Lead Monster Review & Bonuses – How To Increase Lead Conversions By 600%?!

In case you are looking for a complete  Lead Monster review and  best bonuses, keep reading as I wrote a full  review of Lead Monster software to know everything about it, Its features, OTO’S and how it will enable you to easily and quickly Create Delayed Pops, Timed Pops, Scroll Pops, Entry Pops and Exit Pops.

Lead Monster Review

Lead Monster Overview:

Authors: Karthik Ramani, Chad Nicely
Release Date: Tuesday, March 24th 2015
Market: Software
Bonuses: See My Exclusive $3845 Bonuses
Skill Level Needed: Beginners and Advanced
Website: http://leadmonster.io/
Recommended: Yes

Who created Lead Monster?

Chad Nicely Karthik Ramani

Lead Monster software is the ingenious work of Chad Nicely and Karthik Ramani. They believe so highly in their product that they sign their name to it, and they sign their name to the advertisements for it.

The Main Idea Behind Lead Monster Tool

The main idea behind Lead Monster is to get the visitors at a particular website to choose to stay on the website instead of leaving. Lead Monster software has been designed to allow the visitor to find the things on a web site that they are most interested in so the visitors buy more from the site.

What Is Lead Monster?

Lead Monster is complete package software that helps you to establish pop up advertisements such as exit pops, entry pops, scroll pops, and delayed pops, on your websites easily. You will not need any scripts or difficult to deal with codes to create the website pages that will help you to create new leads, and follow up on those leads.

The basic features of Lead Monster include:

  • Entrance pop up that will happen whenever a visitor comes to your website. You control when the entrance pop occurs. It can happen as soon as the person reaches the website or it can be delayed until they have been on the pages for a few moments.
  • Exit pops for when a visitor is leaving a website page. You can choose from the typical style of exit pops, and you can also get huge versions that are not going to fail to get attention.
  • Mouse movement pop ups can be established so when the visitor moves their mouse your pop up will occur.
  • Timed pop ups will allow you to establish intervals for when your advertisement will pop up for the visitor. You are in control and can make the most out of your site and the content of your site using the timed pop up version.
  • Direct Linking Splashes that allow you to offer a discount, or some other incentive to people who are about to leave your website. The visitor will be compelled to wait before leaving the page and read the offer that is being proposed to them. When they click on the button to receive the offer, or to learn more about the offer, they you will have the lead you need to turn them from a visitor into a customer.
  • High converting video splashes allows you to deliver your message using a video instead of just a pop up box filled with written information. Many people respond more favorably to video images than they do to plain text.
  • Scroll down pop ups that sense when a person is scrolling and they pop up to give the visitor something new to see.

How does Lead Monster Software Work?


Lead Monster Software works by giving people the opportunity to strategically have their advertisements seen by the visitors.

When you choose the Lead Monster software you will be given access to hundreds of templates to use when you are designing your pop ups. These templates are tried and true versions of pop ups that have been tested and have been proven to work.

You then choose where you want to use the templates. You are in control of the timing of the pop ups and the size and structure of the pop ups.

The pop ups get the attention of the visitor, and you reap the benefits of more sales.

What you get when you choose Lead Monster software to manage your pop ups?

  • With the Lead Monster software you get manageable pop ups that do not require you to have any former knowledge of coding in order to install it. The software has a simple intuitive design that is attractive and easy to understand.
  • You get a software application that will work on wordpress HTML, and all other page building applications. So you will not need to download any other applications in order to start using your new pop up installing software.
  • You will get the analysis that you need concerning your visitors so you can adjust your content, or your pop ups accordingly. You need to know what visitors do when they are at your website, and what things they gravitate to while they are there.

3 Service Options to Choose from

Lead Monster software is not a one size fits all software. It has been customized into three packages so everyone can get the product they want and need without having to purchase more than they need.

The starter software is for a single site license. This version includes:

  • Your choice of five campaigns
  • Custom drag and drop builder tool
  • Geo targeting and A?B split testing so yo can determine what pop ups will work best for you
  • Two step opt-ins so your visitors can make choices that show you exactly what pop ups they need to be shown.
  • Timed pop ups that allow you to play the right pop up at precisely the right moment to attract the visitor into becoming a buyer.
  • Innovative niche options that allow you to discover what the visitor wants to see, what they like the most, and thus provide you with enough information to target them with the right pop up at the right time.
  • More than one hundred templates to use while creating the pop ups for your pages.
  • The software is mobile responsive.

The professional version is a multi-site license that can be used on three domains.

  • With the multi-site version of the software you get to have twenty campaigns instead of five. You will receive multilingual support to help you establish your pop ups and reach the visitors in their own language. It will include thirty five animation effects to help keep the pop ups interesting, and it will be compatible with any auto responder. It will also have all of the other features that the beginner version has.

The enterprise package allows for usage on unlimited sites.

  • This version of the Lead Monster software is the best deal of the three versions. You get everything that was offered with the beginner and the professional. It will allow you to use the tool on an unlimited number of domains, and you will get an unlimited number of campaigns. You simply will not be restricted with this version of the software. If your business grows, or you develop other websites you will not need to buy any other software to create the pop ups you need to get the visitors to turn into customers.

3 Steps until your software is working for you on your webpages

  • To begin you enter the name of the campaign you are launching. Choose a template from the vast array provided to create your pop up and then hit the save button. That is all you need to do to create a pop up campaign.
  • Then you will want to edit the pop up templates so they are perfect for your website. You select the pop up you like, and then you choose the light box you want to change and press click to edit. You can change the text on the template, change the background color to something you like better, or you can change the buttons in the template so your pop up will be custom designed to work with your web pages. You can even add in some animated effects to make the pop up more eye catching for the visitor.
  • The last thing that you will do is save the campaign you have designed, and publish the campaign. You push a simple button and the campaign you have created, with all of the changes you have made, will be saved for future reference. You will then access the generated script and place the light box you have created on your site.
  • It does not get any easier than that.

Who benefits the most from using Lead Monster?

  • Lead Monster reviews from many different types of Lead Monster software owners show us that anyone that has a website that has any goods, or services will benefit from having this software. It is the ultimate in pop up advertising.
  • If you are going to invest in any type of online advertising for your business then you should make Lead Monster software your first advertising choice. You will be able to establish pop ups on your website that help direct visitors to parts of the website that they want to see.You will lose less visitors because their interest will be constantly piqued by the pop ups, and because they will be able to do what they want to do. Lead Monster is the money making form of advertising that you have been waiting on.
  • If you have a blog site that you want more visitors to come and enjoy then Lead Monster software can help you to get the people to travel to your pages, and them keep the people on the pages long enough to get your point across to them.
  • This software works for anyone with an online presence. If you have web pages on a web site then this will be a useful tool.

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