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Elementio Overview:

Creators: Karthik Ramani, Zeeshan Ahmed & Declan
Date Of Launch: 2016-10-11
Time Of Launch: 9:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site: http://elementio.in/
Bonuses: Yes, Special $4872 Bonuses
Recommended: Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of Elementio?

Karthik Ramani, Zeeshan Ahmed & Declan are the men behind Elementio.

They are successful internet marketers with many years of experience and several very successful product launches behind them such as Social Directory, One Links, Social Mini Store, Social Marketing Suite, FB Magic Bar, Quiz Funnels, Channel Authority Builder, EasyLinks, Lazy Profit Explosion, Total eCom Takeover, Constant Profit Factory and others.

What Is Elementio?

Introducing the world’s first overlay platform with drag & drop element placement. The most user-friendly, yet advanced, overlay platform on the market today…

Elementio is the smart marketer’s lead generation tool for the 21st Century.

The creators weren’t the first to come up with a page overlay system to capture leads using curated content. But The creators do it better.

They didn’t build a one-trick pony like the other guys.
Elementio is far more flexible – and far less costly than other overlay options.

[+] Elementio (Case Study):

How We Increased Sales 40% With Our Element Overlays……

We’ve already shown you proof of how adding our elements to your pages can dramatically boost your conversions.

However, we also wanted to show you a case study to demonstrate what a dramatic difference adding elements can make to your campaigns.

Here are the results of adding one of our countdown timers on the closing day of a recent promotion – it created a sense of urgency and scarcity that turned up the heat on sales.

We generated over 40% of total sales after adding this element to our page… here’s proof.

And this is only ONE example of how our attractive page overlay elements helps you increase sales and conversions… on ANY of your marketing pages.

=>See The Power Of Elementio In Action<=

How Does Elementio Work?

Watch the demo video below to discover how you can grow your lists fast… and cash in with curated content:

==> Elementio Walk Through Demo Video <==

Add high converting elements to your marketing pages to significantly boost conversions IN JUST 3 SIMPLE STEPS:

Step #1:

  • Create your campaign.

Step #2:

  • Choose and customize any of our 12 impossible-to-ignore overlay elements.

Step #3:

  • Choose and customize any of our 12 impossible-to-ignore overlay elements.

Because Elementio also lets you…

=> Drive Viral Traffic… Anytime You Want It:

The lifeblood of an online business is traffic. Especially FREE traffic.

And Elementio’s got you covered… without any need to log in or out of your social networks.

Share any of your marketing pages to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest with a click… just sit back and enjoy floods of FREE traffic arriving to you pages.

Here’s Just A Small Sample Of Our Conversion Crushing Elements:

[+] Animated characters:

  • grab your visitor’s attention with delightful animated characters. Let these fun website mascots do the talking for you… point out limited-time offers, opt-in boxes, phone numbers… or any kind of important information you want to draw attention to most.

[+] Polls:

  • stop guessing. There’s no better way to get more sales and subscribers than to find out what your visitors want most! Add a poll to the top of your pages… uncover the products and services your visitors are most desperate for. Then cash in!

[+] Product Boxes:

  • highlight new products and closeouts with hypnotizing product boxes that simply can’t be missed! Feature scarcity timers and more inside the Product Boxes to drive your sales through the roof.

These elements stop your visitors in their tracks – and ends banner blindness for more subscribers and sales!

And this is only the start of what you can do with Elementio’s overlay elements… we’ll reveal more elements in the suite and how to use them very soon.

First, let’s get the verdict on Elementio from our beta testers:

Beta Testers Say:

If you’re starting to get excited at all you’ve seen so far…

It’s time to let you in on a BIG secret. You can even use the overlay elements on pages you DON’T own…

See What Experts Are Saying About Elementio:

How YOU Can Score Leads AND Sales Using Other People’s Content:

When you share a great piece of content, you get some solid benefits.

It’s no coincidence some of the most profitable websites on the planet make money by sharing content.

Sharing hot, trending topics brings viral traffic to your website.

That’s why high traffic website like:

All share other people’s content.

content sharing boosts your reader engagement significantly… creates tons of good will… and builds your status as an authority in your niche.



It can hurt YOU in the wallet.

Here’s the problem:

  • “When you share other people’s content, you don’t get a chance to grab any subscribers or sales!”

A few years ago, a company came up with a solution for the problem of missing out on sales and subscribers by sharing curated content. They created software which allowed users to overlay notification boxes on curated content. When the reader clicked on the notification, they would be redirected to a URL of the user’s choice.

This meant you could finally capture leads and sales which would be lost when you share curated content. And there’s an additional BIG benefit.

=> Overlays Fix What’s Wrong With Opt-In Forms:

  • What makes overlay technology even more powerful is you can create a call-to-action to specifically target a given piece of content.
  • This way, there’s no disconnect for readers when they see an opt-in form.
  • Typical opt-in forms try to appeal to all readers of a blog. Unfortunately, the forms usually aren’t related in the slightest to blog content visitors are reading. This makes it less likely readers will subscribe.
  • Being able to create a call-to-action directly related to the content of a page melts your readers’ resistance to giving up their email address. And drives your lead generation efforts through the roof! While existing overlay technology was a clear breakthrough for marketers, it didn’t go far enough.

=> It Was High Time For FLEXIBLE Page Overlay Software:

Major websites such as Buffer, QuickSprout, Entrepreneur, Moz.com, AppSumo and Social Media Examiner were ALREADY using overlay technology to capture leads… but in our opinion…

=> Overlay technology could be better and more effective:

There were no options to create different types of overlays… or place multiple overlays on a page… and you were stuck with the same overlay placement on every page… a surefire recipe for banner blindness.

So we spent months in research and testing and overcame ALL these limitations… to bring you the best overlay technology on the market today.


For a FRACTION of what the other guys charge for their overlay software…..

When you see the results, you’ll become a believer!

And while your jaw will drop when you see how fast you’re growing your email list with overlays, don’t forget about how you’ll make bank.

You’re only minutes away from selling more affiliate products than ever before… from cashing in on eComm offers… from making bank with CPA offers… AND selling more of your own products than you can imagine right now.

All with 100% FREE traffic. And without writing a word of your own content or hiring an expensive writer.

Here are the big reasons why Elementio will transform lead generation for your business in 2016 and beyond:

[+] Add Multiple Overlay Elements, To Any Page:

  • Elementio allows you to add multiple overlay elements to your web pages from any of 12 available options. Use one element… or use them all in your campaigns.

[+] Curated Campaign Content From The Hottest Websites on the Planet Saves You Time & Money:

  • Hot trending posts from viral content sources are at your fingertips inside the Dashboard. Simply edit with YOUR overlays for fast, easy list building and off-the-chart sales using OTHER people’s viral content.

[+] Use Content From Any URL:

  • want to use content from your own website or elsewhere? Elementio allows you to place your overlays on any URL of your choice.

[+] Drag & Drop Element Positioning:

  • place overlays where they’re most visible… real-time mobile preview ensures overlays are placed optimally for mobile traffic. Got heatmap software? Use it to optimize your placement for insane conversions!

[+] Full Control Over Elementio Created Pages:

  • worried you could lose your overlayed content if the owner takes down the page? Relax. Download your Elementio-created pages as HTML with one-click. Upload them to your server for peace of mind.

[+] Intuitive Dashboard:

  • everything you need to get the most out of Elementio is highly visible inside the dashboard. Get access to campaign data, tutorials and support at a glance.

[+] Share Campaigns Inside The Elementio Dashboard With 1 Click:

  • get FREE viral traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest without having to log in and out of any sites.

[+] Real Time Stats:

  • optimize your campaigns with real time stats. No guessing – you’ll know which of your campaigns are crushing it so you can EASILY scale them for even higher profits.

[+] Built-in URL Shortener:

  • Create shortened links on the fly with URL shorteners from Google and Bit.ly baked right into the Elementio Dashboard – so YOUR links work on all the top social networks every time.

[+] Campaign Clone:

  • replicate your best campaigns with a single click. Makes split testing headlines, images and text a breeze.

And these powerful features are only a start of what Elementio has to offer. While Elementio is a cut above more expensive overlay platforms, here’s the most important reason you need it.

Elementio adds to YOUR bottom line – no matter what your marketing focus is…..

Explode YOUR Income Potential With Elementio:

Whether you’re an affiliate or CPA marketer, eCommerce site owner, product vendor, blogger or social media marketer, Elementio boosts your subscriber base AND earnings.

Whether you’re a(n):

=> Email Marketer:

  • grow your subscriber base fast by creating calls-to-action directly related to the content your reader is browsing.

=> Affiliate and CPA Marketer:

  • redirect motivated readers who want to solve their problems to your offers with notification boxes, videos and more.

=> eCommerce Store Owner:

  • add attractive Product Boxes with discounts and countdown timers. Stir up an incredible urgency for your visitors to buy your offers on the spot.

=> Blogger:

  • grow your email lists, create engagement and convert more visitors with calls-to action featuring animated characters.

=> Product vendor:

  • use overlays to alert your followers of your latest release. Or send them to a sign-up page so they don’t miss out on early-bird product specials.

=> Video marketer:

  • place your own videos (from YouTube or Vimeo) on curated content for powerfully effective lead generation and sales.

=> Social media marketer:

  • share your Elementio links with your social media followers for FREE viral traffic to your landing and sales pages.

=> All website owners:

  • keep your visitors on your pages longer – reduce your bounce rates for floods of FREE organic search traffic.

Remember, you can drag & drop ANY of Elementio’s overlay features anywhere on your webpage:

[+] Notification Box:

  • Ideal for affiliate/CPA marketers. 3 individual box styles catch your visitor’s attention… and put your links in the path of a hungry crowd. Full styling options available including custom image upload, choice of border/text/font and button colors, a delay setting and animations.

[+] Video Box:

  • create showstopping video notification boxes with custom calls-to-actions and animations. 20 pre-formatted CTA buttons are included (upload your own buttons if desired).

[+] Delay Pop Up:

  • maximize conversions by delaying popups until visitors have time to interact with your content. Upload a custom popup image, or choose one from your existing library.

[+] Countdown Timer:

  • timers add extra urgency to your offers. Creates blockbuster sales and subscriber sign ups. Choose from 8 timer style options; customize background color, headline font style and color.

[+] Exit Pop:

  • eCommerce marketers: incentivize visitors with a discount code to stay on site or subscribe. Affiliates, product vendors and CPA marketers get a last chance to add visitors to their lists before they leave their sites for good.

[+] Image Box:

  • creates a clickable image which redirects to any URL of your choice. Ideal for social media marketers.

[+] Embed Custom HTML:

  • place HTML opt-in forms in your overlays to sign up eager new subscribers on the spot… or place custom HTML code within the embed box. Compatible with ALL HTML- based autoresponder forms.

[+] Retargeting Pixel Support:

  • Elementio retargeting pixel placement is a simple copy & paste operation which takes mere seconds. It’s never been easier to boost conversions with the proven power of retargeting.

[+] Meta Details Support:

  • improve your SEO for FREE organic traffic by including page titles, meta descriptions and keywords on your Elementio pages.

Elementio Pricing:

You can choose from 3 Licenses the License that suits you:

[+] Elementio Basic: Onetime Payment Of $17:

  • Any Webpage or Most Trending Topics
  • 10 powerful elements never seen before
  • Define element’s position via Drag Drop
  • Real time preview of your campaigns
  • HTML Download Option
  • Built-in URL shortener (Google/Bitly)
  • Display campaign elements via Script
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Built in Mobile Responsive Checker
  • One Click Social Sharing
  • 10 Campaigns

[+] Elementio Standard: Onetime Payment Of$27:

  • Any Webpage or Most Trending Topics
  • 10 powerfull elements never seen before
  • Define element’s position via Drag Drop
  • Real time preview of your campaigns
  • HTML Download Option
  • Built-in URL shortener (Google/Bitly)
  • Display campaign elements via Script
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Built in Mobile Responsive Checker
  • One Click Social Sharing
  • 25 Campaigns

[+] Elementio Elite: Onetime Payment Of$33:

  • Any Webpage or Most Trending Topics
  • 10 powerfull elements never seen before
  • Define element’s position via Drag Drop
  • Real time preview of your campaigns
  • HTML Download Option
  • Built-in URL shortener (Google/Bitly)
  • Display campaign elements via Script
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Built in Mobile Responsive Checker
  • One Click Social Sharing
  • Unlimited Campaigns

Elementio Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Is Elementio compatible with my Mac?

  • Answer: Elmentio is web-based, so it will work with any operating system. There’s nothing to download, or install. Just log in, and get your 1st campaign up in just minutes from now.

Q2: I’m not very technical. Is Elementio for me?

  • Answer: Elementio is very user-friendly. We’ve included full training with the software. As well, we’ve included short videos with every element in case you need a quick refresher how to use it. Elmentio is perfect for even beginners to start generating leads quickly.

Q3: Will I get into trouble for using someone else’s content?

  • Answer: unlikely. This same technology is being used by multiple vendors without any incident. You’re still sending traffic to the sites you’re overlaying. It’s a win-win for you and them. If you feel unsure, you can simply contact the website owner for permission.

Q4: I’m still not quite sure how this works. Can you explain it again?

  • Answer: It’s all quite simple. You select a piece of content from inside the Dashboard (or provide the URL of the content you want to overlay.) Choose from one of the 12 overlay options and edit as desired. Save and publish. Elementio will then generate a special link for you to share on your social media networks or on your blog. The entire process takes just minutes.

Q5: What happens when a visitor clicks on my overlay?

  • Answer: When you set up your Elementio generated link, you choose the URL you want visitors sent to. This can be a sales page, affiliate or CPA offer or opt-in form of your choice. You have complete control over which URL your visitor is sent to after clicking on your overlay.

Q6: Can I use more than one Elementio overlay per webpage?

  • Answer: Yes! You can use as many as you’d like. Just drag and drop your overlays anywhere you’d like on your webpages.

Q7: How can I be sure the overlays will look good on mobile devices?

  • Answer: Elementio lets you preview your overlays in real-time before they’re published. If you need to make adjustments, you can easily do them before your edited pages go live.

Q8: How will I know which overlays are generating leads and sales?

  • Answer: Elementio has real-time analytics so you can see which campaigns are working best.

Q9: If I have a great campaign, can I clone it?

  • Answer: You can clone your Elementio campaigns right from inside the Dashboard. Clone, tweak your wording a bit and your new campaign is ready in seconds.

Q10: Can I customize my overlays however I like?

  • Answer: You have tons of options to customize your overlays with different font styles, font colors and unique images to your heart’s desire.

Q11: Can I set my overlays to appear on a delay?

  • Answer: Yes, you can! As well, you can also add countdown timers to your edited webpages to drive conversions even higher.

Elementio OTO:

OTO#1: Elementio PRO: Onetime Payment Of $47

“Gain An UNFAIR Advantage In ANY Niche With The PRO Version Of Elementio!”

Share Elementio Campaigns Directly To Your WordPress Blogs Without Touching ANY Code…Build FanPage Tabs With A Single Click…And Much More!

Elementio Pro The Insider’s Secret For EPIC Conversions In EVERY Niche!

Our beta testers wanted some additional elements to ramp up the results they were getting with Elementio to warp speed. They asked for more templates… and elements tailor-made to convert mobile visitors.

They also wanted to give setting up Elementio campaigns on WordPress blog and Facebook wings… so they could set up multiple, high converting campaign in just minutes.

We listened. And then we delivered.

Here are the details of everything you’ll receive with your purchase of Elementio Pro today:

[+] Product Card Element:

  • Display your eComm and affiliate products in attractive bite-sized “Card” format. Cards can hold all types of content – visuals, text, links, etc. Perfect for getting your offers in front of mobile traffic.

[+] ShareBox Element:

  • Gain viral social traffic to your product offers when you present this attractive ShareBox feature to your audience. Visitors can share your products directly to their Facebook and Twitter audience for FREE traffic, scores of fresh subscribers and juicy passive profits.

[+] WordPress Plugin:

  • This was THE most requested feature by our testers. Now, you can make WP embed process 3 click simple, without any tedious cutting and pasting of HTML code… right from inside the Elementio Dashboard. Get all the benefits of displaying your campaigns on web property YOU control.

[+] 1-Click FB PageTab Builder:

  • FanPage monetization made simple. Add any published Elementio campaign to your FB page as a tab with just one 1-click. Add multiple tabs for the easiest way to monetize your FanPages and grab more subscribers!

[+] Additional ProductBox Templates:

  • eCommerce marketers will appreciate how simple these additional ProductBox overlays make it to set up high converting physical product campaigns. Remember, the more ProductBoxes you get out there . . . the more passive profits you’ll earn!

[+] More Animated Characters:

  • Captivate your visitors with additional eye-catching animated characters. Show off your offers and opt-in boxes in style. Your visitors will be delighted when your animated characters dance and spin before their eyes… and draw attention to your offers in a fun, non-pushy way.

[+] More High Converting VideoBoxes:

  • Video is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s tool chest because it creates such high visitor engagement. Now, turn video engagement into conversions with additional VideoBox templates with built in calls-to-action to get your visitors to take action on your offers.

OTO#2: Elementio Developer: Onetime Payment Of $97

Get your hands on full Developer Rights and turn Elementio into your very own business empire!

Elelmentio Developer Rights will take your marketing to the next level… turn it into a complete business system you can sell to your clients to maximise your profit. Even 1 sale will cover your cost many times over.

[+] Elementio Developer Rights:

  • With the Developer Rights you can offer Elementio to over 250 clients. You do not have to worry about the hosting part as we take care it of all for you. You get to keep all the profit for you.

[+] Client Accounts – “Business in a box”:

  • Create a sub-account for your client to log in and manage their own pages and elements….This is like a full SaaS you run on our server and keep all the profit. Even one sale will cover the cost of your purchase many times over.
  • Not only do you get all these amazing extra features in your Elementio account….the full client system means you can offer all this as your own service to your clients.
  • Even one of these can cover the cost of Elementio Pro version many times over.

[+] Make Elementio Your Very Own Turn-key Subscription Business:

  • Elementio can be the engine that drives your entire offline business. Use it to create elements to win over clients then sell them on your other services such as consultancy or web development.
  • To create a recurring cash flow, simply charge your clients a monthly fee to use our app and if they cancel or don’t pay, you can disable their account or downgrade it – we do the hard work, you get full control….and all the profit.
  • To develop an app like Elementio would cost $1000’s and easily take 6 months+ to build.
  • With Elementio Pro, you skip that time and financial overhead and for a single, low, one-off fee you get your very own SaaS that you can bank with over and over again, and we never take a cut of the profit. This is a deal we are only making during the launch, for obvious reasons.

OTO#3: Elementio White Label Rights:

You can choose from 2 packages the package that suits you:

[+] Sell 100 Licenses: Onetime Payment Of $197

[+] Sell 250 Licenses: Onetime Payment Of $297

Want to do exactly what we are doing now and be able to sell user accounts for your very own Whitelabel version of Elementio?

Elementio White Label Rights Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What do you I get when I purchase Elementio White Label?

  • Answer: With this Exclusive White Label, you get access to the admin rights of this tool and can provide limited access to your clients.
  • This is targeted towards local consultants only – and mass selling using a sales is not allowed.

Q2: How do I set up my White Label account?

  • Answer: We will set this account up when you provide the following details to our support desk:

1. Your domain name

2. Brand name of the tool

3. Logo

Q3: What will I get from this Social Surveys Exclusive White Label license?

  • Answer: Branding on the sub-domain, You can use your logo on the tool and You can provide access to your clientele.

Q4: What will my client get through his access?

  • Answer: Your client has his own access to the dashboard where he/she can create campaigns.

Q5: Can I sell in a blackhat site or on forums?

  • Answer: No you cannnot sell it those pirate sites or forums. This white label is purely targeted at local consultants only and you can also sell this online via generating traffic to a landing page that you create but do remember there is no automatic license delivery and you will have to do it manually and the key will be sent to your customer.

Q6: Can I offer this as a bonus to other paid products?

  • Answer: No, you cannot offer this as a bonus at all, not you can give this away. You can either charge a fixed one time fee or a recurring fee that you decide , eitherways it has to be a paid sale.

Q7: Can I refund the FE and OTO Offer after purchasing white label?

  • Answer: No absolutely not. To be eligible to hold a whte label license you should be a current user of the basic version and pro version only after purchasing that you are eligible to purchase the white label offer.

Q8: Can I use your sales page to sell?

  • Answer: No, you cannot directly use our sales page , but you can take pointers from this page and videos and make your own sales materials.

Elementio Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I highly recommend you to get your Copy of Elementio?

Elementio Increases Conversions On ANY Marketing Page Of Your Choice:

How do you make more money without paying for more traffic?

You optimize the conversions you’re already getting!

Adding Elementio elements to your pages is like plugging them directly into the power grid for supercharged conversions. Because they draw attention to the exact spots on your pages where you want your visitors to take action!

Simply drag & drop any of the 12 fully-customizable Elementio overlay elements on any of your marketing pages, including:

=> Sales Pages
=> Webinar Signup Pages
=> Blogs
=> Content Management Systems
=> Bonus Pages
=> Members Area
=> Landing/Squeeze Pages
=> Checkout pages
=> Static websites
=> Cart Pages
=> Review Pages
=> And Much More…

Then all you have to do is…Sit back and enjoy how many more leads and sales you have pouring in daily with Elementio.

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First, What Are My Customers Saying About My Bonuses And My Support From Previous Reviews?

=>=>Here Are All Bonuses<=<=

=>Also, You Can Check Elementio Bonuses Page<=



How to Claim My Elementio Bonuses?

1- Clear Your cookies in your Web Browser
2- Get Your Copy Now of Elementio Through This Special Bonus Link
3- Verify you see 214267 at the bottom of the checkout page

4- After completing your order , send [Your name, JVZoo receipt id and date of purchase] in message to my FB Account at: https://www.facebook.com/JohnnZakaria or PM me here in WarriorForum or Send message to Johnmason188@gmail.com
5- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

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