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InstaSuite 2.0 Review Plus Best InstaSuite 2.0 Bonus Offer


In case you are looking for a detailed InstaSuite 2.0 review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of InstaSuite 2.0 software to discover everything about it, It’s features, InstaSuite 2.0 OTO details and how This All-In-One Marketing Platform Will enable you to Configure full sales funnels with one-click upsells in seconds, Protect your content with just a few clicks of your mouse, Create content for your audience in a flash, Build your list, set up your automated email messages, and blast your subscribers & More.


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InstaSuite 2.0 Review

InstaSuite 2.0 Overview:

Creators: Neil Napier & Suzanna Theresia

Date Of Launch: 2017-04-05
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of InstaSuite 2.0?

Neil Napier and Suzanna Theresia are the men behind InstaSuite 2.0.

They are well known names in internet marketing industry who created a lot of successful software and training courses such as AdConnect, WP Contentio, WP Profit Triggers, Social X, Mobile X and others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind InstaSuite 2.0?

Let me tell you why 95% of online businesses fail, and how you can correct this mistake:

Did you know that MOST businesses have a crippling recurring cost of between $200 and $500 every month?

Ever Heard of “Decision Paralysis”?

It’s an unfortunate thing – but many businesses deal with multiple different software solutions to operate their business

Optimize press, Leadpages, Clickfunnels for landing pages.

DAP, Kajabi, Udemy for membership sites.

Freshdesk, Zendesk, even self-hosted for support desk.

WordPress for blogs.

Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp for list building and mailing,
and finally MULTIPLE different affiliate networks like JVzoo, Zaxaa, Clickbank and more.

While abundance is great – it leads to “Decision Paralysis”.

With so many technologies available to run daily business, 2 things happen:

  • It’s difficult to pick one solution over the other – which means YOU end up buying all of them (think about it, how many autoresponders do you have right now?)
  • Your entire business ends up being spread over MULTIPLE different platforms out there. So you, your team, and your customers need to “learn” all these different platforms.

That’s inconvenient, right?

And costly too?

Typical online businesses spend between $200 and $500 per month on all of these platforms combined.

Our goal is to change this, once and for all!

So What Should Your Business Really Look Like?

It’s actually quite simple!

Your business should be stress-free, easily integrated together so that you have EVERYTHING you need just a click away.

Your membership site should be able to talk to your sales page instantly. Your support desk should be one-click away from your membership site.

You should be able to quickly evaluate how your affiliates are doing and pay them!

Here comes InstaSuite 2.0…..

So, What Is InstaSuite 2.0?

InstaSuite 2.0 does All Of These (And More) For You Perfectly, In One Easy-To-Use Interface Which Is Unprecedented… Nothing else does this

=> Funnel Builder:

  • Configure full sales funnels with one-click upsells in seconds. No more confusion, no more need for costly and time-consuming development help.

=> Membership Builder:

  • Protect your content with just a few clicks of your mouse. InstaSuite 2.0’s membership builder is fully integrated and so simple to configure.

=> Blog Builder:

  • Don’t fuss with another blogging platform. Create content for your audience in a flash with InstaSuite’s included blog builder.

=> List Builder:

  • Build your list, set up your automated email messages, and blast your subscribers from right inside InstaSuite 2.0.

=> Affiliate System:

  • Build your own affiliate program. Track affiliate sales and commissions, including two-tier affiliate programs.

=> Support Desk:

  • Create a support desk in seconds and set up automated responses to common customer inquiries. Minimize refunds and have happy customers who keep buying your product thanks to this.

Everything You Need To Know About InstaSuite 2.0:

[+] Web-based service:

  • Log in from any device in the world to access InstaSuite 2.0. You don’t need a fancy computer, and you don’t need to download anything.

[+] Cloud hosting:

  • Hosting this fast and reliable costs a minimum of $70/month. Now yours is included in InstaSuite 2.0. (You can also link up your own hosting if you prefer).

[+] Full control:

  • Unlike other services that hold your assets hostage, InstaSuite 2.0 gives you full control. Host pages on your server, or our server, or export your pages to HTML or WordPress in 1 click.

[+] Stupidly simple:

  • InstaSuite 2.0 is made for people who hate all of the tech stuff in starting and growing an online business! That’s why our drag-and-drop interface is so easy and intuitive, a 9-year old or a 90-year old can use it.

[+] Mobile-optimized:

  • You can see accurate mobile previews for everything you create to ensure that all of your assets (pages, funnels, etc.) look perfect and will convert on both mobile and desktop.

[+] Unlimited pages:

  • No limit to the number of landing pages you can create with InstaSuite 2.0.

[+] Unlimited visitors:

  • Other services either shut down your service or charge you more when you need it most (which is when a lot of visitors are coming). You’ll never have to worry about that with InstaSuite 2.0. No limits and no lags even as thousands of people visit your site at once.

[+] Interactive onboarding:

  • The first time you log into InstaSuite 2.0, you’ll be shown exactly how to take advantage of everything it has to offer – click by click.

[+] 50+ converting templates:

  • For landing pages, opt0in pages, sales pages, and more. Just load up a template, change the text to match your offer, and you are done. You can also create pages from scratch, or use custom HTML, or create your own templates for future use.

[+] Social sharing:

  • Help generate free and viral traffic by adding these social sharing elements with ease.

[+] Conversion boosters:

  • The first time you log into InstaSuite 2.0, you’ll be shown exactly how to take advantage of everything it has to offer click by click.

[+] Smart GEO elements:

  • Capture your visitors’ attention while instantly building rapport using smart GEO elements. You can include the viewers’s specific time, date, country & city that they are viewing from for a proven conversion boost.

[+] One-click A/B split testing:

  • Split test different landing pages just by clicking your mouse.

[+] Hundreds of DFY graphics:

  • From call to action buttons, header images, icons, page separators and more.

[+] Easy FB pixel tracking:

  • Copy and paste your pixel code into InstaSuite 2.0, and everything is tracked for you.

[+] Unlimited membership tiers:

  • Create as many membership levels for your products as you want.

[+] Automated membership platform:

  • Instantly create member home page, member signup page, member login page, lost password page, and more.

[+] Premium membership features:

  • Full control, custom login messages, track all member activity, 100% product protection, and drip content.

[+] Integrates with everything:

  • Paypal, Clickbank, JVZoo, W+, Zaxaa, DigiResults, Aweber, GetResponse, iContact, MailChimp, and so many more.

[+] Premium email features:

  • Easy and fast import of lists with no confirmation needed, mail multiple lists at once, track open and click rates, send both autoresponder sequences and broadcast messages.

[+] Powerful SEO:

  • Fill out your site’s details in InstaSuite 2.0 and on-page SEO optimization will occur automatically.

[+] WordPress plugin included:

  • Load up your InstaSuite 2.0 assets into your WordPress site with one click.

[+] Multi-user included:

  • Create accounts with customizable limitations for your team members so that you don’t have to share your own account info.

[+] We support you all the way:

  • 24/7 support means that if you ever have a question or concern, an InstaSuite 2.0 expert will get back to you with dedicated help right away.

==>See The Power Of InstaSuite 2.0 (WP InstaSuite 2.0 Review Video)<==


How Does InstaSuite 2.0 Work?

==>InstaSuite 2.0 WalkThrough Video<==

Let Me Show You How Easy It Is To Build Your Business With InstaSuite 2.0:

Step #1: Building Your Funnels

You want to make money online, right?

have you ever tried to set up your own website, or sales funnel?

It can be a pain in the butt, right?

It can take weeks of your time, and be very stressful…

Be honest:
  • have you ever tried to setup a website or sales funnel, and been held back (or stopped completely) because of all the tech that you need to include?
  • OR have you managed to get funnels online, but it was either a huge hassle/expense.
  • or still missing out on profit-maximizers like one-click upsells and customer support desks?

Even though doing all of this stuff is a huge hassle for folks who are not computer programmers…We can’t ignore the need for websites, sales funnels, and all of the other necessities that make money..

The most important thing you need to make money online is a way for the money to get dropped into your bank account.

No Book Will Do That For You. No Training Video. What Will Do That For You?

  • Either tons of your own work, coding pages, configuring payment processing and funnels…
  • Which can cause frustration so severe the project either takes months to complete, or worse, never gets completed at all.
  • Or you’ll need tons of developer work, which is always expensive and slow.
  • Or you’ll need about 6 expensive “tools” that you have to force to work together, even though they’re not designed to, and still be missing out on money-making functionality…

Now do you…Realize That Your Page Builder Is Not Doing Enough For You?

Maybe you think that page builder you pay about $300 a year for is OK

Sure, you have to link it up with other tools

And you probably still dont have stuff like one-click upsell functionality, or an automated support desk
But maybe you think you have just enough to get new products online and make sales.
But I must warn you.

Step #2: Setting Up Your Membership Site

Back when we first started online, there were no membership sites – just open downloads. We lost a lot of revenue because of our pages being shared openly.

Then we started using WordPress sites + plugins! It was fun – but the problem was – every site would require a different plugin install. Imagine having 10 membership sites?

It can quickly become a pain.

Finally – we found a way to do it better…

The membership setup module of InstaSuite 2.0 makes it easy to:

  • Add unlimited pages and modules to each membership
  • Create up to 5 digital products
  • Host up to 1,000 members per product
  • Build drag-and-drop modules
  • Drip-feed content?
  • Create registration when someone signs up for free
  • and more.

Check Out These Cool Membership Site Templates:

InstaSuite 2.0 Bonus

Here’s What You Can Do With InstaSuite 2.0 Membership Sites:

  • Brand your membership site however you want!
  • Auto-generate password when someone signs up
  • Enable manual registration
  • Sell or give products away for free
  • Upsell onto other products
  • Send a confirmation email when someone signs up
  • Collect as many details as you need on the signup form
  • Setup multiple price levels (including free!)
  • Select landing pages right from WITHIN InstaSuite 2.0!
  • Register customers to your autoresponder list
  • Register customers to a webinar
  • Give customers access to additional products automatically
  • Apply tags (really useful when you are mailing in future)
  • Add unlimited content and pages
  • Manage members from a single dashboard
  • Add new members manually if you want
  • Create membership tags
  • Setup coupons and discounts

Step #3: Setting Up Your Shopping Cart

Alright – you have done your landing pages, and you have done the membership site.

What next?

Well – you need to start getting paid.

Setting up shopping carts usually involves:

  • Paying 5-10% to the “middle-man” network
  • Sharing your leads with the “middle-man” network
  • Having to create complex integrations for each network

So what if you could do it better?

Watch this video to see how easy it is to start collecting money with InstaSuite 2.0.

=> The best part?

You don’t need to be a coding whiz to setup buttons and integrations. It’s REALLY easy!

And as I mentioned – there’s no need to pay 5% or 10% fee to anyone.

You collect payments right WITHIN paypal if you want, and keep 100% of it (except Paypal fees of course, even we cannot stop that )

Step #4: Setting Up An Affiliate Network

This is where things get interesting!

Once you start making sales yourself, the BEST way to scale (other than paid traffic of course) is to recruit affiliates. These could be friends, colleagues or anyone – who has a tribe they would like to suggest your products and services to.

Now of course you can use the networks from Step 3, as some of them double up as payment platforms, but WHY do that?

Instead – you can use InstaSuite’s built in Affiliate Network to recruit and pay affiliates.

Watch how easy it is to recruit and manage affiliates with InstaSuite 2.0

Using InstaSuite 2.0, we leave affiliate payments up to you!
This way – you control everything!

Step #5: Setting Up Your Autoresponder

This is where the fun starts.

Let’s see – everyone says money is in the list, and they are right. But you have to invest a LOT of money to build a list and mail them. In fact – even before you make your first dollar – you have to spend between $9 to $99 per month to get an autoresponder.

I don’t know about you – but that’s expensive.

What if you could store UNLIMITED leads inside InstaSuite 2.0, and mail them as and when you want? With broadcasts and autoresponders?

Here’s What You Can Do With InstaSuite 2.0 List Builder:

  • Connect your own SMTPs – mail as much as you want!
  • Blacklist email addresses
  • Blacklist bad domains
  • Blacklist IP addresses
  • Allow unsubscribes to re-subscribe to the same list
  • Block “role based” email addresses from subscribing
  • Create unlimited lists
  • Upload or collect unlimited leads inside List Builder
  • Create forms for all lists to collect leads (making InstaSuite 2.0 list builder compatible with ALL optin form creators)
  • Send broadcasts
  • Send autoresponder series
  • Video detailed statistics
  • Create multiple email templates for future use
  • Personalize your email with 10+ different tags
  • These tags include: email, name, confirmation links, subscription links, membership site url, login url and more!

When we created InstaSuite 2.0 – one of the things we wanted to do was give you a simple and easy to use email broadcasting and autoresponder solution.

=>Just check out how InstaSuite 2.0 compares to competition<=

InstaSuite 2.0 OTO

Step #6: Setting Up Your Support Desk

Let me ask you this – what do you use for your support desk right now? Is it your address??

If so – you REALLY need to change it, and InstaSuite 2.0 helps you do just that without any extra cost.

Here’s the thing – if you are serious about online business (or working with clients), you cannot use public addresses. You need a DEDICATED support desk with in-build knowledge-base.

That’s what InstaSuite 2.0 allows you to use.

Check out this video to see this in-built support desk in action:

Step #7: Setting Up Your Blog

The secret to building a long term business is content.
We have built over 1,000 views a month with nothing but posting content twice a month!

InstaSuite 2.0 Discount

With InstaSuite 2.0 blog – you can do the same.

This way – you don’t need to pay for WordPress website themes or expensive plugins.

Instead – you can use in-built features of InstaSuite 2.0 to drive traffic to your sales pages.

Here’s What You Can Do With InstaSuite 2.0 Blog Builder:

  • Optimize for SEO Title, Keywords and Descriptions
  • Hide or show blog on search engine
  • Create header and footer menu
  • Collect comments with Facebook and Disqus
  • Create widgets on the right to collect leads, sell something or make money as an affiliate!
  • Select one of our 3 preset themes
  • Build and manage multiple menus
  • Publish posts immediately or schedule them
  • and more…

When you use anything other than InstaSuite 2.0,
You are DOUBLING both the time and expense involved with getting products for sale online.

And youre likely missing out on revenue-maximizing power (like one-click upsells, and support desk service for customers) for whatever products you do manage to get online

So even if you use other page builders, and the thought of switching stresses you out


NOT SWITCHING is actually the most stressful, and costly decision you can make.

Since InstaSuite 2.0 is so simple to use, transitioning to your new platform will be quick and painless.

And with the ability to get a complete funnel online within 25 minutes or less we guarantee that you will NOT miss whatever tools youre struggling to work with right now

So whether you have page builder software ready or not, the only wise choice for you today is get InstaSuite 2.0 for yourself and your business.

Now ask yourself this

If all you had to do to launch a new product from A-Z was log into one platform, click a few buttons, and drag a few boxes:

And if doing those simple tasks (which take about 25 minutes in total)
(Without asking a developer a single question without so much as even having to copy and paste html code)

yielded you a full on sales funnel, with affiliate tracking, customer support, and follow up e-mail marketing

Well, wouldnt you launch more products and make more money?


Thats why the development and release of InstaSuite 2.0 is one of the most exciting developments in online marketing, ever.

Because now you have it ALL.

No barriers that keep you from joining the elite.

You now have the same power to develop sales funnels that folks pay over $50,000.00 for. That number is NO JOKE!

Larger companies invest an insane amount of money in developing their websites and funnels.

And as soon as you get InstaSuite 2.0 today youre going to have that EXACT same power.

And when harnessed, that power is proven time and again to make a LOT of money.

Turning regular people, people who struggled to succeed, into multi-millionaires.

That’s what InstaSuite 2.0 is all about giving YOU that very same power, even if you dont know a single html code, even if you find sending e-mail confusing

InstaSuite 2.0 gives you the machine that’s capable of helping you make thousands of dollars online every month:

NO MATTER WHAT experience you have. The playing field is officially LEVELED.

Because… given the thousands of dollars all of these tools, superpowers, and services would cost you if you were to invest in them separate…

And given their proven power to help people make money online…

The 100% risk-free, low Grand Opening introductory price of InstaSuite 2.0 will shock you.

Right after this Grand Opening period ends, InstaSuite 2.0 will require a $197 monthly investment.

This comes out to $2,364.00 per year and that is still an absolute steal.

You saw everything InstaSuite 2.0 does. Less than $200 a month for all of that.
Thats why we know that even when the Grand Opening is over, InstaSuite 2.0 will still be the premium All-In-One choice for smart online marketers.

The InstaSuite 2.0 Family Has Been Supporting Online Business For Over 4 Years:

As the makers of revolutionary marketing software for years.
… we are known for giving online marketers and businesses the tools they need to find success, GROW that success rapidly, and REPEAT that success daily.

It’s sad that some folks in this industry are “fly by night,” offering solutions that marketers cannot trust.

But fortunately, you’re far, far away from that now.

When you access InstaSuite 2.0 today, you’re doing the best thing for your business.

Because you’re joining a family that is here to support you for the long haul.

We’ve proven this to thousands of customers for the past 4 years.

And we are SO EXCITED to prove that to you, too, when you join us today.

See What Other Customers Think About InstaSuite 2.0:

What Do Successful Marketers Think About InstaSuite 2.0:

Who is InstaSuite 2.0 Aimed At?

  • AFFILIATE Marketers
  • NETWORK Marketers
  • CPA Marketers
  • VIDEO Marketers
  • Amazon Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • FACEBOOK Marketers
  • Beginners
  • Bloggers
  • Product Reviewers
  • Online Marketers
  • Offline Marketers

InstaSuite 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: What is InstaSuite 2.0?

  • Answer: InstaSuite 2.0 is the world’s #1 All-in-one marketing platform designed for and by online marketers. It includes every tool you need to make reliable money online in one stupidly simple interface. The web-based platform includes the page builder, funnel builder, support desk builder, blog builder, email mailing service and so much more, all under one roof, all working seamlessly together.

Q2: Is it easy to use?

  • Answer: InstaSuite 2.0 is so easy to use, 9 year olds and 90 year olds alike can setup A-Z working sales funnels in 25 minutes or less.
  • This is because of the drag-and-drop style of InstaSuite 2.0, where you can see what you’re building in real time without ANY code at all.

Q3: But I already have page (or funnel) builder software, do I need InstaSuite 2.0?

  • Answer: ABSOLUTELY. Nothing does what InstaSuite does.
  • So even if you have a page builder, then you need to integrate a funnel, e-mail marketing, membership area, and so much more. That’s at least 3 additional tools to configure and worry about.
  • With InstaSuite 2.0, you can forget about all of that, everything is in one place and works excellently.
  • We at InstaSuite believe that building a funnel ANY other way would require at least DOUBLE the work and DOUBLE the expense of InstaSuite 2.0, and you’d still likely be missing out on profit-maximizing functionality like one-click upsells, automated support, and so much more.
  • InstaSuite 2.0 also gives you full control where other page builders hold your assets hostage. If you stop paying for your page/funnel builder, say byebye to your pages and funnels, but with InstaSuite, you can EXPORT your assets so that no matter what, you have them. You won’t get this sort of dedication to your business anywhere else.

Q4: Is there a guarantee?

  • Answer: YES. There is a 30-day ironclad guarantee.
  • That means all you have to do is satisfy your curiosity and TRY InstaSuite right now, while scoring the lowest investment it’ll ever be.
  • If you’re not thrilled for any reason, you can just click your mouse for a 100% refund with no questions asked. You can even Export ANY assets you create before processing your refund, so that those are yours to keep no matter what.

Q5: Ok, how do I get started?

  • Answer: Easy! Just select your monthly, yearly or one-time account and you’ll be able to start creating funnels, membership sites and more within minutes. This is the ONLY comprehensive 6-in-1 software available in the market at this price, and you can close a BIG deal today.

==>See InstaSuite 2.0 $10,317 Case Study<==

InstaSuite 2.0 OTO & Upsells:

OTO#1: InstaSuite 2.0 PRO: $27/Month

Power Up InstaSuite 2.0 With 5x Domains, More Funnels, More Products, More Products As Well as 10 Admin Users For Your Websites To 10X Your Traffic And Sales….

InstaSuite 2.0 Pro Offers You:

[+] 25 Custom Domains:

  • Its very likely that people like you own more than 1 business, right? Well, if you want to build multiple businesses using InstaSuite all you need to do is setup more than one custom domain. You can do that With InstaSuite 2.0 Pro

[+] 50 Funnels per Domain:

  • With InstaSuite Pro you can now create 50 funnels per domain. Lets do the math. There are 25 domains, which means, you can now create and run 1,250 funnels. Even at $100 per month per funnel, thats a LOT of money!

[+] 25 Products per Domain:

  • Think about this how many membership sites could you probably create this month alone? You could use PLR/Whitelabel or even your own products and instantly setup 25 products PER domain with InstaSuite PRO.

[+] Unlimited Traffic:

  • Our servers are geared to support as much traffic as you can drive. There is literally, NO limit. With this PRO upgrade, you get unlimited traffic upgrade. We dont restrict you ever. So just sign up and start driving traffic.

[+] Unlimited Marketing Emails:

  • With this upgrade, there is absolutely NO limit to how many emails you can send. Just hook in your SMTP, load up your emails and your leads, and start using InstaSuite PRO 2.0 as your personal autoresponder!

[+] 10 Admin Users:

  • Do you have a big team? Or maybe you will some day? With this PRO upgrade, you can have 10 of your staff using InstaSuite alongside you. You can give them restricted access and let them manage your support desk.

[+] 10,000 Active Members per Domain:

  • How many sales can you make for each membership? We extend the main offer with PRO version and give you a capacity of 10,000 active members with each domain. You can have even more on us once you go past this limit.

OTO#2: InstaSeries: Onetime Payment Of $197

The Next Obvious Step Let Me Take You By The Hand And Show You How We Generated $10,317 With InstaSuite 2.0 in 7 Days……

By you watching over my shoulder, hopefully I will inspire you to create your own funnel, to create your own business and to use InstaSuite to do all of that.

So within this training series we have already decided to include nineteen different modules were we’ll walk you through every single part of our complex funnel structure.

MODULE 1: Funnel Research

  • Researching Product Idea
  • Constructing Your Funnel

MODULE 2: Building Funnels

  • Building a Sales Page
  • Using Facebook Retargeting Pixel
  • Building Optin Forms
  • Linking Together Optin Flow and Sales Page
  • Adding FB Pixels To Your Pages
  • Advanced – The 3 Mistakes Video Optin Page

MODULE 3: Building Membership Sites

  • Using InstaSuite 2.0 to Setup Courses
  • Advanced – Building Coaching Series Post-Sale

MODULE 4: Using Email Autoresponder

  • Configuring List Builder
  • Building Email Forms
  • Broadcasts and Autoresponders
  • Advanced – Using External Autoresponders
  • Advanced – Building Email Engagement Post-Sale
  • Advanced – Closeout campaigns for non buyers
  • Advanced – Reworking Email Engagement When People Buy

MODULE 5: Groundwork For $14K Mentoring

  • Advanced – Setting Up Survey For High Ticket Consultation.
  • Advanced – “Close” Technique For High-?Ticket Sales.

MODULE 6: Running Webinars

  • Setting Up Webinar Pages In InstaSuite 2.0
  • Advanced – Setting Up Webinar Presentation
  • Advanced – Setting Up Auto-Webinar With Everwebinar

MODULE 7: Driving Traffic

  • Creating Promotional Material
  • Audience Targeting For Ads
  • Advanced – Managing Multiple Retargeting Lists

InstaSeries is your one-stop training course on everything you need to know about building funnels with InstaSuite and profiting with them over time.

One thing though this is NOT overnight success. But if you stick with it, I can promise that youll be able to 10x your investment today. At the very least.

InstaSeries has been created as over-the-shoulder case study, as I show you exactly how you can make money by building funnels for your own business.

And the best part? Well continue to add more training-on-demand. Just let us know and well add more modules and training to this course.

All for free.

OTO#3: InstaSuite 2.0 Agency License: Onetime Payment Of $997

With Agency License, Use InstaSuite for Every Client Ever – And Keep 100% Of The Profits!

We Will Never Offer Agency Licenses For One-Time-Fees Ever Again

That means you will never be able to use InstaSuite 2.0 for clients, for such a tiny investment, unless you lock in your agency license right now

And when you’re able to build high-converting pages in seconds
…and membership site, and email lists, and support desk, blog and more…
You REALLY need to consider the value in becoming an InstaSuite AGENCY level owner.

You’ll be blown away by how many people come your way asking, “Can you do that for me?”

And if you’ve never had a client before in your life…

We wouldn’t be surprised if dozens of people started asking you for help right away.

And you don’t want to say “no” when that moment comes.

You want to say “yes,” obviously and command thousands of dollars for minutes of work.

And if you’ve EVER done any client work for someone else at all…

We bet you see how valuable it’ll be to be able to build full on sales funnels, membership areas, and more of your clients…
And, it’s worth repeating…

You’ll be able to command HIGH FEES ($1,000 is the bare MINIMUM of what people pay for this type of service…)

That means your very first client will pay for the InstaSuite 2.0 agency license for a whole year…
Everything is cash profit in your pocket from there…


  • What does it mean and how can you get it?
  • As soon as you purchase InstaSuite 2.0 Agency license – you will be activated for Double Certification. This would help you stand out within our InstaSuite group, and you will become a TRUSTED member who can offer services to clients.

Certification Level #1: IMMEDIATE

  • As soon as you purchase InstaSuite 2.0 Agency license – you will get invitation for a 1-on-1 call with our InstaSuite 2.0 expert.
  • On this onboarding and QnA call, we will give you insights into how you can use InstaSuite to make money by yourself, and with your clients.
  • After this call – you will receive your LEVEL 1 digital certification. With this certificate, you can present yourself as having done 1-on-1 call with InstaSuite team.
  • We will follow up with another call after 30 days.

Certification Level #2: *** RESULTS BASED ***

  • This is an advanced certification that will ONLY be available to those people that generate at least $10,000 using InstaSuite 2.0 – either by themselves or with clients.
  • Once you do this – you will be PERMANENTLY featured on our website, and will become a recommended service business (if you want) for anyone using InstaSuite 2.0. You can charge for consultancy, charge for work, and more!
  • This is ONLY available to those that show enough proof of results.

So What Does One-Time Fee Access Of InstaSuite 2.0 Agency License Includes?

  • Exclusive Agency License to InstaSUITE 2.0
  • YOU invested in InstaSUITE 2.0. You saw the value. Dont you think clients, friends, and whoever else sees your results, will want the same?
  • You wont have to spend hours of time telling them how you did it.
  • You’ll be able to charge them handsomely (or cut them deals, whatever you want) and do the “work” for them in seconds. And heres a secret: theres nothing cooler than this, and this is how real moguls get made get a piece of the company for 25 minutes of work? YES!


  • Manage up to 20 client accounts for maximum profitability
  • Client management dashboard – you manage clients with ease, and they can log in and see stats, this is a massive value that they LOVE
  • 50 Custom domains
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited active members
  • Unlimited marketing emails
  • Up to 10 admin users so your staff can take care of your clients
InstaSuite 2.0 Agency License Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: What can I do with this agency license?

  • Answer: With this license, you are provided rights to offer funnel building, membership site, support desk, affiliate network, blog building services to offer to your clients. You can also become a reseller and sell access at any price you want – you keep 100% of the profit.

Q2: What version does my client have?

  • Answer: Your clients will have the main version of the tool, which includes 5 custom domains, 20 funnels/domain, 5 products /domain, 1000 active members/domain, unlimited marketing emails, and 3 admin user for support.

Q3: How many clients can I add?

  • Answer: You can add up to 20 clients. For every additional client, you can reach out to our support desk and we will get it done for you. 5 additional clients will be charged at $47pm.

Q4: What if I want to add more clients to a portal?

  • Answer: For accommodating more clients into the portal, you can reach out to our support desk and we will get it done for you. 5 additional clients will be charged at $47pm.

Q5: Do my clients get a dashboard?

  • Answer: Yes – your client get the same dashboard that you see – and it will be branded with IntaSuite – so we take care of any support that comes across!

Q6: When can I start selling?

  • Answer: You can start selling right after 12th April. By then we will take away public launch pricing and won’t be offering it again anymore!

Q7: How long is this offer valid?

  • Answer: This is very limited offer that we are offering only for our charter customers. Once we reach 100 Agency Members we will be closing it and we will never open this again.

Q8: Can I purchase later?

  • Answer: No – this offer will not be available after midnight 11th April.

Q9: What if I want to add more members?

  • Answer: You can buy packs of members right from your dashboard.

InstaSuite 2.0 Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of InstaSuite 2.0?

Here are 6 good reasons why you should get InstaSuite 2.0 now:

Reason #1: Build your pages and funnels in just a few clicks:

  • Literally! There is nothing to install or setup, because it’s all hosted for you. With InstaSuite 2.0’s innovative drag-and-drop builder that loads lightning fast, building your business can be both profitable and mobile!

Reason #2: Built-in membership / ecom module

  • This isn’t just for digital marketers. If you want to create secure pages or even build ecommerce stores, InstaSuite 2.0 allows just that.

Reason #3: Your own in-house affiliate tracking

  • If you don’t like third party sites, that’s okay. InstaSuite lets you not only have your own affiliate program created on your terms, you can host everything your affiliate needs – all in one place!

Reason #4: Email list?

  • While InstaSuite can integrate with popular autoresponders, you can also use it as-is to reach your subscribers and buyers!

Reason #5: Support helpdesk built-in

  • So no need to get another script or website to support your customers!

Above all…

Reason #6: 65% Off (only for a limited time)

  • Lock your spot for InstaSuite now and save 65% on retail fees

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Thanks a lot For Reading My InstaSuite 2.0 Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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