IM Video Ads Review +BEST IM Video Ads BONUS + IM Video Ads Discount- Over-The-Shoulder Video Training Shows You How To MASTER FACEBOOK VIDEO ADS

IM Video Ads Review Plus Best IM Video Ads Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed IM Video Ads Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of IM Video Ads training to discover everything about it, It’s features, IM Video Ads OTO details and how This most in depth video advertising training course will teach you how to drive unlimited amounts of traffic to any offer using YouTube And Facebook Video Ads.


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IM Video Ads Review

IM Video Ads Overview:

Creators: Kevin Fahey & James Price
Date Of Launch: 2017-06-22
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6214 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of IM Video Ads?

IM Video Ads Creators

Kevin Fahey and James Price Are the men behind IM Video Ads. They are well known names in the field of online marketing who have created a lot of successful software and training courses such as IM Video Masters, IM Product Launching Lite WSO, IM Newbie, Solo Ad Escape, IM Coaching Guide, IM Affiliate Funnel 2, IM Product Launching 2.0, Facebook Masters, IM Coaching Guide, IM VIP Training and others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind IM Video Ads?

Right now, Facebook and YouTube video ads are extremely affordable, convert like crazy, and if you’re doing any online video it’s a skill you need to master…..Although there are other courses out there that claim to teach YouTube and Facebook video ads, there’s nothing as in-depth and easy-to-follow as this training… No stones are left unturned, and you get my over-the-shoulder guidance from start to finish

Here comes IM Video Ads…..

What Is IM Video Ads?

IM Video Ads Training includes over the shoulder video training and case studies on how to drive unlimited amounts of traffic to any offer using YouTube And Facebook Video Ads.

=>See The Power Of IM Video Ads (IM Video Ads Review Video)<=

IM Video Ads Modules:

MODULE 1: Why Facebook Video Ads?

  • Discover why Facebook video ads work in EVERY single niche whether you’re promoting affiliate offers, selling your own physical or digital products, or even for offline business owners.
  • We usually get video views for as little as $0.001 and inside this training, you’ll discover how you can do the same.
  • The 4 different types of video ads you can run with Facebook are revealed and explained inside (with examples).

MODULE 2: Setting Up Facebook Video Ads

  • Watch over-my-shoulder as I take you by the hand and show you how to create your first video ad from beginning to end.
  • An in-depth look at the video targeting, ad budget, and placement settings that will get you the least expensive traffic possible.
  • How to create multiple ad sets to get the best results possible and some simple tricks to do it quickly, keep things organized, and how to get the best result.

MODULE 3: Custom Reporting

  • The one thing that most people ignore that you should include in your custom reporting.
  • Watch over my shoulder as I show you exactly how to customize a report with the reporting metrics that are most important to you.

MODULE 4: Breaking Down Reports

  • During this module, I break down a real report and show you what’s most important and what everything means to you.
  • The one thing you should be looking for if you’re getting traffic but it’s not converting well.
  • Why it’s not ALL about “cheap clicks”… What you should be looking at to get a good idea of which ads are worth keeping and which ads need to go.

MODULE 5: Retargeting Audiences

  • The power of creating custom audience from people that have actually watched your videos so you can effectively retarget those audience and maximize your conversions.
  • And examples of what indicates a good response to a video ad, and what’s not so good…
  • How to actually access your custom audience to create retargeting campaign that will get you the lowest costs and the highest conversions (When you learn how to do this, you can see a massive improvement in your overall ROI of your ad campaigns)…

MODULE 6: Video Lead Ads

  • Why video lead ads are the best way to build your list and capture leads, and how to properly setup a video lead campaign.
  • The one thing every single video lead ad MUST have to give you the best results.
  • Because most people on Facebook will not have their volume up, you’ll get real world examples of little tricks that work well to get people’s attention and engage your audience for the best results possible.

MODULE 7: Retargeting With Website Click Ads

  • How to use a “website clicks” ad to retarget people that have viewed your video to get low cost clicks and conversions.
  • Watch over my shoulder as I show you the EXACT settings, targeting, and include/exclude settings with your retargeted audience
  • The types of ads and budgeting that work the best with this campaign. The more custom to the audience, the better, and I’ll give you examples of everything.
  • You Also Get 4 Additional Video Modules That Will MAKE YOU A ‘PRO’ AT YOUTUBE VIDEO ADS

MODULE 8: YouTube Ads Training Part 1

  • Real life examples of YouTube video ads that you can run.
  • Why you may want to consider YouTube ads and the niches that work the best.
  • An overview of my YouTube channel, tips on what a proper YouTube channel should include, and the best way to use YouTube ads for traffic

MODULE 9: YouTube Ads Training Part 2

  • Watch me setup a YouTube ad from start to finish. Everything is covered from beginning to end, so you can follow along and create your very own ad.
  • The best ad and budget settings to select to ensure you get the lowest cost ads with the highest rate of conversions.

MODULE 10: Google Adwords Tracking

  • I will show you how to track Google conversions for your YouTube ads.
  • You will master Google AdWords and be able to setup tracking pixels on your websites.
  • And also discover the best methods for re-targeting audiences with you videos.

MODULE 11: Video Captions

  • The quickest and easiest ways to add subtitles to your videos using the best free and paid methods.
  • The benefits of adding subtitles and how it can make a massive difference to the way your audience interact with your video ads.
=>Special IM Video Ads Fast Action Bonuses<=

FAB#1: Video Ads Setup

  • In this webinar, you’ll get to watch me setup a real video ad campaign from start to finish…
  • Nothing will be left out… you get to see it all LIVE… right in front of your very own eyes
  • Bring your best questions because Q&A will be offered at the end of the training
  • The live training will also be recorded so you can refer back to it ANYTIME you want

FAB#2: Video Ads Tracking And Scaling

  • In this webinar, you’ll get to see how I scale a real campaign from a $5 daily budget to $$$$ per month in profits.
  • You get to see everything live, with your very own eyes
  • Q&A will be offered at the end of the call, so bring your best questions
  • Everything will be recorded in case you miss the training or you just want to refer back to it in the future

Look At These Real-World Results Kevin Is Getting With Video Ads:

=> Get High Converting Traffic For Just A Few Cents<=
IM Video Ads Bonus
=> Reach Out To Thousands Of Customers With A Single Campaign <=
IM Video Ads Discount

Here’s What Kevin’s Students & TOP Marketers Say About his Training & IM Video Ads :

I was lucky to get hold of Kevin’s IM Video Ads before the official launch and I just recently finished going through all of the 13 training videos. I like that these are over the shoulder videos where you can see exactly what Kevin is doing, so that you can easily replicate the process to drive you own traffic. I thought I knew everything there is about Facebook Video Ads, but after I finished the course I realized there’s so much more to it. And seeing that Kevin gets traffic for as little as $0.001 per click shows me that I wasted a lot of money in the past. In fact, due to the lower ad spent the training will pay literally for itself. So I highly recommend to get in on this training, and become a professional at video ads very soon.
Torsten Müller


IM Video Ads OTO OR Upsells:

IM Video Ads OTO#1: IM Video Masters: Onetime Payment Of $37

IM Video Ads OTO

IM Video Ads OTO#2: IM VIP Training Account: Onetime Payment Of $297

Discover The Most Complete Step by Step Training For Online Marketers Just Like You.










[+] IM VIDEO ADS VALUE: $97.00






IM Video Ads Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of IM Video Ads?

If you are searching for Over-The-Shoulder Video Training That Shows You How To MASTER FACEBOOK VIDEO ADS, Too, then IM Video Ads will be your highly recommended choice.

This training makes “getting traffic” easier than it’s ever been, even if you’re on a limited budget. If you’re ready to get high-quality traffic that actually converts, you need to get your hands on IM Video Ads right now…

And the best part is the pricing… Although this training could easily sell for $297 or more, as a valued customer, you get access to everything for JUST $27 when you get started today


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Thanks a lot For Reading My IM Video Ads Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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