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 In case you are looking for a detailed Discover Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Discover Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Discover OTO details and how This Groundbreaking Sales Automation Software will help you Find Your Ideal Customers, De-liver The Initial Approach And Move Them Through Your Sales Funnel On Complete Autopilot – Saving you TIME and delivering results.


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Discover Review

Discover Overview:

Creator: Walt Bayliss
Date Of Launch: 2017-12-14
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Discover?

Walt Bayliss is the Creator of Discover.

He is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful internet marketing products and software such as Hydravid Video Software, RunClick Webinar Software, Repwarn, Webinar JEO and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Discover Software?

We all know that leads are the life- blood of any business….

Leads are insanely valuable.We all love leads. True.

BUT for a successful business – you need SO much more…

Despite the fact that there are millions of businesses out there begging for what you have already to sell them…. Did you know that over 70% of new business leads never even receive a follow up from their approach? That’s real money being left on the table.

And That’s Why Discover Was Born….

And if you’re anything like me, You’ve bought tonnes of online products that can help you make money:

  • Products that help you to create websites:
  • Products that help you create mobile apps:
  • Products that help you make videos.
  • Products that help create Facebook pages.
  • Products that help you grow and manage Instagram ac-counts.
  • Products that help you to optimize and rank websites.
  • Products that help you reputation manage.
  • And much, much more…

These are seriously valuable tools –

But like any tool – If you don’t use them, They’re pointless.

If you don’t take action – how can you ever expect to get anywhere?

– Pablo Picasso

IF Ray Kroc had stayed at home in his sweatpants watching Netflix INSTEAD of driving across the country with a mixer…

We wouldn’t have McDonalds…

Ok, times may have changed, but the point stands:

He took action.

He KNEW the value of the tool he had – and he used it. And he used it to create something amazing – AND profitable.

And now you can too.Don’t worry, I’m as guilty as you are –

I have all these exact same tools sat on my desktop – And they’re not going to make me any money sat there.….

My wife keeps asking me when I’m going to make use of all of the stuff I’ve bought.

She knows as well as I do – sat dormant there in my JVZoo account they


The sad thing is – these tools bring you real profits when used properly.

Each website, mobile app, video etc you can make for others is worth real serious bank.

In fact, in an effort to make a profitable change I’ve done my research about what you can charge (save you having to do the hard work!) and hopefully it will be helpful for you too:

  • Creating a basic website for someone: $399 PLUS
  • Creating a basic mobile app for someone: $500 PLUS
  • Creating a basic video advert for someone: $800 PLUS
  • Creating a basic personalized video for someone: $2000
  • Creating design for Facebook pages: $200 PLUS

Some Of Them Pay You Recurring Profits Every Single Month:

  • Growing and managing someone’s Instagram account: $300 PER MONTH
  • Creating a basic video advert for someone: $800 PLUS
  • Optimizing Websites and Ranking Websites: $200 PER MONTH PLUS
  • Products that help you reputation manage: $97 PER MONTH
And When You Get Good – You Can Start Charging HUGE Amounts:

These Are The Real Figures You Can Make From Selling On These Services From These Tools That Are Already Sat There On Your Desktop.

You’ve bought all of this stuff – you might as well put it to use –(And at least recoup your money back so your other half can stop bugging you about it).

They’re not going to earn you anything sat on your desktop or inside your JVZoo account!

Whether you’ve never even opened all these awesomely profitable products

you already have –Or whether you’ve already started selling your services and are looking to grow your business…

Or whether you’re looking to scale up, attract new clients and take your business to the next level…

All you need is Discover…

  • Just imagine if you could automate the ENTIRE process of finding leads, qualifying them and selling your products and services with smart sales funnel automation software.
  • Software that not only brings you in a flow of fresh, warm, valuable leads ON AUTOPILOT.
  • That not only shows you the gaps in the online marketing of all of your new leads – so YOU can step in and make that easy sale…
  • But also gets your message out there right away to your new leads instantly, via your autoresponder, webinar platform for your CRM.
  • Your perfect message – for your perfect lead – at the perfect time.
  • Finding leads, opportunities and profits for you 24 x 7

Discover is going to change your world.

So, What Is Discover?

Discover isn’t just a lead generation tool -Bringing you in a constant supply of fresh, hot, hyper targeted leads on autopilot

[+] BUT Discover ALSO:

  • Becomes a Private Investigator – telling you the holes in your lead’s marketing – so you can immediately jump in with your product or service and offer them the EXACT solution they need and charge them handsomely for it. (Easy sales!)
  • Adds all of your new leads to your chosen autorespond-er, CRM or webinar platform AND does all of the selling for you, firing off emails automatically whilst you sleep. (no more missed follow ups, EVER!)
  • Actually increases your conversions by responding to 100% of your new leads immediately?

[+] Far more than just being a lead generation software tool, Discover is:

  • A Complete Sales Automation Goldmine!

==> See The Power Of Discover (Discover Review Video)<==

How Does Discover Work?

==> Discover Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Discover Working For You In Just 3 Steps:

=> Step #1:Connect

Connect To Your Autoresponders:

  • For seamless and immediate email delivery

Connect To Zapier:

  • And let the power of over 700 CRM Solutions, Webinar platforms and SMS follow up tools (just to start!) handle your new leads for you

Connect To Social Networks:

  • Like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for personalized searches and services

=> Step #2: Decide

  • Decide on WHO your ideal customers will be (don’t worry – you can have unlimited searches running)
  • Where are they located, What services do they need. And then let Discover go and find them for you.
  • Decide How often you’d like to have new leads coming in
  • Decide how many

=> Step #3: Discover

  • Discover that new leads have been added to your pipe- line.
  • Discover that the best of those leads were added to your pipelines, Autoresponder sequences and CRM solutions.
  • And DISCOVER that sales have been made to those leads again and again and again.
  • Discover Is an Automated Sales Team at Your Finger- tips

The Three Problems With Generating Sales….SOLVED With Discover:

Problem #1: You Need Leads. Yes. You do. You know it, and I know it. (but that’s not all).

Solution #1: We’ll Give You Leads. Loads of Them. For FREE. Hyper-Targeted. And ON AUTOPILOT…

But simply having those leads isn’t enough…

So you’ve got tons of news leads coming in –

Awesome. What are you going to do now – show off the size of your prospect file??…

The money isn’t going to come to you…

You HAVE to contact them.

But FIRST – you need to know what they need.

Problem #2: How do you know what to sell your leads if you don’t know what they need?

No matter how necessary it is…

Researching leads manually is a nightmare!

(Get ready to increase the prescription on your glasses – this is going to take some serious eye strain!)

Do they have a website? Do they need an app?

Would they benefit from mobile optimization? Do they have a Facebook page? Or a video?

Do they already own the product you have to sell them? Do they need an upgrade?

Research like this takes TIME. Masses of time. For Each and EVERY company that’s out there….

Ok, so we’re lucky, it’s a 100 times easier than it was back in the days of Ray Kroc…

And sure, you no longer have to drive halfway across the country, product in hand, to find out if someone actually wants what you’re selling…

But even with the ease and accessibility of the internet, it’s still massively time consuming to collate and research the right contacts and find out if you can deliver what they need.

To find the ones that NEED what you have to sell them – Needle in a haystack anyone?

So why bother doing all the hard work yourself when you can simply automate it?

Solution #2: Discover Will Automatically Show You The Gaps In Your New Lead’s Online Presence – Putting You In The Power Selling Position.

Plus Automatically Add All Of Your Fresh New Leads To Your Chosen Project and Pipeline, Using Your Chosen Autoresponder, CRM Or Webinar Platform.

Making sure you transform your email from a lead to a customer.

From a customer to a key account.

And to do that – You Actually Have To MAKE SALES AP-PROACHES, CONTACT PEOPLE AND FOLLOW UP! (this is where more than 70% of all opportunities are lost!)

THAT’s Problem #3:

Forbes’ research states that on average “only 27% of leads ever get contacted.”

that means that 73% of your hot leads are missing out on your offers and services.

Most importantly, that means YOU are missing out on 73% of your income.

And you are only picking up a measly 27% of your initial opportunities.

That’s if you’re even contacting them at all?…

With Discover, you can contact 100% of your leads EVERY TIME.

Without struggling to find the time, without having to be faced with 100 No’s for every Yes

And without EVER missing a lead or a sale. Ever Again.
Discover is like having an entire sales team working for you, non stop.

A pre sales team that is:

  • Pulling in fresh hot leads all day every day –
  • Seeing which ones have a real need for what you sell (qualifying)
  • Approaching those leads for you.
  • Adding them into your autoresponders and follow up sequences

Delivering the right leads your products and services at exactly the right moment.

And resulting in Automated SALES coming through to your payment notifications, before you even knew there was a new prospect to speak to.Automated. Sales. Pipeline. GENIUS

And the best bit?

You only have to pay your team once?

Solution #3: Discover Will Automate Your Entire Selling Process – Following up with all of your prospects and leads – Selling Your Services And Products Completely On Autopilot.

And… Now we have a completely automated sales pipe-line, Can I offer you an IMMEDIATE solution to use that new power, and profit from it RIGHT NOW?

You don’t have to be a web expert, graphic designer or video guru (If you are, GREAT! Discover is ready and waiting for you to make those sales)

If you’re not – Don’t worry. Because you already have in your hard drive – more potential income than you can ever wish to access.

Your hard drive is a living, breathing ATM waiting to be un-locked.

Be honest – think about your JVZoo accounts…and that hard drive of yours…

How many products have you bought that are sat there, lying dormant?

Their profitability going to waste?

Look What People Are Saying About Discover “Discover Reviews”:

“I’ve been running a marketing company for more than a decade and I’ve never seen a lead generation tool that works like Discover. We’ve Added 2 clients at $500 each in the last week alone from the sales automation that This powerful tool has provided”
Steve Benn
“As a sales professional for more than 30 years, one thing that I’ve learned is the importance of follow up. Discover does an incredible job of finding and filtering your best prospects and automating the entire follow up process so that no leads ever fall through the cracks.”
Steve Rosenbaum

“The search and analysis functionality is great, and the ability to automatically search and load an autoresponder is fantastic.”
Jayne Collins

The Discover platform can be a “game changer” for any business struggling to put all the pieces together on how to generate high quality leads in an organized way.
Bill Bateman

This will be a valuable research tool in my arsenal. I am able to get loads of info for my content and it keeps coming.
Ryan Koblasa

If you are in business, whether brick & mortar or purely online, or both, you need Discover. It finds, automates and organises information and communication at your fingertips in minutes, and can also be used to create highly targetted custom audiences for facebook advertising. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER!
Margot Pienaar

There are many lead generation tools out there but most just scrape webpages for information. With Discover I am able to automate the process of not just finding leads, it actually responds to them, follows up and adds them to my auto responder! Love it!
Maury Kosh

Thanks Walt! The Beauty of Your powerful new Sales Automation Software is that it is truly a “hand in glove” software for everything I want to do in my business. Whether I am online or local, I have a tool that can get me leads with a few push of buttons, search the web and social media and integrate those leads with my autoresponder so they can hear my message for RepWarn or anything else that I maybe of service for my clients! Well done Walt!
Shawn Doig

I’ve spent a good amount of time with the Discover software and..I love this software! It’s not only powerful and immediately provided me with more leads than I can handle for my marketing businesses, but it’s also really simple to use and intuitive! The ability for the platform to organize and drive my projects and leads to close is also without question an awesome feature! Thank you Walt!!
Bobby Jones

Discover Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Where Does Discover Grab All My Leads From?

  • Answer: Discover puts tonnes of highly targeted leads into your projects and pipelines from Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Q2: How often does It go out there and grab me hot fresh targeted leads?

  • Answer: As often as you want! You can set up Discover to search for new leads as often as you like!

Q3: What information does Discover get for me?

  • Answer: As much as you need. It can collect email ad-dresses, names, physical addresses and even phone num-bers, so you can choose your perfect method of contact that suits you and your business.
  • *(where available. Some businesses don’t have those records – but you can filter out the ones that don’t)

Q4: What can Discover show me about my leads’ needs?

  • Answer: It will show you whether your leads have a website, an app, a Facebook page, a video embedded, SEO structure, Backlinks and so much more – so you’ll know exactly how to target those leads with your money making services.

Discover Is:

[+] Valuable:

  • Discover will bring you fresh, hot, targeted leads on autopilot

[+] Ready To Sell:

  • It integrates with all major autoresponders.
  • Connected

It integrates with Zapier; Which means It can automatically send your leads to your favorite:

  • Webinar Platform [show logos]
  • CRM and Management System [show logos]

[+] Google Docs App:

  • And over 700 more automation tools!

[+] Hands Free:

  • Automates your entire business
  • Personal To You And Your Business:
  • Create your own projects, pipelines and entry points for all of your fresh new leads.

[+] Specific:

  • Add a prospect into a pipeline at ANY point during your selling process.

[+] Always Looking For Opportunities:

  • It tells you whether your new leads have Facebook pages, Mobile Apps, whether their sites are mobile optimized and so much more.

[+] Targeted:

  • It gives you all of the holes in your lead’s marketing – so you can step in and make those easy sales –
  • And put that profit straight into your back pocket.

[+] A Diligent Behind-the-Scenes Worker:

  • Schedule lead searches and to run automatically, in the background, whilst you sleep and get on with the great bits of life…

Discover OTO:

OTO#1: Discover Agency Licences: One Time Payment of $297

Get Your Agency Rights to Discover…Sell Licences To Crowds Of Hungry Buyers Happy To Pay You $297 A Time AND Keep 100% Of The RECURRING Profits…
  • PLUS: You Can Even Use This powerful new tool To Automate The Selling AND We’re Even Giving You Everything You Need To Get Started Right Away!”

Here’s Exactly How It Works:

[+] All YOU Need To Do Is To Focus On The Good Bits:

  • All you need to do is to focus on selling your Discover Licences. You’ll have no support headaches, no hosting costs, no hard work. We field all that.
  • All you need to do is cash the cheques and pocket the profit.

[+] You Get to Keep 100% Of Your Profits:

  • This isn’t like an affiliate offer where you only get a cut of each sale. We’re offering you SO much more than that.
  • Every cent from every Discover licence you sell is YOURS to pocket. 100%. Enjoy it.

[+] An Easy Sell:

  • Getting hyper targeted leads is one of the biggest tasks service providers struggle with. And when you tell them you can help them to bring in leads on autopilot, emailing them offers and making sales whilst they sleep…You won’t even get to the close before they’ll be writing you the cheque…

[+] Sell Once, Get Paid For Life:

  • Make Bank Every Month AND Every Year: Every time you sell a yearly Discover Licence, you will pocket $297. That’s not a one time payment. That’s every single year. So sell just one a month (you won’t you’ll make more – but let’s be super conservative for now)…you’ll make in $3,564 every single year. Sell just 20 licences and you’ll be raking in an extra $5,940 every single year.
  • Sell just 60 licences (that’s just 5 per month) and you’ll be making $17,820 every single year. And that’s really starting to make a healthy dent in your mortgage payments. There’s no income cap – and you never have to give another cent to us. You profit as much as you physically can!

[+] Well Deserved Retention Rates:

  • As we already know, getting targeted leads on autopilot is valuable. In fact, it’s invaluable to service providers. Which is why Discover is valued and used. And continues to get used. It’s an active service and every time your customer checks in to their Discover timeline, OR even their PayPal account – they’ll see how hard Discover has been working for them behind the scenes!
  • This means our retention rates are rock solid. And that means your recurring income is rock solid too.

[+] We’ll Treat Your Customers Like A Member Of The Family:

  • Ok, so we might not invite them round for Thanksgiving, BUT in the unlikely event that they ever do have an issue – They’ll have priority access to our friendly support desk, and we are committed to getting them sorted quickly and efficiently.

OTO#2: Discover Profit Packs: Onetime Payment Of $197

Discover How You Can Make Landing Clients So Easy, You Could Do It In Your Sleep -AND Charge Them MORE!

[+] 5 Ready-to-Go Websites And Landing Pages:

  • You’ll be more bagging clients in no time with your professionally designed websites and landing pages.

[+] 5 High Converting Sales Videos

[+] 5 Ready-To-Mail Auto-Responder Sequences:

  • You’ve already got the leads thanks to Discover…And you know it connects to your favourite autoresponders, so you van have it firing off emails for you left right and centre and bagging deals for you…
  • The only thing left to do is to write the emails…And what if we told you you don’t even have to do that?!
  • With your Profit Packs, you are are giving you a professionally written ready-to-mail 7 day email sequence -For all 5 services.
  • Simply copy and paste these created-to-convert email sequences into your favourite autoresponder -Make sure it’s connected to Discover – And be ready to convert all the leads you’ve collected.
  • This full 7 day sequence will warm up your prospects for your services right from an initial hello…Right the way through to a final discussion about pricing and method of delivery and convince them to hand over their money.

[+] 5 Eye-Catching, Attention Grabbing FB Ads

Your Discover Profit Packs Are Your ONLY Opportunity To Get MORE Clients Who Pay You MORE.

And They’re In 5 Of The Top Niches For Selling Services EVER:

=> Mobile Apps:

  • When somebody pays you $1000 for a creating them a mobile app – thanks to your sexy new website from Discover Profit Packs, (and with your Profit Packs resources, you’ll be able to make so much more!) – you’ll know that your tiny investment today was MORE than worth it. We know we all have to speculate to accumulate – but when it’s as much of a no-brainer as this – you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank from just one client.

=> Social Media:

  • This one is the king of your recurring payments. When your slick new sales video closes you a client willing to pay you $400 per month to manage their social media accounts – you’ll have more than doubled your initial investment in just one month – with just one client.
  • Recurring profits have changed my business this past year and I know this is going to change yours.

=> Content Marketing:

  • Everybody needs some sort of content marketing, whether it’s creating an infographic for a lead magnet, writing blog posts to give audiences what they need, or creating e-books, you will be able to charge top dollar thanks to THAT deal-securing email you sent from your
  • Profit Pack autoresponder sequence – so you can simply get on with getting excited about the content of your bank account.

=> Video Marketing:

  • Video Marketing is literally the hottest niche online – and it’s a HIGHLY paid niche too. So whether you’re making animated videos for clients for $800 a pop, or a personalized video for $2000 or even ranking videos for $300 every month – going to make a healthy wad of cash thanks to your Discover Profit Packs.

=> Lead Generation:

  • This one’s easy. You’ve bought Discover. And you’ve bought your Discover Agency License. Forgot to pick up your Agency License? Click HERE to go back.
  • Use this Profit Pack to sell your Discover Licenses and pick up the recurring profits. You already know people are crying out for a lead monetization solution -automated leads and sales are needed and profitable.
  • Make sure you’re the one to bag this profit by presenting yourself head and shoulders above the competition.

Discover Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Discover?

Discover is The Most Sophisticated And Easy To Use Sales Automa-tion Software On The Planet.

Giving You A Never-ending Supply Of Fresh Hot Targeted Leads On Autopilot


Automating Your Entire Selling Sequence

Discover Gets You Leads So You Don’t Have To

Discover Pre Qualifies Leads so you don’t have to

Discover Sends the initial approaches so you don’t have to

Discover Makes sales For YOU.

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What Are My Customers Saying About My Bonuses And My Support From Previous Reviews?

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How to Claim My Discover Bonus?

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5- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

Thanks a lot For Reading My Discover Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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