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Linkable REAL User Review Plus Best Linkable Bonus Offer

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Linkable Review


Linkable Overview:

Creators: Karthik Ramani
Date Of Launch: 2022-02-22

Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes,
Special $6218 Bonuses
100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels


Who Are The Creators Of Linkable?

Karthik Ramani is a well-known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing tools such as Augment Suite, Competeup, Appointomatic, Covrr Studio, MarketPresso, EverLesson and many more successful digital product launches.


What Is The Main Idea Behind Linkable?

There are two billion active users on Instagram, 330 million on Twitter, 1 billion on TikTok, 238 million on SnapChat, and many other millions on other social media platforms.

These numbers indicate that there’s so much potential for biz owners, marketers, freelancers, and other online marketers to build brands and make sales.

You can get leads, sales, and generate money on these platforms if you position your business right.

In fact, 57% of users follow their favorite businesses on social media platforms to get news on new products and services.

That means that if you’re not positioning your business in the right image on social media, then you’re missing out on an incredible prospect to make money online.

But despite knowing this, many marketers are still not able to make money through social media as it takes time to optimize social media accounts.

But there’s a solution – Linkable..…….

This software makes it easier for you to create social media profiles and posts that put your brand in good light.

Keep reading our Linkable review to learn more about this software.

So, What Is Linkable?

Powered by MSFD-Teach, we can term Linkable as the first revolutionary software that helps marketers optimize their social media platforms.

Linkable allows you to create profit-generating sales funnel directories and monetize your social media followers in three easy steps:

=> Step 1:
  • create a profile based on your preferences.

Inside The Dashboard Linkable


How Linkable Software Works


Linkable Integrations


=> Step 2:
  • Select a matching template and theme.



=> Step 3:
  • customize the template to suit your requirement and publish it.



Overall, you can create high-converting pages, bio-link pages that resembles sales funnels and landing pages to display your product portfolio, drive visitors to your site, share link of your latest blog posts, and more.

How Does Linkable Software Work?

==>Linkable Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==


Let’s discuss the features.

Linkable Features + What’s Included:

[+] Ability to create great profiles:

  • With Linkable, you’ll be able to create great-looking profiles for your work profiles and even impress your audiences with great content.
[+] Page creator:
  • If you need pages that look like landing pages and sales pages, Linkable makes it easier for you to do that without having prior tech skills.
[+] Keep many pages:
  • You’ll also be able to add many links under your pages so as to increase your chances of getting more leads, conversion, and traffic to your offers.
[+] DFY themes:
  • You’ll find DFY themes available for your users as per their niches and preferences.
[+] Attention-grabbing DFY templates:
  • There are mini web templates you’ll find in this software to help you maximize your game.
[+] Template creator:
  • In addition to having DFY templates, Linkable allows you to create fresh templates from scratch.
  • Set meta and keywords for your pages to see when they’re shared on social media platforms.
  • Add profiles and customize layouts, headlines, titles, and images.
  • Add banners. Linkable allows you to upload image or pick from the millions of images available. You can customize the emails and even Call to action buttons to them.
  • Customize CTA by adding anchor links and headlines.
  • Collect payment from PayPal, RazorPay, and Stripe.
  • Add testimonials to your profiles to boost engagement.
  • Add FAQs section to your profile to answer questions your users may have regarding your product or services.
  • Youzign and Pixabay integration to allow you access high-quality images and other media.
  • Performance analytics to show you how your campaigns are performing.


Linkable FAQ’S:


Q1: What Exactly Is Linkable?
  • Linkable is an app that allows you to create micro sales funnel directories for your social media platforms in just three clicks. You don’t need to have technical knowledge and skills to do this.
Q2: Is Linkable newbie-friendly?
  • Yes. Linkable was created with newbies in mind. You can use it to create pages and optimize social media profiles with ease.
Q3: What if Linkable doesn’t work for me?
  • Well, there’s 30-days money-back guarantee. Give the support team a call and explain your reasons for wanting a refund.
Q4: Will this work with my operating system?
  • Yes. Linkable app is hosted in the clouds, which means you can access it globally from any operating system as long as you have a browser and internet connection.


Linkable VS Others:


Linkable VS Others


Linkable Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Linkable:
This software looks amazing. So many ways to position and it’s not just a biolink software. There’s so much more this can do. I love the QR codes and ability to send an sms. This can be used as a foot in the door for lead gen or even just sell as a service. Either way it’s a can’t miss.
Danny Fortes
This looks like a Sweet Little Tool for Fast Client Marketing and Fulfillment. I’m particularly interested in seeing the QR Code Customization Module. Which could become another Excellent “Foot-In-The-Door”, with so many outstanding uses. SWEET! 😀
Marshall Utterback
Social Media is mostly viewed on mobile devices today and Linkable makes it easy to create an engaging mobile experience in a few clicks to funnel more traffic to wherever you want to send them! Now, that is smarter marketing!
Brian Glen

Linkable OTO OR Upsells:


OTO#1: Linkable Pro
($57 Onetime Payment)


=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

Upgrading To Linkable Pro Will Upscale Your Game With…

[+] Exchange Digital Contact and Collect Leads for Any Business:
  • Imagine going to a physical event or sharing your Linkable Page or QR code anywhere online. When people click on your link or scan your QR code, there will be see your Bio page with a contact overlay on the page which will let them exchange contact information with you and will Also open up their contacts to save your contact with pre-filled information. All they need to hit is save and you will be in their contacts.
  • You also get their contact information if they choose to fill it out. Just this feature can serve as a massive service opportunity which Local Businesses will die to have.
[+] Ability To Schedule Blocks To Go Live At A Particular Time:
  • It will finally become easier for you to schedule your blocks like videos and others to go live at a specific time.
  • It is best for anyone with a targeted audience in a different time zone to engage them without staying awake and setting blocks to go live in the dead of night.
  • It becomes super possible to simply schedule any block and never miss those engagements and leads you have been waiting to get out of every social media campaign for ages.
[+] Ability To Schedule Links To Go Live At A Specific Time:
  • If you have a mid-night sale coming up and you don’t want to stay awake at that time to make your sales links go live on your social platforms, it will be possible!
  • Now, getting maximum traction from every sale on your social media pages will be possible for any biz.
[+] Ability To Showcase Or Hide Blocks:
  • There are times when you would like to display some blocks, like for a time-centric deal, and hide them once the offer period is over. Again, you will be able to showcase any particular block for a particular time and hide them later, making them go live.
  • Thanks to this Linkable Pro feature, managing this facility will become possible instead of deleting or creating a block from scratch, wasting your time and effort.
[+] Ability To Highlight Priority Content:
  • Here is a great feature to hold the attention of your users for massive traffic. Yes, if you want your users’ eyeballs on a specific block or CTA, it will now be possible with this feature.
  • Once you use this Linkable Pro feature, you can prioritize any content leading to an increase in the engagements of users without doing anything on your own. Simply select any block you wish to give priority to, and you are sorted.
[+] CName Mapping Feature Included Inside:
  • This feature will help you point your URL to your own domain and not on Linkable URL.
  • It makes you finally build trust with your end-users and skyrocket engagements and leads because they get to recognize your brand name when you use your own URL name.
[+] Ability To Choose Unique Template Design For Each Page Under A Profile:
  • Now, for every page under a profile, you will be able to choose a stunning template design.
  • For example, suppose you have a main profile for Digital Marketing Services and have pages for Content Writing Services and Search Engine Optimization Services. In that case, you can choose unique template designs for each.
[+] Link Policing Made Available:
  • You will be able to secure some links which will open with secret codes.
  • If you have some offers running, your users will be able to open the links for them using the sent code via email. In addition, it will be possible for you to generate the code in the backend and share it via email or other modes with users.
  • Accessibility, like the number of times a code can be used, can also be controlled. Features like age-appropriate content and sensitive content are also enabled.
[+] Ability To Save As Template:
  • It will be possible for you to create any template from scratch or simply modify one that you have earlier saved as a template for future use.
  • This way, you can always come back to modify your saved template and complete it at your own comfort.
[+] Ability To Clone A Page:
  • It will be possible to you to easily clone a page. Then, using the same, you will be able to use it for any other purpose or simply another client.
[+] Ability To Track Your Performance Reports With Advanced Analytics:
  • It will be possible for you to use advanced analytics elements to track the performance of your campaigns, giving you deep insights.
  • You will be able to know the most clicked, total revenue earned, and even choose the duration of each parameter from 1 week to 14 days to 3 months to 1 year o custom dates.
[+] Google, Facebook, Instagram, And TikTok Pixels And Other Social Pixels:
  • Now it is super easy to retarget visitors coming to your Bio profiles by adding retargeting codes in the backend. You can run ads Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or any other pixels to these profile visitors and eventually turn them into customers even if they do not sign up or buy when they first visit your page. A powerful feature available only to pro customers.


OTO#2: Linkable Unlimited ($97 Per Year)


=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

Go Limitless With Linkable Unlimited Pack! Create Unlimited Micro Sales Funnel Directories For Everything You Do Within Minutes & Skyrocket Profits By 10X……
Once you go for this upgrade, you will have the…
  • Ability To Add Unlimited Links On Each Landing Pages.
  • Ability To Add Unlimited Video, Lead Gen & Other Sales Driven Blocks.
  • Ability To Collect Unlimited Commercial Payments Without Charges.
  • Ability To Remove Tool Branding.
  • And so many power-packed features.


OTO#3: Linkable Template Club ($77 Onetime Payment)


=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

Customize Your Order With Linkable Template Club And Start Accessing Super Incredible Profits!
[+] 200 High-Converting Templates:
  • You will be able to access 200 high-converting category or niche-based Bio or Mini Web templates. These templates are designed by top experts – which means they will work for you no matter what niche you are from. You can easily use these templates for niches, like Writers, Politicians, Artists, Musicians, Influencers, Gamers, Models, eCom, Agencies, Health, and more.
[+] Ability To Access 20 Animated Templates:
  • If your templates are able to entice your users, it means half the work is already done. It is where accessing 20 animated templates can help you to grab the attention of your users. Once they do that, engagements, leads and sales will follow.
[+] Ability To Access 20 Additional Themes:
  • Along with 200 templates and 20 animated ones, you will also be able to access 20 extra themes that you can use for any of your campaigns across niches.
[+] Custom Template Request Option Upto 3 Templates:
  • It will also be possible for you to request the customization of up to 3 templates as per your preferences. On the basis of your requirements, templates will be designed and delivered.
[+] Template Club Membership:
  • Being a member of the Template Club means you will be able to get your hands on 10 magnificent templates every month. So in 12 months, you will get 120 templates.
[+] Template Marketplace To Create And Sell Templates:
  • You will easily create and sell templates under this and charge any amount to pocket 100% of every sale. This way, you can even start your own 6-figure template service at no extra cost.
  • Plus, For A Very Limited Time, You Also Have Special Access To An Exclusive Template Club Creation Training Suite.


OTO#4: Linkable Business Upgrade ($97 Onetime Payment)


=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

A Super-Saver 2-In-1 Pack That Lets You… Access DFY Agency Pack To Kick-Off Your 6-Figure Micro Sales Funnel Directory Biz Without Any Investment! And Even… Resell The Hottest Product Of 2022 To Start Enjoying Insane Income Without Tech Skills!
  • Ability To Add Unlimited Team Members.
  • Ability To Add Unlimited Client Accounts.
  • Ability To Custom Logo Branding For Clients.
  • Ability To Offer Separate Client Login.
  • Ability To Manage Client Accounts.
  • Your Clients Can Submit MSFDs For Review.
  • Ability To Access Client Comments And Notifications.
  • Ability To Track Your Client’s Approvals.
  • Access ‘Ready To Profit’ Agency Setup Module.


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Linkable Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Click Designs?

You don’t have to keep paying agencies and freelance marketers to optimize your social media pages and profiles and market your brand as Linkable has everything you need.

The main standout point about Linkable is that it allows you to add different links to one social platforms so as to boost your engagement.

In addition, you can create amazing profiles and pages for each profile without prior technical skills.

Also, Linkable offers DFY templates such as mini-web templates to choose from. Don’t fail to leverage the traffic on social media platforms.

Get Linkable today!


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Thanks a lot For Reading My Linkable Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 😊

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