KeywordXP Review & Bonuses – Find Long Tail Keywords to Rank your Site Fast

If you are searching for a honest KeywordXP Review, you have come to the right place. I made full Review of KeywordXP app to get Full Picture of it, it’s features and it’s creator Paul Clifford.

KeywordXP Review

KeywordXP  Overview:

Creator         : Paul Clifford
Date Of Launch: 2014-10-07
Niche             : Search Engine Optimization
Price              : $37/$47
Refund          : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support        : Fast Response.
Official site:
Bonuses      : Yes, Special Bonuses worth $1430.
Recommended      : Yes

First, who is the Creator of KeywordXP?


Paul Clifford is the man behind KeywordXP.

He is a full time Entrepreneur who has been working in internet marketing industry since 2009.

He succeeded to build his online business from creating successful internet marketing software. He launched 16 multi-seven figures products and KeywordXP is his newest one.

What Is  KeywordXP ?

KeywordXP is an app that  will enable you to find the easy to rank long tail keywords which internet users are actually searching for.

What Are KeywordXP  Features?

Check Competition
  • You will know the competition of every keyword.
  • It will show you how many times that keyword is used in all URLS and in A Titles.
The Trends Feature
  • It will enable you to know the Google trends graph for any keywords you choose so that you can know if your targeted keyword is still on demand or not.
Market Intelligence Discovery tab
  • With this feature, you will be able to discover the new products that are not launched yet and which has low competition.
  • It will enable you to discover new strategies to get high quality Backlinks.
Related Questions Feature
  • This feature contains the question categories for every keyword.
  • It will build exact responses “suggested titles” to people questions and searches in Google by expanding the long tail keywords you find into their question form and get high amount of suggested article titles that you can use to get high amount of highly targeted traffic to your site.
Title suggestions editor
  • This feature will enable you to create proven, unique and high converting titles for your blog posts that will lead to increasing the conversion rate of your site traffic and the engagement of your visitors.
Domain Check
  • Check the availability for all high search volume long tail keyword phrases.
Brand Domain Checker
  • This feature will enable you to find a catchy domain name to build your site around from the keyword you find by adding it to nouns and adjectives.
  • You can hide domains that are taken so that you will not waste time choosing one that are taken, create customized domain names by adding words at the beginning or the end of your chosen keyword and you will be able to decide if you want to include hyphens in your chosen domain name or not.
Region Specific
  • Many of the suggested domain names may be specific to a geographic location that will give you an advantage to use these keywords for local marketing.
  • You can choose from searching in your local language or in different languages.
6 Different Data Sources
  • You will be able to increase your keyword research by searching throughout YouTube, Ask, eBay, Bing, Amazon and Google.
  • KeywordXP  runs on both Windows and Mac.
  • It will enable you to get exact match search volumes for any keyword you want.
  • Create high converting headlines that will increase the conversions rate of clicks.
  • Research popular and most profitable niches with high search volume.

What Are KeywordXP Bonuses?

Bonus #1: LinkJuiceForce (Value $99)

Bonus #2: Penalty Recovery Method (Value $99)

Bonus #3: Press Release Power (Value $99)

Bonus #4: Content Marketing (Value $99)

Bonus #5: My Very Special Bonuses (Value $1034)

You Will Find them all below.

KeywordXP Review conclusion:

In the end, why I highly recommend you to get your copy of KeywordXP ?

If you want to find easy to rank long tail keywords that you can build your site around, KeywordXP will be your best choice because it will show you how to find long tail keywords from different Data Sources that users are actually searching for ,it will enable you to customize the name of your domain and you can find the best keywords to target for local marketing as well.

KeywordXP Bonus

Bonus Package # 2

  JohnnReviews Special $1034 Bonus Offer 

Insane Traffic Conversion Bonus

Insane Traffic

How To Claim My Bonuses ?

1- Clear Your cookies in your Web Browser
2- Download Your Copy of KeywordXP Through This Link
3- After completing your order , send [the receipt id] in message to my FB Account at:
4- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.


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