Eight Webhosting Review + BEST BONUS + Discount- 8 Years Of Reliable Hosting For A Single Payment!

Eight Webhosting Review Plus Best Eight Webhosting Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Eight Webhosting Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Eight Webhosting to discover everything about it, It’s features, Eight Webhosting OTO details and how this breakthrough Web Hosting Platform Will give you access to 8 Years Of Reliable Hosting For A Single Payment!


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Eight Webhosting Review

Eight Webhosting Overview:

Creators: Pat Falnagan & Richard Madison
Date Of Launch: 2019-08-07
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of Eight Webhosting?

Pat Falnagan & Richard Madison are well known names in the field of online marketing who have created many successful marketing software such as Stockocity, ThreeForOne Hosting, Pixel Studio FX and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Eight Webhosting?

Slow loading sites are one of the reasons many beginners fail in their attempt to make it in online marketing.

The average user lacks patience for a page that takes too long to open.

Slow loading sites are normally caused by poor hosting. And worse, hosting companies never care.

All they do when you report slow loading pages is telling you that the issue will be resolved.

And when it comes to renewal of your hosting service, you find out that the price has shot by up to 400%.

This becomes costlier, especially when you want to manage multiple WordPress sites.

In fact, sometimes your domain can disappear because your hosting went down since your hosting invoice was sent to a spam folder and you didn’t see it on time.

Imagine the embarrassment and loss you will have to incur.

On top of that, your hosting service will charge you for a late fee as well as domain restoration fee.

This is why you need a hosting service that doesn’t need you to renewals now and then.

And better still, when you need to renew, your original price will be guaranteed.

This way, you are guaranteed of top load speeds and better website management.

You can join other customers who are not incurring web hosting costs and not experiencing downtimes.

Faster websites have been proven to increase sales, and this is what you should be getting from your website hosting service.

And now you can pay for hosting for an unlimited number of WordPress sites with Eight Webhosting…..

There are a lot of website maintenance services that this Eight Webhosting offers on top of hosting services.

And today, we will be reviewing it. Therefore, read on our Eight Webhosting review to learn more.

So, What Is Eight Webhosting?

Eight Webhosting introduces a new concept of hosting sites offering unlimited bandwidth and plenty of other great features.

This web hosting service is not only reliable but also affordable since you don’t have to pay for web hosting and domain name after every month.

What’s more, it allows you to host several WordPress sites.

It’s also easy to use since you only need to follow these steps;

=> Step 1:

  • Choose your preferred domain name or enter your existing domain name in the Eight Webhosting dashboard you will be provided.

=> Step 2:

  • Import your existing site in one click or set up a site using over 450 web applications provided.

=> Step 3:

  • With Eight Webhosting, you are assured of 120X uptime guarantee and enjoy many other features which we will discuss in the next section.

==> See The Power Of Eight Webhosting (Eight Webhosting Review Video)<==


How Does Eight Webhosting Software Work?

==> Eight Webhosting Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Eight Webhosting Features:

[+] Two Domain Names Registration For 8 Years:

  • Even if you were given the best hosting, it would be useless without a domain name.
  • In many instances, web hosting services hide this fact from you and only disclose to you that you need to register your domain name after you have paid for your hosting. And domain registration is not cheap.
  • However, with Eight Webhosting, you are given a chance to register two domains for eight years inclusive of domain privacy with any hosting plan that you chose.
  • Some of the domain names you are allowed to register include .co.education, .co.network, .co.financial, .co.technology .co.events, or .co.place domain name

[+] Domain Privacy for two domain for a period of 8 years:

  • You don’t have to tell everyone that you own a certain domain because some scammers can mess you up.
  • Protecting your private information and investment as well as reputation is very important in the online world.
  • It is crazy that ICANN domain rules require you to use your real name and contact information when registering a domain and then make this crucial information public. However, for the sake of your safety, you need to safeguard your private information.
  • With Eight Webhosting, you are given domain privacy for two domain names of your choice for a period of 8 years.

[+] WordPress Control Hub:

  • Managing WordPress is very hard, but you can put it under control.
  • Updating your WordPress sites one at a time is time-consuming since you have to update each plugin.
  • But now, with this premium control hub, you can automate the process of updating your WordPress sites as you can perform bulk updates on all of your WordPress sites from one place.

[+] WordPress Staging:

  • You don’t need to pay a lot of money to create WordPress staging sites that you use to test different changes to your website.
  • You don’t need to bring your entire website offline when updating a theme, making a change, or adding a plugin as you can easily test all the changes in your staging site. Once you are happy with everything, you can move it to the main site easily without fear.

[+] Host 16 websites:

  • To succeed online, you need to target more than one niche.
  • And you don’t have to pay for hosting for each of the sites you set up as this will cost you a lot of money.
  • At Eight Webhosting, you can get Gold and Platinum plans, which enable you to host 4-16 websites.

[+] Unlimited free SSL certificates:

  • You can outrank your competitors by using SSL certificates for your website.
  • Since 2014, Google has been giving preferences to websites with SSL certificates as they are more secure.
  • It is doing this to encourage website owners to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS to safeguard the information of your users.
  • Getting SSL certificates is not cheap and will cost you tens of dollars every year for each domain. But with Eight Webhosting, you will get unlimited free SSL certificates for the domains you own.

[+] Unmetered bandwidth:

  • In other hosting services, website owners are penalized for being successful, such that the more resources you use, the more the money you pay. However, with Eight Webhosting, there are no limits to the amount of resources you use.
  • You can scale your business as much as you want and as fast as you desire without paying more money on your hosting.

[+] Create unlimited email accounts:

  • You can customize your emails to reflect your brand and contain your domain.
  • This way, you will look professional and trustworthy.

[+] 450+ web applications:

  • In addition to WordPress Control Hub, you get 450 more web apps that you can install with a single click.
  • You don’t need any other database to set up and install them.
  • The web applications provided will make your work of managing your sites easier.

[+] Drag and Drop Site builder with over 120 templates:

  • If you don’t have a website, you can build one in minutes and have it go live thanks to the drag and drop site builder.
  • You don’t need to have any coding, CSS, or JavaScript skills to build your website.
  • You also don’t need to upload files and images to your website as you can drag and drop elements to any place you see fit.

[+] Deluxe spam and malware protection:

  • You can prevent viruses and spam emails and links from your website thanks to the protection Eight Webhosting provides.
  • You don’t have to delete irrelevant emails from your inbox now and then. This ensures your site stays safe.

[+] sFTP Support to secure transfer of files:

  • FTP is never safe since it doesn’t encrypt your files- your username and password can be hacked into and exposed.
  • Using FTP means you are sending private details over a network in plain text.
  • If a hacker gains access to your website login details, then you will be compromised.
  • You can secure file transfer through sFTP- secureFTP, and through HTTPS control panel.

[+] Commercial licensing hosting:

  • Do you have other people that are in need of web hosting? Don’t refer them to other hosting providers as you can host their sites on Eight Webhosting and charge them whatever you want.

[+] 24/7 support:

  • Without support, your web hosting is never complete.
  • The first thing you check about hosting is whether or not they have good technical support that is available at any time.
  • Eight Webhosting offers stellar customer support 24/7, which means you will get the needed help at any time of the day.

[+] On top of these features, you will get other amazing bonuses such as:

  • 3,000 Royalty-Free Stock Images
  • Entrepreneurial Success
  • Surefire Local Launchpad

Eight Webhosting FAQ:

Q1: Will I need to renew after eight years?

  • Yes. After eight years, you will have to renew your hosting, and you will pay the same price you paid for the hosting plan you are in. Your hosting price will never go up.

Q2: Why offer customers this deal?

  • Because we want them to grow with us.

Q3: Where are the Eight Webhosting servers located?

  • Eight Webhosting servers are housed in many data centers in North America- California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Toronto, and Utah.

Q4: Why should you trust Eight Webhosting?

  • Because they have been in hosting business for close to two decades hosting over 60,000 websites.

Q5: Can Eight Webhosting handle all the sites?

  • No. This hosting service is not for people who are looking for dedicated server and VPS.
  • This service is reserved for people who will not abuse shared resources.
  • Eight Webhosting use CloudLinux to partition shared accounts so as to prevent misuse of resources, which often results in downtimes.

Q6: Can one use it for storage services?

  • No. Eight Webhosting is not for people looking for online storage services.
  • It is just meant for hosting and not a backup website.

EightWebhosting VS Others:

Eight Webhosting VS Others

EightWebhosting Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Eight Webhosting & The creator’s others tools:

EightWebhosting Reviews

Eight Webhosting OTO OR Upsells:


=>Check EightWebhosting OTO Links Here<=


OTO#1: Eight Webhosting TripleUp Packages

With this upgrade, you will have your storage and accounts tripled, which means you will be able to scale to the level you desire…..
  • And this will be made possible for a similar low price that you paid.
  • With this upgrade, it means you can host more websites for your clients and also backup more files from your websites to enable you to make more money.
  • What’s more, you will get other bonus items to make it a great bargain.

OTO#2: EightWebhosting PowerUp Packages

It is true that Eight Webhosting is complete the way it is, but this upgrade was offered for people who want more features…..

Here are the features you will get to enjoy with this upgrade;

[+] Secure website protection:

  • Although the original hosting secures your site from hackers, you can secure it more by getting this upgrade.
  • With the w/Free Hack Cleanup provided by this upgrade, you will be able to locate infected files, analyze your account to know its vulnerabilities, automate the removal of malware, enjoy premium DDoS protection, and much more.

[+] Triple your server speed:

  • Are you expecting an influx of visitors to your site?
  • This upgrade will ensure your web pages load fast no matter the number of visitors on your site by tripling your CPU resource allocation and memory resources.

[+] Hosting that grows with you:

  • You will not be penalized for becoming successful.
  • This upgrade will ensure your servers are not overloaded and your site is provided with enough resources to handle your visitors.

[+] Excellent uptime:

  • You will get 128GB DDR3 RAM, RAID-10 Enterprise SSD Drives, and IGBS connection to the internet to ensure your site never gets downtime due to an overload of visitors.
  • This is an upgrade for people who want to scale their businesses quickly.

OTO#3: Eight Webhosting AddOn Packages

OTO#4: EightWebhosting Domain Packages

OTO#5: Eight Webhosting Reseller Packages

Eight Webhosting Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Eight Webhosting?

It is true that Eight Webhosting sounds too good to be true, but they have managed to keep up with their promise.

Their aim is to help as many people as possible get an online presence.

This is a web hosting service we can recommend to anyone looking for shared hosting service to host their sites.

It has commendable uptime and stellar customer support. And you assured of stable hosting for eight years.

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Thanks a lot For Reading My Eight Webhosting Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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