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CloudFunnels Review Plus Best CloudFunnels Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed CloudFunnels Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of CloudFunnels Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, CloudFunnels OTO details and how This Most Powerful Funnel Builder Will enable you to Create Powerful Landing Pages, Memberships, Sales Funnels & Email Marketing Campaigns Without Paying A Ransom Each Month!


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CloudFunnels Review

CloudFunnels Overview:

Creators: Cyril Jeet
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of CloudFunnels?

Cyril Jeet is a well-known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing software such as Instaviral 2, Video Jeet, Tuberank Jeet and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind CloudFunnels?

There are three main requirements to succeeding in online marketing;

=> Create sales funnels:
  • It is true that many entrepreneurs use sales page to promote their products or services, but a sales funnel will create a loyal customer.
  • Every time you fail to use a sales funnel, you fail to unlock the real value of your customer.
  • With a sales funnel, you get better value and more profit from your customers.
  • You should create a funnel for your online business no matter what you deal with.
=> Create membership accounts:
  • You have already won over your customers. What else should you do? You should unlock your customer’s value by putting him/her in a membership.
  • Here, you continue to feed her/him with information that benefits them and share products that relates to his/her prior products.
  • Memberships are great at creating trust and relationship. They can help you keep a customer for a long time.
=> Use email marketing to cement your relationship and earn more:
  • After taking them through funnels and convincing them to buy your offering then adding them to your membership sit, the next thing to do is to engage them through their emails.
  • This will help you to earn their trust, and thus unlock their real value.
However, all these is easier said than done. To put all these together is complicated and expensive.

After all, you will need to buy a funnel builder, a membership site creator, and an email autoresponder.

Not to mention that these may require you to pay heavy monthly fees.

Luckily, there is an easier and better way that has come up, and this is through CloudFunnels……………..

With this software, you can create powerful sales funnels, seamless membership sites, high converting landing pages, as well as email marketing campaigns, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Keep reading our CloudFunnels review to learn more about this software.

So, What Is CloudFunnels?

CloudFunnels is an all-inclusive software that allows you to create converting sales funnels and sites.

You can use this software to create sales funnels, webinars, opt-in funnels, corporate websites, as well as membership’s sites with full product and customer management.

In addition to this, you can create email lists and email sequences using this platform.

Using CloudFunnels is very easy.
With a layered interface, it means you can access all the things you need easily.

Everything can be done with a click of a button.

Want to create a funnel, then there is a simple, straightforward way of doing that. Do you want to set up a membership site?
Well, CloudFunnels has you covered.

Everything you need for your email marketing is inside CloudFunnels.

You don’t need to have three different apps for your marketing needs, as this has it all for you.

=>See The Power Of Cloud Funnels (CloudFunnels Review Video)<=


How Does CloudFunnels Software Work?

=>CloudFunnels Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<=

CloudFunnels Features:

[+] Create unlimited funnels:

  • CloudFunnels has no limitations when it comes to the number of funnels you can create.
  • This means that you can create unlimited funnels for all your websites and also for other people.
  • What’s more, you can create different types of funnels including, sales funnels, opt-in funnels, and much more.

[+] Create unlimited leads:

  • Again, there is no capping on the number of leads one can gather using this software every month.
  • You can go unlimited, and scale your business to higher heights. CloudFunnels gives you an opportunity to gather as many leads as you want.
  • You can even make money getting leads for other businesses as well.

[+] Unlimited visitors:

  • There is no limitation of bandwidth when it comes to CloudFunnels.
  • You can get as many visitors as you can to your membership sites and funnels.
  • And the best thing is that you will not be paying extra if your site gets overwhelming numbers of visitors.
  • What’s more, your sites will be hosted on strong servers online, and thus will not go down suddenly if the number of visitors goes up.

[+] Unlimited memberships and products:

  • You can create as many products as you want and also create unlimited membership sites.
  • This means that you can have many premium products for your members.
  • You can keep making money by creating informative products and training modules for your members so that they can see the value of being in your membership sites. CloudFunnels will never limit your growth and potential.

[+] Commercial license upgrade:

  • If you act fast, you can get CloudFunnels software together with a commercial license to authorize you to make funnels and membership sites for other businesses.
  • There are many local businesses that are in need of this service, and now you can be their go-to person.
  • With this commercial license, you can create funnels for them, build membership sites to help them make more money, and also gather leads for them.
  • What’s more, all the money you make through this software is yours.
  • In other words, CloudFunnels is giving you an opportunity to earn more in online business.
  • You can become an agency that create sales funnels for other businesses.

[+] Create lists and get leads:

  • This software also allows you to create a list by capturing people’s details once they opt in to your list.
  • You can, therefore, use it to create an email list that you can use to expand your marketing base.
  • What’s more, it offers email marketing features such as email automation whereby you schedule emails to be sent at a specified time and to a particular email segment.

[+] Informative analytics:

  • This software also gives you informative analytics on what is performing and what doesn’t perform.
  • You will know the membership sites as well as sales funnels that are doing well and those that are not doing so well. This way, you will know what to focus on.

[+] Integrations with 3rd party platforms:

  • You can integrate your membership sites with different payment gateways and autoresponder so as to make your work easier.

Other features:

[+] GDPR compatible:

  • All the landing pages, funnels, and membership sites you create using this software are compatible with all the requirements set in place to regulate private data collection. Therefore, you will be safe.

[+] Search-engine optimized pages and funnels:

  • This software create funnels and landing pages that are optimized for search engines. This means they will rank high and attract more organic traffic.

[+] Trainings For those who do not know how to monetize funnels or even create one:

  • There is complete training to show you the basics of creating funnels and also the secret tricks that you can use to increase conversion.

[+] 200 email templates you can use to create convincing email copies to send to your subscribers:

  • These email swipes can help you make more sales. You get email subject ideas, hooks, call to actions, etc.
  • You will get these and many more features once you purchase CloudFunnels.

CloudFunnels FAQ:

Q1: Will I have to pay again?
  • No. As long as you take this opportunity now, you will only have to pay a one-time fee. After that, you will have one year to use this platform before you will be asked to upgrade after one year.
Q2: Will I need to have technical knowledge to use this software?
  • No. It was created to be simple. You just need to install and run the software. The rest is more of a self-driven process.
Q3: Will this software get improved?
  • Yes. There will be updates so as to make the software better in terms of features and functionalities.
Q4: Is there support?
  • Yes. You have access to support team for 24 hours to ensure everything is running smoothly.

CloudFunnels VS Others:

CloudFunnels VS Others

CloudFunnels Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About CloudFunnels:

It’s about time, CLOUDFUNNELS looks an amazing software I can actually use to sell all my shiny objects.
For years I’ve been purchasing funnel DFY White Label oto’s and been given complete funnels as bonuses. The sad thing is for years I’ve got nowhere, you just never seem to get all the pieces you need. The biggest success I’ve had to date is was to empty my £15,000 credit card (twice). I’ve always been disappointed with my other big-name funnel builder purchases with the extortionate initial costs and silly monthly charges, worse still is they are that complicated you never get started building because your brain just melts after taking months trying to learn it.
Cloudfunnels looks amazingly simple and uncomplicated. Its biggest plus is it throws in an autoresponder and a membership site builder as part of the main app and it’s NOT WORDPRESS ! yay! When I heard it would import ready made html pages I was sold, it’s what the newbies have been waiting for and it’s what I have needed from day one.
Dean McDonald
Funnels are fantastic – but – if you don’t OWN your funnel, and if you don’t have the ability to host your funnel – you are held hostage by your funnel provider. That’s why funnel providers can raise their rates without worry – and they DO! You get stuck with that provider – because it is too difficult to reproduce all of your funnels. Cloud funnels will let your OWN your funnel and control your own destiny! Plus Funnel Cloud integrate with other services – and will even let you set up email sequences – saving you even more money in the long run! Take control of your own business – and get away from funnel software that controls your business!!!
Local Business Building
The Big Boys Funnel service provider like clickfunnel, karta, leadpages, mailchimp are all expensive monthly subscriptions if you take premium package (all features), they cost from USD 199/- upward up to USD 500/- range which can be a NO GO situation for newbie or freelancer starting out the agency business, i am sure this cloudfunnel solution offered by Cyril Jeet of Teknikforce will be a good quality product because i have purchased many of his products including the last month launch – Ads2List and many others like CoreSeo.
Gopi Divecha
I was just setting up older software to create funnels, autoresponder and to track my sales, but Cloud funnels does everything that I was getting 3 systems to do and it does it more efficiently as well. I will be testing this system for my platform, but what I see so far is very reassuring…
Sarah McLeod
Adding the CloudFunnels to a list of my marketing tools will be a total life and financial game-changer for me. With the coming of CloudFunnels into the internet marketing Space, it will give the other big brands a run for their money.
Andikan Andikan
I am on a mission to develop residual incomes for as many people as possible. My goal has always been to reach out and help those less fortunate, but finances have always stood in the way. I now have a proven online strategy to accomplish this and CloudFunnels will be a great tool to implement and help me in achieving my goals sooner. Eager to get started and to move down the success road.
Richard R Williams
Cloud Funnels is a powerful online tool that will increase any online marketers business from monthly costs to customer interaction with it’s fast loading funnel pages and the inbuilt autoresponder email system. Cloud Funnels is a high quality funnel builder that is easier to use and does everything and more to the current high end funnel builder my business currently uses @$297 per month, I will be running my whole business from Cloud Funnels as it will be hosted on my server so I am in control of my own business and not relying on a third party company that may close down one day and I lose all my marketing funnels and email contacts that makes my business whaty it is today
Rohan Hill
I have about 200 products set up in a POD vendor and need a way to sell them effectively and Clickfunnels is too expensive to experiment with. This seems perfect!
Brian Tierney
Cloudfunnels is the best page builder I have ever seen. First I have to say that you can install it in your own server, how cool is that? That means you have full control of the software. If you don’t have a hosting you can install it in Google Cloud. For me this is something very important.
Also is built by Teknikforce and this is a guarantee because they always update their softwares.
The software build very fast pages and the have something called AMP that make a mobile version of the page that loads very fast in mobile phones.
For me is a must have. I am going to use it a lot. Thanks Teknikforce!!
Maria Nieves Marq
Cloudfunnels would be a ‘Total solution’ for my business; due to the necessity of the variety of components needed to automate various aspects of my business, the integration of these services within Cloudfunnels means that there is a likelihood that I will be enjoying life up in the clouds too!!!.
Noelleim Rocha
I help music producers to create better compositions and live from their passion. CloudFunnels can help me share my knowledge and impact many more people.
All this at an affordable price and without technical constraints (easy installation and handling).
Davy Moulin
All the rest and first funnel builders are expensive with monthly payment that eat deep into our profits, this one time payment cloud funnel builders is definitely what all smart, newbie and gurus marketer need now and for the rest of their online selling. It is one funnel builder I have been looking for. It will solve my fear of building poor opt-in page or squeeze page, it will make me create funnel that I can test without the fear of running cost and make me to be able to test them, find the winning one. The cloud hosting means faster loading page that will increase marketers opt-in. I will definitely buy and recommend it to any marketer online.
Tega Collins
Actually, I use funnels a lot, but this is different. Cloudfunnels has all in one Plus it has all the various hosting types. I don’t have to go around gathering tools to build my funnels and pages anymore. Even more interesting is the fact that what it takes costly plugins worth, perhaps, 1000’s of dollars in yearly subscriptions plus “hard labour” to achieve is given out here for just less than 50 bucks and with no work to build! Thanks for CloudFunnels
Xendermyke Peters
Good morning Cyril
On first watching the video it looks absolutely amazing, it will pretty much I think become the “Go Too” Funnel, email, webinar, list builder…and just about all anyone will need.
I am in a dilema as I was already looking for a good funnel builder and purchased another only 2 days ago, because I have decided to push myself and make this year the year I get out my comfort zone and start proper Marketing online, at this time I can see strait away that Cloud Funnels will do more and the great demo shows a very easy dashboard.
I particularly like the editing feature within the dashboard.
Cyril …you have made a big problem for me launching this great platform and I need to take a serious look and decision on what I do next, whatever happens
I wish you the most brilliant success as this will I am sure be a winner!
Kind regards
John Michael Kirtley
With cloudfunnels, now no more extra cost of hostings, slow speed. Safe environment to protect your funnels from other hostings. Thats what I need in future funnel concept. Thanks Cloudfunnels for this wonderful technique in this Covid-19 Pandemic, it helps us to save a lot of money.
Panna Shah
The Best Funnel Creation Solution for 21st Century Marketeers. Period
CloudFunnels excites me very much because of its innovative and unique features and philosophy. My brain is boiling with ideas on how i can use it for multiple projects of mine in Affiliate marketing but also a lead generation and launching a training program for some mlm opportunities. I’m so impatient to get on-board and start giving life to all these ideas, go out and crush it for my clients and myself. Funnel creation is one of the most forgotten sub-niches. So many companies are still not using them and CloudFunnels is the key to extra profits for them, me and all our marketing community. Keep on Rocking, Cyril !
Olivier Leca

CloudFunnels OTO OR Upsells:


OTO#1: CloudFunnels Pro Upgrade ($97 Onetime Payment)

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

You can now get more leads and make more sales by getting this upgrade. It will help you become a legendary agency…….
Here is why you should get this upgrade;
[+] Create 100 funnels:
  • The standard CloudFunnels license has a capping of 15 funnels.
  • This can be enough if you only have one site, but it may not be enough if you want to monetizing and becoming a funnel creator agency.
  • With Pro upgrade, you get 8X more funnels.
[+] Remove CloudFunnels branding on your funnels:
  • Do you want to become a professional agency? Then you should look like one, and this upgrade enables you to create funnels with no “Powered by CloudFunnels’ feature.
  • Your agency customers will not know that you build their funnels with CloudFunnels.
[+] Send mail-outs:
  • CloudFunnels comes with a built-in autoresponder, and with Elite version, you can send mail sequences, transactional emails, and mail-outs.
  • In other words, you can send a mail broadcast to a certain list.
[+] Create multiple funnels per domain:
  • You can now create separate unlimited funnels per domain.
  • This means you can scale without having to buy new domains.
[+] Readymade sales site:
  • This upgrade also gives you a readymade sales page to make you look like a professional funnel agency.
  • You will get a professional sales page with high-quality sales copy written by great copywriters all presented in an attractive design layout.
  • All you have to do is put your preferred payment gateway button and you are ready to start receiving payment.
[+] Create a custom membership layout:
  • If you want to give your members more than products, how about you get this upgrade to give them upsells, backend, trainings, etc.? CloudFunnels Pro allows you to create customized pages for your members where they can access your other offerings.
[+] Other things you get with this upgrade;
  • SEO traffic exploder
  • Funnel marketing secrets
  • 2 years of free CloudFunnels upgrade
  • 50 powerful funnel ideas
  • And much more.
Get this upgrade today if you want to look like a professional funnel creator and make more money.

OTO#2: Cloud Funnels Agency ($127 Onetime Payment)

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

People need CloudFunnels accounts, and now you can sell them access accounts with Pro and Elite level access…..
  • Yes, your customers can get full access to CloudFunnels together with all the features just like regular buyers.
  • It will be up to you to decide how much you want to charge them- you can go with yearly fees or even charge them monthly fees.
  • In other words, this upgrade allows you to give your customers full access to all that CloudFunnels offers.
  • What’s more, this upgrade allows you to create sub-user accounts to help you easily manage your clients. In other words, you can create recurring revenue using CloudFunnels Agency.

OTO#3: CloudFunnels Readymade Funnels ($97 Onetime Payment)

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

Just as the name suggest, you will get a huge collection of CloudFunnels Readymade Funnels…..
  • You will get 20 DFY templates to help you get started. These templates can help you create landing pages, membership sites, and other niche-winning sites.
  • All the templates shared on this templates are mobile compatible and responsive. You can use them to create thank you pages, optin-pages, landing pages, etc.
  • Your pages do not have to look like everyone else.
Get this upgrade and gain access to premium templates that you can use for your projects.

OTO#4: Stockbin ($27 Onetime Payment)

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

Save thousands of dollars on stock media assets by getting this upgrade…….
  • With Stockbin, you will get access to plenty of images, graphics, audios, icons, and many other types of media, which you can use for your projects.
  • The best thing about this site is that it is searchable. Since you will be getting a lot of media assets, it makes sense to be able to easily get what you need, and thus there is a search box where you can type a keyword and pick the content you want to use.
  • You will get access to craft videos that you can turn to visual stories.
  • Also, you will get access to thousands of images that you can use in your content.
  • In addition, you will get access to great music sounds you can use for your videos.
  • This is a great media asset you cannot afford to miss out on as it comes at a ridiculous low price.

OTO#5: Sitemarketers Pack ($97 Onetime Payment)

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

CloudFunnels Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of CloudFunnels?

To succeed in online marketing, you need to have different tools.

You will need a software for creating funnels, another one for building membership sites, and another one for email marketing, just to mention a few.
And CloudFunnels offers all the three in one-simple-to-use dashboard.

Take advantage of this offer today. Do not let this opportunity slip out.

You will be getting a funnel builder, a membership site creator, and an email marketing software, all in one suite.

Get it today!

==>CloudFunnels Special BONUS LINK<==

Buy CloudFunnels



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4- You will get all the available bonuses within 24 hours.
=>=>Here Are All Bonuses<=<=

CloudFunnels Bonus

CloudFunnels Coupon Code
Get $4 OFF: bestfunnelbuilder

CloudFunnels Bonus

How to Claim My CloudFunnels Bonus?

1- Ensure that you clear cookies in your web browsers

2- Grab Your Copy of VideoTik By Using This Special Bonus Link

3- Make sure that you see 214267 code in the checkout page “at the bottom”.

4- Always send [Your Name as well as your JVZOO Receipt ID] to my FB Messenger in a message to my FB Messenger at: or Send a message to

5- You will get all the available bonuses within 24 hours.

Thanks a lot For Reading My CloudFunnels Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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