Human Synthesys Studio Review + BEST BONUS + Discount- Have Real Human Spokespeople In Your Videos Saying Exactly What You Want In MINUTES!

Human Synthesys Studio REAL User ReviewΒ PlusΒ Best Human Synthesys Studio Bonus Offer

 In case you are looking for a detailed Human Synthesys Studio Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Human Synthesys Studio Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Human Synthesys Studio OTO details & Premium BONUSES and How this First of its kind technology will enable you to Have Real Human Spokespeople In Your Videos Saying Exactly What You Want In MINUTES!

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Human Synthesys Studio Review

Human Synthesys Studio Overview:

Creators: Todd Gross
Date Of Launch: 2021-05-24
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of Human Synthesys Studio?

Todd Gross is a well-known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing tools such as VidSnatcher 2.0, Smartscene, Kaptiwa 2.0 and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Human Synthesys Studio?

There is nothing more annoying to a video viewer than a video with robotic-sounding voices.

Robotic voices piss people off, which is why you should avoid them in your videos.

To have human-sounding videos, you have two options- hire voiceover artists, which may costs you thousands of dollars, especially when you want to do many different videos or use proven software that turns text to speech.

Of course, the latter option is the most attractive for many marketers, and this is where Human Synthesys Studio comes into play……………

Keep reading our Human Synthesys Studio to learn more about this software.

So, What Is Human Synthesys Studio?

Human Synthesys Studio is a voiceover-creating software that transforms text to speech.

In other words, it is text-to-speech software that creates voiceovers with human-sounding voices.

These β€˜Humatars” look and sound like humans- this makes them great for sales videos, ads, educational tutorials, presentation videos, training videos, and much more.

With Human Synthesys Studio, it is very easy to create voiceovers;

=> Step 1:
  • Select your human. There are wide varieties of avatars. Choose one.
=> Step 2:
  • Select your desired voice. There are male and female voices
=> Step 3:
  • Input the text you want to transform to voice
=> Step 4:
  • Change the positions of your avatar, add backgrounds, music, and much more.
=> Step 5:
  • Render your video
It is very easy to create voiceovers with Human Synthesys Studio, and the good thing is that you are given a commercial license, which means you can make money offering professional voiceover services.


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How Does Human Synthesys Studio Software Work?

=>Human Synthesys Studio Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<=


(Step-By-Step) How To Create Human Spokesperson Videos That Say Exactly What You Want In Minutes With Human Synthesys Studio 😊


How Human Synthesys Studio Software Works


Create Human Spokesperson Videos With Human Synthesys Studio


Inside The Dashboard Of Human Synthesys Studio


Human Synthesys Studio Training Videos


Human Synthesys Studio REAL HUMAN VOICES


Human Synthesys Studio Humatars









Human Synthesys Studio Features + What’s Included:

Let’s talk about the features of this software.

Human Synthesys Studio is packed with amazing features, including:

[+] Text-to-video:

  • You can now transform a simple text into a great video that intrigues your viewers.
  • Human Synthesys Studio allows you to create videos with a length of up to 6 minutes long.

[+] Can hold videos with over 40 languages:

  • This software can currently support voiceover in over 40 different languages.
  • This means you can engage your audience and customers at the global level.
  • You can engage customers in their native language.

[+] A variety of β€˜Humatars’:

  • With Human Synthesys Studio, you can access up to 10 commercial Humatars or five personal avatars.
  • The good thing is that more Humatars are still getting added to this platform, and thus soon, you will have even more varieties.


[+] Customizable background:

  • Human Synthesys Studio allows you to easily upload any video or image as a background to your video.
  • There are also free slide templates you can use for inspiration.

[+] A variety of background music:

  • There is a wide variety of background music you are provided with that you can use to give your video life.
  • These background music are copyright-free, and thus you shouldn’t be worried that your video might get pulled down.

[+] MP4 downloads:

  • Human Synthesys Studio allows you to render videos in HD resolution, and the good thing is that you can download the videos easily.

[+] Multi-slide videos:

  • Human Synthesys Studio allows you to combine several videos into one big video.
  • This is great for people who are creating courses.

[+] Update videos:

  • Another notable feature in Human Synthesys Studio is the video edit feature.
  • You can duplicate a video, alter the text, and there you will have an updated version of the video in a few minutes.

[+] Alter spokesperson position:

  • You can move the Humatars around to the position you want so that they can have a desired look and position.

[+] Easy-to-use interface:

  • Creating videos with Human Synthesys Studio is quite easy as it only takes four easy steps. This makes it beginner-friendly.

Human Synthesys Studio FAQ’S:

Q1; What exactly is Human Synthesys Studio?

  • This is text-to-speech software with human-sounding voices to allow you to create professional voiceovers for your videos.

Q2; Is this a one-time offer?

  • Yes. Human Synthesys Studio is offered for a one-time fee, but this is only available during the launch period.

Q3; Will this work for less-tech savvy individuals?

  • Yes. Human Synthesys Studio is a newbie-friendly software that doesn’t require a learning curve. In case you need more guidance, there are training videos to get you started.

Q4; Will this work on Mac and PC?

  • Yes. This being cloud-based software means it can work on any operating system.

Q5; Is there a limit to the number of videos one can render?

  • Yes. The commercial license allows one to render up to 100 videos, while the personal license allows one to render up to 50 videos.

Q6; Is there a guarantee?

  • Yes. Human Synthesys Studio is backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee. In case you are unsatisfied with the software within the first 14 days of your purchase, you can request a refund.

Human Synthesys Studio Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Human Synthesys Studio:

Human Synthesys Studio Reviews

Have Talented Actors, Working For You And Your Client’s Businesses, Today!


=>Customer Success Videos<=



=>Online Courses<=



=>Outbound Sales Videos<=

=>Real Estate Videos<=

=>Corporate Communications<=


Human Synthesys Studio OTO OR Upsells:



OTO#1: Human Synthesys Studio PRO ($77 Onetime Payment)


Use The Special Discount Code β€˜HUMATARβ€˜ for 5% Savings

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

Maximize your sales potential by going pro…….
Here are the features you will unlock in Pro:
[+] 40 more Humatars with varying outfits:
  • You will get 40 more Humatars in different niches with niche-specific outfits to give you more varieties.
  • This gives you abilities to help more clients in different niches.

[+] 30 more human voices:

  • To add more variety to your voice over business, you will be given 30 more natural-sounding voices.
With all these varieties, you will have an easier time crafting videos for clients in different fields, which means more profits.

Get the upgrade today!


OTO#2: Human Synthesys Studio Enterprise ($67 Onetime Payment)


Use The Special Discount Code β€˜HUMATARβ€˜ for 5% Savings.

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This upgrade allows you to enjoy faster rendering speeds and earn more income…
Here is what you get with Human Synthesys Studio Enterprise;
  • Over 100 niche templates allowing you to make videos with ease. These templates have been designed by an in-house team of designers.
  • VIP priority rendering. You will no longer have to wait for rendering as your voiceovers and videos will be given a priority.
  • New niche templates delivered to your dashboard every month for one year.
  • Enjoy future software updates.
Expand your services and offer even more personalized voiceover options for your clients.

Get the Enterprise today!


OTO#3: Human Synthesys Studio Audio Suite ($77 Onetime Payment)

Use The Special Discount Code β€˜HUMATARβ€˜ for 5% Savings.

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

This upgrade allows you to create voiceovers as well as personalized audio tracks that match your videos….
Here is what you get with Audio Suite;
[+] Synthetic speech technology to allow you to create speeches from tests and add them to videos with just a click:
  • This software allows you to create and sell unlimited voiceovers.
  • You can start selling voiceovers to your clients on Fiverr and Upwork.
  • The best thing is that this upgrade gives you access to tens of voices that suit different things such as training, ads, and much more.

[+] Done for you voiceovers:

  • You will also get DFY voices that you can use to create videos in major niches. These voices can save you time and money.

[+] Convert scripts to audios with just a few clicks:

  • If you have a script you would like to turn to videos, you can do so with ease.
  • In other words, with this audio suite, you have all you need to create a profitable voiceover business thanks to the variety of tools and real-life actor voices that you get.

Upgrade to Audio Suite today!


OTO#4: Human Synthesys Studio Agency

Use The Special Discount Code β€˜HUMATARβ€˜ for 5% Savings.

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

You Can Choose From 3 Packages:

[+] Agency Lite: $220 Onetime Payment

[+] Agency Pro: $330 Onetime Payment

[+] Agency Unlimited: $552 Onetime Payment

Want to brand yourself as a professional voiceover agency and enjoy all the features an agency should have? This is the upgrade to get.
With Human Synthesys Studio Agency upgrade, you get the following;
  • Unlimited video renderings. You can now render unlimited videos.
  • Outsource work by having up to 25 additional users that can create Humatars videos for you.
  • Create videos of up to 12 minutes so as to change more.
  • Get access to over 157 pre-written video scripts that you can use in different niches.
  • With this upgrade, you can offer all the services Human Synthesys Studio allows.

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Human Synthesys Studio Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Human Synthesys Studio?

You don’t have to publish videos with robotic voices as that’s pretty annoying to your viewers and might cost you in a big way.

Human Synthesys Studio gives you a cheaper option to hiring professional voiceovers while still delivering professional results.

Don’t waste time- take advantage of the one-time fee offer to get this software. Get it today!


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Thanks a lot For Reading My Human Synthesys Studio Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business πŸ™‚

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