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Email Force Review Plus Best Email Force Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Email Force Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Email Force Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Email Force OTO details and how This world’s 1st and only artificial intelligence email generator will enable you to Turn ANY list into a profit machine with DFY emails PROVEN to drive sales & Make up to a whopping 4300% ROI from every campaign.


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Email Force Review

Email Force Overview:

Creators: Justin Burns & Simon Harries
Date Of Launch: 2017-10-04
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of Email Force?

Justin Burns and Simon Harries are well known names in the field of online marketing who have created many successful internet marketing products and software such as Converzly, Video Instafolio, PinDrill, Total FB Takeover and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Email Force?

How To Profit WHILE You Build Your List….

When it comes to list building, PROFITS are what matter.

Turn subscribers into buyers, and you get paid.

5000 subscribers mean nothing if they don’t buy.

5000 subscribers can make you a fortune every month when they do.

To convert new leads into BUYERS …

You need specialized email sequences that build a mutually PROFITABLE relationship.

Email sequences like these are part art, part science … and NOT easy to create.

That’s why we’ve developed a software specifically designed to convert every new subscriber into a long term, paying customer that puts profits in your pocket.

And that maximizes lifetime profits from every lead on your list.

As Big As Social Media Gets…

Email Is The #1 BEST Way To Maximize Your ROI – Why? Social Media Is For Entertainment – EMAIL Is For Business

=> Email CONVERTS Better:

  • “Email is a whopping 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in driving new sales” –, April 2017

=> Email PAYS Higher:

  • “People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers” –

=> 77% of Your Customers PREFER Email:

  • “A mind-blowing 77% of customers prefer marketing communications to come through email” –, April 2017

=> Businesses COUNT On Email:

  • “More than 86% of businesses surveyed indicate that they plan to increase their upcoming email marketing budgets”, January 2017
The MAGIC Of Email: Turn $1 Into $44 All Day Long……

An average of $44 ROI comes from every dollar spent on email marketing.

That’s a 4300% return on investment!

You’re not going to find that anywhere else (legally) …

Obviously not all marketers are taking advantage:

“The first failure for many companies is not recognizing the value of email, and not putting sufficient resources into email nurturing and marketing”
–, October 2016

But some companies are making ridiculous profits with email:

“Top performing marketing departments are seeing 2.5 times the ROI of the average”
–, May 2017

How do these top performers make such huge profits with email?

  • They engage the right users at the right time to build both trust AND profits
  • They SAVE money by creating their own emails
Optimize Your BEST Traffic For 4300% ROI….

As marketers, we’ll split test ads all day long, hoping for just a few more clicks.

But we often ignore our BEST traffic source.

What happens when you optimize emails to your list?

Every improvement translates directly into bottom line profits……

More opens & clicks mean more payments and commissions

Are YOU Making The Money You Deserve With Email Marketing?

We’ve surveyed thousands of marketers and small businesses.

Most know how powerful email marketing is.

And most admit they’re leaving a LOT of money on the table:

  • Not sending regular emails
  • Not knowing what to write about, or how to maximize engagement
  • Paying ridiculous fees for others to write emails for them

It’s tough to profit when you’re paying costs like these PER email:

Email Force Software

There’s got to be an easier and CHEAPER way to email for profit.

WITHOUT investing thousands of hours training yourself to become an expert.

Marketers constantly complain about their earnings per subscriber.

It’s no wonder:

“269 BILLION emails are sent everyday”

–, February 2017

“Unique click-through rates have dropped every year since 2010 to an, all-time low of 2% in 2015”
– Database Marketing Institute, January 2017

But Email Is STILL The Best Way To Get You Paid!

When your emails get delivered and opened, customers take action:

Make More Sales & HIGHER Profits With The POWER Of Automation….

We saw a huge gap between the 4300%POTENTIAL ROI and the much smaller number we were getting.

So one day as we were working on our latest sales copy technology, it hit us:

Could it be possible to use the SAME technology to create automated emails?

It took months and tens of thousands of dollars, but our developers came through.

They created the 1ST EVER automated copywriting software designed specifically to write top converting emails.

And That’s Why Email Force Was Born…..

With this Brand New Tool:

  • You can effortlessly generate DOZENS of unique emails and complete promo sequences for any product or service … WITHOUT ever writing an email again
  • You’ll save money AND time – no need for expensive email specialists, no more struggling to write your own content
  • Maximizing profits per subscriber is literally push button simple

Here are the results from just a few campaigns using this automated software:

Email Force Results

If you already have a list, you can start seeing results like these right away.

If you’re building a list, the software will help you maximize profits from lead generation with targeted campaigns specific for new subscribers.

WITHOUT wondering what to write about, or agonizing over subject lines and calls to action that get the click.

It’s all done for you, thanks to this powerful software with PROVEN results.

So, What Is Email Force?

Email Force Software combines advanced automation technology with proven scripts from LEADING email copywriters across a huge range of markets and niches.

It’s the world’s FIRST software designed exclusively for creating converting emails for ANY offer in ANY niche.

  • Automated Emails For Push Button Profits
  • Turn ANY List Into An AUTOMATED Profit Machine With Email Force!
  • Instantly generate profitable emails to promote any product or service …
  • Save time: Email Force syncs directly to your autoresponder and can upload and send your emails for you
  • Maximize automated profits per subscriber with unlimited winning emails for unlimited campaigns

==>See The Power Of Email Force (Email Force Review Video)<==

How Does Email Force Work?

==> Email Force Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Non-Stop Email Profits In 3 Simple Steps Using Email Force:

[+] Step#1:

  • Login, choose a category and fill in your product or offer details.

[+] Step#2:

  • Select the types of emails and sequences you want, click “create” – get up to 75 unique emails PER promotion.

[+] Step#3:

  • Customize your messages with the built-in editor, then watch the software connect to your autoresponder and send your proven-to-convert emails for you!

AUTOMATED Profits With Email Force….See The Results For Yourself!


Just Login, Select A Category And Let Email Force Go To Work Pick From 8 Categories And 17 Unique Sequences:

  • 2 Webinar, Sequences
  • 5 Front-End Product Sequences
  • Top Converting Upsell Sequence
  • 5 Lead Magnet Sequences
  • Product Launch Sequence
  • Affiliate Marketing Sequence
  • Powerful High Ticket Sales Sequence
  • Proven Service Consulting Sequence

Over 75 Unique Emails To Customize In UNLIMITED Ways For ANY Product Or Service:

Email Force Makes It 3 Step Simple For You:

[1] Login, choose a category and fill in a profile for your product or service.

You’ll be guided through a series of questions that define your product, target market, unique selling propositions and more.

You can save each profile to reuse or modify in the future.

[2] Select the sequences you want emails for, then click “create”. Email Force will automatically generate up to 75 powerful & unique emails for your promotion.

Use the built-in editor to customize your emails to perfectly fit your style – change appearance, layout, wording and calls-to-action with the click of your mouse.

[3] Let Email Force upload your campaigns directly to your autoresponder and send them for you …
Or do it manually and schedule as you see fit – the choice is yours.
Sit back and watch the automated profits pile up as your winning campaigns are delivered.

Save Time & Hassles: Email Force Uploads And Sends Your Campaigns For You!

  • DIRECT API Integration With Your Favorite Autoresponders
  • More autoresponders are being added regularly, and if yours isn’t on the list you can quickly import your Email Force sequences manually.

The Art Of PROFITABLE Email Marketing, Simplified:

  • Thanks to automation and a massive collection of the most powerful email scripts ever written, your email marketing success has become push-button simple.
  • Maximize profits per subscriber from every promotion.
  • Engage your list with compelling content.
  • Drive more registrations to webinars and big ticket events.
  • Earn higher commissions with purpose-built email sequences that incorporate urgency and value.

A Close Look Under The Hood Of Email Force:

[+] Next Generation Email Copy Creator:

  • Email Force is the 1st automated copy generator specifically designed for email creation.
  • It combines winning subject lines with compelling copy & CTAs to maximize your opens, engagement, clicks & profits from every email.

[+] Unmatched Flexibility:

  • Choose from 8 categories and 17 complete sequences to create an astounding 75 emails for ANY product or service. The built-in editor makes it point and click simple to customize any element of any message in seconds.

[+] Emails That Convert, Period:

  • We contracted dozens of the world’s leading email copywriters across a huge range of markets and niches. Email Force scripts are built from top converting elements crafted by copywriting masters … and are part of each unique email to get you the conversions you deserve.

[+] Step By Step Simple To Use:

  • For each promotion, you’ll be guided through a series of targeted questions AND see suggested answers. These allow the software to create custom messages that laser target your audience and highlight the benefits of your promotions.

[+] 100% Unique Messages For Your Audience:

  • Stand out in the inbox with captivating, click-driving messages your subscribers will feel were written specifically for them.
  • Email Force’s automation engine and profile system ensure unique messages for every campaign you create.

[+] A Revolution In Email Technology:

  • Having emails written for you is great, but Email Force takes it to the next level.
  • The software connects via API to your autoresponder and can automatically upload and SEND your emails to the lists you choose … without you ever having to login to your autoresponder.

[+] Unlimited Profiles & Emails:

  • There are zero caps on how many profiles or emails you create with Email Force.
  • Use the software to create 100 emails this week, 1000 next week, or even more.

[+] Cloud-Based Software:

  • Nothing to install and updates are delivered seamlessly in the background.
  • Access Email Force from anywhere, from any device. Create winning campaigns from your smartphone or desktop, from anywhere in the world.

[+] Dedicated Support & Training:

  • Included with your license is priority support if you EVER have a question.
  • In addition, a complete set of training modules is waiting inside the dash to show you exactly how to take best advantage of the software.

Who IS Email Force For?

If you have, or are building a subscriber list, Email Force is going to be your new best friend. With specific benefits for:

[+] List Builders:

  • multiple sequences inside Email Force convert your new leads into paying customers.

[+] Product Launchers:

  • create buzz for your upcoming launch with automated emails that make your subscribers EAGER to buy your next product.

[+] Affiliate Marketers:

  • unleash the power of Email Force to craft single or complete email campaigns to drive higher commissions every time you promote
  • Webinar / Big Ticket Sellers – multiple webinar and high ticket sequences generate more signups and sales opportunities

[+] eCom Marketers:

  • the software includes shopping cart abandonment and upsell sequences proven to maximize average order value

[+] Service Providers / Consultants:

  • get more paying clients with powerful emails that turn leads into clients

Just How Powerful Is EFFECTIVE Email Marketing?

[+] Welcome Emails: INCLUDED With Email Force

  • Welcome emails are incredibly effective: on average, 320% more revenue is attributed to them on a per email basis than other promotional emails –, June 2017

[+] Cart Recovery Emails: INCLUDED With Email Force

  • The cart recovery series generates up to 131% more orders than the single cart recovery email-, July 2017

[+] Promotional Emails: INCLUDED With Email Force

  • 7 of 10 Consumers Redeem Email Promotions
  • 7 out of 10 people actually used a promo code or discount that they received in their email-, April 2017
  • All These Emails And HUNDREDS More Are Waiting For You Inside Email Force!

EmailForce 14 Days Money Back Guarantee:


Look What Real People Are Saying About Email Force:

EmailForce is a really fresh approach to digital marketing. Now, you can send emails that were previously only possible if you’d hired a top-end copywriter. That’s powerful stuff on its own but combine that with your personalised Customer Avatar and you get a tool that’s worth its weight in gold.
Steve Mellor
Emails for is a simplicity that can turn someone ,like me, into a master copywriter, just by answering a few easy questions, which creates highly converting Autoresponder sequences with the click of a button. I watched my email marketing efforts explode with new levels of success, as if you were spending thousands on professionally written Email copy. This is one of the biggest returns i have ever had on such a small investment, E mail Force gets my highest recommendation. “
Bruce Frazer
The different sequences are what makes this special to me because you get that “ah ha moment” when you realize this is how these marketers are making money with email marketing. Having multiple email sequences that you can use to get your subscriber to know like and trust you so that they take the desired action whatever that may be in your emails. I’ve seen my results triple over night..
Akil Brown

Email Force Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: I’m kind of new and just starting to build a list. Will Email Force help me?

  • Answer: You bet! The software will help you convert more new leads into long-term customers in literally any niche. Plus the bonus training will help you build your list more effectively than ever … then you can use the software to maximize your profits per customer.

Q2: What kinds of offers does Email Force create automated emails for?

  • Answer: Literally anything you can imagine. Whether you’re promoting eCom products, affiliate offers, big ticket items or anything in-between, there are specific categories, sequences and emails built right into Email Force that get the job done.

Q3: Are the messages Email Force creates unique to my products and services?

  • Answer: Absolutely! The software leads you through a series of questions to identify the key details of your specific offer.
  • Then the “copy engine” takes over to create 100% unique messages for your products or services, using top converting subject lines, calls to action and body copy.

Q4: Are there any limits on how many emails or sequences I can create?

  • Answer: None at all! As a charter member of Email Force, you’ll have lifetime, unlimited access to create as many emails or entire sequences as you want.

Q5: Will this work on my Mac?

  • Answer: You bet! Email Force is a completely cloud-based solution, so you can access it from any device with an internet connection. Use it from your desktop, phone or tablet – regardless of operating system.

Email Force OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: Email Force Sequence Club: Onetime Payment Of $47

MAXIMIZE Your Profits From EVERY Promo With UPDATED Emails That Get Opened, Get Clicked … And Get YOU Paid!

[+] 5 Brand New Cutting Edge Emails Every Month:

  • Each optimized with “open now” subject lines & compelling calls to action

[+] 11 Sequences That Turn Prospects Into Buyers In Any Niche:

  • Covering in-demand topics to maximize engagement, conversions & profits

[+] 100% Customizable For Unlimited Options:

  • Use the Email Force editor to customize any element of any email to craft your perfect promotion every time

[+] A Growing Library Of Email Assets To Explode Your Profits:

  • It would have been pretty easy for us to put together a “bulk” collection of email swipes and offer them as a bundle.
  • But that’s not going to do you any good – to get the results you deserve, you need constantly updated emails that reflect changes in the market.
  • So your messages continue to inbox, get opened and clicked … And get you paid.
  • That’s why The Email Force Sequence Club delivers you the latest and greatest emails monthly.
  • Our copywriters and research teams stay ahead of the trends, triggers and email algorithms so you don’t have to.
  • Each and every sequence & email inside the club is the product of expert copywriters and researchers.
  • Designed to get the click and keep you out of the spam box.
  • You’ll be able to use these to drive higher conversions to whatever you’re promoting.
  • Today, tomorrow and long term.

[+] Go Deeper. Get Paid Higher:

  • Every email contained inside The Club is built to INCREASE your Email Force profits.
  • We all know most consumers need to hear a message multiple times before taking action. Your Sequence
  • Club emails are specifically designed to convert more prospects into buyers … in a natural, friendly and engaging way.

[+] DFY, profitable emails coming your way over the next 12 months to use ANY WAY you want….Which Means:

  • MORE ways to promote your big ticket products
  • MORE ways to convert prospects into webinar registrations
  • MORE ways to run winning affiliate promotions
  • MORE ways to sell more of your own products
  • MORE ways to maximize profits with upsells
  • MORE ways to increase order value from your eCom customers
  • MORE ways to attract more clients to your services

OTO#2: Email Force Niche Packs: Onetime Payment Of $67

For anyone looking to get a JUMPSTART to profits with Email Force …How To Use Email Force To Profit 3X FASTER And Create A SECOND Passive Income Stream….

[+] DFY Profiles For INSTANT Email Creation Across A Wide Range Of High-Profit Niches:

  • Email Force Niche Packs covers a selection of the most PROFITABLE niches in marketing today.
  • For each category, we hired a specialized team to research the market, prospect demographics, competition and much, much more.
  • Then, we filled in EVERY profile question for each niche FOR you. All you’ll have to do is customize a few details about your specific promo …
  • Then you can generate up to 75 emails as fast as you can click your mouse … and get your promos sent and making you money faster than ever.

[+] More Profits, Faster:

  • You’ll never miss out on a time-sensitive offer again … because you can have emails across a wide range of niches READY TO SEND in 5 minutes or less.
  • You’ll never have to waste hours – or even days – researching your market and prospects. Forget surfing forums, sending out surveys, and studying the competition … because we’ve done it ALL for you.
  • Make FAST-MOVER profits by being the 1st marketer in the inbox with engaging, top-converting emails that get noticed, get clicked, and get you paid.

[+] Higher Conversions, Naturally:

  • Any marketing message – and email especially – converts best when readers feel it’s written specifically to them.
  • Email Force Niche Packs instantly create emails that make this connection FOR you … because they’re based on the latest research about your market and prospects.
  • Every relevant pain point, trigger, goal and more is combined into each email. Meaning an EFFORTLESS increase in conversions and profits from every message you send.

[+] Niche Packs That Get You Paid, Period:

  • No basket-weaving or astrology niches here – only niches packed with buyers that are ACTIVELY looking for solutions and SPENDING money.
  • Use these packs to drive effortless profits from every automated email you send.

[+] Here Are The DFY Niche Packs Waiting For You Inside:

  • Real Estate
  • Internet Marketing
  • Local Marketing
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • High Ticket Sales
  • Health
  • SEVEN Of The Most Profitable Online Niches – DONE FOR YOU

There are BILLIONS being spent in these 7 niches.

[+] Best part? Repeat buyers that are CONSTANTLY looking for new solutions, new products, and new services:

  • We’re putting you directly in front of these hungry buyers, and have done ALL the heavy lifting for you.
  • Profit faster than ever with emails you can create on-the-fly in 7 high-powered niches
  • Each pack covers the pain points and buying triggers of ideal prospects to maximize your conversions
  • EVERY profile question in Email Force is pre-filled … within MINUTES of customizing your specific product or service, you’ll have a huge selection of targeted emails ready to send

OTO#3: Email Force Passive Profits: Onetime Payment Of $147

Bank 4 To 5 Figure PASSIVE Profits Each Month With An AUTOMATED Service That Sells Itself….

=> Here’s What Email Force Passive Profits ISN’T:

A ‘resell rights’ package that only lets you sell the software to a limited number of clients

Why Not?

  • Resell rights upgrades are popular, but rarely get used by real customers. The only way to make money with them is to actually make sales… and sadly that’s the part missing in most of these offers.
  • Selling one-time software licenses is NOT going to make you passive income. Every buyer could then use Email Force to create their own emails … so you make a single sale and are no longer needed.

We’re taking a different approach. By showing you how to put yourself in front of the money that’s ALREADY being spent.

For a very REAL opportunity to make 4 to 5 figure profits each and every month.

=> Here’s What Email Force Passive Profits IS:

  • A FORMULA for creating ongoing monthly commissions.
  • What does any SUCCESSFUL money-making formula need?
  • A market full of people that NEED a specific service You’ve already SEEN that this market is virtually unlimited
  • A service that provides solutions that people are willing to pay for You’ve seen above that businesses are actively ADVERTISING for email marketing services
  • A PROVEN, repeatable METHOD for connecting with these buyers to make monthly commissions
  • The formula needs all three parts to work … ESPECIALLY part (3) And THAT’S the secret weapon inside Email Force Passive Profits

=> Here’s What’s Inside:

  • 6 part video training by Justin Burns on finding and CLOSING ideal clients that will happily pay you monthly for email marketing You’ll NEVER wonder where to find paying customers again
  • Prospecting to pitching, negotiating and closing … tap into EVERY one of Justin’s winning sales strategies Soon you’ll have a lineup of clients paying you MONTHLY
  • 3 LIVE webinars where Justin will PERSONALLY walk you through the process, including how to use Email Force to provide the email services for you 3 interactive sessions where you’ll get answers to any question you have, and see step-by-step how to create a monthly passive income stream

=> It’s Like Having Your Own EXPERT “Client-Getting” Sales Coach:

  • The whole point of Email Force Passive Profits is in the title.
  • We want YOU to make passive monthly profits.
  • That’s why Justin has invested so much time and energy into this program … AND is going to jump on 3 live & interactive webinars with you to make sure you succeed.
  • You’re not going to see an offer like this, for so little, ever again.
  • Many “upgrades” fail you by NOT showing exactly HOW to make money …
  • Email Force Passive Profits delivers with 100% focus on what to do, when to do it, and how in order to bring in clients that PAY YOU every single month.

Email Force Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Email Force?

If you are searching for 100% AUTOMATED Software that will enable you to Turn $1 Into $44 From EVERY Email You Send & Maximize Profits Per Subscriber In Any Niche Without EVER Writing An Email Again, then EmailForce will be your highly recommended choice.

Turn ANY list into a profit machine with DFY emails PROVEN to drive sales

Make up to a whopping 4300% ROI from every campaign

Minimize or COMPLETELY eliminate your need for paid traffic, ever again

PERFECT for BOTH beginners and advanced marketers looking to profit WHILE they build their lists!

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Thanks a lot For Reading My Email Force Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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