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OptinChat Review Plus Best OptinChat Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed OptinChat Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of OptinChat Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, OptinChat OTO details and how This Revolutionary Interactive Optin Tool will LITERALLY Talk Your Visitors Into Giving You Their Email Address! 


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OptinChat Review

OptinChat Overview:

Creators: Gaurav Madaan, Saurabh Bhatnagar, Deepak Kanakaraju & Vinodh David
Date Of Launch: 2017-08-25
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site: http://geekotech.com/optinchat
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of OptinChat?

Gaurav Madaan, Saurabh Bhatnagar, Deepak Kanakaraju and Vinodh David are well known names in the field of online marketing who have created many successful internet marketing products and software such as Interactive Video Suite Pro, Live Suite Pro and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind OptinChat?



We’ve all heard it so many times.

But thankfully it’s more than a cliche. It’s true.

Thanks to Campaign Monitor we know that:

Email marketing has an ROI of 3800%“:

  • This means that for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you get a hefty $38 dollars back in your pocket.
  • And the results can be EVEN more profitable –
  • The DMA National Client Email Report proves that: ‘One in five companies report an ROI of over 70:1 with Email Marketing’.

So your subscribers really are the life-blood of your profits.

(Think of them like your loyalist fans!)

Look after them and they will keep your business going for years to come.

But I know what you’re thinking…

That’s all well and good.

BUT The hard bit is getting those leads in the first place:

And you’re absolutely right.

Like us – I’m sure you’ve tried everything:

  • Landing Pages
  • Exit Pops
  • Paid Ads

I’m sure you’ve tried them all.

But here’s the thing – just like us, your results are probably starting to wain…

The average conversion rate on a standard optin page is just 3%. And it maxes out at 7%….


Because they’re intrusive.

And obvious.

And your visitors have got wise.

You do it yourself. You land on a page and you see the same old bog standard ‘enter your email here’ box…

(The page is disturbingly blank apart from this)…

You hardly know anything about the company.

They’ve failed to sell you the befits of subscribing

And you don’t even trust that you’ll get whatever ‘incentive’ the empty page is promising…

You KNOW that page exists only to capture the truly unsuspecting


OptinChat Features
You instinctively avoid it.

And it’s not only ‘squeeze pages’ that want to squeeze that all important email address out of you…

Exit pops- Asking for your email ‘just before you go away’:


OptinChat Software

Seems a little desperate doesn’t it?

In fact – it reeks of a scam.

You click that big fat red X.

And here’s the thing – so do your customers.

Just imagine how much cash you are loosing every time one of your visitors does exactly the same thing on YOUR landing page…..

A: About $38 every time according to Campaign Monitor.

You might as well just flush that $38 down the toilet.

BUT – just imagine if you could save that $38?

And for every 9 visitors that would normally click off your page and resist to give over their email…

You get to rescue 3 of them.

And pocket their $38 in ROI.

That’s an extra 3 subscribers you didn’t have before…

And suddenly your list is starting to grow…

As are your profits.

In a moment I’m going to reveal to you this amazingly effective tool that is going to do exactly this for you –

Giving you a better optin rate than ANY other method on the market:

OptinChat Results

Just think about how much easier it is to be convinced to give your email address to a real person in exchange for an incentive?

  • Who engages to you, who talks to you like real person?
  • Who chats through the benefits of signing up.
  • How much harder is it now to walk away?

Just take a quick look at these two examples:

We’ve all seen them…a survey website asking for your email:

  • You’ve got time to think about it, nothing much to persuade you but a rather blank page…you choose not to enter your email – or simply decide to come back later
  • As you go to leave – a desperate exit pop appears
  • Begging you to enter your email and subscribe.
  • It annoys you – surely you just made your decision?
  • So you choose not to subscribe.
  • And realistically never to go back at all

This time, you meet the survey collector on the street… then they:

A: Get your attention in a non-intrusive way.

  • They attract your attention politely, not too noisily – they kind of catch you off guard…

B: They begin to chat to you.

  • In a real way – as a human.
  • They make a personal connection with you –
  • They explain the benefits of signing up – And they offer you, say $38 cash just for your trouble.
  • They’re nice. They’re personable. They’ve taken time to chat to you. They’ve explained the benefits AND given you an incentive.

C: It’s very hard to NOT give up your email address.

This is EXACTLY what OptinChat does…..

  • Gets Their Attention + Gets Them To Open
  • Engages With Them Personally
  • Encourages Them To Give Up Their Email Address – WITHOUT Feeling Cheated.

Whether you’ve paid for traffic, ran paid ads, worked hard on your SEO and more…there’s no doubt you tried REALLY hard to get those visitors to your site…

So just imagine if you could get 3x the subscribers for your efforts Without trying any harder than you are right now?…

  • In fact – you don’t even have to try as hard!

So, What Is OptinChat?

=> OptinChat gives you an average conversion rate of 14 – 22.5% <=

OptinChat Bonus

=> And we’ve even seen results as high as 26.% <=

OptinChat OTO

Now THAT makes your efforts of getting them to your sites seem a little more worth it right?

JUST by adding THIS on his blog.

And now – you can too.

=> In fact, one of our users generated 10216 emails at 17.7% overall conversion & 53% inside funnel conversion JUST by adding THIS on his blog. And now – you can too <=
=> Kulwant Negi – Generated 1081+ emails at 16.47% overall conversion & 62% inside funnel conversion <=
=> Kulwant Negi – Generated 1081+ emails at 16.47% overall conversion & 62% inside funnel conversion <=

Literally Talks Your Visitors Into Handing Over Their Emails:

  • OptinChat is a revolutionary new technology that converts your visitors into subscribers with an interactive yet automated chat module!

OptinChat Software works because of three main factors:

#1: It gets their attention: (in the right way!)

  • (People have positive associations with chat modules – because they associate them with HELP).

#2: It interacts and engages with them personally – in realtime – just like a real person!

You can totally customise your chat to offer your visitors something they really want

==> See The Power Of OptinChat (OptinChat Review Video)<==

How Does OptinChat Work?

==> OptinChat Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

As you already know, OptinChat gives a higher rate of optin conversion that any other tried and tested method

And All It Takes Is Just 3 Easy Steps:

=> Step #1:

  • Build Your Questions

=> Step #2:

  • Install The Code On ANY Of Your Websites

=> Step #3:

  • Start Turning Visitors Into Subscribers Quicker And Easier Than Ever Before

==>Optin Chat 100 Seconds Challenge Video<==

OptinChat is next-level, Einstein-clever lead generation. It’s like having your own personal VA:

  • Chatting away to your visitor’s
  • Making a personal connection
  • Offering them something they want
  • And ensuring you bag that valuable lead – every time.

Why OptinChat software is special and gets you results every time?

Visitors Have Positive Associations With Chat Modules…

Here’s the thing, people are used to seeing help chats pop up

And the best thing?

They associate them with something positive.

They feel like they are going to get something from it.

They are less resistant to opening it.

And THAT’s Why OptinChat works so well.

Let’s Have A Closer Look At Some Of Optin Chat’s Awesome Features That Are Going To Be Turning Your Visitors Into Subscribers Before You Can Say ‘Kerching!’:

Feature #1: It Gives Both You And Your Visitors Exactly What You Want With Different Interactive Messages On All Of Your Pages:

Introducing: Personalized Page Targeting:

  • OptinChat makes it easy to show different messages on different pages on your site. For example: If a visitor is on your ‘About Us’ page – you can set your OptinChat to encourage them to like you on Facebook…
  • If a visitor is on your ‘Services’ page, you can use OptinChat to encourage them to get a quote.
  • All without ANY staff manning your interactive ‘chat module –All completely automated and without you lifting a finger. It literally couldn’t be easier.

Feature #2: Make Your OptinChat Totally Realistic By Quickly and Easily Creating Custom Chat Modules:

Introducing: Flexible Question Creator

  • You can make your visitor’s OptinChat interactions always totally realistic with your exact choice of questions and answers.

Feature #3: Automatically Send Your Leads Direct To Your Favourite Autoresponder:

Seamlessly integrates with:

  • And you can even store all of your new emails directly inside the app and export them as a CSV file.

Feature #4: Auto-Register Your Visitors For Your Webinars:

Introducing Seamless Webinar Platform Integration:

  • OptinChat seamlessly integrates with major webinar platforms including
  • Meaning you can take your new leads from OptinChat and send them STRAIGHT to your webinar registration. Meaning you can be registering leads to your webinars quicker than you can say ‘let’s close the deal!’ Just imagine the possibilities…

Feature #5: Intellegent App that talks like humans

  • Chat but not like a bot

Feature #6: Split Test which script is working for you and find a winners

  • A/B Testing

Here’s Exactly How YOU Can Use OptinChat to 3x Your Optins and Build Your List Quicker Than Ever:

[+] Get More Subscribers From Your Blog Now:

  • When you get OptinChat chatting life-like away to your blog visitors Winning them over. And offering them an attractive incentive…Maybe a helpful training guide or a discount to your course…
  • Of course, they’ll have to provide their email address to receive it… They think they’re chatting to a real person
  • And before you know it – your helpful ‘real life’ chat person has collected their email address And the visitor hardly even realises they gave it up. There is ZERO resistance
  • NOW you see how OptinChat converts 3x better than any other tool out there.

[+] ECom Marketers: Grab More Sales At The Same Time As More Subscribers:

  • Now that you’ve got OptinChat, you can offer your visitors extra incentives in exchange for their email address…
  • Why not offer them an exclusive coupon? An instant discount? Or even a combo offer…In exchange for their email address?…
  • As soon as they get in a conversation with your OptinChat module –They’ll be drooling over their exclusive discount before you can say ‘kerching!’
  • And BOOM! That’s an email address AND a sale. Double win!

[+] Stand Out From The Crowds Of Affiliate Marketers:

  • Put OptinChat on your bonus or affiliate page and offer your visitors an irresistible discount in exchange for their email address
  • Or maybe even offer them an extra bonus for buying through your link (which you can put direct on your chat!)
  • You’ll be selling WAY more than the next affiliate…
  • And they’ll be left wondering how you did it –Whilst all you need to do is to worry about how you’re going to spend your extra profits.

[+] Use OptinChat To Massively Boost Your Offline Sales:

  • Put OptinChat on your website and you’ll be adding a new sales assistant to your team.
  • Use OptinChat to offer exclusive discounts for your new products, (or things you want to get rid of!)
  • Sigh them up for your mailing list,Or invite them to a special VIP event.
  • You can even get your helpful OptinChat worker to give your visitors a real-life quote
  • Of course they’ll have to give in their email address to receive it…!
  • And BOOM! Another easy sign up. Your visitor gets what they want.
  • You get their email address. And they go away thinking that your business is SUPER helpful and personal. WIN WIN!

30 Day Complete Guarantee Of Satisfaction:

If you have any technical issues while using OptinChat and we fail to help you resolve the issue, we’ll give you 100% of your money back. Our money back guarantee applies to technical issues only – other than that, all sales are final.

We do not offer a no-questions asked refund. You will need to provide a valid reason for requesting one. Our team has a 99% proven record of solving customer problems and helping them through any issues they have so you’re extremely safe & your purchase is protected.

OptinChat Pricing:

You can choose from 3 Plans the plan that suits you:

[+] Pro Plan: Onetime Payment Of $47

  • A/B Testing
  • 5000 Optins Allowed

[+] Silver Plan: Onetime Payment Of $49

  • Optin Chat
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Autoresponders Integration
  • Email Validation
  • Phone Number Validation
  • Custom Brand Logo
  • Daily Email Reports
  • Zapier Integrations
  • A/B Testing
  • Unlimited Optins Allowed
  • GoToWebinar Registration
  • Everwebinar/ Webinar Jam

OptinChat Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Does it work on mobile?

  • Answer: YES – of course. This is 2017. We’d never let you miss out on those over 50% of users who view your sites on a mobile device. (StatCounter)

Q2: What can I choose to collect?

  • Answer: You can choose to collect names, emails and telephone numbers. Whatever best suits your business. Your are in control.

Q3: Does OptinChat REALLY interact like a real person?

  • Answer: Absolutely. Each chat person features a photo, name (your choice) and even pauses in real time to look exactly like a real, personal interaction.

Q4: Does OptinChat Intergrate With My Autoresponder?

  • Answer: OptinChat seamlessly integrates with all major autoresponders including: Aweber, Getresponse, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, MailerLite, ConvertKit, Drip and more…

Q5: Does OptinChat Intergrate With My Webinar Platform?

  • Answer: OptinChat seamlessly integrates with major webinar platforms including: GoToWebinar, WebinarJam and EverWebinar – meaning you can take leads with OptinChat and send them STRAIGHT to your webinar registration. Just imagine the possibilities…

See the result from OptinChat exisiting users:

OptinChat OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: OptinChat Advanced:

Give Yourself A Lead Advantage With The Power Of 6x Advanced Tools And Grab Even More Emails With OptinChat Platinum…

So here’s 6 simple reasons to put yourself way ahead of the rest with OptinChat Platinum:

Reason #1: Exit Chat

  • You know we say that those garish, desperate exit pops don’t work?
  • Well they DON’T. Proven.
  • But fortunately for you – ExitChat does: Proven.
  • With ExitChat you will catch your visitors unaware in a ‘goodbye conversation’
  • So you can tempt your visitor into giving over their email address in a way that isn’t annoying or invasive at all
  • Giving you one final chance for OptinChat to woo your visitors into handing over their email addresses.
  • Watch as ExitChat stylishly fades into your visitors eye-line…
  • And dissolves effortlessly once they have had a lovely chat with your automatic OptinChat VA and handed over that all important email address.
  • (And you can programme it to say ANYTHING you like!)
  • NOT invasive and NOT DESPERATE
  • (Unlike traditional garish exit pops!)
  • Just darn effective.

Reason #2: Personalized Design

  • Personalise your visitors entire OptinChat experience with personalized colour themes to best match the style and feel of your website.
  • Meaning your OptinChat now seamlessly blends in and feels right at home on all of your pages.

Reason #3: Page Specific Optin Campaigns

  • This makes it really easy for you to show different interactive messages on all of your pages
  • Maximising your conversions with conversations most relevant to the needs of your pages.
  • All without ANY staff manning your interactive ‘chat module
  • All completely automated and without you lifting a finger.
  • It literally couldn’t be easier
  • Have an ‘About Us’ page? Why not get your visitors to like your Facebook page via OptinChat?
  • Offer a ‘Services’ page? Why not encourage your visitors to get an ‘instant quote’?
  • Of course they’ll have to enter their email address to receive it….
  • And BOOM! A totally qualified lead -Direct into your autoresponder.

Reason #4: OptinShare

  • Benefit from every link you share in your OptinChat campaigns by adding a unique call to action to every one
  • Meaning you can share ANY link during your automatic email stealing OptinChat convo –
  • AND add your own personal call to action.
  • Meaning you can share ANY link during your automatic email stealing OptinChat convo –
  • AND add your own personal call to action.
  • So – for example use OptinChat to send your visitors visit a link to a cool BBC or Huffington Post article relevant to your blog –
  • And add your call to action to this to pick up your leads or sales in a more covert way!

Reason #5: Smart Targeting

  • Automatically trigger specific OptinChat campaigns based on individual sources.
  • Whether it’s Facebook, email, Google and more…
  • You can even trigger multiple campaigns from the same source.
  • Smart. Targeted…
  • And most importantly -Effective.

Reason #6: In Site Triggers.

  • This is next level smart.
  • In site triggers enables you to set ANY keyword as an OptinChat trigger.
  • This means your OptinChat campaigns can be triggered as soon as your visitor clicks on any word of your choice.
  • Don’t forget, with OptinChat Platinum, you will be able to set personalized campaigns for all of your pages, so you can even set different campaigns for different keywords!

OTO#2: Done for You OptinChat Campaigns: Onetime Payment Of $27

“Everything You Need to Instantly Cash-in with OptinChat…”

Part 1: LockerKosh Value: $97

  • Share Affiliate Links on Facebook, Google and everywhere else.

You can do following with LockerKosh:

  • Works Everywhere You Advertise
  • Bypasses Google, Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Every Site Worldwide
  • Make Cloaked Link On Your Own Domain for Superior Authority & Branding – Take Control To Any Link via Pixel
  • Superior Speed & Accuracy
  • Fanatical One-On-One Support

Part 2: FanPage Lead WordPress Plugin Value: $67

  • Auto Posting on Fan Pages
  • This Ninja Plugin will AUTO Post UNLIMITED Content in Any Niche to your Unlimited Fan pages via Link posts to engage more audience for your page ON COMPLETE AUTOPILOT.
  • This means more Engagement and more Organic Reach.
  • Thus cycle loop of FanPage Lead Plugin Working will give you REAL FRESH TARGETED traffic at exponential rate.

Part 3: Reselling Rights to Maxa Page Profits Value: $97

  • Elite Training- “How To Grow 100k Fb Fans Traffic In Any Niche”
  • Facebook Experts Gaurav & Saurabh will share their experience and strategy to grow multiple FB page fans to 100k+ in less than 3 months
  • Like they did 150,000+ Fans for multiple pages.
  • This is Elite training where you’ll be taught FREE Methods to bring Targeted Traffic in any niche using fail-proof strategy.
  • Main Highlight:”How to Grow your Fan pages from Scratch to 125,000 likes in 3 Months”

Part 4: FB Invite All Value: $67

  • Grow your Facebook Page Organically with this Free Google Chrome ‘Invite All’ Extension
  • Start growing your Facebook Fan Page for Free
  • Remarkable Organic Growth of your FB Page
  • Send Unlimited Invites per day
  • Super Easy to use – Invite all with just 1 Click
  • Remarkable Organic Growth of your FB Page
  • Send Unlimited Invites per day
  • Super Easy to use – Invite all with just 1 Click

Part 5: GramKosh Extension Value: $97

  • 3 Steps: Login → One Click Import → Publish
  • Instantly put any or all of your Instagram images directly to your custom feed in just one single click. No more time consuming process by selecting one by one image to post.

Part 6: How to Gain 25k Instagram followers in any Niche Value: $67

  • Social Media Experts Gaurav & Saurabh will share their experience and strategy to grow multiple Instagram Accounts to 25k+ followers in any Niche.
  • Like they did 25,000+ Followers each for multiple accounts.
  • This is Elite training where you’ll be taught FREE Methods to bring Targeted Traffic in any niche using fail-proof strategy.

Part 7: Google Adwords Ninja Value: $97

  • Detailed Video Tutorials to Run Profitable Adwords Campaigns
  • The Art of Scaling Campaigns with Google Adwords. All the types of ads in AdWords are covered in this course including display, search, hybrid and video ads. Plus it also covers the different types of keywords and how it affects your campaigns. Real High Quality Lead magnet for your list.

Part 8: Facebook Ads Mastery Value: $67

  • Scale Facebook Ads without the High Cost
  • A detailed training about World’s Best Advertising Platform where you can master Lead Ads, Mobile Ads and Desktop ads & how to create highly targeted audiences using the Facebook Pixel. Your audience will be so much excited to get into this.

Part 9: SEO Mastery Value: $97

  • Basics to Advanced Complete SEO
  • SEO is the Backbone of Digital Marketing. Get deep insights of SEO which covers the basics of indexing all the way upto advanced tools for SEO. A High Quality Lead Magnet for which you will plenty of appreciation from anyone who gets into it.

Part 10: Social Trend Spy Value: $67

  • WP plugin that allows you to spy on profitable, trending FB Ads & viral campaigns in any niche!
  • Imagine how much Profitable your campaigns will be every single time when you already know what is working and what is going viral on FB. Your visitors will die to get this from you.

Sounds like just the ticket? …it gets even better:

[+] Sell UNLIMITED copies:

  • potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit are at your fingertips!

[+] Free automatic software updates:

  • you don’t have to worry about any of the technical stuff, all updates are handled centrally by our development team.

[+] All support handled for you:

  • all requests are directed to our support desk, where our professional team will take care of them.

OTO#3: Lead Generation Masterclass: Onetime Payment Of $27

Get Immediate Access To ‘Lead Generation Masterclass’….


Module 1: Lead Generation Basic Value: $47

  • Before you even think about putting out your Lead Generation Campaigns, You need to know the fundamentals to make sure you are putting your Campaigns on a solid foundation.
  • In this Module, you will discover the importance of having a mapped scalable Lead Generation Funnel
  • This module will put you 150% in front of 90% of people in your market. When you do this you’re better at selling to your market than most people and you’ll already make more money, just by understanding this

You’ll Learn:

  • What are the Basic tools required to run a Lead Generation Campaign?
  • How to research and come up with a Compelling offer your Visitors cannot refuse.
  • How to find the Benefits and the Pain points of your Customer and sync it with your Preposition.

Module 2: Lead Magnet Recipe Value: $67

  • In this module we are going to talk about Lead Magnets. It’s very important to understand that Lead Magnets are the way forward for generating thousand of leads. Some people make it too big, some people make it too small. But Lead Magnet has to be just in the right length to make sure it assists the Sales Process.

You’ll Learn:

  • Types of Lead Magnets
  • How to Craft an Irresistible Lead Magnet in just 30 Minutes
  • The Front Page, Last Page and Inside Brand CTA’s

Module 3: Lead Generation Funnel Value: $47

  • The Internet Marketing is all about Scalable Profitable Funnels, but not everyone can make them. A lot of strategies are put into the Funnel Points to make it Profitable.

You’ll Learn:

  • Optin page Funnel
  • OptinChat Funnel as Content Upgrades
  • Thank you Page Profit Multiplier
  • Autoresponder Profitable Multiplier
  • How to research and come up with a Compelling offer your Visitors cannot refuse.
  • Once you implement the multiple profitable multipliers, the scalability would be at ease

Module 4: Funnel Traffic Value: $47

  • Traffic is the Lifeblood of Every lead generation campaign. Most marketers miss the point of bringing in Enough traffic to their Lead Generation Funnels. In this Module we are going to delve deeper into Traffic Strategies
  • Getting Traffic from Social Media
  • Getting Traffic from Youtube
  • Getting Traffic from Facebook Ads
  • Getting Traffic from Display Ads
  • The Quora Traffic Hack

Module 5: Converting Cold Leads into Hot leads Value: $67

  • This is the point where every funnel breaks. Once we get the Traffic to opt in your Funnels, marketers forget the fact that the Audience is less aware about the Brand or Personality. They are at a stage of Warm traffic.
  • In this module we’ll discover steps to convert the Warm Leads into Hot Leads who will be ready to buy from you anytime you call for.
  • The Facebook Video Hack to convert warm traffic into Hot Traffic
  • The Autoresponder Sequence that will make the people see you as an Authority/Brand

Module 6: Performance Optimisation Value: $47

  • Building Funnels and sending Traffic does not guarantee profits, something which ensure Profitability is Optimisation of Campaigns.
  • One needs to find out the Leakage points and seal them up to avoid any money loss. In this module we are going to learn Exactly that.
  • Getting Traffic from Social Media
  • Getting Traffic from Youtube
  • Getting Traffic from Facebook Ads
  • Getting Traffic from Display Ads
  • The Quora Traffic Hack

Bonus Module: Lead Generation on Steroids (Viral marketing) Value: $67

  • “In this module we are going to take your Lead Generation to 3x levels via the use of Viral Marketing Effect.
  • This works great for maximum campaigns and also ensures a lot of Free Viral Traffic and Leads. This simply leads to more profitability, better brand awareness and amazingness.”

OTO#4: OptinChat Silver + OptinChat Platinum Developer License:

You can choose from 2 plans the plan that suits you:

[+] 100 Accounts:Onetime Payment Of $97

[+] 500 Accounts:Onetime Payment Of $147
  • Your Each Client Will Have Access To Features of Power Duo of OptinChat Silver + OptinChat Platinum
  • We will take care of all the Support
  • 500 accounts of OptinChat Silver & OptinChat Platinum both
The creators will tell you how you can MAKE $5000 – 10000$ Using OptinChat In the next 1 week Even without Making Single OptinChat Campaign & Resell OptinChat Accounts as Our Official Developer License Holder.….
  • We’ll Handle All Your Client Support
  • Use Our Sales Material For Best Conversions
  • Your Each Client Will Have Access To Features Of Power Duo (OptinChat Silver + OptinChat Platinum) All 2 Packages

[+] Here’s the truth:

  • We’re not going to give Developer Rights to this cloud based software ever again.

[+] Every Business or Website Clients wants 3 things:

  • Regular Inflow of Targeted Leads
  • An Automated system that keeps generating new prospects & customers
  • Everyone wants to make money online – Priority of everyone in Online Industry
  • You can help them get all 3 in just 1 click – By making their OptinChat Account Using Your Developer License.

Conventional wisdom says you should ideally get a Customer Lifetime Value average of $1 per person per year from your list. This means on a list of 100,000, you should get $100,000 per year that your customers remain on your list.

[+] Jaw Dropping Fact:

  • We’re World’s First and Only Chat Style Email Optin Conversion Suite (Monopoly In Untapped Market)

Giant Companies have openly admitted that 70% of their business revenue comes through email marketing.

But, NOT every entrepreneur is able to generate leads for his/her business at the lowest cost possible.

Reason: The usual lead generation tactics like optin pages/ entry pop up/ exit pop up are well exposed & disturbing. The viewers tend to avoid them resulting in Very Low Conversions.

You can Open doors of Opportunity for anyone in your connection with just 1 click now.

You can help them getting close to their Revenue Goals by improving their List Building by just passing them this very Opportunity…..
  • Smart Entrepreneurs Will Grab This Software With Both Their Hands To Harness Power of Email Marketing In Their Business
  • You just have to show demo to prospect. OptinChat will sell itself on the merit of it’s feature & brand name.
  • An OPTINCHAT developers license opens the gateway to hugely targeted leads for businesses and website owners – and you can charge them any amount you want.
  • Clients will easily pay $97 to $997 per account which only takes 1 click & seconds of your time to make with Developers Access.
  • With just 1 Funnel Sale, your complete investment will be back and anything else over it is your pure profit – Putting You At NO RISK.
  • Getting just 10 Clients puts you at $1000 – $5000 easy income per week… and you don’t have to do anything, OptinChat will sell itself once people can see how powerful and easy this is.

[+] We’ll handle support for your all clients which makes it easy for you to concentrate on Marketing & Expansion Only:

  • So don’t sit around waiting for things to happen,this is a MONEY MACHINEand you need to click the button below and get access today.
  • Since our support team can handle clients of more than 100 smart buyers, We’ll not be providing this “SUPPORT ON US” inaugural service bonus after 24 hours.
  • The price will be $4997 per month for this developers license after this special launch is over.
  • This is an easy sell and you’ll bring home $5000-$10,000 very easily. That’s 40X of your investment back.

OptinChat Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of OptinChat?

If you are searching for a Revolutionary Interactive Optin Tool That will LITERALLY Talk Your Visitors Into Giving You Their Email Address, then OptinChat will be your highly recommended choice.

With OptinChat you can:

[+] Have Unlimited OptinChat Campaigns for Unlimited Websites

[+] Do A/B Testing

[+] Do Email Validation

[+] Do Phone Number Validation

[+] Have a Custom Brand Logo

[+] Get Daily Email Reports

[+] Advanced Webhooks and Zapier Integration

[+] All Autoresponders Integration

[+] Export Leads to CSV

OptinChat has been creating waves in the industry with it’s Einstein-clever lead generation Capability.

There are 4 Major Reasons I recommend using OptinChat:

  • It gets your Visitors attention: (in the right way!)
  • It interacts and engages with them personally – in realtime – just like a real person!
  • You can totally customise your chat to offer your visitors something they really want.
  • It gives you better conversions upto 3x than other pop up and landing page lead generation methods

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Thanks a lot For Reading My OptinChat Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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  1. Thanks John,

    You explain the product being sold with full details including OTO options, which helps prepare for what happens after the initial purchase! Your bonus offers are also much appreciated.



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