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 In case you are looking for a detailed Kartra Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Kartra Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Kartra OTO details and how this Revolutionary new platform Will give you all tools you will need to Build your emails, sales funnels, checkouts, opt-in forms, pages and more…..


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Kartra Review

Kartra Overview:

Date Of Launch: 2018-04-17
Time Of Launch: 09:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of Kartra?

Andy Jenkins, RON MARCUS, DONNA FOX & MIKE FILSAIME are well known names in the field of online marketing who have Developed many successful marketing tools such as WEBINARJAM, EVERWEBINAR and many more successful digital product launches..

What Is Kartra?

Kartra, which was developed by Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime, is an eMarketing platform.

It’s owners claim that it is a game changer thanks to its unique combination of eCommerce and essential marketing tools all combined into one software for the purpose of centralizing your business operation.

The development of Kartra software can be retraced to the need for the creators to come up with their eMarketing solution that will help their online business.

Luckily, after creating it, these individuals saw it wise to make it available to everyone so that it can benefit all online business owners who may be interested.

To ascertain on how practical and effective Kartra is, the owners implemented it and began using it in their own online businesses while still in its test phase. Instead of having other people test it, they opted to bite the bullet and face the challenges with their established business.

They then continued adding essential features in the areas they saw gaps, to make it better.

It is now one of the most comprehensive software services any online business can use at the moment……

Kartra blends several online marketing programs, and it is important to understand its features for you to judge this software and decide if it is good for your online business or not.

Remember that Kartra is not a shopping cart system, but a software that entails business management platform, web hosting, email marketing, and list building, all of which are important functions for marketers.

It coordinates all these functions in a goal-oriented manner, which is one thing that makes it stand out from many online platforms.

It ensures seamless connection of all these functions. For a business to grow, it is important to have a smooth connection between different functions.

This powerful new software will help you run your entire online business and grow it fast. It connects all the important aspects of your venture such as email marketing, customer relation, list building, etc., while keeping you informed on the performance status of your business.

With Kartra, you will not need to worry about how to use it to solve various business processes as there is a lot of information and videos on Kartra’s official website to guide you on how to use this software for your business. The information is well-organized and presented for better understanding.

In terms of price, if you look at some of the plans offered by this software, you will see that you will be getting good value for your money.

Very few platforms can offer all the functions provided by Kartra, integrated into one software and at the price Kartra goes for. For me, Kartra is really an amazing bargain at its current price.

To run an online business, you need to be proactive and have a real-time analytic tool that will help you monitor and analyze progress as well as make changes to the areas that are not performing to the expected standards.

And with Kartra, you will have detailed analytics that will give you a complete view of how your online businesses are performing.

Besides, Kar tra offers you amazing templates that you can use to create your marketing pages. This saves you from starting from scratch or using internet templates that are basic.

You will find gorgeous templates that will help you create professional pages for your online business.

Kartra is also perfect for handling monetary transactions.

You can use it to create free trials, set up payment plans and allow people to pay for your services and products while allowing for lop-sided billing.

==> See The Power Of Kartra (Kartra Review Video)<==


Kartra boasts of many impressive features that makes it stand out from most of the software services online.

Here are the key features of this software;

[+] It Has Mailing List Management Tool:

  • The mailing list is the spine of any online business since it is through it that business communicates with their clients, members, and prospects.
  • Most of the platforms for managing mail list and email marketing support allows for broadcasting information, newsletter and offers to mail lists. If you want to join email marketing industry, there are the popular platforms that many people recommend.
  • However, with Kartra you get mailing list management with automation and beautiful templates as well as analytics that are simple to use.
  • You can use this tool to create full-blown or individual blasts drop campaigns, autoresponder, and more, with lots of gorgeous templates for you to use.

[+] It Has a Customer Relationship Management Tool:

  • Most of the customer relationship management platforms help you maintain contact with prospects and customers and allows you to track all points of engagement.
  • However, with Kar tra, you can track all your interactions with a person, including what emails they received, whether they opened them all or not, what offers they clicked on, what videos they viewed, and what they purchased. You can view all these in one integrated system.

[+] It Offers a Range of Pre-Built Sales Funnels

  • If you have ever bought something online, the chances are that you were taken through a sales funnel. You saw an intriguing product, entered your contact details to find out more, watched a couple of videos about it, and then signed up. There are many renowned sales funnel.
  • With Kartra, you get a wide range of sales funnels that are prebuilt for you by the best marketers and copywriters in the business. You will only need to choose the type of sales funnel to use, the template to accompany it, and customize your text, upsells, offers, and sales bumps.
  • The funnels are also preconfigured to help you manage all the related tracking and automation. For instance, people who buy a service or a product from you will be sent a message thanking them for choosing your business. There can also be follow up messages to know if the product was helpful to them.

[+] There Is a Great Selection of Templates and Design Tools for Building Landing Pages:

  • A landing page is a dedicated page meant to encourage people to take a specified action such as signing up for an email newsletter or joining a sales funnel for an offering they are interested in.
  • Kartra offers a wide range of templates and design tools to help build gorgeous and highly effective landing pages that can be integrated into your site or hosted by Kar tra.
  • Among the main marketing strategy is the use of press releases, content marketing, social media posts, newsletter, email marketing, and other direct response strategies to direct people to your landing pages.
  • You can use Kartra’s templates to create high-converting, stunning marketing assets such as marketing pages, squeeze pages, opt-in forms, membership pages, and much more. You will love how easy it is to build professional looking and highly effective landing pages with high conversion rates.
  • For people who are launching online businesses, you can tweak these funnel templates to come up with a unique landing page. Even the accomplished marketers will greatly benefit from this feature.

[+] There Are Membership Sites Services:

  • A membership site is a protected area where members get access to videos, texts, and other resources included in the information product. They must log in using the username and password they used when purchasing the information product offered.
  • Kartra will help you host your membership sites. The creators are continually expanding their coverage to many people that can host membership sites using Kar tra.
  • They are reaching out to teachers, trainers, coaches, and authors to create information products out of their areas of experience and expertise.
  • You can set up complete membership portals with different membership tiers or levels of subscription to keep your customers engaged.

[+] Full Help Desk System With Live Chat:

  • Most products require a working support system from time to time, and Kar tra offers a Help Desk system where your customers can access Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) PAGE, and access customer service easily.
  • Give your customers a simple and fast way to reach you through phone, chat, full ticketing system, and Skype, all within Kartra

[+] Built-In Video Hosting:

  • Video platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube offer amazing services, with each platform having its unique strengths and limitations.
  • Kartra provides video hosting services that tightly integrates into Kar tra sales funnels, landing pages, membership sites, and content pages.You can also embed your videos in any external sites or your Kartra web pages, with video CTA options and multiple player.

[+] It Enables You to Integrate Your Business with a Wide Range of Service:

  • As an online business, you are likely to subscribe to several online services and payment methods. Kartra helps to integrate services such as Kar tra Mail, PayPal, Braintree, AMember, Stripe, Autorize, DigitalAccess Pass, @mailgun, Plivo, postmark, SendGrind, WishList, trillio, optimizepress, and s2Member.

[+] Intelligent Split Testing:

  • This is another important feature you will find in Kartra. It is a software that will help you optimize your email campaigns and marketing pages with intelligent split A/B testing.
  • This automatically directs new prospects to your best-converting products after a couple of trials that you stipulate, with full reporting. Very few software services have made this simple as Kar tra.

[+] Detailed Analytics:

  • Kartra gives you a full view of your prospects as they navigate along your funnels. These moves are all displayed at a glance in the dashboard. You can view campaign stats and detailed history of all the leads. All this information is updated in real time.

[+] It Allows Email Integration:

  • You can add your customers to an email marketing service for future follow-up. Kar tra allows you to connect your email marketing service to it so that you can have an easier time adding customers and prospects to your list.

[+] There Are Also Flexible Shopping Carts:

  • With Kartra, you can manage lump sum or installment payments, coupons, downsell, upsell, and subscription as well as full affiliate support, all with amazing checkout pages.
  • You can receive your payments from renowned online services such PayPal, Braintree, and Easy Pay Direct.

[+] Sales-Driving Automation Sequences:

  • You can launch rich marketing automation sequences with the drag-and-drop tool provided to trigger hyper-relevant communications to your customers and leads, based on the action they take. You can also automatically guide your leads through your sales funnel.

[+] Complete Affiliate Management:

  • Kartra allows you to easily manage accounts, marketing, and payouts as well as enabling you to track multiple actions and get complete reporting all in real time.
  • There is so much more to Kar tra. Besides, new features are continually being added to improve this software in every way.

Here Is an Overview of What You Can Do With Kartra:

Kartra is a blend of multiple online market functions, and it is prudent to understand how these features work and what you can do with it.

Once you purchase Kartra software, the first page you will come across once you log in is the dashboard.

It showcases some of the important function of Kar tra and gives you an excellent place where you can navigate through other sections of this software.

On your top right corner, there is a silhouette icon, and you can click on it to change your profile, something that you should first do to set the pace for your software usage.

From the dashboard, you can access several features placed on the left-hand side. You don’t necessarily need to set all the features all at once since some may take time and call for careful considerations.

From the list of features, here are some vital things that you can do with Kartra to reap the full benefits of this software.

[+] You Can Create a Product:

  • With Kar tra you can add a new product to your existing products. You can also keep tabs on your analytics and sales while giving you an option of adding affiliates to help in selling your products.
  • It also allows you to select the affiliates to promote, the products to promote, and will also give you a statement of how much revenue each product generates.
  • This software is connected to the Kartra marketplace where one can choose to promote their products rather than scouring the internet searching for affiliates services and products.
Kartra Features
[+] You Can Set Up Email Campaigns:
  • You will see My Campaigns feature which you can use to set up email lists, tags for individuals on your email list, and email campaigns. The tags allow one to program your campaigns making them easier to control and manage.

[+] You Can Also Integrate Your Lead List into a Database:

  • On the Kartra dashboard, you will see a feature titled My Forms. This allows you to integrate your lead into a list. You are required to notify Kar tra on what tasks it needs to execute, and it will categorize leads to lists, and tag them amongst other things.

[+] Creating a Fully Working Page:

  • This function is made possible by My Pages feature which allows you to build a fully working page. You don’t need to build pages using other software when you have Kar tra for your business. This also allows you to come up with lead generation pages to help hold your multimedia content.

[+] You Can Become a Marketer:

  • Aside from finding affiliates to help market and promote your products, you can become a marketer and sell the products created by other Kartra users and earn some commission from the sales you make.
  • Using My Affiliate Promotions feature, you can browse through several products that you are interested in and apply to become an affiliate marketer.
  • After some time, you can track all the products you are marketing to see which ones are generating the most revenue so that you can focus on them the most.
Kartra Platform

You Can Offer Responses to Customers through My Helpdesks:
  • Kartra allows your customers and buyers to reach out to you in case they experience any trouble with your products or platforms.
  • This feature allows you to come up with several helpdesks that you can use to respond to tickets.
  • It also allows you to come up with calls, chats, and respond to common problems conveniently.
  • Aside from that, you can create a Frequently Asked Question page where your customers can browse through first and check out solutions to common problems facing your platform or product before opting to file a ticket.

[+] One Can Also Create Flexible Videos Using My Video Feature:

  • Kartra offers a unique in-house video hosting ability that allows you to come up with flexible videos that have customized features for watchers. You can add the videos you have created for your membership portals.

[+] You Can Also Create Customized Websites:

  • With Kar tra, you can create customized websites that have varying membership levels and content for each of these tiers.
  • You can also talk to the users through comments as well as come up with a unique helpdesk for your members.

[+] You Can Review All the Above Features through the Complete Analytics Feature:

  • For a detailed review of all the features of Kar tra, you can always use comprehensive analytics in each section and see the pages that are being viewed more often and those that are lagging behind.
  • There are a lot you can do with Kartra software and what I have only mentioned are the main things you can do with it.
Kartra Reviews

Kartra Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Kartra & The creator’s others tools:

I’ve used more products and been on more people’s lists over the years than I care to think about and I’ve never met a software more useful and support team more helpful than the Kartra team. I don’t know them personally but do think they deserve credit for what they’ve created here. Takes me a lot to become a raving fan of anything but in the two weeks since I started using Kartra I’ve 1) canceled about $150 per month of other services I was using and 2) brought in enough revenue to pay for the service for a year in a ‘test’ campaign. So to counter some of the pressure the support team must be under I just wanted to say a huge thanks! You guys are awesome!
Dave McKeown
Hey, this is just a quick post to say “thank you” to the developer of Kartra. I was exactly searching for a system like that. It is such a pleasure to dive deeper into the system day by day. Kind regards
Dennis Kraus


I just upgraded to the Bronze level and thought I’d do a quick price compare here:

Here’s what Kartra CAN replace:
1. LeadPages Standard Plan: $25/month
2. ActiveCampaign (or other CRM at 2500 leads): $29/month
3. SamCart: $99/month
4. Membership Plugin (I was using AccessAlly): $79/month
5. Video Hosting (I’m using Vimeo): $20/month
6. HelpDesk like Zendesk: $5/month
7. iDevAffiliate: $39/month
8. Optin forms/popups like Sumo Pro: $29/month
9. Deadline Funnel: $37/month
That’s about $362/month vs. $89/month. So, the Silver Plan at $199 is an awesome deal as everything is unlimited.
Personally, I use Thrive Themes, so I only pay $20/month for all of their plugins and I have the ThriveCart lifetime license, and I don’t use a helpdesk or affiliate software, so my overall monthly fees were a bit lower. But I will be using a helpdesk now that I have one and just set up my affiliate program too using Kartra.
Niya Nassib

Emailing, membership, affiliates, ecommerce, trials, subscriptions, follow up sequences, it has it under each package. Bravo
Oh and they threw in a support center with click to chat damn it! What the hell I already canceled one service today over it
Joel Otterstrom

What I love about Kartra is the done for you campaigns that implement some of Frank Kern’s best campaigns. As one of Frank’s customers, I have videos explaining them and the actual campaigns in workbooks. It is still quite time-consuming to implement and test them. I bought Kartra just for that. And, Andy Jenkins means what he says and does what he promises. I am a founding customer of Kajabi. They continually improve it to move more toward the done for you. I do not plan to cancel them as we use their assessment tools. We find them great for courses. Good support. But if I had to choose one right now, it would have to be Kartra.
Pamela Cralle Davis

I’ve used both Kajabi (old and new) and Click Funnels, and here’s the thing. Every time you switch platforms, you’re gonna gain some functionality and you’re gonna lose some. Just the way it is But the beauty of Kartra is having everything under one roof which eliminates the need for clunky duct-taping and unreliable analytics. IF having everything under one roof and having one dashboard is something you’re after, then Kar tra is a good move, and leaps and bounds ahead of CF and Kajabi
Niya Nassib


Just created my first checkout page in Kartra for my upcoming product release – mind-blown! It literally took me just 3 hours to set up the product, pricing, and the whole checkout process!
Kiddos helped me test it (which made it more fun) and it works PERFECT from the first time! (I never knew I would come across a tool that is so simple to use, bug free, and works from the very first time!
And guess what? Not only that, but already made my first sale (even though it’s not officially LIVE yet)
Katie Lendel

If you are thinking about launching your own virtual summit, Kartra is amazing platform to host everything. I launched my first virtual summit in early March and initially thought I would have to use Clickfunnels, email, etc, but I was able to host over 37 Speakers, advertising pages, affiliate programs and email broadcast in ONE PLACE. I can not wait to apply all the amazing new features that were not available back in early February when I started using Kar tra. I respect and LOVE Genesis Digital so much because they are a company that cares about their end users! Keep up the good work. kartra is the truth
Gigi Biggins


Man, I love Kartra, I have canceled so many services. All under one roof. The wait was well worth it. Here is our first buildout with Kar tra. BTW, did all of this in one day! Using the Custom Domain feature.
Stuart Hoover

officially cancelling all my other business tools subscription today to make way for kartra. it’s such a liberating feeling. Thank you Kartra.
Ajoke Emekene

Kartra = Jumping out of bed every morning excited to work on my business! 😀
Amanda van der Gulik
officially cancelling all my other business tools subscription today to make way for kartra. it’s such a liberating feeling. Thank you Kartra.
Ajoke Emekene
Need proof that God exists and loves you? Kartra is it! haha Seriously saving me over $2k/month. Excited to dive in and start playing! Thanks team!
Jeff Long
The Customer support folks at Kartra ROCK! Joseph saved me HOURS of work today!
Paul Dunn

“After being stuck for two years trying to use other platforms, I had a sales page built within 72 hours of joining and had my membership site launched 7 days later. Kartra simplified it all under “one roof” and finally helped make my dream a REALITY!!””
Laura Marie Host

Kartra Pricing Plans:

[+] Starter Plan: $99/Month ($79/month If You Choose The Annually Plan)

[+] Silver Plan: $199/Month ($149/month If You Choose The Annually Plan)

[+] Gold Plan: $299/Month ($229/month If You Choose The Annually Plan)

[+] Platinum Plan: $499/Month ($379/month If You Choose The Annually Plan)

Kartra OTO OR Upsells:

There Are No OTO’S

Kartra Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Kartra?

Kartra redefines the archetype for running your online business.

Say goodbye to having to research, experiment, and configure with a wide range of platforms in many categories, while incurring a lot of expenses testing each one of them.

You will have a lot of different features that will enable you to do a lot for your customers. For instance, at My Products, you can add products, track your sales, add coupons, and see complete analytics of how your products are performing.

You can also add affiliates to promote your products. You also get to choose the products to promote, and what they earn per sale.

When it comes to choosing affiliates, you will not have to go searching far.

You can share your products on Kar tra marketplace for others to promote it for you.

Your product will be seen by the whole Kartra community to give you the first exposure.

Other sellers will also be listing their products as well, which means you can look for the products you wish to promote and earn extra cash.

Because there is no lead generating platform that would be complete without it, Kar tra has opt-in forms.

They are highly customizable, and you can embed them anywhere you choose.

By building them inside Kartra, you will have the flexibility to easily access and use them in multiple areas of the platform.

After you start gaining leads and customers, you will find My Campaign feature helpful.

You can use it to set up manual email broadcast as well as automated emails.

There are also amazing templates as well as drag-and-drop email builder that you can use to design gorgeous and action-provoking emails.

With Kar tra, you can also easily manage leads with tags and lists to finely segment your leads for specific campaigns.

Kartra’s lead management system allows you to track every lead finely.

On top of all these features, you can create web pages within Kar tra to engage customers and leads.

The Page Builder feature is easy to use and allows for the creation of creative pages.

You don’t need to hire a team of developers and designers and incur a lot of expenses generating your web pages.

You can use these web pages to host videos, form, and sales pages.

For all these impressive features, Kartra software offers you detailed analytics so you can see the pages that are being visited more often, how your affiliate sales are proceeding, which affiliates are making you more money, which emails have a high open rate, which pages are lagging behind, and much more.

There is a lot you can do with this powerful tool, and it is truly one of the best software services ever to grace the internet.

As an online business owner, Kartra is one of the software services you cannot afford to lack.



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