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ScriptReel Review

ScriptReel Overview:

Creator: Abhi Dwivedi
Date Of Launch: 2018-11-13
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of ScriptReel?

Abhi Dwivedi is a well known name in the field of internet marketing who has created many successful marketing software such as SpyCom, ClipsReel, LIVEreel and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind ScriptReel?

Did you know that 75% of the people who watch videos are not English speakers?

Also, did you know over 2.2 billion people on YouTube speak a foreign language?

This means that when your video is done in English only, it only targets 25% of the total traffic online.

This also means that you will be getting 25% of views, sales, and leads.

Close to 338 million internet users speak Spanish; quick math shows that this is 55% of the entire population on the internet.

Another fact is that when it comes to SEO, getting your videos rank high on YouTube and Google is easy if you are targeting languages.

With SEO becoming more and more competitive in today’s world, millions and millions of website owners are trying to compete for top 10 positions on search engine result pages.

Even the weirdest niches with obscure keywords are competitive.

But there is a secret- while everyone is fighting to rank high in Google for English content, you can quickly and easily make your videos move up to top of Google for 27 different languages.

Another fact about videos, especially on social media, is that 85% of people on Facebook watch videos with the sound muted, opting to read the captions as the video plays.

If your video lacks captions, you will be losing on a lot of Facebook views and clicks.

The last fact before we get to the business of the day is that foreign speaking markets have a better conversion rate than English speaking audience.

This explains why many companies are translating their content into different languages to cater to these people.

However, manually translating all content on your website is time-consuming and costly.

And when you turn to most software applications designed for translating content, the results are not appealing.

But now there is a better solution; it is called ScriptReel Software…..

ScriptReel tool helps you to auto-captions and translate your video.

It can translate your video into 100’s of different languages.

And today, we will talk about it today. Here is our detailed ScriptReel review.

So, What Is ScriptReel?

ScriptReel is web-based software that helps you to convert and translate any video content into different languages.

It also helps you to create auto-captions for the video.
All these are done automatically.

With ScriptReel, you upload a video, and this software will convert the audio in your video to text and create auto captions for it.

It then inserts them in your video.

ScriptReel software converts auto-captions into any language you may want.

It also converts any audio to the language of your choice.

This enables your video to meet different people.

ScriptReel is the world’s best automatic video translation software that converts video audios into text then translate it.

With ever-growing reach, making your video multi-lingual will help your content reach many people; it is important to create videos in multiple niches for a global market, and ScriptReel will help you achieve this.

==> See The Power Of ScriptReel (ScriptReel Review Video)<==

How Does ScriptReel Software Work?

==> ScriptReel Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

This software works easily in 3 steps;

=> Step 1:

  • In this step, you enter any YouTube URL or upload a video

=> Step 2:

  • ScriptReel will extract the audio from the video and convert it into subtitles and auto-captions.
  • It then adds them to your video.
  • After this, you can preview and edit.

=> Step 3:

  • this involves translating captions into various languages or translating audios from your video into any language you may wish.

And that is it! ScriptReel is very easy to use.

ScriptReel Features:

[+] AutoCaption creation:

  • This software automatically extracts audios from your English videos and transcribes them.
  • It then converts the text into auto captions thanks to the AutoCaption Creation Technology.
  • This makes your video reach out to a greater, global audience.

[+] AutoCaption placement:

  • Creating captions is one thing and adding them in the right parts of the video is another thing. With ScriptReel, this will not be a problem thanks to the artificial intelligence the software uses which enable it to place captions at the correct times in the video.
  • This will ensure your translated videos flow.

[+] AutoCaption translation:

  • This technology allows you to convert the captions which have been created by this software into 100 different languages including Chinese modern, Arabic, Chinese Traditional, German, French, Czech, Japanese, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and many others.

[+] Enter a YouTube URL or upload a video:

  • You can either enter a YouTube video URL into ScriptReel or upload a video from your local disc to create captions.
  • After doing this, ScriptReel will automatically do the work for you and render it to you for use.

[+] Multi-lingual audio translator:

  • You can convert your video into various languages; in fact, you can translate your auto-captions and audios into different languages including, Chinese, Australian, English languages, French, German, Romanian, Spanish languages, Welsh, and many other languages.
  • Please note that some languages might call for captions to be in the same language as the audio in the video.

[+] Facebook and YouTube upload features:

  • ScriptReel comes with Facebook and YouTube upload features that are inbuilt inside the dashboard.
  • It is also integrated with LIVEreel to help you publish live videos using SyVID and LIVEreel. You can publish these videos on 8 video sites and also share it on 15 social media networks.

[+] Create square videos for Facebook:

  • When rendering your final video, you can choose to convert it into a 1:1 square video to help it fit on Facebook feeds.
  • You can create videos for your Facebook pages, groups, and profiles for capturing mobile audiences on this social media platform.
  • You can also export your square videos by directly sharing it while inside ScriptReel dashboard or downloading it and uploading it on social sites.

[+] It is cloud-based:

  • ScriptReel is a 100% web-based application, which means that there is nothing to download or install.
  • Simply log in to your accounts and start creating captioned, translated videos with subtitles. These videos will help you reach out to more audience which will mean more sales and more leads.

[+] 100% safe and approved:

  • ScriptReel is 100% safe and will create 100% safe video translations and auto-captions.
  • It doesn’t violate any YouTube terms of service, and thus this means your channel and account are safe.

[+] Share videos on 8 video sites:

  • With SyVID integration, you can seamlessly shift your translated video into SyVID account to help you share it across 8 different video hosting sites and 15 different social media platforms.
  • This will help you get more leads, more sales, and more viral traffic than before.

[+] Share your Video Live on Multiple sites:

  • With LIVEreel integration, you can seamlessly transfer videos to LIVEreel account and use that to broadcast them.
  • This is perfect for helping you get more exposure on Facebook especially when running live events.

[+] ScriptReel comes with a commercial license:

  • If you want to offer video translation services to clients or also create multi-lingual videos, then this license will help you achieve that dream.
  • It helps you create longer videos.

What is included?

  • Detailed step-by-step training
  • Newbie-friendly video conversion that involves 3 steps
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Easy to use software
  • Store-converted videos
  • Faster caption creation
  • Faster video rendering
  • Seamless publishing on YouTube
  • Publish on Facebook
  • Create videos of up to 5 minutes on ScriptReel Single or videos with over 20 minutes with ScriptReel Commercial
  • There are lots of other features and benefits you will enjoy with ScriptReel.

ScriptReel FAQ:

Q1: Do I really have to create captions and subtitles for my videos?

  • Well, it is not a must. However, think about the millions of people you will be locking out, most of which could become your potential buyers, just because they don’t understand your video content.
  • That’s why we are saying; you need to add captions, translations, and subtitles to your videos in different languages so as to reach out to more audience.
  • You have nothing to lose since you will be tapping into millions of people that were previously unreachable.
  • And the best thing is that this is absolutely free.

Q2: I don’t have a lot of videos to translate, will it be worth investing in this software?

  • Absolutely, why spend a lot of money getting your videos manually translated and captioned while you can do this using this ScriptReel? For a small fee, you will be able to translate your videos to reach out to many people.

Q3: How many videos can one translate?

  • You can translate as many videos as you want.
  • There is no limit to the number of videos you can translate, create subtitles for and caption. The only restriction is the duration of videos that can be translated which is capped at 5 minutes and 20 minutes depending on the package.

Q4: Will this work on PC and Mac?

  • Yes, being a cloud-based application, this software can work on any operating system.

ScriptReel VS Others:

ScriptReel VS Others

See Some Results The Creator Has Succeeded To Achieve After Using ScriptReel Tool:

ScriptReel Results

ScriptReel Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About ScriptReel & The creator’s others tools:

Looks like an amazing product that can expand the reach to your audience x100. I have a new YouTube channel promoting affiliate products and services and this would really help me out if I could got a copy of ScriptReel to grow my channel and make more sales!
Thanks and good luck with your launch!
Travis Loizos
This software will be a real timesaver for adding captions to videos.
Alex Tsui
Fabulous product. In my area there are residents and visitors who speak different languages. This product opens up several local business opportunities. Thanks.
Tony Ziegler
This software will be a game changer for the language barrier of some YOUTUBE videos. It will make it easier to view vids when you have to turn down the volume and also when english/or spanish isn’t your native language. It will be another tool in a SMMAs tool box to become the solution for business owners who have the problem of not being able to reach audiences of a different lanuguage besides english!! WOW!
Kwanza Green
BOOM! And just like that…all my YouTube videos now selling for me in foreign languages!
Ken Petri
Fantastic software for transcribing and voice-overs. A long overdue tool to reach a truly global market with all the different languages.
TG Tay
As global travel shrinks our world, the vast majority of countries are now multicultural societies with all the wonders and benefits that brings. Nowadays, it is necessary for videos to be all inclusive and the ability to add multi languages does just that…. Having ScriptReel in my software armory is a real must for any future successful promotional or informational videos.
Roger E Lakeman
ScriptReel sounds awesome. It will help make videos available to people with sight and hearing issues – and do it in multiple languages! It opens up a world of help, explainer, and review videos to an under served audience.
Ron Davis
ScriptReel is a Great software for creating captions in several languages.
Carlos Renato Dias
I live in a country that has 4 official languages and none of them is English. So producing a video for my locals means translating everything into the 4 languages.
Acs Arts
Wow! ScriptReel is amazing. The possibility of marketing to so much more people in their own language is mind blowing – can’t wait to get my hands on this new ScriptReel technology.
Clive Joseph
As an English teacher in Mexico City this tool will be an extremely useful tool for my classes, especially online classes. It will be a great help for beginners who always translate when they are starting to learn English. Can’t wait to get my hands on ScriptReel. Amazing product!
David Dunham
Video with captions is a great idea, as many players keep the sound now nowadays. So you pick everyone by visually showing the content. Great.
Dare Radelj
As a medical typist, I spent 25+ years dealing with fabulous doctors for whom English was a second language. I always found it brave to practice in an English-speaking country. I admired that. This software would make a 20-year wish to create medical tutorials for ESL students possible. The range of languages is simply stunning. Brilliant!
Darlene Ellenburg
Hi Abhi,
Once again, you have brought out an awesome help your customers maximize their reach to their audience and to thereby scale their productivity in whatever field they are in.
As regarding myself, this product will give me the satisfaction of having at my disposal a tool that will give me the ability to greatly enhance as well as expand my reach to the general masses of people of any language who are presently facing the challenges of a torn life with practical lessons I had always wanted to offer them to impact their both in their personal lives as well as in their businesses; of which Scriptreel would thereby remove the limitations to actualize this goal that I have struggled to attain for so long.
Scriptreel therefore in my estimation, would be far more effective than trying to purchase webinar time slots that would be expensive as opposed to clipsrel that is comparatively inexpensive as well as offer the flexibility of reaching beyond the boundaries of ones own language. This will greatly maximize the potential and productivity of any marketer within any niche. Moreover,I am also thinking that this product would be a great companion to your resent launch of Vid Repurposer that I intend to buy as well as your Clipsreel software that I had already bought earlier.
Thanks Abhi for consistently presenting an arsenal of digital products to your customers that will add value to their chosen path through the ability to advance their reach intto a wider geological scope of audience or clients to increase their profitability and the inner peace of knowing this product helped them to provide services that will make a difference in the lives of those they may were not initially able to reach. .
Thanks for creating this software as it will help me to maximize my purpose before I leave this earth.
Joy Bardowell
ScriptReel does help us to feed our video content with captions of different languages. It truly could save a lot of time.
Joe Chao
 ScriptReelseems amazing. I have a YouTube channel, and I have dispensed a lot of time in create CC using the automatic translator from Google. Beyond this, it is not the best translator.
It’s amazing if I can create videos in other audio language. 😉
Lidia Stateri
ScriptReel is what we are waiting for, especially from my country….English is not our native language and most of the people still don’t understand it well. With this, it will help most of marketer or business owner to scale up their business…
Syaiful Alam
Wow. Talk about the forgotten SEO people should be talking about. This sounds like a Great and Much needed product. Especially for those using facebook videos.
Cheryl Tomaselli
Not all people can speak and understand English especially in the European countries and some in Asia. I believe this is a great software to reach out to people about your business or services around the world. 🙂
Manny Reyes
ScriptReel is the perfect tool to multiply the reach of my business. Is a very good idea but very hard to do in the past. I think with this tool my views in YouTube and my revenue is going to sky rocket. I would like to know if the app has the feature of do more than one translation at the same time. That would be just the perfect tool of his kind. Thanks for this good idea.
Maria Nieves Marq
A few hours ago I was in the dentist chair, lying back on the ceiling was this saying “There are hundreds of languages around the World but a Smile speaks them all” – You have now created yet another way to speak them all with “ScriptReel”! CONGRATULATIONS and wish you every success with the launch.
R Wilson Cowden
I run a multicultural media mentorship and culinary program in the public school system with over 60 kids in it. This platform would be perfect for us to be able to transcribe and translate the videos we created or their communities to be able to watch and understand.
This looks AWESOME!
Jason Hodge
Its quite important for my work as I need to do videos in 3 languages (English, Italian and Spanish) will be an awesome solution….!
Francesco Zangarini
Sounds amazing, ScriptReel’s really simple from a marketing perspective, this software will unleash my message to a world of unlimited possibilities.
Roger Coleman
It is a Great Piece of Awesome Software that will save lot of time and increase reach of my videos multiple times. Thank You.
Paruchuri Sridhar
Scriptreel provides “The POP” my videos need to stand out from my competition.
Larry Clark
I run a video agency and having this software will give me a point of difference from everyone else. Except you and your clients of course! Lol
Ray Burton

many software’s find the best keywords ..tags or description ( any language) but to have a subtitle on a video cost you a lot of $$$ ,so I need ScriptReel for getting more views and leads
Constantin Pavel
This is a winning software piece of software with multilingual translations. Like always ScriptReel rocks.
Monsco Ebose
ScriptReel is going to help people who only can see, and it comes in any language, a sure winner.
Michael Nunns
It means that if I translate a single video into 100 languages and get a single view for each language I will have …3000 views per month?!!
I like free traffic!
Thank you
Joe Beneme

I create text content in different languages. Using scriptreel to add video content in the same language within the text will enhance my visitors experience. Congratulations!
Steve Shepardson
I’m starting to grow my YouTube Channel and being able to add these to my videos from the very start would be extremely instrumental to growing my channel. So awesome i would put the link at the bottom of every video i use it on because this is something every youtuber needs.
Cip Rodriguez

Software’s in the Marketing space are just getting better and Scripreel is one of them.
With this App l can add caption in the video in a different Language’s, that means l will have more eye balls watching my video’s and more affiliate sales. A Brilliant tool.
John DeVuono
ScriptReel will allow me to improve the SEO of my videos from its function of subtitles and realize PDFs thanks to its translation function. An excellent product idea 😉
Raymond Roels
Great video software, Abhi! I live in Montreal – a city of over 50 different cultures and languages – so I believe that ScriptReel will provide a very popular and profitable service.
Also, as someone who almost never turns up the sound online, the ability to easily caption videos is another great selling point.
Edwin Copps

ScriptReel OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: ScriptReel PRO ($67)

With this upgrade, you get better and powerful features that enable you to have an unfair edge over your competitors.

The PRO account enables you to leave your competitors behind;

Here is everything you will get with ScriptReel Pro;

[+] Unlimited videos:

  • You can create captions, subtitles, and unlimited videos every day as there is no limit to the number of time you can use this software upgrade.
  • You can translate videos into many other different languages.
  • With the standard version, you can only create 500 videos per day, but with this upgrade, there is no limitation.

[+] Commercial and agency license:

  • You can help your clients by creating videos for them thereby earning more money with this software.
  • Everyone is creating and using videos to market their content and products, and thus there is a high demand for products.
  • You can become their go-to person and earn a profit.
  • The commercial and agency license gives you all the freedom you need to start video agency business.

[+] Sub-users access:

  • You can give your clients access to your ScriptReel account so that they can track the campaigns you are running for them.
  • This will help instill confidence in them that you are doing a great job for them. Your clients will be able to see you working on their videos in real time.
  • This will help you increase upsells and add-ons so you can earn more money.

[+] Add multiple Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat accounts:

  • You can schedule to publish videos on different video hosting companies.
  • If you have multiple YouTube channels and want to upload videos to all of them, this pro version will enable you to do this.

[+] Ready-made agency website:

  • You will get a ready-made website complete with PayPal checkout where you can conduct your video agency tasks easily. This will make your work easier.
  • You will also get several, valuable bonuses.

OTO#2: ScriptReel – VidOptimizeNeos ($36.95)

This software enables you to rank your videos on the first page of Google and YouTube without you having to do anything…..

With millions of videos online, it can be difficult to rank high on Google and YouTube. And as you know, people on page 1 get the most of the traffic.

  • With VidOptimizeNeos, you can rest assured that your videos will rank high on YouTube and stay there for a long time.
  • This software conducts a detailed niche analysis to tell you what your video is lacking and the keywords you should integrate.
  • It has built-in auto-backlink creation tools that enable you to build quality backlinks for your videos so they can rank high on search engines and YouTube.
  • It also features a custom algorithm to help you analyze and make suggestions on the titles and descriptions to use.
  • You will also find it easy to know the tags to use.
  • Get higher conversions for your videos by narrowing your target market using powerful keyword suggestions.
  • You will also know how to skip the exhaustive research and spot great videos that YouTube and Google would love to rank.

If you are a marketer, you know how important it is to rank high on search engine result pages, and VidOptimizeNeos is the best video ranking software to use.

It will help propel your videos to page 1 of YouTube and Google and enable them to stay there.

OTO#3: VidCuratorFX2 PRO ($47)

OTO#4: SyVID Agency

ScriptReel Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of ScriptReel?

With the growing need to reach out to many clients globally, marketers need to transcribe their videos into different languages.

This will enable them to tap into different markets.

ScriptReel makes the work of transcribing and creating subtitles for videos easy.

The best thing is that ScriptReel tool comes with 14-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

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Thanks a lot For Reading My ScriptReel Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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