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 In case you are looking for a detailed PlayPix Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of PlayPix Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, PlayPix OTO details and how this Breakthrough Video Creator Will enable you to Create + Sell As Many PRO & Fully-Unique Videos In Any Niche You Want In Just 4 Steps!


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PlayPix Review

PlayPix Overview:

Creator: Ben Murray

Date Of Launch: 2019-01-31
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of PlayPix?

Ben Murray is a well known names in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing software such as ShopiRater, Vidmonial and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind PlayPix?

You are aware of the fact that video has been one of the most effective and most powerful marketing tool and it will keep getting better.

So far, Video is the most effective tool for generating traffic. Experts says that by 2020, more than 80% of consumer internet traffic will come from online videos.

Video have another benefit of having a higher conversion than text articles.

In fact, viewers retain 95% of content when they watch a video as compared to 10% when they read a text.

That’s why marketers have continued to produce more video content because the consumers too are demanding.

But now, the big problem when it comes to videos is that it is expensive to create.

In an effort to solve this problem, many marketers have attempted to create video marketing tools to help consumers create videos easily.

However, most of the video creators you will come across either have a too complex learning curve or they are feature-diluted; this means you cannot create a rich video since they lack enough customization videos.

But there is one marketer who spotted this problem and came up with an innovative solution to enable users create attention-grabbing videos that drive insane traffic and generate sales.

The tool is called PlayPix…..

This video creation and editing tool offers great customization features that enable one to create unique videos; different from everybody else’s videos.

It is simple to use and enable you to create professional-looking videos within few minutes.

Are interested in learning more about this video tool?
We sought out to find more about it and here is our exhaustive PlayPix review.

So, What Is PlayPix?

PlayPix is a cloud-based video creating tool that can be accessed from any device.

It helps one to create professional-looking videos in minutes.

In other words, we can describe PlayPix as a drag and drop video maker with a user-friendly interface to help you make simple and complex videos.

It has great personalization features that allows one to develop professional videos that will stand out from the rest.

This video maker was made by Ben Murry, a reputable and popular marketer and product launcher.

Ben has dozens of great products and is trusted by many people online both for the quality products that he produces and also for the intense and valuable training that he offers to help marketers benefit maximally from their online marketing efforts.

PlayPix is his latest creation and it will help you make great videos effortlessly.

==> See The Power Of Play Pix (PlayPix Review Video)<==

How Does PlayPix Software Work?

==> PlayPix Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

This tool works in 4 easy steps;

Step 1- this involves dragging quality videos or images to the timeline editor:

  • You can search pro-quality images or video clips from the big collection of images or videos in PlayPix library and drag them to the timeline editor to begin the process of creating a video.

Step 2- layering background music, custom voiceovers, and other audio:

  • This step involves customization whereby you add background music and your preferred voiceovers.
  • You can also change the timing of any video clip or image to sync everything as per your expectations.

Step 3- customizing text, animation, fonts, timings, and more:

  • You can add overlays, texts, advanced pan/zoom effects, watermark images, and a lot more customization to make your video unique.

Step 4- reviewing and rendering:

  • You can preview how your video will look like inside the PlayPix dashboard and once you are satisfied by everything, you can render it easily.

PlayPix Features:

[+] Drag and drop video editor:

  • You can quickly add your desired text to any video or image and also change the size of the text, font colors, and color overlays to get great looking videos.

[+] Multi-track video timeline editor:

  • You can layer full video tracks and images over background music and audio voiceovers for efficient and ultra-fast video creation.

[+] 9 DFY local business templates:

  • With PlayPix, you get 9 DFY templates that allow you to create videos quickly.
  • These templates are suitable for most popular niches including dentist, plumbing, auto repair, accountant, divorce attorney, childcare, dog training, real estates, SEO, social media, and much more.

[+] Advanced Ken-Burns style animator:

  • You can also create animated images and videos with customized characters to make your videos unique and great looking.
  • Easily upload any music, custom video clips, voiceovers and more
  • With PlayPix, you can add your own voiceovers, intros/outros, images, audios, video clips, and more.

[+] Access to great PlayPix video libraries and stock images:

  • You don’t need to pay for pro-quality images since PlayPix offers a massive database of great images and 1000s of videos in different niches.

[+] Built-in voiceover recorder:

  • You can record a custom voiceover on fly and add it to your video using the in-built voiceover audio capture.
  • Onboard library on animation effects and transition
  • Create great, attractive videos with easy transition between slides for a professional-looking video.

[+] Cloud-based:

  • With PlayPix, you don’t need to download or install anything since it is a cloud-based software.
  • With this video maker, you can now create videos from any device with an internet connection and render them easily.
  • The SaaS-based solution allows you to use PlayPix from any device from any part of the world as long as one has internet connection.

[+] Preview feature:

  • Before you download your video, there is an option to preview it to see how your viewers will be seeing it.
  • This allows you to know where to make changes.

[+] Free-cloud storage:

  • You can store your finished videos in your library on PlayPix online servers.
  • You don’t need to store them offline unlike in other video software applications.
  • With PlayPix, you have significant free cloud storage for your customized videos.

What is included?

[+] In addition to PlayPix app, you will get a commercial license for free:

  • This allows you to quickly create great expert marketing videos for your clients in a few clicks.
  • There is a great demand for videos and thus you can take advantage of this and create professional-looking marketing videos for your clients and keep all the money, thanks to this commercial license.

[+] You also get great bonuses including;

  • Stunning Transparent Images with over 500 premium-looking photos you can add to your videos.
  • 2000 Premium Audio Tracks to keep your videos alive. You can use these tracks to customize your videos further.
  • Amazing Powerpoint Collection where you get high-quality templates in different styles and colors
  • Slick WP PageBuilder software that allows you to create great WordPress pages with many features.

See Some Videos Examples Created Using PlayPix:

PlayPix FAQ:

Q1: What will get in PlayPix packaging?

  • You will be given PlayPix software application with all the features above including Commercial Rights to create and sell unlimited videos to your clients and also amazing bonuses.

Q2: What makes PlayPix stand out from other video marketing tools?

  • This is a one-time fee video maker that offers great customization feature than any other video creator on the market.
  • With a drag and drop interface, you can quickly add images and videos and customize your videos.
  • You will be able to create professional looking videos in minutes.
  • Besides the Ken-Burn style animator allows you to create animation clips.

Q3: Is there support and updates?

  • Yes. For any queries regarding PlayPix, you can contact the company’s support team through the contact information provided on the official site.
  • For updates, you will be getting them for free.

Q4: Does this software work for PC and Mac?

  • Yes. Being a cloud-based solution, this software application can work for both PC and Mac users.
  • All you need is a device with access to the internet.

Q5: Do I need to buy the OTO offers?

  • No. the OTO offers are just for front-end users who want to be more successful with the videos they create.
  • They unlock more features and licenses.

Q6: Does this software come with a money-back guarantee?

  • Of course, you get 30 days money back guarantee.
  • This period allows you to try the software yourself to see how easy it is for you to create and win you well-paying clients. Should you be dissatisfied with this tool, you can terminate the contract in 30 days from purchase and get your money back. No questions asked.

PlayPix VS Others:

PlayPix VS Others

PlayPix Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Play Pix & The creator’s others tools:

I have been creating videos on YouTube and Facebook ads for about a year now so I know what it feels like to go through the mundane tasks of putting all of them together on a daily basis. PlayPix will help me personally by saving me a bunch of time since it is a video editor all in one tool rather than going to different applications just to put my video together the way I want it. It will help my clients as well becuse it will make me faster and more efficient which in turn will get my videos out to the clients faster and bring them leads faster. I look forward to this launch and I hope I am one of the lucky winners!
Terry D Stone
I have been following BEN, he always comes up with a revolutionary money making products especially for freelancers, they are always simple easy and straightforwerd product and i believe this too will rock , i would definetely like to try this product.
Dev Ram
I’m looking forward to this one! It’s got great features (some that many others don’t have) and a lot of power under the hood. And believe it or not it PlayPix looks like it has one of the easiest to use interfaces out there. Newbie or Pro this is going to be away to go.
Dean Lind
I like the Byrne effect and the voice over and the ease of use. Time is a commodity and making quality videos fast is a winning characteristic for video creators.
James Regan
New software that allows you to take ordinary video clips and turn them into great high quality videos,grabing your customers attention.The key advantages of PlayPix are that is easy to use and fast on creating new projects.It can satisfy everyone from Newbie to Pro video producers.
Andy Dubiel
I am a newbie and looking to get started with video creation for you tube and private clients.I have looked at almost every video creation software out in the markets and so far this looks to me to be one of the easiest to use will love to give it a shot and hopefully put an end to my misery of the search for the best.
Junaid Essop
Looks like it FINALLY has all the key ingredients so I don’t have to open up the big editor to get the job done. Many projects i could do much more efficiently with this. Looking forward to tommorrow. Thank you
Louie Feher-Peiker
I love producing video for my clients and for my own sites, but it takes what seems to me forever to get one really good video finished. Design is not my strong suit. I love the simplicity of PlayPix even for someone like myself! I have a few of Ben’s products and have liked all the capabilities his products offer. I look forward to checking PlayPix out after the launch.
Dave Mier
Looks amazing guys, as a video creator myself I am always looking for tools to help me make better videos
I’ve tried many but this seems to have everything I need in one place (plus being cloud based means I can access it anywhere)
I will be able to offer my clients better vidoes, faster and thus make more money for me
Looks like this is a win, win, win (the third win is my winning 1 of the 5 accounts)
Richard Butler
I believe video editing will become an essential skill of the 21st Century, not unlike typing was for the 20th Century. With that in mind, PlayPix seems to be to video editing what WordPerfect and WORD were to word processing 30+ years ago.
Scott Scowcroft
This is all new to me, I own my business a startup and the cost to have this kind of work done for a business is very expencive. This software is a life saver and will allow me to add more money to other areas of my business that are slow to progress for lack of funds that I have to use on advertising. Even if I’m not picked to get this software free I want it just for the savings in advertisement cost.
Air Link Cellular LLC
I’ve tried all of the video editors and they are either too simplistic and cant do the layering you need or they are too complex and hard to use/learn. PLAYPIX looks to be the right combination. I can see using the editor to create video commercials for my offline clients quickly and efficiently. Just like Goldielocks, Play Pix is just right!
Jim Loesch
Seen different apps with some cools features respectively but to have them all in one software is something to shout about. Play Pix will lay the smackdown on them all in one fell swoop. You’ve come a long way Ben. Another winner
Nan Roz Rahim
I love the zoom and pan effects being drag and drop (included at all) since that’s always something I want to add in videos but it isn’t always available in other video creators or it’s not nearly as simple.
Stacy Klesen

PlayPix OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: PlayPix Diamond ($49)

Although the standard version of PlayPix offers you great features, you can unlock more features with this Diamond upgrade.

Some of the features you will find here include;

[+] Extended video time:

  • The standard PlayPix version offers you a maximum of 2 minutes for your videos. However, with Diamond Upgrade, you will be able to make videos with up to 5 minutes.
  • This means your videos will rank higher since both Google and YouTube reward longer videos.

[+] Extended duration of imported videos:

  • There is a capping on the duration of the video clips you can import- that is 10 seconds. However, with this diamond upgrade, you can import clips with longer duration- 20 seconds.

[+] Export at 1920px:

  • You can download your videos in highest quality possible with this upgrade.

[+] Store more videos:

  • For standard version, you could only store 20 projects, but with this upgrade, you can store more than 50 projects at once.
  • Unlock 2 million image library to give you more variety
  • Search 200 more videos that you can customize.
  • VIP support
  • And much more
  • Serious marketers will find this upgrade great.

OTO#2: PlayPix Enterprise ($69)

If you want to integrate more team members and VA’s to help you create great videos for them, then this upgrade is for you…..

With this upgrade, you get more projects done and extended video length of up to 10 minutes….
  • You can work on 100 videos at once. This is for serious video agencies.
  • Reseller option
  • You can gain access to this software and all its training materials to allow your clients to use the software to find leads for themselves. You keep all the profits you generate
  • Reseller material access
  • You get access to PlayPix sales funnel and sales letters to use in your video marketing work.
  • Outsourcer license
  • Training resources that will help you resell this app
  • Reseller software suite that has 80 niche plugins and software applications that you can resell to your clients
  • And much more

OTO#3: PlayPix Video Agency ($37)

Videos are in high demand with 87% of online clients using this service.

You can exploit this chance and start selling videos to clients.

In this upgrade, you will know to how to pay for ads to get clients, face to face conversion, how to solicit businesses, and researching tips to help you get qualified leads…..
  • This upgrade gives you access to video agency training program that teaches you how to land high paying clients and how to contact them even if you are a newbie.
  • You will learn a lot about how to attract great business owners to pay you to make videos for them.

OTO#4: PlayPix Video Resources ($19)

In this upgrade you will have a mammoth-sized collection of resources to take your video agency to a whole new level….
  • Besides, you will get rebrandable multi-agency contract that helps you look professional to your clients, 4500+ stock images, 4 whitelabel WordPress Agency themes as well as 4K stock video collection.
  • This upgrade also provides 20 DFY explainer videos and 50 additional explainer templates as well as 20DFY intros and outros.
  • You will get this and many more.

PlayPix Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of PlayPix?

We all know that videos are the latest craze online and they will help you attract a lot of traffic and generate more sales.

The thing is there are tons of great video makers to choose from but, PlayPix stand out from the crowd thanks to its wide array of valuable features.

We recommend it to marketers who want to create professional-looking videos for their websites and clients.

Being a one-time fee software means you don’t have to pay any recurring fees. This is such a great offer. Grab it today!

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