How to Make Money As a Teenager – 23 Ways to Make Money For Teenagers

If you are searching for easy ways to make money as a teenager, here are 23 ways to make money for teenagers to help you start your first steps in earning money online the right and most effective way.

ways for teens to make money

1- Work by yourself

You can offer to start a small company with one of your friends. Starting a small company with another one will help to do a lot of jobs fast and in a safe way while splitting up the amount of money the company needs to be started.

You can earn money by Teaming up to do unusual jobs and getting paid for finishing them such as landscaping, shoveling the snow, washing cars or mowing lawns for your neighbors “it may be hard works, but you can get very real results with them”.

2-Make Money Playing Games is a big online website focused on Rewards games that gives its members the ability to make money by competing against each others in watching a short video advertisement and answering a simple question about it before playing games.

There are two ways to sign up at

  • You can visit the site and register directly.
  • Ask one who is already a member to send you an invitation to join the site.

3- Offer Devices To Your Friends

If you have maker skills, you can make money by selling the things you can make such as creating Custom Cables or iPod Charger.

You can create Custom Cables by buying cables”maybe from one of your friends” and splicing with each other.

4- How To Make Money With Freebie Trading

There are some companies who are ready to pay people to register for trial offers because they know that a lot of people who sign up for their trail offers will enjoy their services and products and become clients.

You can start registering for trial offers such as and Netflix trial. To succeed in making money with freebie trading, you have to cancel the trial periods of the offers before they end.

5-Raising Money Online

If you are interested in raising money for people, missions or any type of project, GoFundMe is the first fundraising site that can give you the ability to raise money for any type of service or project you choose such as memorials, honeymoons, weddings, medical bills, mission trips, youth sports, volunteer programs, education costs, medical expenses and more.

6-Do Interesting Services On Fiverr

There are a lot of people who are ready to pay you money for building them a website. You can find at fiverr a lot of opportunities to make money for creating websites and doing interesting things such as recording sentences in any language, recording a video for yourself singing a specific song, picturing yourself holding a sign and much more.

7-Cleaning Foreclosed Houses

Nowadays, there are a lot of foreclosed homes that needs to be cleaned up. The owners of these homes are willing to pay money for people who will clean them up and remove the old stuff.

8-Selling Your Skills Online

If you are interested in designing websites, creating software, building mobile apps, translating languages, you will find that Odesk and Elance the best websites that offer huge opportunities.

9- Donating Plasma

There are many donation centers that pay people for donating plasma. All you will have to do is:

  • Be sure that you meet the requirements for donating plasma.
  • Search for plasma center that locates near you and you can also ask your local clinics or hospitals to help you find a center.
  • When you visit the center, you have to answer list of questions about your drug use, sex habits and medical history.
  • Prepare yourself for a short physical examination (your temperature will be taken, your pulse to be checked and so on).
  • You will be able to donate plasma and get paid.

10- Complete Easy Tasks with Gigwalk

Gigwalk is a new iPhone app that you can use to make money by finding fast and easy tasks and completing them according to your location. CheckPoints are another iPhone app like Gigwalk.

11- Bookscouter app

You can start making money by downloading BookScouter app on your phone, visiting thrift shops to check out the most used book sections using your iphone or entering the ISBN, finding books that you have the ability to sell for increased prices.

12- Build Your Website Online

If you have a website, it means that you can make money as an affiliate marketer for free and on autopilot. You can sell things that you can do such as creating social graphics and backgrounds (twitter backgrounds and FaceBook Fan pages or graphics)

13- Social media marketing

If you have knowledge about the ins and outs of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, you can post your job at Elance  as elance site contains many numbers of companies who are ready to pay money for those people who have the ability to support them with their social media marketing strategies.

14- Sell Your Articles

If you are interested in writing articles in any niche, you can make money by selling your articles at,

15- Sell Pictures Online

If you enjoy taking photos with your camera, you can start making money by selling your photos in sites that are ready to buy them. You can start at and and you can also take pictures for stocks and sell them at

16- Search for works On Craigslist

Craigslist is a big site in which you can find many jobs such as accounting.

17-Sell Widgets

If you are interested in creating widgets, arts or any kind of crafts, you can start selling them on

18- Are You Video Game Player?

If you enjoy playing video games, you can get paid for selling your Video Game Accounts on or on forums that are related to video games.

19- Sell your own eBooks

If you like writing books in any topics, you can earn money by publishing your eBooks on Amazon (your earnings will be up to 70% royalties).You can also sell old things that you don’t need in your home at Amazon such as movies, CDs and anything that keeps good condition.

20- Transcribe audio files

If you have the ability of typing quickly, you can start transcribing recordings files and audio files like phone calls, letters and voicemail messages at Quicktate.

21- Use Youtube to Make Money

You can start making money with YouTube by creating your own channel and creating amazing videos. You can make money by promoting products on your videos, CPA offers or Google adsense. The secret behind earning money with YouTube is to have a channel with lots of subscribers and engagement.

22- Make money as a babysitter

If you are a teen- girl, you can take a babysitting training at your local hospital and after getting the certificate, you can find many individuals who want to employ you.

23- Teach younger kids for inexpensive prices

If you have a grade in a specific subject at school or have a good knowledge about subjects such as literacy or math, you can offer parents of children in your local area to tutor their kids for inexpensive prices.

Lastly, after reading my 23 ways to make money as a teenager, i hope if you found a way to start with and keep in your mind that making money online can’t be achieved overnight, but it needs you to choose a way, setting a plan for your way and start applying it.

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