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 In case you are looking for a detailed PointRank Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of PointRank Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, PointRank OTO details and how this All in One Platform Will enable you to Rank For Various HARD Keywords On Page #1 Of YouTube + Google Without Needing SEO Experience OR Backlinks!


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PointRank Review

PointRank Overview:

Creators: Gaurab Borah & TOM YEVSIKOV
Date Of Launch: 2019-04-22
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of PointRank?

Gaurab Borah & TOM YEVSIKOV are well known names in the field of online marketing who have created many successful marketing software such as Smsbot.net, Newcommerce Suite and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind PointRank?

Millions of people search the internet every day looking for solutions and answers to their questions.

From lawyers and real estate investors to marketers and doctors; everyone is searching for something to buy or information about something on Google and YouTube. And you can be right there whenever they need something you offer.

However, being in front of their eyes and tapping their potential is not an easy task. In fact, not many people are able to keep up with high ranking because of changes in SEO algorithms.

And keeping in mind that organic traffic comes from ranking high, it is a nightmare to rank in the first place.

To appear on the first page of Google and YouTube, you need to build plenty of high-quality backlinks, integrate strong keywords with a significant search volume, and hire an SEO agency to optimize your website for you.

After doing this, you sit back and watch your site grow slowly by slowly.

And the worst part is that you may not enjoy your top position for long since YouTube and Google keep changing their algorithm and you can wake up the next day on page 2 or even 3.

So, what’s the way forward?

It is through a fast and long-term solution that comes in the form of software.

This software is easy to use and does things you would have done manually, and the best thing is that it delivers results in minutes thanks to its live event technology.

The software is known as PointRank…..

It doesn’t need you to create a video, have backlinks or research for keywords, but it will rank you high for a long time.

So, What Is PointRank?

PointRank is an all-in-one software that creates a video, ranks it high, and keeps it there for a long time.

This cloud software generates, optimize and rank videos in minutes and also make them stay on top for a long time.

You will, therefore, enjoy organic traffic which you can convert into buyers.

==> See The Power Of PointRank (PointRank Review Video)<==


How Does PointRank Software Work?

=>PointRank Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<=


The software is easy to use as it only needs you to follow four steps:

Step 1- Leverage Popular Videos:

  • You can leverage videos, descriptions, SEO titles, and tags that popular videos use to rank.
  • Instead of spending time to research on the keywords to use and how to phrase your titles, you just reverse engineer the SEO strategy used by big brands’ videos.
  • This strategy has always worked, and it boosts your rankings.

Step 2- Generate and Upload Video:

  • Google and YouTube prefer ranking unique videos and so do your viewers.
  • This software creates simple videos that work. And the best thing is that you can edit and add more elements to make it unique.

Step 3- rank the video:

  • Videos are ranked using automated live event submission.
  • You don’t need to go live, and you can do this for multiple videos.
  • This is the technology that drives your video to page one of Google.
  • Live events are popular and always work. YouTube and Google always rank live videos above standard videos.

Step 4- long term rankings:

  • The sticky technology ranks videos high by going live time after time to keep your videos on page 1 of both Google and YouTube.
  • Therefore, you will always get long-term rankings.

PointRank Features:

[+] All in one platform:

  • PointRank does three things at a go- it generates simple videos, optimizes videos for both YouTube and Google, and rank them high for a long time on both platforms.
  • It does all these tasks in an automated way.

[+] Sticky ranking technology:

  • This software uses an advanced technology that makes your videos to rank high for a long period.
  • The sticky ranking technology makes your videos appear to live again and again, and thus YouTube and Google keeps placing them above standard videos.

[+] High ranking:

  • You will be able to tap into the potential of SEO without having knowledge of what SEO entails.
  • This software gives your simple videos high rankings without you doing anything.

[+] Cloud-based:

  • PointRank is hosted on the cloud with strong, modern servers.
  • Therefore, you don’t need to download or install anything on your desktop, which means you can access it from anywhere.

What is included?

[+] PointRank software:

  • To help you generate, optimize, and rank your videos

[+] Commercial license:

  • To enable you to create videos for other clients and rank them high. You can charge them recurring fees and keep all the profits

[+] Special live webinar training:

  • This is a fast action bonus teaches you how to land high-paying clients.
  • This way, you can earn recurring revenue as these campaigns are done hands-off.

[+] Video template builder:

  • This is another fast action bonus that will help you stand out from your competitors.
  • It comes with video templates that enable you to grow your brand.
  • You can add intros and outros as images/videos, add your watermark or logo, add your website link, and also add in-built texts and lower thirds all with a click of a button.

[+] Image/Thumbnail Editor:

  • This is also a fast action bonus that allows you to create beautiful video thumbnails in a few minutes.
  • You can boost your traffic with this creative hack.

You will get these and many more features.

PointRank Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About PointRank & The creator’s others tools:

Count me IN! Marketing can sometimes feel kind of monotonous so thank you for making this FUN. I`m establishing a new global company, so top ratings are essential for survival. The earlier such a helpful product like POINTRANK is on market, the more helpful it would be! Higher ranks mean more sales and that is the pre-condition for growing faster.
Andreas Schulte
My clients are clamoring for ways to get more traffic to their sites. of course, I can always use more traffic. 😉 If this works as described, I will be incredibly happy and grateful!
Barbara Drady
Streaming and live videos are ‘ in’ right now, but to get to stay in the top position, well that is something else!! This will be perfect for my product reviews to help promote them in the top rankings.
Joanne Smith
I have had difficulty getting my videos to anywhere near the top of Google & YouTube so really looking forward to using Pointrank as it looks like this software will actually do what it says it will, which will make a change…
Phil Harris
I’m doing affiliate marketing for several products and everybody knows that paid advertising becomes more and more expensive. This means that Pointrank looks like a great opportunity to make affiliate commissions without paid advertising. Looks very promising for me!
Michael Hehn
I have seen it myself a high ranking video will send me a lot of traffic.
More traffic equal more customer and sales.
This is very powerful.
It is also important to keep your ranking.
Henrik Olsen
Videos are the new attraction marketing concept and Point Rank just makes it easier to get noticed
Chrys Jaymes
This would help by getting traction to move toward my goals. Video is where it’s at.
Eric Jay
Ranking on YouTube and Google is a dream come true. There are so many opportunities if you can get your videos ranked on the top of Google and YouTube. I can make and rank videos for affiliate marketing, cpa offers, local business clients, lead generation, launch jacking and so much more! With PointRank I can take my business to the next level!
Arafat Ullah Zuberi
Having a powerful software that will allow me to improve my chances of getting on the first page of Google and YouTube is definitely a must have! This will certainly help me to drive more traffic to my offers which in turn brings me more income!
Mitchell Khouri
Video Marketing is the new wave,old methods just don’t work as well anymore. I want to kickstart my affiliate marketing business and rank high on Google and YouTube!
Erik R. Kopp
GAME CHANGER!!! Video marketing is the future and POINTRANK will help rank my videos as well s my clients’ videos on YouTube and Google!
John Dee
With the help of PointRank, I can get my business phone to ring in new customers
Charles Piggee Jr.
Pointrank would help me be more productive and proud of my online business, due to the profits it links to my newly ranked videos. Simple softwares are a big help. I could start enjoying life.
Afua O-a
Yes this powerful software will help me get my videos to number one in google and help me get sales and boost my internet marketing.
John DeVuono
Yogesh and his team have done it again. Once again a time sucking process has escaped from the lab and emerged as a real winner in the ever competitive world of ranking…being a winner in this game is all about being ahead of the tech curve.. Yogesh latest masterpiece seems to tick all the boxes and more !!! keep e’m coming …Steve
Stevee Bates
Using POINTRANK will help 1000’s of people as my great videos that are actually HELPING & TEACHING people will get much exposure
Asi Epstein
This automated tool could free up a lot of time! Also the ranking power of the live stream could mean a lot of views for your videos but is it too good to be true? I would like to try!
Daryl Heffernan
Ranking in Google and YouTube definitely will help a lot. Thanks in advance for the opportunity
Gustavo Sarmiento
Pointrank sounds like a business blessing… I have no SEO knowledge and would spread its message far and wide if I were lucky enough to win a copy to rank on Google and other search engines
Felicity Rai
It is a given. Video Marketing is happening now and it will keep happening for a very long time to come. The Higher my video ranking the better my chances of making more sales and growing my business. getting this would be a game changer for someone at my level.
Siya Mbambo
PointRank Results

PointRank OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: PointRank Pro Version ($67)

Get more traffic without any extra work and remove all limits set in basic license by upgrading to Professional version of PointRank….
  • With this upgrade, you get to enjoy extra features that make your results better.
  • PointRank Pro has everything you need to get your results to the next level in a short time.

Here are the extra features you will have with this PRO version:

[+] Unlimited YouTube accounts:

  • You will not need to worry about hitting limitation of the number of YouTube accounts you can use with PointRank as this upgrade removes the limit.
  • You can now work with as many clients as possible.
  • The basic license only offers a maximum of 5 YouTube accounts

[+] Remove limitations on the number of videos you can make:

  • With Pro version, you remove limitations for the number of YouTube accounts you can create, the campaigns you can create, the videos you can rank, and many more.
  • With a basic license, there are restrictions for all these, and thus you can go commercial with it.

[+] Ability to rank for multiple keywords:

  • This is another limitation that is removed.
  • You can run unlimited live events and integrate multiple keywords into your videos.
  • This is something you cannot do with the basic license. The basic license had a capping of only 100 live events

[+] More traffic:

  • By allowing you to run multiple campaigns simultaneously, you will get more traffic.
  • The basic license allows one to run 1 campaign at a time and 10 per month, but with the PRO version, you can do as much as you want.

[+] Video spinning:

  • When it comes to text content, article spinning is what does the work. But in videos, it is all about video spinning.
  • With this spinner, you can take a video with all its components including description, title, and tags, and create a unique video out of it.
  • This way, you can create many videos without having to do go through the whole video creation process.
  • You will also get to enjoy massive bonuses such as Full HD Live Streaming to boost your credibility and trust.

If you are serious about creating videos for clients, then this upgrade is a must and will help you get more revenue.

OTO#2: PointRank Social ($47)

PointRank focuses on YouTube and Google, but you can diversify by targeting social media using PointRank Social…..
  • Social media has more traffic and can also boost your exposure and rankings.
  • This is because it sends backlinks back to your site and also makes Google see you as a credible person.

Some of the features PointRank Social offers include:

[+] Automated traffic from social sites:

  • This software posts your video on social media platforms to enable you to tap on viral traffic on these platforms

[+] Unlimited accounts in social sites:

  • This software allows you to add as many social media accounts as you like to enable you to get unlimited traffic

[+] Configure data posting format:

  • You can choose how you want your posts to appear for maximum exposure

[+] Auto repost after 2-5 days:

  • This software reposts links every few days to enable you to enjoy more free traffic
  • Ping all links of social media to boost your rankings

OTO#3: PointRank Reseller ($127 OR $197)

This upgrade offers you Reseller Rights to enable you to sell unlimited copies of PointRank to other interested parties…..
  • This will help you build a stream of income online.
  • In this packaging, you get rights to sell PointRank to others and keep all the profits to yourself.
  • You will be positioning yourself as a seller of digital products.
  • By doing this, you will not only be making money but also building a buyers list that you can sell things to time after time.
  • You will get everything including all the sales pages, marketing funnels, and 24-hour customer support.

OTO#4: PointRank Coaching ($147)

PointRank Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of PointRank?

Ranking on the first page of Google and YouTube is always an uphill task.

Almost everyone is trying to outrank the other, and you have to stand out.

PointRank helps you to rank high for a long time without you having to do anything.

It uses Sticky Ranking technology that makes your videos appear live.

This way, both Google and YouTube keep them above standard videos since they value live videos.

You don’t need to know any SEO techniques to rank your video as this software does all the work for you.

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