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ExtendAzon 2.0 Review Plus Best ExtendAzon 2.0 Bonus Offer

A Fast And Easy-To-Use Plugin That Can Be Dropped Into Any Existing Amazon WP Site Converts Your Standard Amazon Affiliate Links Into Amazon Shopping Cart Links…. Extend your Amazon Affiliate Cookie from 24 Hours to 90 Days

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ExtendAzon 2.0 Review

ExtendAzon 2.0 Overview:

Creator: Ryan Stevenson
Date Of Launch: 2016-09-29
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Niche: General
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site: http://extendazon.com/
Bonuses: Yes, Special $4872 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of ExtendAzon 2.0?

Ryan Stevenson is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created a lot of successful software and training courses such as Azon 30 Day Challenge, Azon Exit Cash WordPress Plugin, Azon Home Study Course 2.0 and others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind ExtendAzon 2.0?

A lot of Amazon affiliates do not take the time to read the fine print of their agreements to participate in the Associates Program.

One particular section of that agreement puts Amazon in the position where you can send them traffic that converts into a sale and yet Amazon doesn’t have to pay you a commission for it!

It is extremely important that all Amazon affiliates understand this specific rule to avoid losing their rightfully earned commissions.

Learn all about this problem and how to solve it here:

Let me explain more about this startling fact…

We all have Amazon affiliate links that we use to refer sales on products.

When someone clicks on one of those links and goes to the Amazon website, they will get tagged with a “cookie” that tells Amazon which affiliate referred them.

Many affiliates do not realize that cookie only has a 24 hour lifespan – affiliates will NOT receive a commission for any referred sales that happen after the time runs out!

Sure, some sales do happen immediately, but there are a lot of people that will wait a few days before buying because they need to talk it over with their spouse, shop around more or simply wait until payday.

Amazon likely gets to pocket millions worth of these “late” sales.

You’re doing the hard work to send that traffic and you should get credit for it.

Luckily, there is a single exception that Amazon has made to this rule – the shopping cart.

If you can get a visitor to add the product to their Amazon shopping cart, that 24 hour (1 day) cookie will become a 90 day cookie!

Typically, you have to rely on chance for a visitor to put a product in their shopping cart.

However, there is now a way that you can send ALL of your Amazon affiliate traffic and get the 90 day cookie.

A new plugin drops into your existing Amazon sites and lets you tap into the 90 day cookie in mere seconds.

Here comes ExtendAzon 2.0…

So, What Is ExtendAzon 2.0?

The original ExtendAzon plugin was released back in March, 2012 and was the first Amazon affiliate shopping cart plugin on the market.

ExtendAzon is a simple to use plugin that can be used on new Amazon sites or even dropped into any existing Amazon WP site. It will convert Amazon affiliate links into shopping cart links.

When someone clicks a standard Amazon affiliate link, they are tagged with an affiliate cookie that lasts for 24 hours. Unless the visitor completes a purchase in that time period, the affiliate will not get credit for the sale.

With ExtendAzon shopping cart links, you get to tap into a hidden secret in the Amazon Associates Program Agreement that allows you to extend your affiliate cookie lifespan from 24 hours to a full 90 days!

Without the 90 day cookie, many affiliates are simply leaving commissions on the table because there are a lot of reasons why someone might wait more than 24 hours before buying a product (ie, waiting for payday at the end of the week or just talking with their spouse before making a decision).

How Does ExtendAzon 2.0 Work?

==> ExtendAzon 2.0 Walk Through Demo Video <==

ExtendAzon Dirext Cart Links:

ExtendAzon 2.0 Bonus

  • With direct shopping cart links, when someone clicks on an Amazon ad they will be taken to Amazon and Immediately prompted to add the product to their shopping cart. When this is confirmed, the 90 day cookie is set.
  • Using the direct links, ExtendAzon can be Installed and completely running on a site in about 30 seconds. Everything else is completly automated, so ExtenclAzon offers a simple and fast way to transform existing Amazon affiliate sites into an Amazon affiliate store.

ExtendAzon On-Site Cart Links:

ExtendAzon 2.0 oto

  • With this type of link, when someone clicks on an Amazon ad the product will be added to the on-site shopping cart.
  • This allows them to add more products to the cart or even change the quantity. when they are satisfied, they cock on the “Checkout” button, which then takes them to Amazon and immediately prompts them to add the product(s) to their cart.
  • When they confirm, the 90 day cookie is set. The shopping cart can set as a dedicated page, placed In any widget location or even set as a put-out tab.
  • Unless you’re completely new to building Amazon affiliate sites, you likely already have sites that are built by other Amazon WordPress plugins. Typically, if you see a new plugin come along that offers a new feature that you would like to use, you would need to completely remake your website using the new plugin.
  • ExtendAzon offers you the opportunity to take advantage of Amazon API shopping cart features on your site WITHOUT changing your advertising pluginl Just install ExtendAzon and all Amazon affiliate links on your site will get converted into shopping cart links (ExtendAzon does NOT genera. ANY Amazon ads)I
  • It’s purpose is to CONVERT all of the Amazon affiliate ads on your site into links that work with the Amazon shopping cart (this can be done with direct links or an on-site shopping cart).
  • It will work with standard Amazon affiliate ads that have been manually created through the Amazon site and it will even work with Amazon ads created by almost ANY other Amazon affiliate WP pluginl
  • In fact, ExtendAzon has been tested with a variety of Amazon ad creation plugins that many of you may already be using on your sites.
  • ExtendAzon is guaranteed to work with these WordPress plugins, although this is not meant to be a complete listing of compatible plugins.

ExtendAzon 2.0 EXCLUSIVE features:
ExtendAzon 2.0 discount

  • If you use a gluon that is not listed above, it may still work with ExtendAzon, but those listed here have been tested and are guaranteed to work. In general, ExtendAzon will work with any Amazon affiliate link that is not Javascript or *me based. If you can confirm a plugin works that is not listed here, please contact me to add to the list.
  • Installation of ExtendAzon is extremely simple and there is nothing else that you will need to do for It to run long-term on your site. ExtendAzon DOES NOT modify the content of your site AT ALL! This means that you can still continue to build ads or new pages on your site Just like you have always done, and ExtendAzon will take care of everything else for you.
  • Take a look at the video below. It shows what the plugln can do with an existing Amazon affiliate site. In this video, ExtendAzon is installed and demonstrated on an existing site that was built using Associate Goliath. No matter what plugin was used to build the site, ExtendAzon still works the some way.


ExtendAzon 2.0 automatically transforms any boring affiliate site into a professional looking e-commerce
store! In addition to making your site look great, it has huge advantages for you and your Amazon sites.

1. Extends affiliate cookie lifespan from 24 hours to 90 days to capture lost sales.

2. Keeps visitors on your website longer.

3. Entices higher volume sales on Amazon. More sales = more commissions!

ExtendAzon is able to do all of this with the use of an automatic, on-site shopping cart. When someone clicks on an Amazon affiliate link on your website, you can KEEP that visitor on your site to try to entice them to buy more than one product before they proceed to checkout on Amazon. and options to customize for those that want more control.

You will be able to choose from one of three main shopping cart designs. All three of these designs offer completely different looks that copy the traditional designs of e-commerce shopping carts.

=> Cart Widget:

  • The original ExtendAzon shopping cart from version 1.0 returns in 2.0. This cart is a WordPress widget, so it can go anywhere your theme will allow you to place widgets!

=> Slide-out Cart Tab:

  • Don’t want your shopping cart to take up space on your website? Just use the slide-out tab cart. Can slide from left or right side of your website.

=> Full Shopping Cart Page:

  • Most real e-commerce sites have actual shopping cart pages, and now you can too! This page looks just like the widget cart except bigger.
  • It can optionally use the widget seen to the right to allow users to keep track of their cart on any page.


  • All of the ExtendAzon shopping cart designs allow you to use automated upsells. Whenever a visitor adds a product to their shopping cart, ExtendAzon will automatically find other products that were commonly purchased with it. Ads will be automatcially generated and shows below the cart.
  • These upsell ads are also set up with a javascript rotating ad system so you can allow visitors to manually browse these products or even have ExtendAzon automatically rotate them.
  • With the click of a button, visitors can view details about these additional recommended products and add them to their cart. The end result is higher sales volumes and more commissions for you.
ExtendAzon 2.0 reviews

ExtendAzon 2.0 OTO (Upsells):

OTO#1Azon Overhaul Amazon Training Course : Onetime Payment Of $27

The Azon Overhaul training course is a nine-part video series that walks you through everything that I did to transform the traffic and sales of my Amazon affiliate site with a relatively small amount of work.

These are not your ordinary videos though – these are full-length, in-depth training classes. Each one ranges in length from 1h35m up to 3h05m.

The length of the classes simply means that I have been very thorough with teaching each step to ensure nothing is left out. I have seen other training courses that are very vague and leave out important details – those don’t help you learn anything and instead leave you to figure out everything yourself.

With Azon Overhaul, you’ll learn my full strategy along with many other priceless skills that you’ll continue to use for as long as you create websites.

Each video class also comes with an ebook that is perfect as a quick reference guide but also in-depth enough to act as a standalone training manual. These ebooks help to make sure that you don’t miss any of the important steps in my training classes.

On top of the training material included with Azon Overhaul, I’m also including other resources that simplify my entire strategy like code generators to duplicate my website design and a killer Amazon plugin to create affiliate ads and comparison charts. These resources and the training classes give you all of the tools and knowledge that you will need to apply my strategy to your own Amazon affiliate sites.

Nine-Part Training Series The nine classes in the Azon Overhaul series are highly organized so you can quickly work through the training, use it as a direct guide to completely fix traffic problems on your website and even refer back to it in the future to refresh your knowledge.

There are tons of sources of internet traffic, but there is really only one that is entirely hands-free and extremely powerful: search engine traffic.

Search engine traffic can be laser-targeted to your exact niche and content, plus it can deliver hundreds or even thousands of visitors every day without spending a penny.

If you truly want auto-pilot income from an Amazon affiliate website, search traffic is the only way to make that happen long-term.

The primary purpose of the Azon Overhaul series is to fix and/or improve the search rankings of your Amazon affiliate websites and to maintain those rankings for years.

Take a look at how this training will guide you through the entire process…


  • Before you fix your site to repair and/or improve search rankings, you need to take a closer look to figure out if the work will be worthwhile. This small amount of simple research can save you from wasting hours worth of work later.
  • This “damage control” process is also designed to help you focus on your websites with the most potential. You’ll be able to weed out the strong sites from those that are hopeless so you can pay attention to those that will help you grow your affiliate business.


  • Next, it is very important to figure out what will make your site better. Should you remove content, change content or add new content? What should that content be about? Do you need to redesign the site or change marketing tactics?
  • With Aeon Overhaul, you’ll be able to easy learn these things and more about your Amazon sites. This info will directly allow you to create a plan of action that will help your site quickly recover from bad search rankings and even help you to improve good rankings.


  • Now that you know what to do to your website, it is time to make it happen! Just work through your list one item at a time so you can go at your own pace or even outsource if you want. Azon Overhaul will guide you through it to make it fast and easy.
  • This step is really the main “work” of this entire course, but this can actually be completed in a day or less for many sites. The more effort you’re willing to put into this step, the better your results will be – it’s not a magic button but it is a long-term solution.


  • The ultimate goal of most Amazon affiliates is to sit back and collect a check each month. Aeon Overhaul will help guide you to that goal.
  • However, even with the best of websites, you’ll need to get off the couch once every year or two to do a small amount of maintenance.
  • Azon Overhaul will teach you how to quickly monitor your websites each month to watch for danger signals that can alert you when it is time to do something to prevent a big drop in traffic or earnings.
  • You’ll also learn how to perform these fast updates to your site to ensure they stay on top and you can keep getting paid while doing the things you love.

=> TWO Included HTML / CSS Code Generators:

  • To create a more interesting-looking and professional website, I create custom menus on my website to link the pages together instead of using a default blog-style site. Normally, it can be complicated to try this tactic yourself, but with Azon Overhaul you will receive two of my personal code generators that will duplicate my exact web design tactics on my Amazon websites.
  • You just enter the text and then simply copy and paste the code from the generators into your WordPress site. Here are a couple examples of the menu designs that these generators create.

=> Included Amazon Advertising Plugin: Product Style

  • My flagship Amazon plugin allows you to create custom-designed product ads and comparison charts with ease. You choose the information that gets inlcuded in the ad.
  • You also get to choose how the ad will be designed, so you can make them fit the look of any website. Take a look below at a few example ads created by this plugin.

OTO#2: ExtendAzon Plus: Onetime Payment Of $27

ExtendAzon Plus is an additional service that allows you to get a search engine optimized and indexed link to each site that is using ExtendAron!

Typically, ExtendAzon Plus requires a monthly subscription fee to use, but with this early-bird offer you are going to get exclusive access for a one-time cost!


When you buy link building services, it is typically done for each website you want promoted. In many cases, you won’t even know where the links you are buying will come from, which can be a major recipe for disaster when it comes to search engine optimization.

With ExtendAzon Plus, you’re going to get one high quality link to EACH site that you use with the plugin.
The links that you’ll receive from ExtendAzon Plus come from a single source.


#1. Amzps.com has been around since 2010, has thousands of incoming links and does well in Google search rankings. This means that the links you receive from it are going to be noticed by Google. When it comes to launching new Amazon affiliate websites, getting a quality link from an older domain can really help search rankings.

#2. The Product Style Niche Shopping Directory is a human edited directory. Google appreciates a quality, human edited directory as opposed to one that is automated since an automated directory can be highly subjected to spam. Each site link submitted to the directory will be reviewed by a real person before approval.

#3. Each listing in the directory will technically receive two permanent backlinks (they will only be removed if you choose to delete them from the directory). One of these links will be a screenshot of the site. Google LOVES images, so this alone will provide ranking benefits.

#4. Each listing in the directory gets submitted directly through the ExtendAzon plugin. You get to choose your link anchor text and even provide a description to go with your listing that is up to 100 words in length (we generate the screenshot for you, so you don’t have to worry about that). This allows you to control your incoming links so you can optimize them for the primary keyword phrase of each website.

ExtendAzon 2.0 Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of ExtendAzon 2.0?

ExtendAzon is a fast and easy-to-use plugin that can be dropped into any existing Amazon WP site.

The plugin will convert your standard Amazon affiliate links into Amazon shopping cart links.

By using the Amazon cart system, you’ll get to increase your affiliate cookie lifespan from the standard 24 hours to a full 90 days!

The plugin has a variety of options you can choose from that allow you to control how the shopping cart works and how it looks.

Beyond the huge advantage of getting more time to land a sale, the shopping cart system also makes your site look like a professional e-commerce store.

With an on-site shopping cart, you get to keep traffic on your site longer and entice them to buy more.

Normal Amazon affiliate links just direct a user to buy a single product.

With the ExtendAzon shopping cart, your visitors can add multiple products to their cart before they buy – this results in higher sales volume and more commissions for you.

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