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If you are searching for a comprehensive Easy Webinar 4.0 Review, keep reading as I wrote a full Review of Easy Webinar 4.0 software to know all details about it, what its features, People behind it are and how this new software will give you the possibility to easily and quickly create Automated Webinars and life events.

Easy Webinar 4.0 Review

Super Affiliate Machine Overview:

Authors: Casey Zeman
Release Date: Thursday, January 22nd 2015
Market: Webinar Marketing & Software
Bonuses: See My Exclusive $2814 Bonuses
Skill Level Needed: Beginners and Advanced
Website: http://easywebinar.com/
Recommended: Yes

Who Created Easy Webinar 4.0?

Who Created Easy Webinar 4.0Casey Zeman is the man behind Easy Webinar 4.0. He is a popular name in webinar systems industry. He has previous experiences in creating products online and consultancy.

In his site Casey Zeman Online, he teaches people how to get high number of followers and fans using online events and videos, how to drive targeted traffic to their sites using search engines and social media.

Easy Webinar 4 is recommended for you if you are interested in creating live events, web shows and video events.

What is Easy Webinar 4.0?

Easy Webinar 4.0 is a software that will enable you to create Full Summits, Hybrid Events, Automated Events, Live Events funnels and more starting from creating the page until Registering it automatically.

What Are Easy Webinar 4.0 Features?

  • With Easy Webinar, you can create complete event and webinar funnels that convert at a higher conversion rate by using integrations and templates which you can customize as well.
  • Because of integrating with YouTube Live and Google Hangouts, easy webinar will give you the ability to create high quality live Streaming events and also stream out to as many attendees as you want and create unlimited events.
  • You will be able to create Automated Events and webinars funnels. All you will have to do is uploading the recording of the presentation that you choose to easy webinar system and then it will be presented for you with the exact level of engagement and excitement as the live event.
  • Webinar 4.0 will allow you to easily and automatically turn your live event (as soon as it has ended) into an automated event and using the power of automation by automating the live events, engagement, leads and sales you will get from the event when the event is over.
  • The thank you page that you can create with easy webinar can help you get more viral attendees and more leads to your webinars as you will be able to add free gifts in the thank you page, give them these gifts as a reward for sharing your webinar. Sharing your webinars makes them go viral while increasing the conversions rates of registration.
  • You will have high converting Page Templates and you will have the ability to modify the pages of your events by changing text, images and colors or you can easily use the default settings.
  • Easy webinar software creates Email Templates, Count-Down Pages, Replay Pages, Event Pages, Thank You Pages and Registration Pages.
  • With the analytic system, you can know who visited your live events, who registered to them, watched them, watched them more than onetime and who took the actions that you need them to so that you will be able to know who are your most engaged attendees.
  • Easywebinar 4.0 software comes with different chat options for Chatroll, LiveFyre, Facebook, Twitter and more, also the software comes with its own built in chat box.
  • The software comes with easy to use dashboard that will lead to making the whole process of creating and running your webinars and live events easier.
  • You will be able to optimize your created webinars that will lead to getting them on the first pages of search engines while getting high amount of organic traffic. You can choose the title , meta keywords and the meta description for the registration page, thank you page and the event page.
  • Because of integrating with Google Hangout, you will have the ability to use the latest features of Google Hangouts Presenter tools such as Screen Capture, HD Facetime and Lower Thirds. Also you can use the new Strategy “Hybrid events” that means starting your webinars live and then converting them into automated and back to live if you want.
  • You will be able to integrate your own Amazon S3 account with your webinars and you can use YouTube video hosting as well. The video player was created to KEEP attendees in your webinars as it will not enable them to go back to YouTube in case of wanting to leave your webinar.
  • If you have a membership site, As soon as someone becomes a member of your site, he can be directly added to your created webinars, also you can put your pre-recorded events in your membership site as training modules for your new members.
  • You can use Optimize Press 2 registration pages with easy webinar Registration widget and also others Page Builder Software such as Contest Domination and Leadpages.
  • If you have a big live event and you want to increase its bandwidth, you will be able to use your own autoresponder to pass through your attendees unique URL link in every of your mails.
  • Webinar 4.0 will enable you to easily choose a particular webinar funnel and add it as your home page of your own WP website.
  • This feature will help you increase the conversions rate of your sales of “offers or products you want to promote” on your events that you create by giving you the ability to send bonuses over a certain period of time and that will lead to adding a level of urgency in your promoted products that you send to your attendees.
  • Easy webinar software comes with the feature of One Click Events, this feature will enable you to easily send your attendees directly to live events that could be used as training modules without forcing them to register to be able to watch these training modules.
  • If you want to create a new webinar, you will be able instead of setting up a new webinar/ live event funnel from scratch to clone it as many times as you want so that you can save the time you will take to create new funnel every time you want to create webinar.
  • You can add webinar Registration box and thank you page box in Facebook , Sidebar and any page or post in your own website.
  • Easywebinar integrates with all autoresponders such as Aweber, MailChimp, constant contact and more so that you will have the ability to choose from adding your own autoresponder to your live events and add attendees who register for watching your live events to your own Autoresponder list, using easy webinar built in Email Notification system or adding both of them for your reminder and follow up emails.
  • Attendees can get access to your webinars and live events from their mobile and also any device because it is multiple devices accessible.

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Who can benefit from Easy Webinar 4.0 software?

  • Gaming industry specialists
  • Medical industry specialists
  • If you want to successfully launch new products on your niche.
  • If you are a business owner and interested in building your online presence.
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teachers
  • Marketing industry specialists

Easy Webinar 4.0 Review Conclusion

If you want to use the power of automated webinars and online events in your online business to increase your sales and profits, Easy Webinar 4.0 will be your highly recommended platform as it will enable you to create automated webinars that will increase the engagement of your audience with you, boost your lead generation and build your online trust.

Easy Webinar 4.0 Bonus

Easy Webinar 4.0 software

Easy Webinar 4Create Webinars and life events

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