PixelBolt Review +BEST PixelBolt BONUS +Discount- Create Professional High Converting Graphic and Video For Your Marketing Needs in 3 minutes

PixelBolt Review Plus Best PixelBolt Bonus Offer


Simple, Powerful, Easy To Use Tool Which Helps You Create Professional High Converting Graphic and Video For Your Marketing Needs in 3 minutes!

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PixelBolt Review

PixelBolt Overview:

Creator: Maulana Malik
Date Of Launch: 2017-01-19
Time Of Launch: 09:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site: http://pixelbolt.co/
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of PixelBolt?

Maulana Malik is the man behind PixelBolt. He is a well known name in the field of internet marketing who is the mastermind behind a a lot of successful software and training courses such as Giant Whiteboard Kit Volume Power, Animate Volume, Pixel Stock, Pro Video Firesale, Levidio Storyboard and others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind PixelBolt?

“What Should I Do To Increase Conversion and Get More Sales?”

I am sure in your mind at least you ever think
“What Should I Do To Increase Conversion and Get More Sales, Traffic, And Make MORE MONEY! “

Maybe, you’re already experimenting with your sales letter, fix and tweaking the main product, or maybe you have to reduce the price as low as possible with hope if the price is suitable for everyone.


You still got a very low income and sales, or the worse is : “No Sales At All” or “No improvement.”
This is not your fault….

No matter How good your sales letter or how good your product is, you’ll fail to make sales if you are unable to grab the first attention of your prospects.

Your Visitor May Leave Your Offers in Seconds…Why?
  • Because you’re failed to impress your visitors.
  • At least you need 5 seconds to grab their attention before they quickly close the [x] button.

If you’re facing two banners below. Which one did you choose?

PixelBolt Bonus


I’m SURE. You’ll chose product B,’ right?

We tend to be attracted to things which appeal to us visually…

We make quick judgments, first impressions, as soon as we lay our eyes on something. Right?

Based On The Experiment Found If Realistic and Good Presentation of a Product Boosts Conversion by up to 300%

lets do a simple math :

10,000 visitors x 1% Conversion = 100 Sales
10,000 visitors x 3% Conversion = 300 Sales

and to create PROFESSIONAL Video and Graphics, you have 3 options:


  • If you decided to hire a professional graphic designer, you should know that it will be running out your budget because you must spend another $600 – $2,000 or even more on outsourcing. Also, you’ll spend a lot of your time giving instructions, only to get back something completely different.


  • Which requires classroom training and lots of technical knowledge to create a design. Plus the fact that you don’t need most of the features make it even more frustating. When you should be spending that time actually building and expanding your business
…OR you can actually do it yourself, using a tool that we’ve been developing for over a year.

Here comes PixelBolt…..

So, What Is PixelBolt?

Pixelbolt is a WordPress plugin that ready to help you to create video, logo, flyer, banner, t-shirt and even a restaurant menu in a matter of minutes. The fact that PIXEL BOLt is a WordPress plugin will even make you easier to optimize your site because we know that you can easily create website using WordPress BUT by default, it doesnt haveproper video and graphic editing tool.

And PIXELBOLT helps you solve that problem. It helps you create amazing graphics in minutes and even creating a video without having to wait for render / exporting. It’s an instant solution!

PixelBolt – All In One Video and Graphic Editing Suite:

PixelBolt OTO

Best part? You can still create an amazing design using any devices, even if only using your smartphone.

of course, you can use the design for any project you have such as facebook ads, google ads, Instagram marketing, teespring projects, and nearly every design projects like logo, banner, business card, flyer and MORE!

So, if you want to save your time & money to create your studio quality video and graphic, improve your sales page and create a better ‘Salesman’ for your product, then PIXEL BOLT is the answer

“This All Sounds Amazing But I Hate ‘Techie & Complicated’ Stuff”:

=> No worries. We’ve made Pixel Bolt EXTREMELY user friendly.

==>See The Power Of PixelBolt (PixelBolt Review Video<==

How Does PixelBolt Work?

Feature #1: PixelBolt Graphic Creator

==> See PixelBolt Graphic Creator Video Walkthrough <==

=> #1 – 3,700+ Graphic Assets and Templates:

  • You will have the privilege of using our high-quality templates including Instagram, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Flyer, Business Card, Logo, and Restaurant Menu. Templates are prebuilt and ready to edit and use in less than 3 minutes. We’ve prepared 700 High Quality Graphic and Design Templates PLUS 3,000+ Graphic Assets, giving you unlimited possibility to create design that stand out from the crowd.

=> #2 – Drag and Drop Editor

  • Easy to use drag and drop live editor graphic and video editor, make it super easy for the user to edit all elements. You just need to click image or text you want to edit without having to look at the layers. It makes you an overnight graphic design artist.

=> #3 – Custom Drawing Tool

  • Explore your creativity. Now you can draw inside PIXEL BOLT. Create your own custom graphic design with unlimited creativity.

=> #4 – One Click Professional Color Tone

  • with the classic color tone of your graphics? Now you can add professional. Artistic/dramatic color effect to your graphic in 1 click.

=> #5 – Custom Shapes and Font

  • Not only huge graphic assets, we also give you access to our custom shapes and hundreds of google font. You can easily combine all elements inside your graphic design

=> #6 Layer

  • No need to worry about combining huge elements, you can use layer to manage your graphic and or hide/show elements inside PIXELBOLT graphic editor.

Feature #2: PixelBolt Advanced Video Editor

==> Watch PixelBolt Advanced Video Editor Video Walkthrough <==

=> #1 – Instant Animated Effects:

  • PixelBolt video editor allow you to put eye cathing animated effects to ANY element inside your video. You can choose from huge animated effects library, cuztomize the intro and outro, and combine it with any assets such as : clip-arts, lead form, shapes, custom HTML code or even graphic from your own computer. Seriously, it’s super flexible.

=> #2 – Leadform ‘Locker’ Inside Video:

  • Get more leads using our opt-in form feature for video. Choose from our opt-in video template and put it right inside your video in exact time you want. Visitors will need to put their name and email before they can continue to watch the video.

=>#3 – Embed HTML Code Inside Video

  • You can put custom HTML code inside your video such as custom autoresponder code for lead generation and list building, as easy as copy and paste.

=> #4 – Video Popup

  • GET More leads, increase conversion, and sales by putting your video as POP-UP right inside your website

Feature #3: PixelBolt T-Shirt Creator

==>See How Our T-Shirt Creator work<==

=> #1 – Hundreds of Apparel Mockups:

  • Choose from our huge tees and apparel mockups. You can easily create design for t-shirt, hoodie, longsleeve shirt, sweeter and more!

=> #2 – Easy To Use – Real Time Editor:

  • With our real time t-shirt editor, you can forget all the hassle to create your t-shirt design. Create PRO T-shirt design without having to deal with complicated crop/cutting tools. All done instantly using PIXELBOLT.



  • Allow you to manage layer and graphic assets in your video, as easy as drag & drop


  • We understand your needs of unique font for a better design, so we put together hundreds of google font for you inside pixelbolt


  • You can put custom HTML code inside your video, as easy as copy and paste


  • Let your video appear as a pop-up on your site. It would steal your visitor attention and help you get better result!


  • Beautify your design using our editable custom shapes. Super flexible with drag and drop shape editor.


  • Back to Basic. We didn’t forget to put the basic editing tool such as crop, rotate, undo, redo, and resize


  • PixelBolt lets you to upload media from your computer in 1 sec even the image size is 10MB.

[+] SAVE & OPEN:

  • NEVER lose your projects! Because you can save and open projects created using pixelbolt.


  • You can save and export design created using pixelbolt in a high resolution even ready for print projects.


  • We covers your t-shirt design needs. We help you with hundreds of t-shirt mockup with various type such as basic t-shirt, longsleeve, hoodie, slevelees, and tees for kid


  • Tough we have 3,700+ (OR 10,000+ in Pixelbolt Plus) templates and assets, you don’t have to worry about your server. We optimize the asset so you just need to pick asset / template you need before start working with pixelbolt. Easy and Fast


  • Don’t worry, we’re ready to help you maximize the use of PIXELBOLT in highest possibility. Contact us anytime for any problem you face during your work with PIXELBOLT.

See Some Works Created Using PixelBolt…. WITH PIXELBOLT YOU CAN EASILY CREATES :

#1 – Interactive Video:

=> Explainer Video

=> Video with Lead Form:

=> Video With Custom HTML:

#2 – See Some Preview of Our Graphic / Design Templates (remember, this is only a few of our templates. You’ll get 700 high quality templates in total):

=> Facebook Ad:

PixelBolt Discount

=> Facebook Cover:

=> Instagram Ad Banner:

=> Google Ad Banner (various size):

=> Flyer:


=> Business Card:

=> Restaurant Menu:




PIXELBOLT Can Help Any Businesses and Marketers:

=> E-Commerce:

  • Make your ecommerce store design 10 times better using Pixelbolt

=> Instagram Marketer:

  • Create better promotional banner and make it stand out from the crowd

=> TeeSpring:

  • Create Better T-shirt and Apparels design using PIXELBOLT

=> Blogger:

  • Get more readers and visitors using pro graphics and interactive video

=> Internet Marketer:

  • Make MORE money by opening Video and Graphic Creation Service

=> CPA Marketer:

  • Make your promotion more attractive using eye-catching graphic and interactive video

=> Affiliate Marketer:

  • Complete your promotion tool using high-quality design
  • AND No matter your business are…With attractive design, you can increase your conversion and sales

Get Your Hand On The Most Advanced Video and Graphic Editing Suite Today, and get instant access to:


  • Best and most complete video and image editing suite integrated with Latest WYSIWYG Drag and Drop technology will give wings to your creativity. Create Any Graphic and Video Design in Minutes


  • Although it’s super simple to use, we’ve done step-by-step training, so you are well versed with all the tools and features PixelBolt has to offer


  • Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact or friendly support staff anytime!


  • With thousands of templates and assets, youre ready to create professional design even faster than ever.


  • Easily update your PIXELBOLT everytime we release new version of the plugin. You just need to click the update button right inside your wordpress dashboard.


  • Our exclusive premium group with warm welcome and support. You can also share your work and ideas here.

Who is PixelBolt Aimed At?

  • AFFILIATE Marketers
  • NETWORK Marketers
  • CPA Marketers
  • VIDEO Marketers
  • Amazon Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • FACEBOOK Marketers
  • Beginners
  • Bloggers
  • Product Reviewers
  • Online Marketers
  • Offline Marketers

PixelBolt Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: What is PixelBolt?

  • Answer: PixelBolt is a wordpress plugin, so you’ll need to have website with wordpress installed. You can also use PixelBolt using local host (without domain and hosting). We have prepared step by step tutorials inside member area.

Q2: What is the main feature of PixelBolt?

  • Answer: Inside PixelBolt, you’ll get three main features :
  • #1. Image Editor: You’ll get access to 3,000 graphic elements and 700 design templates. It’s giving you flexibility to create graphic from scratch or use our proven high quality design templates. You can also combine it with shapes, text, and even graphic from your computer (which you can import it to PixelBolt)
  • #2. Video Editor: Create video without rendering and exporting. With advanced video layering technologi, PixelBolt allows you to create video with eye catching animation, lead form, and shapes. You can combine it with our graphic elements and you can also embed HTML inside your video. It’s super flexible.
  • #3. T-shirt Editor: Hundreds of apparels mockup ready to help you create amazing graphic design for tees and apparel projects. You can combine it with our graphic elements and shapes. The best part is you don’t have to deal with cropping tool, all graphic will be automatically blend with your mockup.

Q3: What license do i get?

  • Answer: UNLIMITED PERSONAL, you can use it on unlimited domains you own. You can sell your work (design created using PixelBolt), but you’re not allowed to install the plugin in your client’s website.

Q4: How to Make Money using Pixelbolt?

  • Answer: Sell graphic and video design service. You can easily create pro design in minutes, just get 2 clients per day, and you can earn up to $2,000 per month working on very easy job.

Q5: What is minimal requirement for PixelBolt?

  • Answer: Pixelbolt has been designed to not overload your hosting performance, pixelbolt wordpress plugin size is around5-6MB, why is that small when there are thousands of content? Because we already optimize it for you. You don’t need to download all templates at 1 time.
  • Everytime you need to use one of our template, simply click on the download button in the pixelbolt library. In short, download based on your need. We have tested the plugin using several ‘budget hosting’ with very low price and pixelbolt went well, there is only one condition if you are willing to download all the templates, we recommend you to get a hosting with minimum hardisk capacity of 4 GB.

Q6: Does it work with Mac and Windows?

  • Answer: Pixelbolt is a wordpress plugin. So it would work well with Google Chrome and Mozila FIrefox, and work well with any OS, wether it’s WINDOWS, MAC OS, or LINUX

Q7: I don’t have hosting and wordpress, can i still use PIXELBOLT?

  • Answer: Yes, you can! PixelBolt works with LOCALHOST. You just need to install XAMPP in your computer, in short, it works like hosting that installed in your computer. Don’t worry we have prepared a step by step tutorial on how to use localhost. You just need to copy and paste the step.

Q8: What i shouldn’t do with PIXELBOLT ?

  • Answer: 1. You can’t open membership for pixelbolt. Because your license is Unlimited Personal. 1 license for 1 person.
  • 2. Re-distribute pixelbolt in any format is stircly prohibted. We have all database license, so if you break the rules. We reserve the right to delete your license
  • 3. You can’t copy or re-use script inside pixelbolt tobe a part of other product you created.

Q9: Can i download video that i produce with PixelBolt?

  • Answer: Unfortunately No. Pixelbolt use video layering technology, so it allows you to create video without rendering or exporting. Because the main purpose of our video editor it to create and post website directly from your wordpress.
  • If you want to download the video, you may need screen capture software to capture video result that have been produced with pixelbolt.

Q10: How do i contact the support?

  • Answer: Send your question to : http://support.rootpixel.net . Beside our support group, you’ll be invited to our premium facebook group support to get personal support from the vendor.

=>Special PixelBolt 4 Fast Action Bonuses<=

FAB#1: Monthly FREE Customer Only gift

  • By buying PixelBolt, you’ll get exclusive access to RootPixel’s premium customer. All our premium customer will get at least 1 premium customer gift each month. Our customer only gift can be graphic templates, video templates, software and many more. 100% FREE for our customer

FAB#2: Hundreds of Corporate Powerpoint Slide Templates

  • Now you can create professional presentation using powerpoint

FAB#3: Hundreds of Explainer Video Powerpoint Slide Templates

  • Easily create professional explainer video using only powerpoint

FAB#4: Hundreds of Ready To Use Characters

  • Huge character set ready to use in various formats and poses, you can combine and import it inside pixelbolt too.

PixelBolt OTO’S:

OTO#1: PIXELBOLT PLUS: Onetime Payment Of $67


3 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade To PIXEL BOLT PLUS:

Reason 1: Over 10,000 Assets and Templates (!!!)

  • PixelBolt PLUS gives you over 2,400 Templates and 6,7000 graphic assets that you can use for any video and graphic projects

Reason 2: Easier and MORE Complete Features

  • We add MORE animation effects, MORE lead form Design, and Allow you to export graphic as PDF (ready to print). With NEW Features and 10,000 Graphic Assets and Templates, PIXELBOLT PLUS allow you to create a lot more design combination, giving you unlimited ideas to bring fresh and unique design to your clients.

Reason 3: Make Money

  • BEST NEWS?You can Create UNLIMITED Video and Graphics for you and your clients. Sell only 1 or 2 design and you already covered your purchase


#1 – 10,000+ Graphic Assets & Templates

  • PixelBolt PLUS gives you over 2,400 Templates and 6,7000 graphic assets that you can use for any video and graphic projects. With over 10,000 Graphic Assets and Templates in total, PIXELBOLT PLUS allow you to create a lot more design combination, giving you unlimited ideas to bring fresh and unique design to your clients.

#2- New Animated Effects

  • We give you more animated effects options, so it’s giving you more flexibility to work with our video editor. Create more attractive video easily using pixelbolt plus video editor

#3- New Leadform Templates

  • You’ll have more templates choices for leadform feature inside the video editor. More options give you more chance to get the best opt-in rate from your video.

#4- High Resolution Graphic

  • Now you can export graphic as PDF with better resolution. It’s giving you ability to export a ready to print graphic design

#5- Make Easy Money

  • BEST NEWS?You can Create UNLIMITED Video and Graphics for you and your clients. Sell only 1 or 2 design and you already covered your purchase

OTO#2: PIXELBOLT PRO Template Club – 1 YEAR Template Updates: Onetime Payment Of $97

3 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade To PIXEL BOLT PRO

Reason 1: GET 100 Templates AND 100 Cliparts PER MONTH for 1 YEAR

  • PixelBolt PRO Gives you a regular update for design templates and cliparts PER MONTH for a whole year


  • We want to know what you need. So we open for a template request. Send your request to us. So we can consider which request will be created as templates and assets


  • BEST NEWS? This is EXCLUSIVE For new customer of PIXELBOLT. You’ll get access to PIXELBOLT PRO with NO monthly fee. Just one time payment for 1 year update.

PixelBolt Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of PixelBolt?

If you are searching for All In One Video and Graphic Editing Suite that will enable you to Create Professional High Converting Graphics and Videos For Your Marketing Needs in 3 minutes, then PixelBolt will be your highly recommended choice.

Drag & Drop Editor helps you create professional graphic and video with a few clicks of a mouse:

=> Newbie Friendly- Fully Tested. No tech skills!
=> Create and Edit Any Graphic Designs in Minutes, such as: T-shirt, Logo, Banner Ads, Flyer, Business Card, Instagram Ads, Facebook Cover, Restaurant Menu and more
=> 3,000 Graphic Elements, Cliparts, and Assets Included
=> 700 Done for you high converting graphic/design templates
=> Create and Publish your Video Without Rendering
=> Easily Create Animated Video, Insert Lead Form Inside Video, and Create Video Pop-up on Your Site
=> PixelBolt is a WordPress plgin with One Click Plugin Update. You can also combine it with any wordpress tool

Here’s Why Top Internet Marketers Recommend PixelBolt:

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