Instant Photoshop Guru Review & Bonuses – Learn Photoshop in 7 Days

If you are searching for a complete Instant Photoshop Guru Review, keep reading as I wrote an in depth Review of Instant Photoshop Guru training course to know all information about it, what you will get with it and how this new Photoshop training course will enable you to create high quality graphics in just 7 days.

Instant Photoshop Guru Review

Instant Photoshop Guru Overview:

Creator: Lucas Adamski
Launch Date: 2014-11-21
Niche: Photoshop
Price: $67-$97
Refund Period: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Fast Response.
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, My Special Bonuses (Worth $2814).
Recommended: Yes

What Is Instant Photoshop Guru?

  • Instant Photoshop Guru is a new video training course that will teach you from A to Z how to create high quality graphics and the basics of Photoshop, HTML and photo editing.
  • Also, you will learn how to start making money from selling your created graphics on Freelancer, Warrior Forum, Fiverr , Odesk and Design Crowd.

Which Graphics You Will Be Able To Create With Instant Photoshop Guru?

  • Graphic Headlines
  • Facebook Cover Graphics
  • Button Graphics for your Affiliate website, Webinar and Sales Letter
  • Banner Graphics for Bing and Google Adwords Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • iPhone App Graphics
  • Flyer Graphics, Business Card Graphics and Postcard Graphics that you can use for Your Offline Clients
  • Attention-Grabbing Graphics
  • Header Graphics
  • Logo Graphics for your Product or website
  • Ministe Graphics
  • 3D Ecover Graphics
  • Ecover Graphics that you can use for Sales Page, Webinar and your created products.

What You Will Get With Instant Photoshop Guru?

Instant Photoshop Guru comes with 31 modules that contain 240+ high quality training videos.

Module 1: Introduction to the Course

  • This module comes with 2 videos in which you will find introduction to the course and the main benefits you will get from using Instant Photoshop training course.

Module 2: Photoshop Introduction

  • With 4 videos you will learn the definition of Photoshop, how you can download and install Photoshop.

Module 3: Photoshop Basics (5 videos)

  • These videos will show you Screen Modes, Workspaces, Keyboard Shortcuts, Settings and Menu Overview.

Module 4: Graphic Design Basics (6 videos)

  • You will learn graphic design, the 6 factors of design, and the 6 concepts of design, Design usability, Typography and Color theory.

Module 5: Image Manipulation (21 Videos)

  • In this Instant Photoshop Guru ‘s module, You will learn Saving images, Using a zoom tool, Cropping an image, Converting an image to black and white, Using a sponge tool, Using a burn tool, Using a dodge tool, Using a smudge tool, Using a sharpen tool, Using a blur tool, Using a pattern stamp tool, Using a clone stamp tool, Using a patch tool, Using a healing brush tool, Using a spot healing brush tool, Removing red eye, Teeth whitening, Replacing image colors, Changing image colors, Selecting image parts and Loading images.

Module 6: Selection (7 Videos)

  • You will learn the basics of Selection, how to use select modify tools, refine edges, lasso tools, a magic wand tool, a quick selection tool and marquee tools.

Module 7: Text (7 Videos)

  • These videos will show you how to use the wrap options, a text area, a type tool, format a paragraph, the text, install additional fonts and create your own font.

Module 8: Brushes (6 Videos)

  • These videos contain all details about how to use a history brush tool, a pencil tool, a mixer brush tool, a brush tool, customize and select a brush.

Module 9: Filters (6 Videos)

  • You will know how to use a Photoshop filter gallery, Sketch filters, Distort filters, Brush Strokes filters, Stylize filters, Artistic filters and Texture filters.

Module 10: Layers (7 Videos)

  • All the next details will be covered: Adjustment layers, Merging layers, Creating layer groups, Rasterizing layers, Locking layers, The difference between fill and opacity and Working with the layers window.

Module 11: Blending Modes (7 Videos)

  • This module will cover Hue blending modes, Difference blending modes, Overlay blending modes, Lighten blending modes, Darken blending modes, Normal blending modes and Using blending modes.

Module 12: Layer Styles (13 Videos)

  • You will learn How to create your own styles, load and save styles, Drop shadow options, Outer glow options, Pattern overlay options, Gradient overlay options, Color overlay options, Satin options, Inner glow options, Inner Shadow options, Stroke options, Bevel & emboss options and Using layer styles.

Module 13: Color Correction (7 Videos)

  • You will know everything about Replacing color, Black & white, Color balance, Hue and saturation, Curves, Levels, Brightness and contrast.

Module 14: Slicing Design into HTM (5 Videos)

  • These videos will show you Adding text in HTML, Adding sliced images in HTML, How to slice a simple design, Using a slicing tool and HTML basics.

Module 15: Creating a Header Graphic (8 Videos)

  • You will know how to add cool effects, brushes, images, the text, remove background from images, Choose images, background and colors.

Module 16: Creating a Banner Graphic (9 Videos)

  • This Instant Photoshop Guru’s Module will show you how to add animation, cool effects, call to action, images, the text and create banners in different sizes.

Module 17: Creating a Logo Graphic (4 Videos)

  • These videos will cover how to create an icon, Add & customize the text and Logo inspirations.

Module 18: Creating a 3D Cover (14 Videos)

  • All the next information will be included inside this module: how to create a Bundle cover, a Video ecover, a Software ecover, a DVD ecover, a CD ecover, a Book ecover and a 3D ecover

Module 19: Creating a Stylish Button (6 Videos)

  • These videos will teach you Adding great effects, brushes, call to action and how to create a button.

Module 20: Creating a Flyer Graphic (5 Videos)

Module 21: Creating a Postcard (6 Videos)

Module 22: Creating a Business Card (6 Videos)

Module 23: Creating an App Icon (5 Videos)

Module 24: Creating a Graphic Headline (5 Videos)

Module 25: Creating a Facebook Cover Graphic (8 Videos)

Module 26: Creating a Minisite Design (10 Videos)

  • You will know in details how to create an HTML page, a book ecover, a footer graphic, an add to cart button, graphic boxes, a graphic headline, a main box, a header graphic, slice minisite graphics, select colors and backgrounds.

Module 27: Make Money on Freelancer (11 Videos)

  • These videos contain all details about What is Freelancer, how to create an account, Set up your profile, use a Freelancer Marketplace, communicate with clients, get a lot of reviews fast, win more projects, make your profile irresistible and Bid on your first project.

Module 28: Make Money on Warrior Forum (10 Videos)

  • If you are not familiar with Warrior Forum, you will know what is Warrior Forum, how to create your account, set up your profile, get more clients, bump your thread, get a lot of reviews fast, Create your first thread and Paid advertising on Warrior Forum.

Module 29: Make Money on Fiverr (10 Videos)

  • You will know from A to Z how to create your account on fiverr, set it up, create your first gig, create an irresistible gig, upsell your clients and most popular graphic jobs on Fiverr.

Module 30: Make Money on Odesk (10 Videos)

  • These videos cover all details about What is Odesk, how to create and setup your account on Odesk, make your profile irresistible, communicate with clients and more.

Module 31: Make Money on Design Crowd (6 Videos)

  • You will have information about the definition of Design Crowd, how to create and set up your account and profile, Submit your first design, win more contests and Most popular graphic work on Design Crowd.

What Are the Upsells Of Instant Photoshop Guru Course?

Upsell #1 The Ultimate Designer’s Toolbox: Onetime Payment Of $47
  • You will get access to a collection of Over 1,200 high-quality graphic templates that have been created by Lucas Adamski which contain sales letter graphics, ecovers, special offer graphics, banners, headers, landing pages, minisite templates and more.
  • You can easily edit these templates as you want and save the time you may waste to create high quality templates from scratch.

Upsell #2 Premium Website Builder: Onetime Payment of $97

  • It is a new software that will enable you to create highly-optimized review sites, squeeze pages landing pages and more.

What other people are saying about Instant Photoshop Guru Training?

What Are Instant Photoshop Guru Bonuses?

Bonus #1: Complete Photoshop Toolbox

You can set up your Photoshop with the best Photoshop textures, gradients, patterns, presets, shapes and brushes. You will get access to 43 Public Domain Images, 43 Textures, 866 Gradient Presets, 190 Photoshop Shapes, 73 Photoshop Patterns and 40 Photoshop Brushes.

Bonus #2: Instant Pixlr Expert

You will learn how to use Pixlr like an expert in 3 days or less. The best part about Pixlr is it is free online graphic editing software so that you can use it to edit graphics without spending money.

Bonus #3: 43 Secret Photoshop Styles

Using these styles with Instant Photoshop Guru , you will be able to quickly create appealing graphics.

Bonus #4: “Over My Shoulder” Minisite Creation Videos

Adamski will show you from A to Z how he is creating minisite graphics.

Bonus #5: 1 Year of Free Updates & Free Tech Support

You will be provided with the latest updates of Instant Photoshop Guru and the needed support that will answer all your questions.

Bonus #6: 100+ Marketing Graphic Templates

You will get access to 100+ high quality Marketing Graphic Templates that you can use in your projects, edit them as you want and also you will have the ability to sell them as well.


How to Claim My Instant Photoshop Guru Bonuses?

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2- Get Your Copy Now of Instant Photoshop Guru Through This Link
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4- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

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