Konvertio Review And Bonus – Get As Many Subscribers To Your Sites as Possible

Simply put, Konvertio is a WordPress plugin. They say it is an incredibly “powerful” plugin; one so powerful that the number of subscribers and in turn the revenues you will get from your WordPress site will be greatly and positively affected. It already sounds like the perfect WordPress tool, does it not?

With this, you need not worry anymore about those very annoying and certainly not attractive pop-ups of old. No one likes to see them on any webpage. It hence makes sense to get rid of them completely and just get down to business already. This WordPress plugin helps you do that.

Konvertio review

Konvertio Overview

As mentioned above, Konvertio is the WordPress plugin that will ensure you get as many subscribers to your site as possible, which means you will make a good living out of said website.

There is a need to go with the times, regardless of where you go and what you do. That is the basis of life—evolution. This applies to whatever business you run and whatever source of income you have. You have to evolve in order to stay relevant. That is but one good reason why investing in this WordPress plugin is a good idea.

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If you take a look at the websites of some of the bigger corporations in the world, you will notice that things like pop-ups do not exist. First of all, if we are being frank, this is because these companies do not have a need for the money that would come from these pop-ups; it is trivial in their eyes. Secondly, and most importantly, they do not have these pop-ups because they are the most annoying things on the internet. No one likes them and a site without them becomes instantly more attractive than a site with them.

This is one very good reason to get Konvertio for your WordPress site.

Konvertio Features

  1. It is very easy to use with its drag and drop feature. You can edit simply by dragging and dropping. You could also create rows and columns and manipulate them as you see fit.
  2. With this plugin, you can embed your screen as you wish on any website you wish to embed it on.
  3. You get an engagement meter with the plugin.
  4. Konvertio also comes with “Smart CTA Technology”, which allows you to make funnels and maximize your conversions and hence your revenue.
  5. It allows you to “split test” a number of screens and hence take full advantage of your conversion and hence your sales.
  6. You will know when a user of your website wishes to exit thanks to what they call “exit intent technology”.
  7. You can also create a simple opt-in form with a simple “click to release” system.
  8. The plugin will make your website responsive to any screen size (and hence any mobile device).
  9. There are numerous layout presets you can choose from the editor when you get started. After choosing the one you like, you only have to customize it and you are done.
  10. The plugin also comes with a number of templates that are amazing and readily available for use.


Konvertio is an amazing plugin that will make your WordPress website much better than it was before. It is definitely worth taking a look at.

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