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 In case you are looking for a detailed MailPrimo Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of MailPrimo software to discover everything about it, It’s features, MailPrimo OTO details and how This brand new software will enable you to Create Videos That Get You Free Traffic and Generates Big Juicy Amazon Commissions…


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MailPrimo Review

MailPrimo Overview:

Creator: Dr. Amit Pareek
Date Of Launch: 2018-01-11
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of MailPrimo?

MailPrimo is a product designed by the accredited affiliate marketing expert Dr. Amit Pareek.

He is a renowned contributor to the affiliate marketing as is exhibited by his numerous successful launches that have earned him global recognition. Some of his most prolific works include VidMozo, ShopMozo, VideoWhizz, SociDeck, ProfitMozo, SociTrafficJet among other popular products.

He is a well-vast product creator and the founder of one of the largest PLR markets by the name hqplrstore.

What Is The Main Idea Behind MailPrimo Software?

Imagine having the ability to tap into the online realm and instantly turn your leads into clients with just a button click. Amazing right?

As many business owners will attest to, email marketing is among the most efficient and fastest ways of selling anything online. This is why it has gained massive popularity as a dependable marketing channel for any business looking to amass enormous profits.

However, until just recently, many businesses relied on typical Email Autoresponder Service Providers to streamline their email processes. And although it has worked well for most of them, it nonetheless isn’t short of inadequacies which have made it a little less popular over time.

With these providers, subscribers endured very high monthly subscription costs, and even so, the quality of email delivery still fell short of the standards.

What’s more, these service providers usually do not allow you to import your entire list, and in case they do, you may end up losing between 20 % and 30 % of the leads in the course of importing.

As such, you end up getting fewer clicks, opens and of course sales, and worse, your account may end getting banned overnight. To put an end to this common, yet, vicious circle, and having identified this deficiency in quality and overall efficiency, experts saw the need to establish a tool that would quickly eradicate these concerns and put email promotion back to former dominance in the marketing world. With this idea came the now popular email marketing software Mail Primo.

MailPrimo, which is designed by online marketing experts, is the solution to automating your email marketing campaigns, ensuring that every email is directly delivered to their respective inbox, while also allowing you to amass serious commissions almost effortlessly.

It is distinctive cloud-based email promotion software precisely designed to serve any brand that is looking to make a permanent statement on the broad and competitive online platform but does not necessarily have the funds to secure a service provider. As opposed to typical service providers, this tool bridges the gap between quality and affordability and shifts back the power scale to the owner.

The main idea behind its establishment is to offer optimal quality, ease and unrivaled efficiency in email marketing. Not only does it allow the users to access and categorize their clients quickly, but it also enables users to dispatch quality emails through its numerous unique features.

Also, as opposed to typical Email Marketing service providers who charge hefty prices to deliver email marketing efficiency, MailPrimo offers its users the chance to be in control of their email processes, with the least of costs. It introduces a one-time payment option and eradicates the monthly charges to ensure that you achieve efficiency at virtually no cost.

By introducing this tool, even newbies can now streamline their operations to better approach a severely competitive market that only accommodates the fittest.’ If you are looking for an affordable way to optimize your operations through effective email marketing, then you are in luck. Mail Primo is precisely what you need.

Impressed? Check out everything about MailPrimo below and what makes it a unique product every business should adopt.

So, What Is MailPrimo?

In definition, MailPrimo is simply an email advancing/email marketing tool (cloud-based) that you can employ in establishing your online venture.

Its Cloud-based aspect ensures that its installation and use is quite easy since all you need to do is install and enjoy it from anywhere. It is designed to wholly capture the challenges that come with successful email optimization by offering ease, efficacy, and quality.

On a general overview, its functionality is comparable to having your auto-responder like Aweber with all the perks that come with it such as total control of your Email marketing-but without the standard monthly rehashing charges of the latter.

With this tool, you possess absolute control over your overall email advancing processes in as few as three advances.

Furthermore, it also allows you to import unconstrained lists while also utilizing all the other features to optimize your email operations.

MailPrimo is not only entirely user-friendly, but it also allows subscribers to automatically follow-up and manage their leads almost effortlessly. How?

Its features are fully automated. What’s more, aside from allowing you to send unlimited messages (emails), MailPro is structured to enable the users to see the subscribers’ real-time activities and discover the precise campaigns that are most effective.

There are numerous aspects of Mail Primo that set it apart from any other similar tools, and one is how remarkably organized it is. MailPrimo allows you to not only send numerous advancement and messages but also supervise them quite effortlessly.

What’s more, it also avails you with consistent activity all designed to ensure that you identify the best approaches for the consequent accompanying move.

MailPrimo is strategically structured to help you establish a perspective on how to best optimize your email activities.

With Mail Primo, what you get is a flurry of more and more leads with as many as a couple of ticks. This tool is tailored to ensure that you attain email marketing efficacy in the promptest of time and with the least of efforts.

MailPrimo primarily offers you the opportunity to streamline your email publicizing process and subsequently get more emails opened.

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How Does MailPrimo Software Work?

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MailPrimo Features:

[+] Import indefinite subscribers effortlessly and devoid of losing any email ID:

  • With MailPrimo, you can import an unlimited number of subscribers without any instances of email ID loss. As such, you can freely mail your subscribers free of any restrictions.
  • Service providers in the email marketing industry ask for significant charges to help you import and manage your list. What’s more, the providers also ask for a double option to allow import, and in the process, you lose between 20 % and 30 % subscribers. With Mail Primo however, you can be free of extra costs while still managing to optimize your operations.

[+] Instantly Send or Schedule Limitless Mails for Later:

  • MailPrimo knows no bounds whatsoever. It affords you the opportunity to send unlimited newsletters or emails using your SMTP service without the typical complications associated with email marketing. It only needs you to configure your SMTP settings and enjoy the results. You can decide to instantly transmit your emails or schedule them to send at a later time and date.

[+] Generate more prospective subscribers with their exclusive built-in lead form:

  • If you want to generate quality leads not to mention establishing a massive database of paying customers, then lead forms is the most straightforward approach to achieve this. With their extraordinary lead generation form, MailPrimo assists you in catching the attention of more subscribers for your WordPress/e-commerce sites, or blog. The process is quite simple: copy and paste the line of code on your website.

[+] Improve email delivery, open and click rates:

  • Clicks and opens display a clear picture of the overall performance of your campaign. Currently, all marketers are looking to ensure that their emails are not only delivered to their inbox but also clicked and subsequently opened punctually-and this is precisely what Mail Primo is all about. It boosts the overall delivery, open and clicks rates while affording you total control of your marketing campaigns.

[+] Employ smart tags in segmenting and sending custom emails to your subscribers:

  • This is among the most prominent features of MailPrimo. It is a modern and Powerful feature that allows you to assign your subscribers to tags and segment them easily. Afterwards, you can then exclusively send emails to subscribers in each group or SMART Tag.

[+] Minimize Bounce Rates:

  • Higher bounce dents your image, and with each bounce, it grows murky. Mail Primo allows you to flash out all the spammed entirely and bounced emails. It automatically gets rid of bounce emails and clears your list quickly.

[+] Built-in Inline and Text Editor for best emails:

  • The LIVE Inline editor is a feature that allows you to create simple HTML or test emails to ensure you send the best emails that spark maximum engagement. This feature is designed to entice, capture, foster and convert prospective clients.

[+] Seamless integration with virtually all SMTP servers:

  • It functions impeccably with virtually all SMTP servers available including Send-grid and Amazon SES to promptly send your emails. It also allows you to set up an individual SMTP easily.

[+] Easy management of Subscribers:

  • With MailPrimo, you can quickly identify, and filter your subscribers from massive lists with merely one click. What’s more, you can identify duplicates and easily create a backup.

[+] Cloud-Based (All-inclusive) Email Marketing Tool:

  • Its Cloud-based aspect ensures that its installation and use is quite easy since all you need to do is install and enjoy it from anywhere. It is designed to wholly capture the challenges that come with successful email optimization by offering ease, efficacy, and quality.

[+] Fully automated and User-friendly:

  • MailPrimo instantly helps you achieve efficient email marketing by allowing you to automatically and promptly send the right emails and to the appropriate audience. Amazingly, despite the seemingly complex terminologies, with automated features, Mail Primo can accommodate all types of users including newbies who can operate it with ease

[+] No Additional or Monthly charges:

  • Email marketing, especially when starting out, is no walk in the park. It can be quite expensive. The costs that come with sending emails are quite hefty, and you are required to part with a constant monthly fee to ensure you cover your entire email list. However, Mail Primo eradicates these exorbitant charges while offering similar –and even better services. With a simple click, you can send numerous emails to anyone on your list.

[+] Step-By-Step User Guide:

  • It is no brainer that software can at times get complicated. However, despite striving to ensure the software is DEAD straightforward, the creator went ahead to ensure it is entirely accessible. How? Aside from accompanying the package with a comprehensive video training option for each feature, they also provide 24/7 support to deal with any queries and problems.

MailPrimo Results:

Checkout the crazy open and click rates I got for a simple email the creators has sent using MailPrimo:

MailPrimo Results

“MailPrimo Reviews” What Experts Are Saying About This Powerful New Tool:

MailPrimo Reviews

MailPrimo OTO:

OTO#1: MailPrimo Elite

This package allows you to generate more leads (5X), dispatch engaging and better emails (5X) and even make more profits (5X) all in 5 folds.

  • Multiple List (Create, Name, Actions, and Subscribers)
  • Advance Subscriber Management-message wise, suppression list, export, bounce create custom fields, wise among others.
  • Ten email templates (Fitness & Wellness, Travel, Resturants)
  • Create template and management
  • Advanced messages management
  • SMTP mailing setup allowed
  • 5 form templates complete with editor
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited monthly mailing
  • Stats
  • Media Library

OTO#2: MailPrimo Enterprise

This is an upgrade level from the Elite package as aforementioned. It offers you double the benefits as with the Elite package. You enjoy 10X profits allowing you to get your venture to enterprise level. The package includes:

  • List management
  • Advance Subscriber management
  • Autoresponder
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Bounce management
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited monthly mailing
  • 15 email templates
  • 8 form templates complete with editor
  • Team management (maximum of 5 members)

OTO#3: MailPrimo Reseller

This option allows users to market and sell MailPrimo to your customers while keeping all the profits. They offer RESELLER license, and as such, you can sell Mail Primo to your client base and pocket all the benefits.

OTO#4: MailPrimo Premium Membership

This feature allows you to amass UNLIMITED monthly profits over and over together with premium features. You enjoy an assortment of exciting features that include:

  • Ten new premium email templates availed on a monthly basis
  • Ultra-Fast Servers to guarantee faster delivery of emails
  • Web form templates (15) featuring an editor
  • Creating Multiple autoresponders to cover various businesses
  • A Library featuring UNLIMITED Hosting offered on a 200 GB Bandwidth and FAST servers every month.
  • Unlimited team management for members
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates

MailPrimo Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of MailPrimo?

In a nutshell, MailPrimo is indeed an excellent choice for typical list builders and email marketers. If you dream about making massive online profits in an utterly passive way, then you need to get yourself Mail Primo today! Not only is it a professional item, but it is also a remarkable investment for your business.

This is significant cloud-based software that ensures that all your emails are successfully delivered to your inbox while enhancing opt-in rates at no extra cost.

With Mail Primo, you can forget about having to install any complicated software which takes up time and resources to understand and utilize. And what’s surprising, is that all you need is to take a step and install it, and everything else will fall through.

Mail Primo allows you to massively spike your click-through and open rates and enjoy never before seen results. And better for you, not only is it just an exclusive one-time payment option, you can improve your options, reach more inboxes, and also earn more at absolutely no extra expense or effort.

Ultimately, it is easy to conclude that MailPrimo is an ideal tool for any online marketer, eCom store vendor, email list builders, and many other business owners looking to optimize their operations. Surprisingly, aside from the fact that it is perfect for anyone despite their experience level, the package is also backed up by MONEY BACK guarantee and 100% Satisfaction and as such you can operate with complete peace of mind.
In the end, better decisions inspire better outcomes.

If you want to use your emails in promoting your products and getting more clicks not to mention better delivery with the utmost of ease and without spending an extra dime or effort, then you need to get yourself Mail Primo.

Be sure to take advantage of the current prices and package bonuses by instantly purchasing this amazing product now!

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