Scriptdoll Review & Bonuses – Professional Sales and Email Templates

If you are looking for a comprehensive Scriptdoll Review, keep reading as I wrote a detailed Review of Scriptdoll software to know all details about it, what are its features, how does it work and how it will help you create professional sales letters.

Scriptdoll Review

Scriptdoll Overview:

Creator: Dr Ben Adkins
Launch Date: 2014-11- 20
Niche: Software & Affiliate Marketing
Price: $20
Refund Period: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Exclusive Bonuses (Value $2814).
Recommended: Yes

What Is Scriptdoll?

Scriptdoll is new software that will provide you with templates that are written by World Class Copywriters where you can fill in a few fields with your product or service information and it will write email campaigns, short form sales copy, video Sales Letter Script and long form sales copy for them.

What Are Scriptdoll Features?

  • Scriptdoll will create Short Form Sales letter in which you can explain what is your product or service about and what are its features and benefits to your customers.
  • It will create Powerful long form sales letter and save you the time that is wasted in formatting and preparing the sales letter.
  • It will enable you to use the power of video marketing and upcoming launches by writing video Sales Letter Script for your promoted products. All you will have to do is providing Scriptdoll with information about your audience and product.
  • You will have the ability to write complete email marketing campaigns in a very short time. You can write short campaigns (5-10 emails) and big campaigns (30-60 email series).
  • These sales letters will be professionally written that will lead to grabbing your audience attention and boosting your overall sales.

How Does Scriptdoll software work?

{+} Step #1: Choose a Type of Campaign

  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Short Form Sales Copy
  • Long Form Sales Copy
  • Video Script

{+} Step #2: Choose the Template

  • Scriptdoll software comes with high quality templates that are written by professional Copywriters and Marketers.

{+} Step #3: Customize your campaign by entering your name, the name of the product, the start and the date of your campaign,etc.

{+} Step #4: Customize the Product Description Information by entering its benefits, features, price and bonuses.

{+} Step #5: Using the Editor, you can edit your entire campaign information.

{+} Step #6: Export your Copy

  • You will be able to use your ScriptDoll created Copy in many programs such as Megaphone, Clickfunnels, WP Profit Builder, Leadpages and also with your own designed programs.

What Is The Best Part About ScriptDoll?

As soon as you enter your campaign information in the templates, that saved information can be used in any templates you want and create different campaigns.

What Are The Templates That Come With Scriptdoll?

The Bonding to Buyer Email Sequence
  • If you want to quickly build email list by giving away a free product or report, this template comes with a 6 part email sequence that will help you build email list faster.     
The “Venetian” Video Sales Letter Script
  • Using video sales letters “VSL” helps to increase the number of people who will buy your promoted offers because of the instant connecting that they provide by using a human voice and Video Sales Letter Script will make writing a video sales letter easy.
The Workhorse Sales Letter Template
  • This template will help you create long form sales letters in which you can tell people a story or the details of a specific product that you promote and save the time you will waste to write long sales messages.
The Facebook Niche Page Sequence
  • If you are using social media platforms such as Facebook to build your email lists and want to build a bond with your subscribers and finally make them feel comfortable when they come to buy your products, this template comes with 5 messages that you can use to build a quick bond with your subscribers while selling them your services and products.
The “Work Smarter” Email Sequence.
  • If you want to increase the conversions rate of turning your audience into buyers for your promoted products, this template will help you by creating Emails that will show them the specific features of your products which can solve their problems.
The “General Short Form Sales” Template
  • If you have to say a lot of information about you promoted products, but with very few words, this template is created to enable you to create powerful Short Form Sales letters. You can use these letters in Ecommerce Sites, Online Sales Videos, Television Ads and Radio Commercials.  
The “Bill Gates Webinar Email Sequence”
  • If you are using webinars to promote your online business or want to put together webinars and make people sign up for these webinars, this template comes with a 5 Part Email Sequence that will support your strategies.

Scriptdoll Review conclusion:

Lastly, why I highly recommend you to get your Copy Of Scriptdoll Software?

If you want to have professional written short form and long form sales letters that will help you increase your sales and profits from promoting services and products for any niche, Email Marketing Campaign that will enable you to use the power of email marketing by building your email lists while converting your subscribers into customers, you will find that Scriptdoll with its templates are your highly recommended choices.

 Scriptdoll Bonus

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2- Download Your Copy of Scriptdoll Through This Link
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4- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

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