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MyMailit Review Plus Best MyMailit Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed MyMailit Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of MyMailit Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, MyMailit OTO details and how this Brand new software will enable you to easily Skyrocket Your EMAIL OPEN RATES, CLICKS and PROFITS…


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MyMailit Review

MyMailit Overview:

Creators: Mike From Maine & Brett Rutecky
Date Of Launch: 2018-04-08
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of MyMailit?

Mike From Maine & Brett Rutecky are the creators of MyMailit. They are well known names in the field of online marketing who have Developed many successful marketing tools such as Hijax, Social Traffic System, Autonars, Mail It and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind MyMailit?

For some reasons, your autoresponder service can shut you down because they don’t like what you are doing…..

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have violated their spam laws or you have done something that is against their terms and condition.

Personally, I have had my autoresponder account frozen because my autoresponder service did not like the business opportunity I was promoting, even though it did not spam or did not violate any of their rules.

If, by any chance, a member of that autoresponder service did something shady such as spamming emails or promoting spam products, their accounts can be blacklisted. And to protect their service, an autoresponder can limit all other accounts. This is enough to make you develop grey hair.

This is a nightmare many marketers face, but up until now, there was not anything that you could do.

Here Comes MyMailit Software….

At first, Brett created this autoresponder service to use in his business. Originally, it was a WordPress plugin, which was offered to the public. You may have seen it or even used it- “Maillt” plugin.

And although this plugin worked great, it lacked some important features that made it not possible to be used as a WordPress plugin.

This made Brett to think of taking the concept of Maillt and put it into a cloud-based software tool. And that’s how MyMailit came into existence.

One outstanding thing about this software is that it allows one to send emails using their SMTP settings.

You will need to install the settings provided by a third party SMTP relay or your web hosting company, and MyMailit will do the rest.

Here are three reasons this is better than using a 3rd party autoresponder service:

1. Sending from your email address by use of SMTP settings will lower the chances of your emails being detected as spam

  • Any time your “from” email fails to match the server it is being sent from, the chances are that your subscriber will never see your email.

2. You gain trust from your subscribers since you will not be using the same autoresponder most marketers use.

3. Sending emails using your own SMTP settings, makes you appear a serious marketer who cares about your subscriber.

MyMailit is more powerful than most autoresponder and will give you much more freedom than most of them.

So, What Is MyMailit?

You want to start maximizing your email marketing profits today, and I’m sure that’s why you are here today.

We are here to help you know what MyMailit is, what it entails, and the features of this service.

My Mailit is one of the most effective ways to boost your conversion rate of your mailing list.

It is true that most of the business now use email marketing to convert their prospects into buyers, so should you be left behind?

MyMailit is hosted in the cloud, and just like any other autoresponder platform, you will need to log in.

However, the difference is how the mail is sent. Instead of it being channeled through the same servers that thousands of emails from other companies follow, MyMailit uses personalized email servers to send your bulk emails and newsletters to your subscribers.

When you first setup MyMailit, one of the things you will need to include is the email server information.

If you already have a dedicated server, VPS, or website, and you have an email server set up, you can get all the necessary information from your hosting provider.

My Mailit is fully compatible with Amazon’s email service and SMTP relay, which means you can use them to send your emails rather than using your own servers.

Configuring MyMailit is easier since it takes a short time as you will only need to provide server ports, passwords, names, etc. Remember to ask your hosting company about any information you might not be sure of.

There are in-depth help videos for nearly all the functions of this service. You will find creating an email list very easy, thanks to the simplified interface of this autoresponder service.

==> See The Power Of MyMailit (MyMailit Review Video)<==

How Does MyMailit Software Work?

==> MyMailit Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==


As an email marketer, you must have an email list. And one way of keeping them in touch with them is by sending bulk emails and newsletters.

It can be done in different ways, and My Mailit offers an amazing way to do that, thanks to its impressive features.

Here are the key features of MyMailit:

[+] Unlimited Everything:

  • With My Mailit, you can have unlimited subscribers on each list as well as schedule unlimited emails.
  • Also, you can send unlimited emails, and create unlimited programmed sequences, besides having unlimited lists.
  • How is all this made unlimited? There are different pricing options and you will save a lot by using My Mailit.

[+] It Collects Leads Using Templates And Form Builder:

  • Now, all the unlimited freedoms would be of no much use if you are not given an option to collect leads.
  • This is where the form builder comes in. You can create as many forms as you can and customize one of the many templates that are provided to create your own.
  • You will get a customized code that you can copy paste to embed it on your website.
  • You can also start a sequence of emails to be sent when a lead is collected through a particular form, and the emails will be automatically sent to the lead as per the set sequence.

[+] Statistics and Reporting:

  • Once you automate a sequence or send an email to your subscribers, it is important to understand if they are effective or not and how they are performing.
  • With MyMailit, you will get statistics and analytics on unsubscribes, clicks, opens, and many other parameters for each sequence and campaign.
  • You can then use these statistics and analytics to optimize your emails so they can perform better.

[+] Sequences:

  • MyMailit allows one to create email sequences to be sent to selected subscribers on scheduled time periods.
  • For instance, you can make a sequence to send out emails welcoming a subscriber to your list, and a couple of emails after a few of days.
  • Sequential emails, especially to new subscribers, are a great way of introducing your leads to your branding.

[+] Schedule Emails:

  • One can also schedule emails to be sent on specific time and date to their subscribers.
  • This means that you can plan ahead and schedule the emails to be sent at a certain period of the month.
  • You can also schedule the sending of discount coupons to your list early enough during holidays which they can use to purchase a product, program, or service as a way of rewarding them.

[+] It Is Cloud-Based:

  • MyMailit is hosted in the cloud, which means you can access it from any smartphone or laptop and use it.
  • For those who do not know, MyMailit is cloud-based software that one can install on their own server, secure it, configure its settings to optimal performance, and update it regularly to access new features.
  • This is a complete management free platform, and above all, you can get access to new and advanced features instantly once they are released.

[+] One-Time Pricing:

  • Unlike most autoresponder services, you do not need to pay monthly charges for My Mailit.
  • You only need to incur a one-time fee, and you can access MyMailit for a lifetime.

[+] Has Effective Tools and Analytics:

  • You will find effective tools and analytics in MyMailit to help you take your business to another level. It has a complete drag and drop builder that helps you create lovely designs that can boost your opt-ins.
  • Besides, this drop form builder has dozens of templates. This makes your form appear top-quality and unique.
  • You can also get total analytics as well as stats to help you measure how your campaigns are performing.
  • You will get everyday stats on new subscribe as well as those who have unsubscribed.
  • This will help you optimize your marketing and advertising to get great top results achievable.
  • With MyMailit, you will have a full-featured cloud-based autoresponder service that allows you to send limitless emails to unlimited subscribers, generate unlimited follow-up sequences and never incur any monthly fee.
  • You will find it a great platform to use when sending all your advertising and marketing emails.

MyMailit Benefits:

With My Mailit, you will enjoy a lot of benefits. For one, you will be provided with an opportunity to select subscribers to add to your email marketing campaign.

Conversely, you will have the ability to select the number of subscribers to upload to your campaign list as well.

There are no restrictions associated with MyMailit, and you do not need to worry about anything.

You are also allowed to select the number of emails that you can send your newsletter.

There are no restrictions, and you will be able to send unlimited emails to that list.

With MyMailit, you can select the same body of emails that you intend to send.

Since you can customize the email body, you can add powerful messages that can entice your audiences to purchase products or services you are offering them.

On top of everything, My Mailit can offer you peace of mind because 3rd party services will not be crippling your business.

This will help protect you from any loss of profits emanating from your accounts being suspended or limited because of violating their mode of operation.

You will, therefore, have a chance to engage and interact with your email marketing campaign without encountering any hindrances.

One of the greatest benefits of My Mailit is that you will enjoy multiple bonuses.

We will just highlight some of the best bonuses you will get after purchasing MyMailit.

One of the major bonus that you will get is an autoresponder.

This will help you blacklist the 3rd party services as well as spammers in a convenient manner.

MyMailit Results:

MyMailit Results

MyMailit VS Others:

MyMailit VS Others

MyMailit Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About MyMailit & The creator’s others tools:

MyMailit Reviews

MyMailit OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: MyMailit PRO ($67)

With MyMailit, you will have the exact same email marketing platform that Brett created for his own business that allows him to crush affiliate marketing campaigns and get his emails delivered into his subscribers email inboxes over and over again and of course get them opened and get those links clicked on.

Now it wouldn’t be fair if the creators didn’t give you the opportunity to upgrade to their premium version of MyMailit.

In this premium version, the creators have four powerful features that are going to give you an unfair advantage over your competition:

  • The first upgraded feature allows you to send emails up to 30 times faster that means you’re gonna have an unfair advantage over your competition so that you can hit the email inbox faster than they do, get those opens and clicks before they even get started.
  • The second upgrade will allow you to mail to un opened meaning that when someone doesn’t open your email the first time, you can send out another email to them, change the headline a little bit and be able to get even more opens and clicks from the same amount of subscribers.
  • The third upgraded feature will allow you to remove MyMailit branding from your emails so that you can focus simply on your business and not have our branding show up in your email sent out.
  • The last upgraded feature will allow you to blow up your email list in a good way. we’ve created a system that allows you to use our done-for-you landing pages, lead magnets, hosting and delivery so that you can use our products to build your email list and again have a super unfair advantage over the competition.
  • Plus as a special bonus for our premium upgrade customers…..The creators are going to include front of the line support meaning that when you put in a ticket to their support desk, you’re going to get answers to them even faster then they normally do.

OTO#2: MyMailit Agency ($147)

Brett is going to tell you the secret to be successful online “this secret is selling your own digital product”. Now, I want you to ask yourself what does every single successful marketer that you’re aware of do? the answer is always the same, they sell their own digital product.

When you sell your own digital product, you not only get paid for the sale, but you build up a buyers email list…. an email list that you can then use to do affiliate marketing.

Now I understand for most people just getting started, the idea of selling their own digital product is confusing and it’s intimidating and you know what? you’re right to be intimidated. Selling your own digital product isn’t easy:

  • You have to create the product
  • You have to create a member’s area
  • You have to create a sales page
  • And you have to create a sales video

This is a lot of work and it requires a lot of different skills that quite frankly many people just don’t have.

A while back, Brett realized this problem and he created his agency access system to solve it.

Brett’s agency access system allows people to sell Brett software as your own product with everything done for you…….
  • You can actually put your jvzoo Buy Now button on Brett’s sales page and sell his software using his sales page, his sales video, his member’s area and of course Brett does the updates and the support for you.
  • If you can copy and paste some HTML code, you can use Brett’s Agency access, you can be a product vendor. Even better…..since you’re the product vendor, you can attract your own affiliates and use affiliates to build your business for you just like Brett do and just like every other top internet marketer does.

OTO#3: MyMailit Live Coaching with Brett and Mike ($47)

How would you like to be making anywhere from $500 to $1000 per day from your email list without spending a lot of time or having a big budget?

Mike And Brett have been making anywhere from 20,000 upwards to even $70,000 per month from their email list by using a special formula that they have been using over and over again in their businesses to keep on getting these results day after day and month after month.

They are going to be teaching you:

  • Exactly how you can go out there and build your email list for cheap using either free or super dirt cheap traffic.
  • And also how to take that email list and monetize it so you’re making anywhere from three to five dollars per subscriber quickly in a way that’s ethical and very powerful.

So if you’re looking to take your business to the next level and steal the creator’s secrets, go ahead for this Live Coaching.

MyMailit Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of MyMailit?

Email marketing is an important aspect of any online business. In fact, without an email list of subscribers, and an efficient way of managing these subscribers, your business will not grow, and it will eventually be outdated.

That’s why you need to keep in touch with your email list, and the best way to do that is through MyMailit.

From this review, it is evident that MyMailit gives you control over your email list, email campaigns, and your business by allowing you to distribute bulk emails using your SMTP settings.

This brands you as a serious marketer and you are viewed by your subscriber as a caring salesperson who provides value to her/his subscribers.

Although there are a few downsides to this system such as requiring one to use own SMTP settings, MyMailit offers way too many benefits you can take advantage of such as ability to build unlimited list and send limitless emails to them, versatility, create opt-in forms in a seconds, set up autoresponder messages, and filtering out invalid emails on import. All these help to increase delivery rates.

Besides, it gives you a sense of security especially in the event that something drastic happens with your 3rd party autoresponder. There are just too many benefits you will enjoy by using this autoresponder platform.

Now that you are aware of the features and benefits of MyMailit and have read about what it entails, you can go ahead and access this amazing program. If you are an email marketer, MyMailit will become your best friend.

If you are also thinking about venturing into email marketing, this tool will be of great importance.

Therefore, I recommend it to any online business; it is something you need to take a look at.

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