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 In case you are looking for a detailed CompareShop Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of CompareShop tool to discover everything about it, It’s features, CompareShop OTO details and how this Breakthrough App Will enable you to Create Profit Pulling Affiliate Compare Shop In Just 3 Steps Without Needing Video, Product Creation & Content Writing Skills!


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CompareShop Review

CompareShop Overview:

Creators: Dr. Amit Pareek
Date Of Launch: 2019-10-17
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of CompareShop?

Dr. Amit Pareek is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing software such as MaxFunnels, MaxDrive, myIMUniversity, Kaptiwa, xmails and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Compare Shop?

Compare shopping is where prospective buyers compare different products in terms of features and prices before buying.

Users can quickly find the seller with the best price for a product all from one place rather than visiting their online store one by one.

Online marketing is a multi-billion industry, and affiliate marketers are trying their best to have a fair share of the market.

One way of earning affiliate commission is to make buyer’s work easier by solving their biggest problem- comparing products.

This is a proven method very few people have tapped into, especially those doing affiliate marketing, which means it can be a huge opportunity if you learn how to utilize it.

However, there is a problem:

  • Creating a practical compare shop is a tedious task that will cost you several hundreds of dollars — not mentioning that you will need to drive traffic to your shops, which is another headache.

However, if you are a smarter marketer, you don’t need to manually create compare shops as this will be a lot of work.

On top of that, the prices of products keep on changing, and you might not be able to keep up with price fluctuations. That’s why you need a software that allows you to set up a compare shop in a more automated manner.

And this is where CompareShop comes into play………..

To help you learn more about this software app, keep reading our CompareShop review.

So, What Is CompareShop?

CompareShop can be termed as a software app that allows you to create great-looking compare shops within a few minutes.

It enables you to create shops that help buyers compare the prices and features of the products they are looking for.

With these shops, you can force them to buy as they will quickly find the seller with the best price, rather than visiting each online store.

It also allows you to compare unlimited products from the top e-com shops, including Amazon, AliExpress, BestBuy, Rakuten, Commission Junction, and eBay.

With CompareShop software, you can also add your own products and sell them to your shop.

And the best part is that using this software is very easy;

=> Step 1:

  • insert your niche keywords to find the best-selling products from top online stores. These are products that are going viral.

=> Step 2:

  • compare. After finding the products with the lowest prices, CompareShop sets up your site that is optimized for search engines.
  • This means you will get viral and social media traffic easily.
  • Your visitors will be able to find the seller with the best prices, all under one roof.

=> Step 3:

  • After helping visitors identify the cheapest seller for the product they are looking out for, they will click the buy button, and that’s how you earn your commissions.
  • It’s simple to use CompareShop since most of the things are automated.

=>See The Power Of Compare Shop (CompareShop Review Video)<=

How Does CompareShop Software Work?

=>CompareShop Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<=


CompareShop Features:

[+] Sell unlimited products:

  • CompareShop allows you to sell unlimited products from all the top eCom giants, including Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, BestBuy, Rakuten, Commission Junction, and much more.

[+] Sell your own products:

  • Along with selling products from major eCom giants, you can also add your own products and have them displayed alongside those from major stores to earn more profits.

[+] Build unlimited shops:

  • This software allows you to create fully-functional compare shops in any niche and market in a fast and easy manner.
  • If you want to make more money online by targeting different niches, including those that are untapped, this software will make it easier for you.
  • There are no limitations to how many compare shops you can set up.

[+] Precise analytics:

  • With CompareShop, you will know what products are doing well and those that are not working.
  • This way, you can tailor your marketing campaigns by targeting such products so as earn more profits.

[+] Multi-lingual compare shops:

  • CompareShop software allows you to create shops in other languages so as to target audiences from top countries in the world.
  • You can create affiliate shops targeting people in a certain country whereby you display their best-selling products.

[+] Create affiliate shops in the native language:

  • Customers always feel left out when they find out that website content is not designed for them.
  • Therefore, on top of targeting audiences from different countries, you can give users a personalized and unique feeling by creating affiliate stores in their native language.

[+] Attractive themes:

  • Color influences purchase decisions, and therefore you can choose the color that suits your niches.
  • There are ten pre-loaded themes you can choose from to ensure your affiliate shop is set up to perfection to boost sales and traffic.

[+] 90-day cookies:

  • You get 90-day cookies to help you re-engage your subscribers and convince them to make a purchase so as to minimize cart abandonment.

[+] Boost engagement and traffic to your compare shops:

  • With time, you will notice an increase in visitors to your shops, whom you can convert to buyers.

[+] Inbuilt content spinner:

  • You can create unique content for your products using the in-built content spinner to offer more value to your visitors and rank higher on search engines.

[+] Search engine optimized shops:

CompareShop FAQ:

Q1: Is this software meant for people who are not tech-savvy?

  • Yes. CompareShop was designed with newbies in mind.
  • Everyone can use this software since most of the things are automated.

Q2: Are there guarantees?

  • Yes. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee provided, but you have to provide a valid proof before you are refunded your money.

Q3: Can this software work for Windows and Mac?

  • Yes. CompareShop is a cloud-based software and thus can work across all devices and browsers.

Q4: Are there monthly fees?

  • For now, there are no monthly fees. However, future buyers may need to incur monthly or yearly fees once the launch period is over.

Q5: Is there any training or support provided?

  • Yes. There are detailed step-by-step training videos that show you how to set up a compare shop.

Q6: How is this software different from other tools?

  • There are a lot of things that set this software apart from the others, but one outstanding thing is that it allows you to create profitable niche compare shops at a very low price, and there are no monthly fees involved.

CompareShop Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About CompareShop:

CompareShop Reviews

CompareShop OTO OR Upsells:


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OTO#1: Compareshop Pro

With the CompareShop software, you will be able to set up unlimited compare shops and earning great commissions, but how can you scale your online business and earn massive commissions?

This is what CompareShop Pro enables you to do.

With Pro upgrade, you get a custom domain, engage your audience using a million stock videos and images, and enjoy many other features that we are going to discuss here…..

[+] Custom domain:

  • Your compare shops will have a unique domain name that you get to choose.
  • This will help you build your credibility and authority.
  • You can insert your logo to ensure your shops display your brand.

[+] Automate the process of curating products:

  • Set and forget how you want your products displayed.
  • You can curate products from eCom giants so that they will be updated automatically to keep your shops relevant with up-to-date products.

[+] Five more color themes:

  • On top of the ten themes offered by the basic license, you will also get five more premium themes to make them 15 in total.
  • The additional premium themes will make your compare shops stand out.
  • Over 1 million royalty-free stock images and videos:
  • You are given a wide-variety of eye-catchy images to help keep your store attractive.

[+] Upload images from your library:

  • On top of the 1 million stock images, CompareShop allows you to upload attractive images from your library that you feel will boost your sales.

[+] Build your list:

  • The money is in the list. This is a common phrase you always hear online.
  • And CompareShop Pro allows you to build a targeted list of the visitors coming to your shop so that you can market other things to them later.

[+] Autoresponder integration:

  • This not only helps you build an email list but also allows you to send personalized email messages to your new leads at scheduled intervals.

[+] Allow shop users to post reviews:

  • With Pro upgrade, people who use your shop to compare products will be able to post reviews to help you rank better and encourage others to use your shop.
  • You will get to enjoy these features and many more once you get the Pro upgrade.

OTO#2: Compare shop Enterprise

With this upgrade, you get to drive huge traffic from the major social media networks….

Here is what you are getting once you upgrade to CompareShop Enterprise;

[+] Set traffic generation methods:

  • You can set up where your shops will be getting traffic from and forget.
  • This upgrade allows you to get traffic from social networks, VK, Tumblr, Blogger, and Reddit, in addition to search engines.

[+] Use LinkedIn and Pinterest to drive traffic:

  • You can get viral traffic from LinkedIn and Pinterest with this upgrade by automating how your compare shops will be shared on these two platforms.

[+] Get high PR Backlinks:

  • With this upgrade, you get 5 high-quality backlinks to allow you to get more traffic and sales.

[+] Deep analytics:

  • You will know what is working and what is not working, thanks to the deep analytics reports you will be getting once you get this upgrade.

[+] Google AdSense integration:

  • You can attract more customers by inserting Google AdSense to your compare shop.

[+] Other features;

  • Display Banner Ads and Amazon Ads to increase more profits
  • Set up to 5 subaccounts for your team members to help you with setting up more compare shops
  • There are many more features you will get to enjoy with CompareShop Enterprise. Upgrade today to enjoy!

OTO#3: Compareshop Agency

OTO#4: Compare shop Premium Membership

CompareShop Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of CompareShop?

As an affiliate marketer, you make sales by either enlightening a customer about the product or making a customer’s work easier.

With CompareShop, you make buyers’ work easier by allowing them to compare different products in terms of prices and features.

This way, they are able to make quicker, well-informed decisions.

Get this revolutionary software today and begin earning massive commissions immediately.

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4- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.


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How to Claim My CompareShop Bonus?

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2- Get Your Copy Now of CompareShop Through This Special Bonus Link

3- Verify you see 214267 at the bottom of the checkout page

4- After completing your order , send [Your name and JVZoo receipt id] in a message to my FB Messenger at: or Send a message to

5- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

Thanks a lot For Reading My CompareShop Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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