need to make sure we don’t lose all our profits in hosting fees since this is a cloud-based app. ShopiRater Commercial Upgrade will only be offered for a little while longer, and then we’ll replace it with a not-as-great OTO offer.

Q4: Are you providing support and updates to this? Are there any restrictions.

  • Answer: Yes! You’ll get full support and core updates to this for 6 months, then you’ll have the option to renew your license and continue getting support if you want. You can run unlimited campaigns and install on unlimited stores, but there is a limit to 30,000 reviews. If you are about to exceed this or plan on it, please contact us so we can upgrade your plan for more reviews.

Q5: Can I resell ShopiRater product or give it away?

  • Answer: The Commercial License lets you bundle ShopiRater as a service with your other marketing services which you can sell for any price equal or great than what’s on the main salespage. You can’t actually sell ShopiRater software and install it on another server, but you can set up the clients campaigns, show them reports, and tap into the huge opportunity as discussed above.

OTO#2: ShopiSubmitter: Onetime Payment Of $27


Brand new Facebook pages AND groups auto-posting solution gets 50X more traffic to your stores… even if you’re too busy for social media!

You’ve probably been told THERE’S MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY TO GET TRAFFIC from Facebook…

(especially for ecommerce goods) which IS 100% TRUE TECHNICALLY…

But, Facebooks current landscape just isn’t well suited for small or new businesses…

only for the “gurus” who keep telling you to waste buy their FB courses which IS WHY YOU’RE PROBABLY STRUGGLING.

WHY? There’s three simple reasons you’ve probably figured out yourself by now:

  • Facebook ads costs have skyrocketed and to to get any ROI at all you need to have a big backend funnel at the least to just break even.
  • Facebook fanpages, well still important to post to, just aren’t delivering the same traffic as years past due to Facebooks new algorithm.
  • Facebook groups, which can deliver easy traffic, are time consuming to post to over and over to build a real, engaged community.


  • The world first Facebook pages and groups cloudbased autoposting solution.
  • It’s braindead easy to get targeted, free traffic to your store with ShopiSubmitter.


STEP 1 Create a Facebook group centered around your niche:

  • If you’re selling cat toys, then create a ‘cat’ or animal free group people can join.

STEP 2 Fire up ShopiSubmitter and post engaging articles, videos, images, and questions to your group all day long on autopilot:

  • (HINT: You don’t have to create all the content yourself. Just recycle old content or cureate (or borrow) engaging content other fanpages or blogs are posting!)

STEP 3 Sneak in a ‘sales’ post to your products or a mention a special discount:

  • Then, every few posts schedule a promotional one to make money or lead visitors to your optin page. Just spend a few minutes scheduling your posts to your groups, then sit back, and let ShopiSubmitter do all the work.

With ShopiSubmitter, now you can:

  • Schedule Native Videos to Facebook Groups on Autopilot
  • Post to Unlimited Numbers of Fanpages and Groups
  • Schedule Articles, Images, Slideshows, Videos, and More.
  • Powerful Automated Scheduler to Save You Time
ShopiSubmitter Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Q1: Is this Facebook allowed? Will this hurt my Facebook account in anyway?

  • Answer: Nope, this is 100% approved by Facebook and fine to use. Be aware that you can’t use ShopiSubmitter to post to other people’s Facebook groups. This is designed really just to use for your own.

Q2: I need to think about this. Can I come back later?

  • Answer: Sorry, but we can only allow a limited number of users access since this is a cloudbased solution. This probably won’t be available again, but if it is it will be for a much higher monthly price.

Q3: Can I upload videos and post videos too?

  • Answer: Yes, you can upload videos, articles, images, slideshows, and just about anything you want to post to your FanPages or groups.

OTO#3: ShopiSpy: Onetime Payment Of $47


Stop guessing and start seeing why your visitors don’t convert…ShopiSpy is an advanced cloud software that reveals the hidden reasons your visitors aren’t taking action, so you can quickly turn your website into a list building, money-making machine.

Anonymously track your visitor’s mouse movements and scrolling patterns in real time, to see what their eyes, fingers and cursors are drawn to and know instantly what you need to fix.

=> Make smart, profitable changes with ShopiSpy:

  • Watch real, recorded video sessions of users interacting with your site to move important content, forms, links and buttons into your website’s hidden hot spots… and enjoy more optins and sales.
  • Use heatclick technology to replace buttons, images, links and forms that aren’t getting clicked, and watch your CTR skyrocket… no more random split testing.
  • View video sessions and track analytics anytime, across any page to see what’s distracting your visitors from taking action.
  • Watch in real time to pinpoint the exact place where people stop scrolling, and stop reading.
  • Replace or remove these sales-killing bottlenecks in seconds.
  • See what information your visitors are searching for (but aren’t getting) on your landing pages.
  • Move that content to your landing pages and keep people focused on your message.
  • Runs on any site – just copy and paste a simple line of code on your Shopify, WooCommerce, or WordPress site and go.
  • Real time- see exactly how your visitors interact with your website in real time.
  • Beyond Analytics – Google Analytics shows how people found your website, ShopiSpy shows what they’re looking for when they arrivе.
  • Pro Technology – The same heat map technology used by enterprise companies to track visitor behavior, but at a fraction of the price.
  • Beyond heat maps – analyze your top pages, feeds, entry pages and exit pages to uncover the content your visitors are looking for, how they navigate your site, and the bottlenecks that are making them leave.
  • Schedule your sessions – schedule where and when to run ShopiSpy
  • No bandwidth restrictions – Run as many experiments as you need, whenever you want
  • No more guessing – See exactly what you need to change to get the results you deserve!
ShopiSpy Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: What do I get if I choose the Commercial License?

  • Answer: You’ll get the ability to sell use ShopiSpy on unlimited sites including clients you sell this as a service too. You can install the script on their sites then provide the reports and solutions to the issues.

Q2: Do I get support to this?

  • Answer: Yes, you get full support and tutorials for a year to ShopiSpy 1.0. After that there will be an option to renew to continue updates and service.

Q3: Can I offer ShopiSpy as a bonus?

  • Answer: No you can’t offer this is a bonus or give the software it away as a lead generation magnet.

Q4: I’ll be able to think about it and come back when I’m ready, right?

  • Answer: Sorry, but this opportunity is only for buyers of ShopiRater and will not be launched in the public or offered again. If you want this advanced mouse tracking technology or heat maps you’l have to settle for an expensive commercial grade version.

OTO#4: ShopiRater Traffic and List Authority: Onetime Payment Of $21


OTO#5: Shopi-Outsourcing Training: Onetime Payment Of $21

  • This exclusive training is created by The creators themselves that shows you step-by-step how to 100% automate and grow your business to a 10x level fast…
  • So you can reap traffic and profits 100% hands free.

ShopiRater Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of ShopiRater?

Are you ready to stop going around in circles…and launch a real business that capitalizes off the biggest market shift in history, adds huge value to people’s lives, but isn’t backbreakingly hard to start?ShopiRater

Imagine being able to just install a simple line of code and set the wheels in motion for a business that takes care of the traffic, reviews, and sales by itself essentially.

IMAGINE THE FEELING OF GOING TO BED AT NIGHT knowing that your store is growing on its own, automatically getting authentic reviews, free traffic, and making you real money that can make a real difference in your life?

Having a store that ‘markets itself’ and is filled with social proof reviews is literally the difference between a backbreaking business that barely breaks even and one that’s thriving with an endless flow of traffic and sales every day, no joke.

Then ShopiRater will be your highly recommended choice.

[+] Run New ‘Incentivized Review’ eCom & Affiliate Campaigns:

  • Run ShopiRater handsfree campaigns for specific categories or individual products…& lead buyers to a custom landing page that showcases an incentive (i.e.: bonus) they’ll get if they leave a review.
  • Once submitted, ShopiRater app will take them to a download page which could also ask them to share the product w/ friends or check out related products.

[+] Run Viral Email Traffic Campaigns:

  • Offer an extra incentive for reviewers to share their review via email to friends to send fre.e., warm traffic to your stores hands-free.
  • Reviewers will land on a custom page w/ widget to easily enter email IDs to refer your products to!

[+] Full Drag/drop page builder:

  • Use DFY templates, integrate 3rd party page builders, or create your own incentive or viral share pages from scratch.

[+] Customizable, Social-Proof Review Widget:

  • Let reviewers upload images/vids of themselves using the product, & each review comes w/ a ‘Verified Purchase’ tag for social proof.

[+] Add Autoresponders that Followup for More Sales:

  • Create full autoresponders using Shopify or your own SMTP that remind users to review, link to related products, or allow viewers to engage more deeply w/ your brand.

[+] Shopify & Woo Commerce Approved:

  • The team behind ShopiRater is working w /Shopify themselves, so you know this won’t be some ‘one & done’ app, but an amazing deal.

[+] Detailed & Meaningful Analytics:

  • Instantly know what auto traffic & review campaigns are working, which emails are getting opened, CTRs, & far more.

[+] ShopiRater Works for both Shopify & Woo Commerce stores:

  • This will help instantly grow any type of store, even if it hasn’t made sales in months & there’s nothing special about it.

[+] Includings bonus $997 ‘eCom Legacy’ Training:

  • Don’t have a store or even a niche idea? No problem.
  • You’ll learn how to quickly get a profitable store idea, & the steps to creating a brand & getting traffic that works for the long haul.

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Thanks a lot For Reading My ShopiRater Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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