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 In case you are looking for a detailed Designa Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Designa software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Designa OTO details and how This Revolutionary New graphics editor will Enable You To Easily Create Professional Logos, Ebooks, Scenes, Mockups, Ecovers & Designs In Minutes!


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Designa Overview:

Creators: Simon Warner, Ope Banwo & Ifiok Nkem
Date Of Launch: 2018-07-11
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Designa?

Simon Warner, Ope Banwo & Ifiok Nkem are well known names in the field of online marketing who have created many successful marketing software such as Reevio, Clipman and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Designa?

Images and infographics play a major role in attracting and keeping readers on your site.

To stand out from the rest, you need to have unique and sophisticated images.

One way to make your images stand out is to add background and sophistication to their design.

By doing so, you can add a color that goes with your brand.

However, there is a challenge as you have to hire a designer to do the work for you.

Since hiring a designer every time you want to integrate an image into your content is expensive, a marketer saw the need to reduce the cost of designing images.

He came up with a tool to help marketers design images.

It is called Designa Software….

And I saw it wise to bring you a detailed review of this software to help you Get all the needed details.

So, What Is Designa?

Designa is an all-in-one graphic design tool that will help you create high-converting marketing images and graphics for any niche you might be in.

With Designa software, you can design any images and add great graphics to any image with no Photoshop or tech skills required.

This revolutionary software is ideal for creating high-converting marketing graphics such as business card, e-ticket, Facebook Banner, and many more.

Even if you are a newbie, this software will help you create great graphics.

You can also create business logos, 3D design mockups, covers for eBooks, videos, and reports.

==> See The Power Of Designa (Designa Review Video)<==

How Does Designa Software Work?

==> Designa Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Designa app software is very easy to use. Here are the three steps in using Designa;

=> Step 1:

  • Log in to your secure Designa dashboard and go to “add new project.”
  • You can use the provided readymade templates or start from scratch.

=> Step 2:

  • If you choose to go with the done-for-you template, pick your preferred category and proceed.
  • If you choose to start from scratch (blank canvas), proceed to choose if you want to pre-configured formats or custom dimensions with diverse sizing options for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

=> Step 3:

  • In this step, you are to customize any element and add graphic.
  • You can preview to see the results.
  • After you are done customizing your image, you can choose to either save and export your images in PNG and JPEG formats.
  • After this, you are ready to share your new image with your audience or add to your articles.

Designa Features:

Designa is packed with many features, and you will appreciate the convenience it will bring to your marketing efforts;

[+] It is a multipurpose graphics platform:

  • This software app has an ecover creator that enables you to create stunning covers for your reports, videos, software, eBooks, and many other digital products in minutes.
  • There are five cover styles you can choose from and over 75 cover templates thereby giving you a wide variety.
  • This software also has a viral quote generator with over 400,000 viral quotes that you can use.
  • You can search these quotes based on keywords on your niche and match the message with your customized image to make it go viral.
  • There is also a one-click mockup creator that enables you to create stunning 3D perspective design mockups.
  • With over 200 templates to choose from, you will find this tool a time-saver especially when you have branding projects.
  • Also, there is a desk scene creator that enables you to create amazing desk mockups.
  • You can choose from over 300 items including chairs, people, desk, plats, etc.
  • Logo creator helps you create logos for your clients.
  • The revolutionary logo creation feature that is integrated into Designa software will enable you to create any logo in less than 60 seconds.
  • EBook and PDF creator enables you to turn any text file into an amazing eBook. This will enable you to create lead magnets while adding great value to your offerings.

[+] Unlimited Versatility:

  • You can choose from over 3000 templates for your images or start from scratch.
  • Designa software enable you to let your imagination flow with the blank canvas.
  • In these canvases, you can create stunning designs that you can use as templates later.
  • If you don’t have time, you can choose from the 3000+ professionally designed templates that will help you build authority in your niche and increase brand awareness.
  • Whether you go with blank canvas or the ready-made templates, you can customize your image and pics with the graphics offered.
  • After uploading an image from your computer to Designa’s dashboard, you can use the inbuilt editor to apply your desired effects.

[+] Big collection of royalty images and graphics:

  • In your dashboard, you will find over 7.5 million free-to-use images, fonts, icons, and graphics.
  • This will help you create beautiful stickers and shapes.

[+] Easy-to-search graphics:

  • Every graphic and royalty-free images are searchable by keyword thanks to the inbuilt search feature.
  • This enables you find what you are looking in minutes, if not seconds.

[+] Eye-catching geometric shapes:

  • There are various unique shapes you can use to create your stickers and graphic images.
  • You can resize, reposition, and change colors and fonts.

[+] 15 built-in filters:

  • You can enhance your graphic images with these filters to bring out a different effect.
  • You can apply these filters with just one click.

Designa FAQ:

Q1: Will Designa Work On Both Pc And Mac?

  • Yes. Designa is a fully web-based software.
  • All you need is a device that is internet enabled functioning on platforms to access the solution.

Q2: Is There A Limit On The Number If Graphics I Can Create?

  • No. unlimited graphics are covered by your license.
  • You don’t have to pay extra to progress their business.

Q3: Do I Need Graphic Experience Or Technical Skills?

  • None at all. Designa is easy to use for marketers of any level.
  • You can access stunning designs in seconds.

Q4: Is Training And Support Offered?

  • There are step-by- step training vides inside the dashboard for reference.
  • Also, there is a support desk that is easily reachable and ready to help.

Designa Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Designa & The creator’s others tools:

A client once paid me $5 to create a logo for his business. I used designa in creating the logo, then delivered it to him that same day… My client saw the work and was very pleased with it, he immediately made another order, this time from my web design and mobile app gig that I should setup a website and mobile app for the same business and paid $2,500 for the entire service… I am immensely thankful to Designa.

As someone who creates banners all the time I know the amount of time and effort that I put into every banner design I do for clients. It was a great relief for me to hear about Designa and see the valuable tools it brings to the table. Now I create very beautiful banner designs for my clients and deliver orders faster with little effort because I use the preloaded templates on Designa…. I must say Designa is a great software

I want to start by saying thank you to the Designa Team. I’ve always had interest in designs as a freelancer, being that the demand for such jobs are high but I didn’t have the skill for it… Now, it’s a huge shock to me that I’m able to get jobs on graphic design and deliver in few minutes like I’m a professional and it doesn’t even look like I had no previous knowledge about the whole stuff. The templates are so easy to use and saves you incredible amount of time and effort. Infact, this is the best software I’ve purchased in a long time.

Designa came just at the right time for me. I was completely blown away when I saw what it could do, especially as I was used to creating designs for clients on photoshop. I’ve always wanted something that could help me do quick designs and deliver fast to my clients, now I have a massive collection of nicely done design templates that I can edit and use as my own.

I’m a student, and I started freelancing recently as a side job. Initially it was very difficult for me to get by because I had to deliver on client jobs and do school work also. Luckily I found designa and that was how things changed for me. With the templates on designa, I can easily complete design within minutes and save time to do other things.
Austin Brain

Designa is the best perfect tools to creat your graphic design,so easy to use even if u are a new babir to graphic design, #Designa is the real freedom to express more creativity to the world
Xtian Kenneth

It is Simple, Fun, and easy to use. Perfect for botht the novice and the experienced markeers! Love the royalty free images will save me thousands of dollars alone. The easy to design tools work in so many applications.
Lê Trường

These Are Benefits:
Amazing designing tool.
User Friendly.
Saves Time
Save Money
Increase Engagement
Increase Sales. etc
I guess other competitors will close down business because this product is going to affect them.
Best ever designing product have ever seen.
Even If You Have ZERO Technical or Design Skills.
100% Legitimate Software
Bayode Joseph
These guys rock,,,$47 for all this and more,simple easy to use even for dummies like me ! Forget photoshop this is the game changer!
This is the best Graphic software tool ever, saves time, energy and very user friendly
Okorie Gabriel
These guys have taken all the earlier groundwork and tools pioneered by other graphic teams and fused them into a single one-stop SaaS solution which leapfrogs the competition. That could represent a huge time saver. We all know time is money – this looks to be one of the most advanced image apps on the planet right now. That changes everything and represents amazing value!
Steven Hoagland

Hey, Esther Naidoo Here. I like to shoot a quick testimonial for Designa. This is the ideal software for any digital marketer. Designa gives you access to royalty images and amazing templates so not only are you able to create professional designs with quality images, but the process is simple and user friendly. I highly recommend Designa.
Lovely, with this we have less problem with design issues across globe, very versatile, reduces stress with a great result, it’s increasing my passion for designs
Ojo Abiodun Ebenezer

Because I am a beginner designer/marketer this software will make me a Pro in no time at all and help me to become very successful .
Ricky Davis

Designa is amazing. It is a new category which I call a “key empowerment software in design”. The resource will provide user with the ability to compete with so many website that others have had to spend a large budget to create. Designa also gives an entrepreneur expansive options to develop their own innovative creativity without much effort. What a great resource tool !!!
Elizabeth Estrada

Love the royalty free images will save me thousands of dollars alone. The easy to design tools work in so many applications. Aswome application for the graphics
Reek Das

Amazing Product. A must have software for any Marketeer. Professional designs with quality images.
Amanda Pillay Naidoo

Good thinking, definitely good product. Can use it effectively for construction design
Ademoye Adekoya

That’s a swiss-army tool to get your design jobs done in minutes!
Dedy Oktavianus

Very simple and cut to the answer design tool. Trust me, with this perfect tool, you do not need pay me to create a design for you. You can simply do it yourself. With this, the power is your hand. Why won’t anyone grab this? I love FREEDOM. I call #Designa Real Freedom to express more creativity to the world!
Edet Samuel Akpan

This is THE BEST of it kind…that is, if there was ever a kind of it…
It will help me deliver QUALITY SERVICES to my clients (I am just a novice)…It is not all about the money…It is about a legacy of rendering good services.
McStone Raymond

Wow am a graphic designer but I most confess this is awesome it will really help me and my co novice freelancer wanna be, I can even use it to kickstart freelance biz on fiver. Thanks for this and I thank God for giving you this great idea.
Egwuonwu Nnamdi

WOW! Designa is an amazing tool! It creates professional graphics and puts “fun” back into work! Watch for it – coming soon!
Theresa McGahan-Glocal Income

In the past i used fiverr and other sites to get the designs and the mockups for my digital products, website banners etc. Yesterday I created all the mockups by myself and it took me not more then a few clicks to do it. Designers could easily charge prices starting at $100 for all the designs I created in only a few clicks with Designa. This is so easy that i setup my own gig at fiverr for designing mockups and other marketing material.
Paul Groothuijsen

Oh my Gosh….This is simply the super best app have ever seen in my life…its a 6th level app…its just super perfect… Custom made…for all…
Hon Nimrod Bundi Stanley

A cloud based DIY design software by marketers for marketers.
Designa is built for pumping out jaw-dropping & high converting designs – facebook ads, social media covers, post, ecovers, business cards, mockups, pdf books, and many more in Just Minutes
Even If You Have ZERO Technical or Design Skills. 100% Legitimate software
Peter Winhold
Hi, this would help out new and veteran designers by cutting design times in half, not having to constantly work with all of our Adobe programs which take from a few minutes and up to a few hours, to a few days or weeks, depending on the project at hand. This will also be a better tool to teach my Business Partners with than the all complicated Adobe Suite.
This also eliminates the need to attend College in order to learn how to design images like these. People will not have to worry about sitting in a regular or virtual classroom in order to learn this program. Web Design / Graphic Art classes take years to complete and thousands of dollars.
I wish programs were this advanced online when I attended College back in the day for my Web Design / Graphic Art Bachelor of Science Degree, and my Minor in Business. I wouldn’t of have had to waste all that money for nothing.
Nancy Flint
It meets the mantra “begin with the end in mind”. If I want to create a graphic/media end result, Designa certainly allows me to focus on the task and quickly achieve what I want. The faster, and the easier I can achieve this, the more effective, and productive I will be. This tool fits the bill perfectly (and I’m a heavy Photoshop user)…
Tim Lee
As a small business owner, these graphics will help my products look professional. I NEED this! This tool is a definite game changer, and no video marketing has ever convinced me so much that I signed up immediately. Can’t wait for the launch!
Kunal Chaudhry
I think Designa is a great tool and fulfills all the design needs of a Digital Marketer. Especially when you are starting our your Affiliate Marketing journey as you are the only person who has to take care of all the things. I believe this tool will save a lot of time which can be spent on writing content and promotions.
If anyone is starting out their affiliate marketing journey, this tool is the right place to start to make all your affiliate offers designs, bonus ebooks, social media posts, lead magnets etc….
Nelton Raj

This is Indeed a Game Changer in the Design Industry.
Everything damn thing covered in one. It’s indeed a Great Software and a Must Have for all Designers…
No wonder the name is Designa.
Jonathan Emmanuel

This is just WOW! What else are you waiting for?
Designa All in One Graphic Tool is just what you need to enjoy everything you need to get your graphic jobs done within minutes.
These can be used by any body, even if you are new to graphic niche.
You are INTERNET MARKETER you need it
You are Corel Draw Experts you need it
You are Photoshop Experts you need it.
I’m telling you this tools can be used by even 3 years olds girl or boy.
The best All in One Graphical Tools.
Adegboye Rapheal Oluwatobiloba

Designa is simply absolutely intutive piece of software that can turn a complete novice into a proud graphics service provider. It’s fun to use and pretty easy to use. And the assets given for free such as royalty free stock images? I’m totally blown away!
This software should have been in my hands earlier than now, I seriously wish!
Ehis Nath

Really looking forward to this product!!! Looks AWESOME It is simple, easy, and have many different options that a tool like this SHOULD have.. This is a definite no brainer tool.
Hallie Hudson

About time – a graphics program that does not need hours and hours of learning. With this Photoshop will be obsolete for me.
John Webber

Awesome. this sends other graphics software to the background
Michael Abegunde

OMG! It’s like an all in one explosion. So many done for you templates makes Designa a no brainer! 😉
Graeme Waddell

This looks like a software I would to try out. It looks very fast and easy to use. It’s always a plus to be able to create quick ads and Facbook memes for my clients.
Roy Revill

Damn!! Looks 1000 times easier than photoshop, canva & picmonkey combined!! Even my interns can learn this in no time at all! Can’t wait to purchase!
Ron Duval

Simple, Fun, and easy to use. Perfect for botht the novice and the experienced markeers! Love the royalty free images will save me thousands of dollars alone. The easy to design tools work in so many applications.
Enrico Cannella

Okayyy! Talking about having every necessary designing tool under ONE PLATFORM is what I call AWESOME! This will make designing work easy for new marketers like me. Thank you!
Prince Oluwayomi

Wow! This exactly what I need and for the fact that it takes away the hard work and combined many components together for different projects, I can’t wait to lay my hand on this great tool!
Zaris Clems

Love the fact it can do graphics all popular social media platforms and has 3000 images ready to use! Also nice to see that you can even make a T-shirt design, book covers, business cards in more all in one platform! Great job!
Dave Schin

Wow! This tool is awesome, helping even a design dummy, average and professional designer to create stunning graphics in minutes allowing them to focus on attracting more clients and making more sales
Ikechukwu Ikechukwu

Love this softwere i’m an app developer and and ecom owner so this will be needed in my business i would love to win this sofwere and put it to good use this would be used daly in my business
Stevie Bwoy Que

I have Youzign 3.0 and I thought it was the greatest piece of software until now. Designa looks like it will blow Youzign out of the water! Looking forward to using this product in my business!!
William Dolla Bill Smith

Really Simple to use, Fun and exactly what i needed for creating content for my businesses, Amazed by the diversity of the catalog of images. This, saved me a LOT of time and money without any experience on photoshop or anything else. Must Have.
Sami Gbi

I’m currently using Photoshop to do all of these tasks. I can see that Designa can easily replace that. It’s so much simpler to use and the additional assets and templates make this a no brainer.
Jim Lewis

At the ripe old age of 66, I NEED something like this product to free up some of my valuable time, because I don’t know how much time I have left LOL After watching the presentation video, it’s obvious that this product is like being handed the keys to a brand new Ferrari with all of the trimmings. Being able to use this product to assist others, especially newcomers, in their online ventures, would be the driving factor for me to have this product. I view it as being a ‘pay-it-forward’ situation where EVERYBODY benefits.hank you.
John Halls

I have always become frustrated trying to use photoshop to create graphics and s a result preferred to outsource to others. With Designa I can now do all the work myself in less time that it takes to brief a freelancer while saving myelf thousands of dollars.
Chris Moutzikis

I don’t get sold easily but this video did it easily! This is really a needed tool for my businesses. For 3 days now, I have not been able to get my graphics desinger to edit a simple logo and some other design works needed for a new blog launch. Imagine if I have a tool like this? There are even times designers don’t get the exact idea you want them to capture in the deisgns (either web, ebook cover, logo, banner or anything). You just accept and manage like that. But with this tool, I have the freedom to design whatever I want and as I imagine and conceive it. This will definitley safe time and make one more money. Most importantly, it will present one as a professional. Can’t wait to have a copy!!!
Tiamiyu Ibraheem Abiodun

At first I thought ‘Oh No not another Graphics program’ then I saw the options and I must admit I likie the idea of an allin one graphics toolbox especially the Bok Page desigmer. Definitely will be looking at this
Tony Prodger

I cerebrate Designa is a great implement and consummates all the design desiderata of a Digital Marketer. Especially when you are commencing our your Affiliate Marketing journey as you are the only person who has to take care of all the things.
I believe this implement will preserve an abundance of time which can be spent on inditing content and promotions.
If anyone is commencing out their affiliate marketing journey, this implement is the right place to commence to make all your affiliate offers designs, bonus ebooks, convivial media posts, lead magnets etc….
Guru Raj
Amazing! that’s what I can say for Designa. no need to learn hard to create professional and elegant graphics, and no need expensive software to create graphs that satisfy customers, just with Designa, everything is sorted … easy and fast!


Designa VS Others:

Designa VS Others

Designa OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: Designa Template Club ($27/Month)

OTO#2: Designa Consultant Toolkit ($97)

OTO#3: Designa White Label ($167 OR $197)

Designa Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Designa?

Designa has unique features that you cannot find anywhere else.

It is the only graphic platform that has an eBook builder and 2-click mockup creator all under one roof.

This is a software we can recommend to any marketer who want to start making great graphics and stunning images for their articles and to post on their social pages.

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Thanks a lot For Reading My Designa Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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